[Dragon Anon] Anun teh Spyro: Ch 2.

Apr 29th, 2015
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  1. >You come to moments later, lying in a heap on the grassy surface of the ground.
  2. >You stare blearily upward to the sky, barely making out the muffled voices that surround you.
  3. >You try to move around to see why theory belong to, but your everything hurts.
  4. >One of them suddenly makes a noise that sounds like alert, and they others go gasp or go silent.
  5. >Suddenly you're covered in shadows as your vision is now swarmed with a colorful set of blobs.
  6. "Ohai, I didn't know Equestria had their own Lakers..."
  7. >You say, weakly reaching toward the yellow and purple blobs and grabbing at the air.
  8. >They both move just out of clawing range, and you pull back.
  9. "Oh come on Kobe, I don't bite..."
  10. >The voices start up again, and you're slowly beginning to understand them.
  11. >" as this is, I wonder why a dragon would randomly fly right into my wall." Says purple, a squarish blur hovering from them to the yellow one.
  12. >The blueish one shifts around a bit before chuckling nervously, "Heheh, yeah, pretty crazy, right?"
  13. >They seem to glance over you briefly before covering their face and speaking. "Oh, don't try to play it off, Rainbow, I saw what. That was just a terrible crash he had. I hope he's alright. You should watch where you're going when you take off like that."
  14. >The blueish blur moves around over you a bit before saying, "Eh, he looks fine."
  15. >"Fine? Look at him, he's covered in bruises and scratches. What part of that looks fine to you?" Yellow says, leaning over you towards blue.
  16. >Blue seems to ponder a bit before responding, "Well... He's awake now isn't he? And his wings don't look like they broke in the fall, and he landed pretty hard. He must be made of some tough stuff, much like yours truly."
  17. >"And you think that passes for fine? He could have broken bones, or internal bleeding, a crushed liver, or-"
  18. >"Fluttershy, calm down. I'm sure it's not that bad. Even Spike could survive that, right Twi?"
  20. >"Actually, Rainbow," purple interjects, "I was on the other side of the wall when it struck, and even then I could feel the shockwave of the impact. It had to have been going pretty hard for me to feel it through a thick wall of crystal. If it were Spike, he'd be splattered like a fly to a speeding cart's windshield. Not to sound grim, but I'm surprised he's even breathing, let alone grasping onto consciousness, gibbering about something or another on top of that."
  21. >"Oh" blue responds, take a pause and slinking out of view.
  22. >Meanwhile, your vision is starting to clear up a bit, and you can vaguely make out the forms of three ponies.
  23. >The purple one looks like she might have a horn, so probably a unicorn.
  24. >You slowly begin to absorb more colors about their appearances, as the blue one starts to speak again.
  25. >"W-well, what was he doing flying right at the castle like that in the first place. Maybe I stopped some kinda assassination or something. Yeah, look at that bag he's carrying! It might have something poisonous or sharp inside. I probably just saved your life right there. No need to thank me or anything, I'm just awesome like that."
  26. >Both the heads of the purple and yellow turn to her, giving her looks to say they are not convinced.
  27. >"Well, as likely as that sounds, I don't think they would fly the wall if they were trying to get to me. There aren't even any windows in this side." She points back up to the wall you probably hit.
  28. >They start into an argument about whateverthefuck you don't care.
  29. >What a wipeout, though, you're definitely feeling the burn.
  30. >"Although, I do wonder what he could have been carrying."
  31. >You feel a pressure in your side more null than painful, and at the mention of the bag you make the connection.
  32. >You try to sit up, wincing at the pain in your ribs, stopping halfway and propping yourself up with an arm.
  33. >The yellow one gasps, drawing other attention of the other two as well. "Please don't strain yourself."
  35. >She lays down beside you and gently places a hoof to your chest, using another to support your back.
  36. >She softly presses the hoof on your chest, and you cough up a bit of blood, drips of it landing on then coat of here foreleg.
  37. >She gasps again, "Oh my, you really need sine first aid. Your chest seems a bit swollen."
  38. >You bat her hoof away, and make the rest of your pitch forward.
