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  1. >Woman grows up in an orphanage.
  2. >She was always a little different from everybody else.
  3. >Knows the priest is hiding something and once she is old enough he tells her.
  4. >When she was an infant, her parents were attacked by vampires. Only she survived, and her body is touched by vampiric corruption.
  5. >She goes on an epic quest of vengeance, with many battles and training montages.
  6. >Eventually tracks down the vampire that killed her parents.
  7. >She fights through waves of guard zombies in a huge Gothic mansion.
  8. >Makes it to the main hall where she confronts the beautiful, young vampire mistress.
  9. >Starts giving her vengeance speech.
  10. >Vampire cuts her off with an amused grin.
  11. >"You don't know how dhampir work, do you? What did you say your name was? What were your parents' names?"
  12. >"My name is none of your business. My father was Alistair Mathwin - surely you can remember someone you killed?"
  13. >Vampire suddenly frowns and snaps her fingers.
  14. >Huge werewolf jumps out of the shadows and grabs the hunter.
  15. >Vampire walks up to the bound hunter and inspects her face.
  16. >Last thing the hunter sees before she passes out is a pouty frown.
  18. >She wakes up with a man's face inches from hers.
  19. >Startled jump into accident headbutt.
  20. >They back away from each other massaging their foreheads.
  21. >"Sorry," the man says. "I didn't mean to scare you. It's just been a long time since I've seen you. Your face looks so grown up now."
  22. >She looks him over. Young man about her age, maybe a year or two younger. Tall, fit, handsome. Not somebody she would have forgotten if they had met recently.
  23. >"Do I know you?"
  24. >Dopey smile spreads across his face and he nods happily. "Yeah!"
  25. >"Uh...and you are?"
  26. >"Guess!"
  27. >Her face twitches in annoyance. Maybe he's younger than he looks.
  28. >She looks around the room. Small but nice furnishings. The last thing she can remember is fighting with the vampire.
  29. >"Where am I? What happened?"
  30. >"One of the guest rooms. Princess squeezed you a little too hard and you passed out. Lizzy told her to toss you out but I had her bring you here instead." He frowns. "Aren't you going to guess who I am?"
  31. >She gives him a blank look. "No. I give up, you win."
  32. >"I'm your Daddy!" he says enthusiastically.
  34. >"So the vampire-"
  35. >"Lizzy."
  36. >" Lizzy is-"
  37. >"Now that I think about it, you should probably call her Mom, or mommy or something. Calling your mother by her first name is kind of-"
  38. >"So the vampire is my mother, and you are my father Alistair?"
  39. >Dopey smile intensifies. "You can call me daddy! Or dad if that's too childish."
  40. >"Bullshit."
  41. >"Well I'm not saying I think it's childish, just-"
  42. >"No, I mean you being my father. Even if I accept the halfbreed thing, which I don't," though it does make sense, "you are far too young."
  43. >"I stopped aging around when you were born. I'm actually close to forty."
  44. >"You can't prove any of this. You're trying to confuse me."
  45. >"You've got a birthmark shaped like a harp on your bum. It's why I named you Melody."
  46. >She blushes then looks down at her clothes. She is wearing a frilly black dress covered in bows and ribbons.
  47. >"You took off my clothes!"
  48. >He puts on a serious face and leans closer to her. "I don't want to sound lame, sweetie, but a girl your age shouldn't be wearing such tight clothes. You might attract weirdos."
  49. >"It looks like I already did!"
  50. >There is a knock on the door. The werewolf from earlier sticks her head in and says to the man, "She found out. She's on her way here."
  51. >Man sighs and says to the hunter, "You'd better be going then. Princess can take you outside before she finds you."
  52. >He pulls her into a hug and kisses the top of her head. She's too surprised and embarrassed to push him away.
  53. >"I'm sorry. I wanted to keep you but Lizzy said you wouldn't be happy with us." He gestures to the werewolf. "Take her."
  54. >The wolf tosses her over a shoulder and runs.
  55. >They enter the servants' corridors and navigate through a maze of tight passages.
  56. >Eventually end up at a side door.
  57. >The wolf drops her outside and prepares to close the door on her.
  58. >"Wait! You're letting me go?"
