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  1. @create Flowerpot=10
  2. @Desc Flowerpot=[u(desc_[v(state)])]
  3. @VS Flowerpot=10
  4. &TICKER Flowerpot=@if [lt(setr(0,%vt),1)]={@emit [u(ticker_terminate,%q0)]},{@wait [u(ticker_continue,%q0)]%vs=@tr me/ticker}
  5. &TRANSITION_-10 Flowerpot=-11
  6. &TRANSITION_-20 Flowerpot=-21
  7. &TRANSITION_12 Flowerpot=13[set(me,state:damp)][emit(u(message_damp))]
  8. &TRANSITION_24 Flowerpot=25[set(me,state:wet)][emit(u(message_wet))]
  9. &TRANSITION_36 Flowerpot=-10[set(me,state:soaked)][emit(u(message_soaked))]
  10. &MESSAGE_DAMP Flowerpot=The sprout has grown a bud!
  11. &MESSAGE_WET Flowerpot=Wow, the bud has already bloomed!
  12. &MESSAGE_SOAKED Flowerpot=Aww, quick as you can blink, and it's gone.
  13. &DESC_SOAKED Flowerpot=Darn. It's gone, already.
  14. &DESC_WET Flowerpot=Oh, what a pretty flower!
  15. &DESC_DRY Flowerpot=Aw, a cute lil sprout.
  16. &DESC_DAMP Flowerpot=Look, it's got a bud, now!
  17. &DESC_WRAPPED Flowerpot=It's a packet of seeds!
  18. &STATE Flowerpot=package
  19. @VT Flowerpot=0
  20. &TICKER_TERMINATE Flowerpot=[set(me,vt:0)]
  21. &TICKER_CONTINUE Flowerpot=[switch(hasattr(me,transition_%0),#-*,set(me,vt:-98)[emit([name(%!)]> ERROR: Function returned Error.)],0,set(me,vt:[inc(%0)]),1,set(me,vt:[u(transition_%0)]))]
  22. &CMD_PLANT Flowerpot=$.plant:@if %vt[emit(u(message_dry))][set(me,vt:1)][set(me,state:dry)]=,{@tr me/ticker}
  23. &CMD_PACKAGE Flowerpot=$.package:@if %vt[emit(u(message_package))][set(me,state:package)]={@vt me=-20}
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