  39. >You look around at the ponies and see them all staring at you with mixed expressions of worry.
  40. >Understandable, but you still ask,
  41. "What are you lot gawking at?"
  42. >Smooth introduction.
  43. >They look between themselves and the blue one speaks up first, "Dude, you got a little, something..."
  44. >She trails off, gesturing around her mouth.
  45. >You wipe your own with the back of a claw.
  46. >Got a good bit of liquid red on there, but you shrug.
  47. >"You gonna be okay there?"
  48. "Eh, I'll live."
  49. >"You sure you're alright? I don't think you know just how hard you hit that wall." says purple.
  50. >You heard their names, but they didn't register.
  51. >They sounded familiar though.
  52. >As if accent her point, you cough up a bit more blood.
  53. "Meh, its a flesh wound."
  54. >"A flesh wound?" Yellow shouts, "You're completely covered in sure signs of severe damage!"
  55. >You look over yourself, seeing confirmation of her claims.
  56. "Just a graze."
  57. >Her eye twitches a bit as you look at her with a dull expression, hiding the pain, "J-just a-"
  58. >You wave her off and she bites her lip.
  59. >She sighs and sinks under her mane.
  60. >Gotta look tough in front of women, keep the swag up.
  61. >The blue and purple one just raise the brow at you, while showing concern for their friend.
  62. >"See, I told you he's fine." doubt on her face. She whispers into purples ear "Maybe he really did hit hard."
  64. >Purple just shakes her head, "Well, whatever the case, I think I'll have to report this incident to Princess Celestia. No one here in Ponyville knows how to treat dragons for injuries, even me, though I known few basic things. She'd at least know a lot."
  65. >When those words leave her mouth you decide to call to her.
  66. "Hey."
  67. >She looks up from her writing.
  68. >"Uh, yes?
  69. "Did you just say you were going to send a letter to Celestia?
  70. >She pauses for a moment before replying with a "Yes."
  71. >You lift carefully lift yourself up then rest of the way, sitting on your haunches and dusting yourself off.
  72. >You look her over.
  73. >Purple coat, horn, pink streak through a darker purple mane, smart.
  74. >And wings too.
  75. >They all have wings.
  76. >Guess that means this blue one might be that pegasus from earlier, if you followed the end of that conversation properly.
  77. "Your name wouldn't happen to be... Spotlight Twinkle, would it?"
  78. >You say, reaching for the knot and attempting to untie it, ignoring the pain surging through your battered body.
  79. >Blugasus snorts holding a laugh, as the purple one huffs.
  80. >"Actually, it's Twili-" you interrupt her.
  81. "Ah, doesn't matter, you meet the description. Gimme a sec."
  82. >Her brow furrows.
  83. >You know you probably look like as much shit as you feel, but you're a dragon now.
  84. >A small one, but you gotta show face.
  85. >Can't look weak in front of strangers.
  86. >"Why-" you raise a finger to interrupt her again as you finally manage to unravel the rope and pull off the sack.
  87. >She groans.
  88. >You hold it out to her.
  89. "Here, she sent me to give this to you."
  90. >"She did?" her horn lights up as she takes it from you, inspecting it.
  91. >"What is it?"
  92. >You shrug.
  93. "Hell if I know. I just carry things, I don't check em. My guess is that it's bits. In don't understand why she would send that though, you look pretty well off, to me."
  95. >You say, taking another look at the tall as fuck stain that is this world’s beauty of creation.
  96. >Not sure if really hard tree, or abstractly designed castle.
  97. >¿Por qué no las dos?
  98. >"Well, there would be a reason for that" she says, looking through the bag.
  99. >"Oh! These aren't bits." She says, looking rather confused.
  100. >You idly start picking at the bits of grass that found themselves wedged between where scale meets scale, somehow.
  101. "Then what are they," you ask, scratching intently at the growing irritation you are now aware of accompanying the pain you are already having to deal with.
  102. >You hear a bit of jingling before something starts to make its way to the mouth of the bag.
  103. >Out of it comes a necklace and a crown and it sags being lacking in content.
