Anon - [Nameless] [Virgo/Amata/shopping/slice of life]

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Virgo, Amata, slice-of-life, shopping, jewelry, upbeat, faintly suggestive, Minty, Sema, Orange Pop, Butterscotch, Moon Dust, Actias, Pepper Dust, Meisa, Waspy, Tonic
  3. >Another fine day, fine day to be absolutely bored
  4. >You slouch on the café table and glance at the small crowd of mothponies carrying on with their daily business
  5. >You are Virgo and you are bored to death
  6. >So far you have already tried flirting with Hexferry once again, hang out with Waspy, felt awkward at Gemini’s company and had a small flirt-off with Golden Corral, which she lost for once, and eaten something just now
  7. >so you find yourself with free time and no way to spend it
  8. >You sigh as you stare at a few shapely rumps here and there
  9. “Could I get you anything else Virgo?”
  10. >You glance up at the mothpony who’s standing next to your table
  11. >“Nah I’m good Minty”
  12. >Minty nods and collects a few cups and plates from a nearby table before walking back into the café she runs
  13. >Maybe you should try flirting with her?
  14. >You glance back into the café from the outdoor tables and find a long line of customers
  15. >Maybe it’s better to not disturb her now
  16. >Birch is most likely busy with customers as well so you decide to get up and walk around the central area of Dust Valley
  17. >Maybe you should try to see if Squeak is up for something silly
  18. >You dodge a few fillies running around excitedly, but then yell out after them
  19. >“Shouldn’t you two be at Butterscotch’s house?”
  20. >The darker colored filly turns to look at you as the orange one keeps running
  21. “Yeah but it was too boring! We got out because Orange Pop wants to visit a booth that sells all sorts of books. I think she wants to impress M-”
  22. >The orange filly yells out to her friend who turns around and rushes after her
  23. >You turn around and keep walking
  24. >Soon enough a distressed looking chubby moth comes across you, flying in the air and looking around
  25. >She notices you and you point towards where the two fillies ran off to
  26. >Butterscotch gives you a smile and a nod before taking flight in that direction with a scowl on her face
  27. >You look at her big bubbly butt for a few moments before continuing on your merry way
  28. >Oh wow, who is that mare? Well hello there se-
  29. >Your smile falls off of your face as the mare you were staring at turns out to be your friend Moon Dust
  30. >Before he can notice you you decide to turn around and go to a completely different direction
  31. >Now that you think about it, why not pop in to Caramel’s massage parlor? You’re sure she’d let you back in as a customer by now
  32. >You suddenly pause as your ears pick up a familiar voice speaking in an alien language
  33. >with a grin on your face you turn your head to see a familiar mare
  34. >You start walking in her direction, dodging a few oncoming ponies and giving a small nod back to Pepper Dust who notices you and gives you a small hello before Actias pokes him with her hoof and points at something that’s being sold at a booth
  35. >You leave the two alone and near in on your target
  36. >you take a moment to admire her out of her work uniform before speaking up
  37. >“Oh, no wonder my pretty mare senses were tingling this hard~”
  38. >Amata pauses her browsing and turns her head to look at you, and then gives you a friendly little smile
  39. “Bonjour~ Virgo” (Hello Virgo)
  40. >You smile happily as you are sure she made that hello in french sound extra sweet because she knows how much you like her talking french
  41. >“So what are you up to?”
  42. >Amata gestures at the two grocery bags on the ground next to the booth with all sorts of accessories
  43. “Just doing a little bit of shopping”
  44. >You glance at the grocery bags
  45. >“Those look quite heavy. What would you say if a strong buff stallion like me would carry them for you?”
  46. >Amata smiles and giggles a bit
  47. “Je ne pense pas que vous êtes fort Virgo~” (I don’t think you’re that strong Virgo)
  48. >You let her sweet french ring in your ears, with no idea what she’s actually saying
  49. >Amata turns to look at the accessories once again and you walk next to her
  50. >She’s looking at a pearly necklace with big stone pearls
  51. >You glance at Amata who seems to be deep in thought, and then back at the necklace
  52. >“I think it’d look pretty good on you”
  53. >Amata glances at you and then back at the necklace
  54. “Are you sure? I’m not so sure about the color...”
  55. >You pick up the white necklace before Amata can say anything more and place it on her neck and close the lock
  56. >“Shopkeeper if you may?”
  57. >The earth pony holds up a mirror and Amata gasps lightly at her reflection
  58. >“What did I tell you, fits you like a fiddle”
  59. “C'est magnifique...” (It’s magnificent...)
  60. >You are sure by Amata’s tone of voice that she agrees with you
  61. “I’ll take it”
  62. >Amata pays the earth pony as you grab her saddlebags and sling them over your back, carefully to not hurt your wings
  63. >they’re a lot heavier than they look but you’ll manage
  64. >You find Amata now looking at you with a raised eyebrow
  65. >“Lead the way”
  66. >Amata turns around and starts walking slowly and you follow behind
  67. >You look at Amata’s behind for a bit before glancing to the left
  68. >Tonic and Waspy are both walking off to somewhere, and you also spot Meisa flying above the street
  69. >You shift your gaze back to the perky pony butt, but now find that Amata is glancing at you
  70. >caught, you give her a playful grin
  71. >Amata turns her head to look back forward and you sigh silently
  72. >but then your attention is brought back to Amata’s behind
  73. >It looks almost as it it’s swaying a bit more than before from side to side as she walks before you;
  74. >You keep staring at her butt, but then Amata’s voice brings you out from your little butt-gazing daze
  75. “Virgo, how were you so sure the necklace would look good on me?”
  76. >Amata glances back at you and you shift your eyes off of her butt just in time
  77. >Or at least you hope it was on time
  78. >“I think you’d look very stunning with a pearl necklace and went with that”
  79. >Amata smiles a bit and you hear a hint of laughter before she answers back to you
  80. “Quel imbécile aimable... “ (what a loveable idiot)
  81. >You keep staring at her butt, that is until it comes to a halt and you quickly shift your gaze back up to see a house before Amata
  82. “We’re here”
  83. >Amata pushes her front door open
  84. “You can leave the bags there”
  85. >You walk up to the door and slip the saddlebags off of your back
  86. >As you lift up your head Amata suddenly delivers a quick peck on your cheek
  87. “Merci Virgo~” (Thanks Virgo)
  88. >And with that she gives you one last smile before closing the door
  89. >you stare at the door for a few seconds before smiling happily and turning around and traveling back to find more things to kill time with
  91. Mentioned: Birch, Caramel
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