Mecha Space Pirate Quest Cohen Garage

Apr 18th, 2016
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  1. Cornelius Cohen & Karen Cohen's Mecha Upgrade Menu. There is a limit to what the Rhinehawk's facilities can currently do, it cannot upgrade an individual mech to more than 300 points in the field, 350 on Auditorium.
  3. Available Points: 7
  4. Knuckle Kaiser Total: 238
  8. NEW - [FC] Officer Armor: Improved armor with superior anti-kinetic and anti-rad properties. Attacks that do less than 4K no longer cause your armor to degrade on hit, which includes a lot of the cheaper autofire ones (Autocannons and Rocket Pods, but not Heavy Autocannons or Rocket Launchers). This costs 3 CP per servo it's applied to (so 18 for the Full Coating), or 9 CP to improve your Shield.
  11. [X] Pugilist Mode Upgrade: This upgrade removes your mech's left hand and replaces it with an Armored Thruster Left Fist, mounts a secondary Large Shield on the right arm, and adds two Thrusters to each Arm to compensate for the added weight. Costs 29 CP and increases your mech's weight by 8.5 tons as well as taking up an additional three Spaces on the right arm and two on the left.
  13. [X] Squilla Elbow Upgrade: Each successful hit causes an immediate secondary hit in the same location. Costs 7 CP. Requires Pugilist Mode Upgrade.
  15. [X] Crushing Grip Upgrade: This enhances the pistons of your fingers, installs boarding drills into your first set of knuckles, and fine-tunes the joints, allowing you to tear through armor like wet cardboard. What this looks like is up to you. Each hit ignores half of the enemy's armor. Costs 9 CP per fist, 18 if that fist has Advanced Fisticuffs Systems installed, as the HMIS has to be upgraded to handle the additional complexity of a more advanced hand.
  17. [] Advanced Fisticuffs Systems Upgrade: This enhances the responsiveness of your arm servos and upgrades your targeting computer, improving the flow of information between you and your machine. Mechanically it adds +2 to the accuracy of your fist. Costs 18 CP for both fists, 36 if your fists have Crushing Grip installed, as the HMIS has to be upgraded to handle the additional complexity of a more advanced hand. Despite its costs, an analysis of the rolls thus far indicate a +2 is surprisingly powerful.
  19. [X] Magnetic Grappling Harpoon: The sole remaining weapon (besides the hands and feet) of the mech you found. Although broken when you discovered it, it can be repaired. This weapon deals no damage, but it has a range of 400 meters and can be used to make grapple attacks at range if it hits. It costs 9 CP, weighs 0.5 tons, and takes up 5 Spaces. Unusually, this weapon comes in two parts. The launcher takes up 3 Spaces and the nanofiber cord storage pod takes up 2, and they do not need to be mounted on the same servo.
  21. NEW - [] As-of-Yet-Unnamed Drone Control System: This system, which Karen thought was just a rusty block of circuitry in the Knuckle Kaiser's head until she began studying it, allows for the remote control of several drones. This system initially costs 6 CP and allows for two Drones to be controlled, +2 CP for every additional Drone. It takes up a single Head space, regardless of cost. Each Fist Drone costs 45 CP, and includes the following; An Armored Thruster Fist identical to the Knuckle Kaiser's main fists in stats, a Main Sensor Core allowing it to be used for scouting purposes, and four Thrusters allowing it to travel 500 meters per round when not attached to the main body. A Drone has the same Armor SP as the rest of the Knuckle Kaiser, but lacks Officer Armor. Drones are not counted against the CP limit, as they are effectively separate mecha composed of a single Arm servo. Drones can be micromanaged if within 250m of the Knuckle Kaiser, and will continue to follow the last instructions given (such as "surround this asshole and beat him to a pulp") if within 750 meters. Thanks to their independent sensor cores, they can attack targets the Kaiser itself does not see. Drones use the same stats as Roarke Starwind.
  25. [] Space Efficiency: By streamlining your mech's design and eliminating redundant space, the Spaces taken up by weapons and systems can be reduced. This costs 0.5 CP for every Space removed from the requirements of a weapon or system.
  27. [] Weight Efficiency: By using more expensive and less bulky materials as well as modernizing its relatively old systems, the weight of your mech can be reduced. This costs 2 CP for every ton removed. This is factored in last when designing a mech, even after systems that multiply a mech's cost (like a Harpy's jet transformation) or ones based on its weight (like how many thrusters you need to achieve a certain flight speed).
  30. [] Pod Package: An alternative to the Wings Package, this adds a large backpack pod to the Knuckle Kaiser. This Light Heavy Pod costs 16 points (complete with Medium Weight Officer Armor) and weighs 3 tons. It also offers 14 Spaces. Although this seems like a bargain, it comes at a price. Pods have no Kills worth of structure on their own, any attack that pierces its armor goes directly to damage the systems inside. This might not be so bad with a system that has a lot of Kills, or a system that has no Kills but requires spaces to be available. If there are no systems inside the left to damage, the remaining damage goes into the Torso. It might be necessary to spend a single additional point on a Thruster to keep the Knuckle Kaiser's current flight speed.
  32. [] Wings Package: By adding a pair of wings to the Knuckle Kaiser, it gains additional speed and space for further systems. A pair of Medium Weight wings cost 30 points (complete with Medium Weight Officer Armor) and weigh 12 tons. They also add +100m to the Knuckle Kaiser's flight speed. If the QM's math is right, adding these without any further thrusters would improve the Knuckle Kaiser's flight speed to 550 meters per turn, and spending a few points on additional thrusters (3, at first glance) allow it to keep its base flight speed, meaning the +100m raises it to 600 meters per turn, the same as a Harpy in jet form. It is strongly recommended, however, that Weight Efficiency be purchased at the same time (at least 24 CP worth), because at the Kaiser's current weight buying wings would raise the penalty on Roarke's rolls from -5 to -7.
  35. [] Sensor Range Advancement: By improving the sensors to modern standards, this increases the Sensor Range of the Knuckle Kaiser from 7km to 15km, and the Communications Range from 1000km to 1500km. For reference, Communications Range is how close an object needs to be for you to detect it (such as a ship or another mech), Sensor Range is how close that object needs to be for you to scan or attack it. This costs 5 CP, nothing else.
  37. [X] Advanced Sensor Package: By applying pieces from Fatima's Scout Scimitar salvaged from the Heart of the Sunshine and the damaged ASP from your original Harpy Custom, the Knuckle Kaiser can gain the complete array of sensors one would expect of a reconnaissance unit. Full range electromagnetic sensors, magnetometers, vibration-sensitive motion detectors, Magnetic Anomaly Detectors, scanners for detecting energy sources, life forms, and radiation are all included. Additionally, it has the theromographic technology needed to track mecha by their heat trails, whether they're currently moving or have already passed. As a final touch, it can record sensor input for later playback, the UJCIDF uses these to collect flight data. This costs 10 CP, 2 Spaces.
  39. [X] Target Analyzer: Displays tactical data for each enemy mech you face. So far, you've mostly faced mecha you're familiar with already, but that might rapidly change. The Target Analyzer can be used on any mecha or large object (which is not Cloaked or equipped with the Stealth upgrade) within the Knuckle Kaiser's Sensor Range. This displays the target's codename (if any, if not it will display the model name and number), size, weight, and flightspeed, as well as a list of all major servos and systems. This costs 5 CP, 1 Space.
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