  104. >"It's my crown, I've been looking for this. I'm not sure what this necklace is-oh! Its the alicorn amulet. Now why would she send me this?"
  105. >Attached to the crown is a stickied note, which Twinkle reads aloud.
  106. >"'Dear Twilight, I am sure you may be wondering now why I've sent you the alicorn amulet. The reason is that I am choosing to entrust you with keeping it safely stored and to properly study it and the energies it absorbs and produces. I had once left the responsibility to Starswirl, but he had passed since before he ever got the chance. Regretfully, I had neglected in a timely retrieval, and it gone missing since then, only resurfacing around the time of your little duel with the blue show mare. I had thought to take care of it myself, but events since then had left me swarmed with work that even shared between my sister and I had left me short for time. I ask your acceptance in this task, as not my student but Princess and Element of Magic. Please report to me anything new that you learn. Sincerely, Princess Celestia.' Huh, well alright then." She begins to roll up the scroll.
  107. >By now, the other two had made their way over to see as well.
  109. >You, however, have taken to using the rough wall/trunk of the castle tree for a makeshift back scratcher.
  110. >"Hey Twi," says blue, "there's more on the back here."
  111. >She plus it over and just like blue said, "Oh!"
  112. >She clears her throat reading aloud again.
  113. >"'To my dearest friend and young protégé to my sister, please refrain from leaving your crown laying about within the Starswirl the Bearded wing of the archives every so often, you do so much it is beginning to feel as such a chore. It also raises some concern as I regular seem to find it sitting in a particular section that is most-' ahehehem oh, uh, right. Well, now that that's sorted."
  114. >She rolls up the note after cutting herself off, straightening up with the 'that was close' face.
  115. >You smirk to yourself, you've heard from Luna about something like this before.
  116. >"You said Princess Celestia sent you here right?" She asks, her eyes focusing on you.
  117. >She then starts to circle you, studying your entire anatomy down to the last detail.
  118. >You cease your fidgeting at this development
  119. "Uh, yeah, I did..."
  120. >Her mood seems to take a leap into the air at your reply, as does she as she starts clapping her hooves together, cackling to herself with a creepy grin.
  121. >You reel back in shock.
  122. >You turn to the other two.
  123. "Did I just answer the bonus question or something?" You ask.
  124. >The yellow one still with a look of concern on her face chooses to remain quiet.
  125. >The blue one just shrugs and watches as Twinkie starts trying to contain herself.
  126. >She stops, landing directly in front of you, and begins to do some sort of breathing exercise.
  127. >For someone who's supposed student of ol' Sunbutt, she who co-rules her kingdom and raises the sun, which you still think is bullshit, no matter how many times you've seen it done personally, she doesn't seem as well held together as you were pressed to believe.
  128. >It's always the smart ones.
  129. >Current mood: خائف.
  131. >You start to back up, maybe it's about time you took your leave.
  132. >"Wait, where are you going? I have so many questions!"
  133. >Getting the fuck outta dodge.
  134. "Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, right, but I've gotta get back to the castle."
  135. >"But there's so many things I'd like to ask you! Like how you even know Celestia? What is your relationship with her? Are you an old friend? A new friend? A servant? Do you know Princess Luna? How old are you even? Can you breath fire! Are you one of those dragons that can use magic? Where did you come from? How long have you been at the castle? H- mmf!"
  136. >The blue one just jabbed a hoof into her mouth.
  137. >"Twilight, calm down, you're scaring him." she says.
  138. >Twilight's eyes follow along the hoof to the deadpan face cyan coated mare, who pulls it out with a wet pop.
  139. >She smiles sheepishly before looking back to you and apologizing.
  140. >You don't even care, you just wanna get as far away from this mare before she sets off again.
  141. "Yeah, well, as fun as a li'l Q n A sounds right now, I got some things i still need to do. Plus if I stay too long, the big Sunny C might get a worried again. I don't know how long I was out, but I don't remember it being that much over noon when I went splat."
  142. >You say, covering your face as you look up to the mountain where the castle sits, using it's position on it as a form of compass.
  143. >She looks disappointed, then confused as she asks, "Sunny C?"