  59. >Yellow eyes regard her coolly. "You should stay away. She hates you. Might not kill you, but won't be so gentle next time either."
  61. >Months later, after a quest of discovery and research and information extortion.
  62. >Dhampir breaks back into the mansion, stealthy this time instead of frontal assault.
  63. >Middle of the afternoon so the bitch should be asleep.
  64. >Sneaks around in the shadows, memorizing the layout.
  65. >Finds Al in a small study.
  66. >Playing chess. By himself.
  67. >"What are you doing?"
  68. >He looks up with a start. "Sweetie, you came back! How wonderful. Do you want some breakfast? I could have Princess bring you some."
  69. >She points to the chess board silently with and questioning expression.
  70. >"Oh. I'm practicing. This is the only thing I can get Lizzy to play with me, but I'm not very good."
  71. >She sits across from him and takes over the white pieces. "So you're my father?"
  72. >"You believe me now?"
  73. >"I did some digging."
  74. >The game goes on in silence for a while as she sorts through the questions she wants to ask.
  75. >Al brings her out of her thoughts with a "Check."
  76. >She frowns at the board. White was winning when she sat down.
  77. >"How did you end up with a vampire?"
  78. >"I was one of the livestock. She took a liking to me I guess. Checkmate."
  79. >She glares at the board as he resets the pieces to their starting positions. "You went from being food to her lover?"
  80. >"Well...not exactly. Our relationship has always been a little complicated."
  81. >They play three more games as she questions him.
  82. >Her attention slowly shifts from the questions to the game.
  83. >His hand reaches for one of his pieces but hesitates and drifts to another.
  84. >"Stop."
  85. >He pauses. "Stop?"
  86. >"You're losing on purpose."
  87. >"What? No, of course not. I've just made a few mistakes is all."
  88. >"I thought you said you weren't good at chess."
  89. >"I'm not, I've just been getting lucky. Really. You know what's a fun game? Checkers! Do you want to try checkers?"
  90. >He doesn't wait for her answer before putting away the chess pieces and pulling out a checkers set.
  91. >As he sets the board she whispers, "You could have come to visit me."
  92. >"I'm sorry," he responds sadly. "I wanted to, but I'm not allowed to leave."
  93. >"Then what do you do while she sleeps all day? Just sit in here and play games by yourself?"
  94. >"I do other things," he says defensively. "I build models. And I read - we have a big library."
  95. >"Why do you let her treat you like a pet?"
  96. >He gives a self-deprecating laugh. "It isn't so much a matter of me letting her. She just does it. It really isn't as bad as that though, it just sounds bad from the outside."
  97. >"You've just gotten use to it," she mutters.
  98. >Her pocket watch lets out a short tone. One hour to sunset.
  99. >"I need to leave."
  100. >He looks disappointed. "Of course. I've kept you too late already. Can you find your way out on your own?"
  102. >She comes back several days later with a plan.
  103. >He is happy to see her again and tries to show off his newest model.
  104. >She...
  106. 1  (Go to line 194)
  107. >"You can show me later. Today we're... (Paragon)
  109. 2  (Go to line 113)
  110. >She silently tosses him over her shoulder, ignoring his surprised protests. (Renegade)
  113. 2
  114. >She silently tosses him over her shoulder, ignoring his surprised protests. (Renegade)
  115. >She starts creeping through the halls with him toward the exit.
  116. >"What are you doing!? Put me down!"
  117. >"Relax. I'm helping you escape."
  118. >He sighs. "Honey, I appreciate the thought, but there's no point."
  119. >"I can cover my tracks with magic. It's specially made to counter vampires and their servants. She'll never find us."
  120. >"That's not what I mean. This place, and Lizzy, are my life. It might not be perfect but it's all I've ever known. I could never survive out there. Being a Lady's lover isn't exactly a marketable skill set."
  121. >The dhampir blushes. It actually is a marketable skill set, especially with his looks, but he doesn't need to know that.
  122. >"You don't have to worry about that stuff. I'll take care of you."
  123. >He responds wryly, "That's sweet, Sugar, but I'm not going to spend the rest of my life leeching off my daughter. I'm not THAT pathetic. Besides," he continues in a more serious tone, "you should be living your own life, not worrying about me."
  124. >She nods solemnly. "I thought you might say something like that. Fortunately, I have a backup plan."
