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May 17th, 2011
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  1. Thanks for your interest in Project PM.
  3. Project PM is a pursuant - an autonomous online entity composed of individuals who have come together to conduct activism in pursuit of a particular end and who wish to do so by the most efficient means available. In the case of Project PM, our general intent is to develop new methods by which to use the internet for positive change and to encourage others to adapt such methods.
  5. Currently, we are working on two particular operations. The first, Operation MetalGear, is a crowd-sourced investigation into the intelligence contracting industry in general and its role in the development of “persona management” software and various other surveillance and propaganda methodologies in particular, as well as those government agencies that deploy such things; our purpose is to prompt greater attention to this practice by providing journalists, activists, and other parties with a central and comprehensive data set on the subject via a wiki that we’re building here:
  7. The second, Operation Pursuant, involves encouraging individuals to form their own pursuants in order to pursue similar crowd-sourced investigations or otherwise engage in online activism of whatever sort they choose. Our central effort involves the continued development and distribution of a guide on forming and operating such an entity. The end goal is to prompt the development of dozens of such groups, which may then develop their own tactics and procedures and share them with others in such a way as to provide for a loose-knit coalition of fast-evolving entities capable of serving as a check on corrupt institutions of all sorts. The guide is “open-source;” our version is currently maintained at our wiki, where it is constantly updated with new tools, methods, case studies, and other useful information. It may be found here:
  9. Project PM is currently based out of the IRC server, the main channel being #ProjectPM.
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