  144. "Celestia."
  145. >"Oh."
  146. >She wouldn't get the reference.
  147. "Okay then, I'll talk to ya if I get sent back here. It's been brief, but Anon's gotta -hurk!"
  148. >You wince as you'd just tried to open your wings, sending a rush of pain across your spine.
  149. >You grimace as you turn to look at them.
  150. >You're not sure about your new anatomy, but you don't think they're supposed to bend like that.
  152. >You hear another gasp, and suddenly your vision filled with butter.
  153. >Wait.
  154. >"Oh no mister, you aren't going anywhere in your condition. Oh my gosh, look at your wings!"
  155. >The yellow is now standing over you, inspecting your various injuries.
  156. >You push away from her.
  157. "Ay, off me. I told you I'm fine."
  158. >She gently brushes the tip of a dislocated joint and you wince, covering your mouth in a feeble attempt to hide a pained grunt.
  159. >"You call this fine?"
  160. "It's just a scratch. I can fly it off."
  161. >You dig your claws into the ground as you weakly attempt to quickly stretch it out, giving one light flap, a tear coming to your eye.
  162. "S-see?"
  163. >You wheeze out between gritted teeth, a forced smile on your face.
  164. >She gives you a look that says she's already tired of your shit.
  165. >"What I see is a very much hurt little dragon who is too stubborn to accept the fact that he needs immediate medical attention."
  166. >Actually, you just wanna get as far away from the crazy purple horse as possible.
  167. >She taps your wing again, near the base this time, and it immediately retracts, causing another wince.
  168. >"Now, you are coming with me so I can at least treat you."
  169. "But I said I-"
  170. >She stands directly in front of you and gives you a piercing glare.
  171. >Her eyes bore into your very soul, gripping your will by the throat, and forcing it onto it's knees.
  172. >You shrink under her gaze, any intention of protest long lost, thrown into the void.
  173. "ok"
  174. >She relents her stare, satisfied with your submission.
  175. >You thought she was a pushover.
  176. >She then flares out her wings, ducking her head under your belly, and lifting you onto her back.
  178. >You say nothing as she begins to walk in a seemingly random direction, heading away from the castle to a dirt path leading out of the town.
  179. >"Where are you taking him, Fluttershy?" asks Twilight.
  180. >Fluttershy stops and looks back to reply, "I'm taking him back to my home, of course. All of my supplies are there. And he's going to need a bath to get all of the filth cleaned out of his scales."
  181. >"Alright then. Wait for me, I'm coming" Twilight says.
  182. >You actually raise your head up at that.
  183. >"I just have to go back inside to grab a few things and-"
  184. >Fluttershy shakes her head, "No."
  185. >"No? But-"
  186. >"No, Twilight. He has to be able to relax while I work him over. Bombarding him with hundreds of questions at a time may be more stress than he needs as he is now. You'll just have to wait until later, if anything."
  187. >Fucking saved
  188. >Twilight sighs, "Fine. I'll stop by later then. I guess I'll have to send a letter to Princess Celestia about his arrival and his condition. You don't really know dragons, right? Maybe she will send me a letter to provide some incite on how to properly treat him before we can let him go back."
  189. >Fluttershy smiles and nods, "That's a wonderful idea, Twilight. Thank you."
  190. >She then resumes walking along the path.
  191. >From here, you can make out a little house thing in the distance sitting next to what looks like a deep forest.
  192. >"Hey, what about me?" you hear blue ask as you get further away.
  193. >"Actually, Rainbow, didn't you have somewhere to be?"
  194. >You think you hear a surprised whinny, followed by the sound of wind being quickly displaced.
  195. >You look back to see Twilight hacking up in a cloud of dust, as a rainbow trail streaks off into the sky.
  196. >Wow, she's fast.
  197. >Definitely faster than you, by the looks of it.
  198. >But there's only one way to find out about that.
  199. >You smirk, maybe you might actually come back here once you get done with the day.
  200. >Or whenever your wings are properly healed, if they do...
  201. >Oy...
  203. -----
  205. >The sound of running water can be heard, stopping moments later as the flow is cut off.