  125. >She sets him down for a moment and takes out a rope and gag.
  126. >He eyes them suspiciously. "Backup plan?"
  127. >She shoves the gag into his mouth and starts binding him. He tries to stop her but her inhuman strength makes his resistance futile.
  128. >"Backup plan. I always have a backup plan." She tosses him back over her shoulder and resumes her escape. "I'm kidnapping you."
  130. >She smuggles him out of the area and brings him to a nice, quiet place far away.
  131. >He gives up resisting pretty quickly.
  132. >She does all sorts of stuff with him, all the things she always wanted to do with her parents but never could.
  133. >He goes along with everything, even her sillier requests like tucking her in at night.
  134. >He seems to be enjoying himself, but she can tell he's depressed too.
  135. >Eventually his depression worsens to the point that she is forced to confront him about it.
  136. >When she does, he smiles weakly and says, "I miss her."
  137. >"Am I not good enough? I thought we were having fun together."
  138. >"We are! And of course you're good enough, you're my daughter. I love you. But a daughter and a wife are different."
  139. >She had been toying with an idea in the back of her mind ever since she met him.
  140. >When she abducted him it went from being an idea to being a plan.
  141. >She could never work up the courage to try it, but his words gave her the opening she was looking for.
  142. >She pulls him into a passionate kiss and starts unbuttoning his shirt.
  143. >He pries his mouth from hers and gasps, "I didn't mean I wanted you to-"
  144. >She silences him with another kiss. "I know what you meant. I can be everything for you that she was."
  145. >She pushes him down on the bed and pulls the rest of his clothes off.
  146. >He keeps trying to talk her out of it but his body is reacting.
  147. >With one arm hold him down she can't take her own clothes off, so she uses her strength to rip the crotch out of her pants.
  149. >His dick slips inside her easily - she is embarrassingly wet.
  150. >She grinds her hips back and forth and kisses him. She can feel herself building to orgasm already, before they've even really gotten started.
  151. >From the throbbing in his dick, she guesses he is close as well.
  152. >She hugs herself tightly into his chest and starts pumping up and down.
  153. >This brings her to climax almost immediately.
  154. >He hasn't come yet but she is too sensitive to continue, so she falls back on the bed and pulls him on top of her.
  155. >Her legs interlock behind him to keep him from pulling out.
  156. >"Keep going," she whispers breathlessly.
  157. >He looks away for a few moments with a troubled expression.
  158. >Eventually, reluctantly, he grips her hips and starts to move on his own.
  159. >She lies back and closes her eyes, focusing on the sensations.
  160. >Soon she is moaning in pleasure.
  161. >A quiet 'Daddy' escapes with one of her moans.
  162. >"..." His movements stop and she can feel his manhood retreating slightly.
  163. >"What happened? What's wrong?" She's certain he hasn't come yet.
  164. >" was the, uh, Daddy thing." His penis retreats further. He's starting to get soft.
  165. >Feeling the mood slip away, Melody decides to try something she was planning to save for when he was more comfortable with this.
  166. >She flips over and presents her butt to him.
  167. >"Spank me."
  168. >He stares at her, dumbfounded. "What?"
  169. >"Your little Melody has been a naughty girl, raping her daddy like that." She takes his hand and pushes it firmly into the soft flesh of her butt. "You need to punish her."
  170. >"Th-this is kind of perverted, isn't it?" His little man seems to be waking back up in spite of his words.
  171. >"Not at all," she says innocently. She rubs her butt against his crotch, his member grazing across her slit. "You've gotta make sure I learn my lesson."
  172. >He sighs and gives her a halfhearted slap.
  173. >She purses her lips and gives him a flat stare over her shoulder.
  174. >"Alright, alright."
  175. >He hits harder this time and she moans erotically.
  176. >He keeps spanking her, slowly becoming less hesitant about it.
  177. >She arches her back and sways with the blows.
  178. >As the pain increases so does the itch in her pussy. She can feel it clenching with every blow.
  179. >Soon her ass is glowing red and her cunt is dripping onto the sheets.
  180. >Al swallows hard and tries to work some moisture back into his mouth as she rubs her backside against him.
  181. >She looks over her shoulder with begging eyes.
