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  1. Welcome to /klt/, here you may shitpost in or about Korean, practice your Korean with other anons, or get general language learning advice.
  3. >Resources
  5. [Main Course]+[Supplement]
  6. I highly recommend this site to start out with, it does a great job at providing what I call a "Main Course" being a structured grammar course, and a "Supplement" being a structured vocabulary course.
  7. >What did he mean by this?
  8. >[Main Course + Supplements (e.g.,Korean Music, Dramas, Webtoons etc.), and "How many hour(s) a day am I going to invest into this language?"]
  9. This is the best mindset (in my experience) to have when learning Korean, in additon to your motivation to actually keep learning.
  11. Basically the site owner is a foreinger who lives in South Korea currently that speaks Korean fluently, and uses his wife's voice for native audio clips. The site is structured perfectly with pretty much all the basic words and grammar you'll need to know as a beginner all the way up to high Intermediate/Advanced when learning Korean. It also provides many examples, most of which are voiced with that native korean audio I mentioned earlier. The vocabulary lists are usually posted at the top of every lesson along with a link to this website
  12. >Anon, what the fuck is Memrise?
  13. Memrise is probably the best vocabulary supplement I've come across for learning Korean, besides Anki which requires a little bit more work to get value out of. If you've ever tried to learn Japanese before it's a lot like the Heisig method, in that it uses "mems" aka pictures to remember words and phrases (along with a few mini-games and such.)
  15. [Main Course]+[Supplement]
  16. Personally I've never used this website myself, I've only heard from other people that they've used it. To my understanding they do podcasts, and shill their books and shit with a set Curriculum/Method for achieving a decent conversational level in Korean. Again I've never personally used it myself, but since It's been thrown around so much in the Korean language learning community I have to list it here as a potential resource.
  18. [Supplement]
  19. This thread has a torrent containing many books and videos for learning Korean,such as videos from this channel, and various Books and such that you would otherwise have to buy off Amazon or some shit. Overall a good resource for reading and vocab. (ctrl+f "korean")
  21. [Supplement]
  22. This guy is actually a god to the Korean language learning community, and I feel like he doesn't get enough appreciation for what he does. He's a white guy from California that's lived in Korea for a long time, but currently lives in the U.S. and visits frequently, he also has a Korean wife. His channel is completely dedicated to teaching Korean, and learning about the culture as a whole. He's been teaching Korean for a pretty long time on youtube, and has hours and hours of content (including live streams where he does a LIVE class streamed on youtube dedicated to to a specific grammar form every week.) on the basics, aswell as loads of grammar forms and phrases. He also has many Q&A style videos where he answers questions about learning Korean, and slang.
  24. @@[Supplement]@@
  25. When I first started learning Korean this was one of the first video series I started watching
  27. [Supplement]
  28. >Come on anon..another phone app? And this time I have to talk to people?
  29. Yes, you need to practice what you learn and use it on natives, or you won't be able to advance at all in your language learning journey.
  31. [Supplement]
  32. >Discord
  33. Yea yea, I know fuck discord, fuck trannies and all that shit. You're not here to RP with trannies, you're here to practice your Korean with other people.
  34. What you're going to do is pick a server, then look for the "Hangul chat" area and start typing shit. I often do this if I don't want to use hellotalk because it's alot simpler.
  36. [Supplement]
  37. As I mentioned earlier this is the other vocab app you can use to study with. It's a great flashcard app for learning pretty much anything you can think of with the spaced repetition method. My only gripe with this app is that it's old as fuck, and requires loads of additional add-ons to actually get it be half as good as memrise is for learning Korean. At the end of the day it's really up to you to choose which one you want to use for vocab.
  39. [Supplement] - It's exactly what it looks like, korean manga use it to practice reading.
  41. >Dictionaries and Other Misc Resources
  42. - A great dictionary/Translator
  43. - Another dictionary
  44. - With this site you just type in a verb, and It will show you how it's conjugated in various grammar forms
  45. - This site will show you how the setence you type into the box is pronounced after sound change rules just hit "학인하기" when you're done.
  48. >Why don't I just get a teacher?
  49. Well anon if you're a richfag and can afford to drop 15-25$ an hour on a Native speaking teacher, then I've got a couple of sites for you.
  52. This is probably the best site to get a teacher I'ved used personally. I pay around 320$ USD on classes a month for 4-6 sessions a week. The site is ok, but I fucking hate the interface and the overall feel of it is just glitchy as hell.
  55. I've used this site all of 3 times, and it was  way better in terms of the UI and shit compared to Italki, I just don't use it often or even at all really.
  57. >Closing thoughts
  58. That's pretty much all the resources I use besides 4 other books gifted to me (Korean Grammar in Use Beginner, Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate, Korean made easy Vocabulary, Korean Grammar in Use Advanced.) If you have an suggestions, OP ideas, or designs and such feel free to drop them in the thread.
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