  206. >The yellow coated caretaker leans over and you slide off of her into the waiting pool.
  207. >Splash
  208. >You flail around in the tub warm water to prevent yourself from drowning, stopping only at the resurfacing of intense pain.
  209. >Your head head emerges from the surface, and you gently turn to face the mare, fixing her with a glare of your own.
  210. "Could you be any more gentle?"
  211. >She flinches then shies behind her mane, chuckling nervously.
  212. >"W-whoopsy."
  213. >You watch her as she nervously turns around and bends down to grab something.
  214. >At least you don’t have any open wounds.
  215. >You lean back to the other side of the tub and fold your arms, blowing through your nose.
  216. >You lower your head in a little and the water bubbles up at the surface.
  217. >This water actually feels kinda nice, the warmth doing wonders to ease the aching pain.
  218. >You take this moment to get a good look at dat ass while she is still stooped over.
  219. >Yes, you're into horse ass, what of it.
  220. >It's all you've seen since coming here.
  221. >Not bad, could use some more cushion tho.
  222. >Nothin to Celly's cakebutt.
  223. >You sit there 'mirin as she fumbles around, dat booty shakin' all the the while, until she finally lifts her head up.
  224. >She turns around, revealing what she was sifting around for.
  225. >In her mouth is a club handle scrubbing brush with apparently soft bristles, a cloth is draped over one of her extended wings, and miraculously held in one hoof is a single bar of pink colored bottle of soap.
  226. >"kmm Nf Tff afrffnd nn-"
  227. >She tries to speak with the brush still held in her mouth, and you lift a claw pointing at your mouth with a raised brow.
  228. >She blushes as she gets the message, resting it on the edge of the tub.
  229. >"Oh, uh. Could you come over to this side for me?"
  231. >You sit still, folding your arms again and just stare at her.
  232. >"Um, Please?"
  233. >You watch as she begins to squirm under your gaze and lack of compliance.
  234. >What happened to that cold, authoritative, and frightening pegasus from before.
  235. >You watch as her eyes move around in indecision as she seems to be trying to think of a way to go about this.
  236. >"Uh..."
  237. >Wow, this is just pathetic.
  238. >You roll your eyes and make your way over with your back turned.
  239. >She smiles saying, "Thank you" as you come to the edge, where she had lain the brush.
  240. >She cranes her neck to reach for the cloth with her teeth, then sits down on the floor.
  241. >She drops the cloth beside the brush, then picks the brush back up, propping herself over the rim.
  242. >She balances on her elbows as she starts to rub the soap into your back with her hooves.
  243. >It foams up well as she does and you close your eyes as she works her way along your body.
  244. >She massages her way around all the bruises and scratches on your scaly surface.
  245. >You sigh and arch your back, leaning into her press.
  246. >She's not too bad at this, it's like she's done this before.
  247. >Maybe she has some little brothers or sisters living around somewhere.
  248. >Not that you care anyway, you're just gonna sit back and enjoy thi-
  249. "Ah!"
  250. >You reflexively jump as one of her hooves brushes along pass the joint of your left wing, sending a jolt through you.
  251. >You wait out the pain for a moment as it slowly subsides.
  252. >You release an exasperated breath, maybe it didn't hurt as much then as it does now because of adrenaline or something.
  253. >"S-Sorry. I forgot about that."
  254. "You forgot I had a fucked up wing?"
  255. >You say, looking back at her through the corner of your eye with gritted teeth.
  257. >She flinches, dropping the brush from her mouth, "U-uh, well. Oh... H-here, let me, um, fix that for you."
  258. >She leans over the tub putting a light pressure on your back.
  259. >You turn your head to look at her.
  260. "What are you-"
  261. >Shove
  262. "GAAA-aahhhhh..."
  263. >You slink down in the tub, the pain in your back now gone, or at least lessened.
  264. >You get back up and look to your left wing.
  265. >You attempt to move it.
  266. >It still hurts a little, but not as much as when you tried flapping it.
  267. >Maybe after this, you'll be able to go home after all.
  268. >She just set your wing.
  269. "Huh, maybe you do know what you're doing."