  182. >He obliges her, forcing his erection deep into her slit.
  183. >He starts ramming himself into her as deep as he can go.
  184. >She quickly collapses in another orgasm but he keeps going.
  185. >For maybe half an hour he pounds away at her, feeling her pussy convulse around his dick the whole time.
  186. >She gasps and cries until she's hoarse.
  187. >He eventually reaches orgasm himself and pumps his load deep into her.
  188. >By the time he pulls out, she's a listless wreck - curled into the fetal position and covered in her own fluids with his cum seeping out of her vagina.
  189. >She reaches down and holds her over-sensitive crotch as the last of her final orgasm recedes, with a low, half-sobbing moan slipping out of her lips.
  190. >Al gently lifts her and lays her out on a clean section of the bed, then grabs a nearby handkerchief and starts cleaning her up.
  191. >Under his breath he mutters, "You know, you really are a lot like your mother."
  194. 1
  195. >"You can show me later. Today we're going out." (Paragon)
  196. >"Out?"
  197. >"Out."
  198. >"Out is overrated. Lets stay in?"
  199. >Melody grabs him by the hand and pulls him through the door. "You need some air. If you stay in here any longer you'll start growing mold."
  200. >Al tries to stop her but with her super-human strength he can't even slow her down.
  201. >"Come on, this isn't funny," he complains. "She'll definitely find out. I'll get in trouble!"
  202. >"Relax. I'll have you back before sunset. And stop being such a pussy."
  203. >"Hey! Young ladies shouldn't be using words like p...words like that!"
  204. >She pauses to shove a rolled up strip of cloth into his mouth. "If you don't keep it down you'll get us caught right now, and then you'll be in worse trouble."
  205. >She starts forward again, deftly navigating the passages of the mansion.
  206. >He gives the back of her head an affronted glare as he digs the gag out of his mouth.
  207. >When he gets a good look at the thing he blushes and gives her a different kind of glare.
  208. >It's a pair of panties.
  209. >Not one of his wife's; she doesn't wear black.
  210. >"You should really be wearing more modest underwear at your age," he mutters. "Things like this are for married women."
  211. >She shoots a furtive glance over her shoulder at him.
  212. >A suspicion strikes him.
  213. >"Wait, did you pick your raciest pair on purpose?"
  214. >No response.
  215. >"You did, didn't you!? You shouldn't tease your father like that-"
  216. >She stops and gags him again, this time tying the panties in place to keep him from removing them.
  217. >She's blushing now though. Heavily.
  218. >Al wonders if she didn't think he would notice.
  219. >Or maybe he wasn't supposed to notice that she did it on purpose.
  221. >They end up at a large field outside the nearby village.
  222. >Some kind of festival is going on. There are food stalls everywhere, and people playing various games.
  223. >She drags him around for hours, trying everything at least once.
  224. >A few of the locals compliment them, calling them a cute couple.
  225. >Al tries to correct them but they take it for a joke when he says she is his daughter.
  226. >Exhausted and stuffed, they end up relaxing on a bench in a shady corner of the field.
  227. >"What happened to your hand?" Melody asks, pointing to a small cut.
  228. >"Oh. I cut myself on one of the rackets earlier. It's alright, it doesn't hurt."
  229. >She grabs his hand and licks the wound, then starts sucking on it.
  230. >He sighs. "This is kind of backwards, isn't it? This is the sort of thing the parent is supposed to do."
  231. >She keeps at it.
  232. >After a while he starts to get embarrassed. Some of the other festival goers are pointing at them and giggling.
  233. >"That's enough, don't you think? I'm sure it's clean now."
  234. >She doesn't say anything.
  235. >He can feel her tongue moving roughly against his skin, and she is sucking hard enough that it's starting to hurt.
  236. >"Honey?"
  237. >She opens her mouth enough to let out a small gasp then starts nibbling and licking his hand. Her grip tightens on his arm.
  238. >She is breathing heavy now and her drool is dripping down his wrist.
  239. >"Mel? Are you alright?"
  240. >She looks up and locks eyes with him.
  241. >Al can see a dangerous hunger burning in her.
  242. >At that moment, somebody grabs Melody by her collar and hauls her to her feet.
  243. >It's Lizzy.
  244. >She looks like hell. Every inch of exposed skin is burnt red, her clothes are scorched and stained with sweat, and her hair looks like it should have birds nesting in it.
  245. >Mel opens her mouth to say something but she doesn't get the chance; Lizzy dives right in.
  246. >Al feels his own mouth drop open. They're kissing.
  247. >Well, sort of. It's more like Lizzy is using her tongue to violate Mel's mouth.
  248. >The dhampir stands petrified for a moment before pushing Lizzy away.
  249. >"What the hell are you doing you perverted psycho!?"
  250. >A full force slap nearly takes Mel off her feet.
  251. >"That's MY blood!" Lizzy shouts with tears in her eyes.
  252. >"You just slapped me." Mel seems more surprised than hurt.
  253. >"You're damn right I did! I don't remember raising you to be a man-stealing whore!"
  254. >"You didn't raise me at all, asshole!"
  255. >Al shrinks back from the sudden confrontation. He notices Princess sitting next to him, in the shadow of a bush beside the bench.
  256. >"For good reason, obviously! Mom was right, you halfbreeds are all sluts!"
  257. >"Is that why you got rid of me!? Seriously!?"
  258. >"You've been after him from day one! I could see it in your face!"
  259. >"What the fuck are you talking about, I was a baby!"
  260. >"You were a lewd baby! A lewd, smug baby!"
  261. >Al glances at the werewolf and whispers, "Did you bring her?"
  262. >She nods. "Sorry. She could smell the kid in the house. She made me promise to wake her next time."
  263. >Al notices they've gathered a crowd. It looks like most of the festival has formed a circle around the two women to watch.
  264. >"Uh, Lizzy, Sweetie, maybe you two could take it down a little bit? We don't want to be a nuisance."
  265. >Mel responds, "I'm not the one who started yelling." At the same time, Lizzy says, "Who are you calling Sweetie!? She's not Sweetie, I'm Sweetie!"
  266. >"C-can't you both be Sweetie?"
  267. >"No!" Lizzy cries. "Al, you dirty cheater!"
  268. >She's bawling now.
  269. >"Oh come off it, you spoiled bitch." Mel chimes in. "He's my father, he can call me Sweetie if he wants."
  270. >"Don't talk to your mother that way!" Lizzy chokes out between sobs.
  271. >"You aren't my mother!"
  272. >Al sits back and tries to melt into the bench as they start up again.
  273. >Princess whispers into his ear, "Let's just walk away and pretend we don't know them."
  274. >He nods and slowly slips off the side of the bench.
  275. >The two of them sneak off to the other side of the festival to try to find an attraction to keep them busy while they wait for the mother and daughter to tire themselves out.
  277. >Months later.
  278. >Middle of the night, AKA breakfast time.
  279. >Al and Lizzy are laying together on their bed, under silk sheets.
  280. >They're both a little flushed as Lizzy feeds.
  281. >Mel is watching them from a nearby chair with a bored expression.
  282. >"Come on, that's long enough. It's my turn."
  283. >Lizzy doesn't bother taking her mouth off Al's neck, she just points angrily to an hourglass sitting on the table. It still has a few minutes worth of sand left in the upper chamber.
  284. >Mel sighs.
  285. >"I know what you're doing under there, you know."
  286. >Lizzy pauses and mumbles out, "I don't know what you're talking about."
  287. >"You're fucking. It's pretty obvious from the way you're moving, even if you try to be sneaky about it."
  288. >Lizzy turns red but speaks in a haughty voice, "This is an adult's world, little girl. If you can't handle it then maybe you should run off back to your own room."
  289. >"I also know why you're doing it. You're trying to gross me out so I leave and don't take my turn."
  290. >Lizzy hides her face in Al's neck and says, "That's not true. Lo...f-fucking is an integral part of feeding."
  291. >"I see. Fine then."
  292. >Lizzy mumbles around a mouthful of neck, "Whab?"
  293. >"If it's that important I guess I'll have to do it too, once it's my turn."
  294. >Lizzy gapes at the dhampir, her mouth flopping open and closed wordlessly, struggling to find something to say. She backed herself into a corner this time and she knows it.
  295. >From the other side of the door a muffled voice calls out, "In that case, when is my turn?"
  296. >Mother and daughter both shout, "You don't get one!"
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