  270. >Probably due to the fact that she has a set of her own.
  271. >She smiles proudly, "Well of course! I have to! I take care of little animals all the time when the come out of the forest with troubles. Why, sometimes one of my little friends comes over with an ache in his neck and I have to-"
  272. "Wait, did you just call me a little animal?"
  273. >You look at her, appearing offended.
  274. >She stops when you interrupt her, thinking about your sudden question, then realizes what she just said.
  275. >"N-no, I didn't I-"
  276. "You just said you take care of little animals, right after you just fixed my wing."
  277. >She starts stuttering nonsensically trying to figure out her words.
  278. "Relax, I'm kidding." you set yourself back. "Make sure to get my good spot, mkay?"
  279. >She nervously picks the brush back up, a muffled sorry escaping her lips as she hovers over you again.
  280. >She starts to gently scrub the brush over your scales, and you find yourself leaning slumping over the other side of the tub, forcing her to climb further to keep a good reach of you.
  281. >You could probably do this yourself if she lets you, but it feels better to have someone else do the work for you.
  283. >Her brushing moves along a similar pattern to when she was rubbing you, this time taking care when she gets near your wings, even though they don't hurt as much anymore.
  284. >She does this to the rest of your body, as much as she can reach of it.
  285. >You get a mischievous idea.
  286. >You lean even further to the other side of the tub.
  287. >It' barely even that big, but for someone who doesn't really have any bipedal set of knees to bend on, it would be particularly hard to keep balance.
  288. >Just as you predict, she stretches even further to keep at her work, moving onto your help with significantly more effort.
  289. >You look back to see her eyes closed in concentration.
  290. >Perfect.
  291. >While she brushes on, you deftly slip away, moving to the back end of the tub.
  292. >She squeals as she falls in with a splash.
  293. >Her face rests at the bottom of the tub as she hangs over the edge.
  294. >She pushes herself up out of the water, taking a huge gasp for air.
  295. >Her mane lays flat against her head, completely covering her face.
  296. >You start off with a soft laugh, until she turns to face you.
  297. >All you can see of her face is her snout poking out between her mane, which she tries and fails to blow out of her vision.
  298. >Bits of the grass blades that were wedged in your scales now litter in patches within her mane.
  299. >You burst at her expense, and her nose scrunches.
  300. "Ahahaha, okay, now we're even."
  301. >You clutch your stomach and chest.
  302. >It hurts to laugh.
  303. >She actually smiles and chuckles a bit herself.
  304. >"Well, that's fine I guess."
  305. >She pushes herself back, trying to backwards climb her way out of the tub.
  306. >You snicker as you watch her almost slip back in a couple times before coming out completely.
  308. >She moves to a rack with large towels and pulls one off.
  309. >As she uses it to dry herself off, you hear a crash from outside.
  310. >Fluttershy yelps and leaps into the ceiling.
  311. >She somehow manages to stick there standing upside down while shivering uncontrollably, eyes widened in shock.
  312. >Dafuq, is she part bat?
  313. >"W-w-what was that?" She asks, looking down at you.
  314. >She still has yet to detach from her position, though you can contemplate this later you guess.
  315. "Well, I'm no expert on sounds, but I think something might have broken in another room" you say pointing toward the door.
  316. >She follows your finger.
  317. >"O-oh."
  318. >She gracefully descends from the roof when another crash is heard.
  319. >She bites her lip as she lands, looking between you and the door.
  320. >She seems unsure.
  321. >About what?
  322. "Go check on your shit, girl. Don't waste time in here, you might be getting robbed. Actually wait, maybe it's safer in here if that's the case."
  323. >She looks at you, "Huh? Oh, no, that wouldn't happen. Not in Ponyville at least. And I also live outside of town near the Everfree Forest, I don't think anypony would come out this far just for that."
  324. >You don't- okay.
  325. >Crash
  326. >"Um, I'll be right back." She quickly moves to the door and opens it.
  327. >Before stepping through she looks back to you.
  328. >"Actually, wait, that water is too filthy now for the bath. You're mostly clean anyway, why don't you-"
  329. >Crash
  330. >"TheresatowelontherackoverthereyoucanusetodryoffIhavetochecksomethingfindthelivingroomandmeetmetherewhenyou'redoneit'srightdownstairsrememberbye!" Slam.
  331. >Well.
  332. >No use swimming around in all this filth.
  333. >You hop your ass out of the tub and dry yourself off with the towels provided.
  334. >You ball it up and chuck it over your shoulder and it lands in the drink.
  335. >It makes a kersploosh.
  336. >Half court shot, not even looking.
  337. >10/10 you, skilled bastard.
  338. >Someone's gonna have to fish that out later.
  342. >You wonder what could be happening though.
  343. >You remember there being like, a shit ton of bird cages in and around the house, along with some rat holes in a walls and an empty bed basket near the stairs.
  344. >This girl might like animals a bit too much, she needs to learn some self-restraint. Or at least concentrate it where it matters, rather than randomly when.
  345. >As you make your way out the door, through the hall, and down the stairs, you can hear her voice, accompanied by a scratchy squealing sound.
  346. >Maybe that bed basket belongs to a cat, and with all the birds and mice that might be around, it got hungry and tried to find its own food around the house with Yellow being mia, resulting in the crash from earlier?
  347. >It does sound like she's scolding someone.
  348. >Scolding a cat, you haven't seen anything like it outside of cartoons, or the houses of those weird cat ladies that think their cats are people.
  349. >That is, clingy children or spouses that can't take care of themselves without superv- wait, focus.
  350. >You reach the bottom of the stairs and step into the living room proper.
  351. >Looking around, you see a small trail of bits of something leading into the kitchen.
  352. >Doesn't look like broken glass, so maybe in the kitchen is where the noise came from.
  353. >It sure is where the off and on assertive bananagasus is.
  354. >You follow the trail and it leads you to a scene you didn't expect.
  355. >You see an adorable little rabbit clutching onto a tightly tied bag of baby carrots, surrounded by kitchen tools, flailing his free paw around, looking like he's trying to tell Yellow off.
  356. >Between them both is what looks like the shattered remains of a plate.
  357. >You make your way into the scene of the crime as Yellow shakes her head.
  358. >"No no, Angel, I've already told you not to indulge yourself. You've just had your favorite salad before I left." She says.
  359. >It makes incoherent noises.
  360. >"A light snack? Well, I mean... No, look at this mess you've made. I ought to put you on a time out.”
  361. >He holds his ground.
  362. >Then looks down.
  364. >A "large" shadow is suddenly cast over him, and with it the sounds akin to something sharp dragging against flooring.
  365. >Actually, it was exactly that.
  366. >You stare down at the little thing and watch him begin to shiver like a leaf.
  367. >Wtf is wrong with him, he was so brute defying scare stare a moment ago.
  368. >You exhale softly through your nose, emitting a small plume of static-y smoke, the misty soot flowing around the quivering little bunny.
  369. >He freezes in place.
  370. >Seriously, wh- oooh.
  371. >Predator mode engage.
  372. "You know... watching you two squabble there about food..."
  373. >You click your tongue.
  374. "It's starting to make me feel a bit... hungry."
  375. >As if on queue, your stomach gives a low growl of a rumble.
  376. >That makes the little fucker jump.
  377. >Ohoh, you're going to enjoy this reveal.
  378. >You look up to see Yellow's reaction, and for her part, she seems almost as intimidated as the rabbit.
  379. >That or more so, you can't really tell that much. She's just staring into space.
  380. >Maybe your stomach grumbled a bit loud there, she did seem like the wimp type, despite her terrifyingly strong ability to actually crush your will.
  381. >You scrape your claws against the floor.
  382. >The rabbit hesitates for a moment, making an effort to turn around and stare death in it's scaly face.
  383. >You have your head lowered right to his body, your jaw slightly open, and both eyes focused solely on him.
  384. >You breath through your nose again, and the soot blows in his face.
  385. >He coughs.
  386. "You know... I can't remember the last time I actually had some meat."
  387. >You had a rump roast last night before bed, with a side of shill.
  388. >You lift and idle claw and gently drag it up his little body, from the fuzzy toe of his feet, to the ridge under his chin.
  390. >He squeals and disappears in a comical puff of white smoke.
  391. >The bag of carrots float in the air for what looked like bit over a second, before remembering relativity was a thing, and fell to the ground uninterrupted.
  392. >He even left behind some chocolate pellets.
  393. >wait...
  394. >You scan around for the little rodent to find that he had taken to huddling be behind the legs of ButterColor for protection.
  395. >Said mare seems to have been startled stiff by your sudden performance, before shaking herself out of her daze.
  396. >She then begins to console her quivering pet while you watch with a shitty grin on your face.
  397. >That was actually pretty fun to do, for as short as it lasted.
  398. >Again, you should probably feel shame, but you presently have no fucks to give.
  399. >"Now, that wasn't very nice." Yellow says, speaking to you now.
  400. >"Poor little Angel's heart is about to leap out of his chest."
  401. >She nuzzles into the little rabbit, who looks about to burst into tears?
  402. >Kek
  403. >He probably almost pissed himself.
  404. "Hey, that little rat looked like it was causing you trouble there, I did you a favor."
  405. >"I know you might have been trying to help, but that is no excuse for being a meanie. There there, Angel..."
  406. >What you spoutin off bout, m8?
  407. >She turns around and walks out of the kitchen toward the basket in the other room, placing the little rabbit in it and pulling a tiny blanket over him.
  408. "Ah, whatever."
  409. >She turns back to you, giving you that look.
  410. >You falter a moment, averting your gaze to the cupboard under the sink.
  411. >"We'll talk about your manners later, but first let's see to about those cuts."
  412. >She walks up to you, and you back up.
  413. "Woa-ho hey there. Now, I let you take me to your house and toss me into your tub. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but I'm not gonna let you molest me further than ya already did."
  414. >"M-molest? I-"
  415. "Figure of speech. I'm fine. Seriously. Hey. What are you doing. Don't touch me."
  416. >She persists in closing the gap and you keep backing up.
  418. >Your steps take you circling back into the living room.
  419. >"But you still have all those scratches. Your chest is swollen. I need to-"
  420. >You find yourself backed up against a wall.
  421. >You try to feel around for some escape route but find no purchase.
  422. "Need nothing. Listen girly, I don't know who you are, b-"
  423. >"Oh! Right, how could I forget? My name's Fluttershy." She responds with a smile.
  424. >You stare at her, puzzled by her sudden pause, but don't stop feeling around on the wall you're against.
  425. >Getting more acquainted with the surface, you think it might be a door.
  426. "Oh, o-okay, nice to meet you Fluttershy.
  427. >You try groping around some more with your other hand.
  428. >"Nice to meet you too, Mr..."
  429. "Huh? Um... Anonymous. Yeah, that's it..."
  430. >After a couple more seconds you find what you were looking for, the doorknob.
  431. >She seems rather happy with this little exchange, clopping her hooves together.
  432. >You grip the knob and slowly begin to twist as she opens her mouth again.
  433. "Alright, Fluttershy, I'd love to stick around and chat some more, but I'm a busy dragon."
  434. >You hear the click.
  435. "Now if you'll excuse me-"
  436. >"But wait, you can't just-"
  437. "Yes I can. Watch me"
  438. >And with that, you soon on a heel and quickly-
  439. >rush face first into the upper half of the 2-split door, effectively clotheslining yourself.
  440. >You fall onto your back and lie in a daze as Fluttershy makes her way over.
  441. >"Oh my, I tried to warn you."
  442. >The rest of the door swings open slowly in reward to your action.
  443. >Fluttershy tries to help you up, but you bat her hoof away again.
  444. "For the last time, Gir- I mean Fluttershy."
  445. >You grunt as you bring yourself to sit upright.
  446. "I can, urg... I can handle myself."
  447. >Her mouth twists a bit, then she opens it to speak again.
  448. >"Anonymouuuuuus!" A sudden shout from above cuts her short.
  449. >You're not sure if you should feel relief or dread for what this event.
  450. “Well shit..”
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