Zambia will reconvene 5-4-20

Apr 28th, 2020
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  1. Zambia will reconvene 5-4-20
  2. https://braz0s.d2z05q1x9ur00q.amplifyapp.com
  3. (Hosted by Amazon for FREE!) thanks
  5. ~PoeEd
  6. Simba
  7. Miles Sampa
  8. ~Noble Findlay
  9. ~Hanson Sindowe
  11. EasyOff
  12. tigerWoods
  13. foxWorthington
  14. MotherMuckers
  16. ~mining slang~
  17. Cackler - lets other miners do all the hard work
  18. Nipper - a young person who runs errands for other miners
  19. Shoofly - a passage way in a mine
  21. Arbitrat0r: *System malfunction, cronjob *unban/unmute* was not synced with clock, .002 forehead kisses are rewarded to PoeEd*
  22. PoeEd ---> *4 hear me outs to @Admin*
  24. -----
  25. ## Admin
  27. Okay, I'm trying to get some stuff together still, so i will leave a couple of notes to manage expectations a little better. One thing I just have to make sure of is that I don't compete with robots for robot tasks. Robots can look at two points in a node and machine learn the best option... however I can ping humunculums to see which people are feeling "passionate" about a certain trade.
  29. I can't know the "value" immediately from a certain trade offer. Some countries have trade deals with each other they seem to like their current low ball tradedeals sometimes... so I will try and report it as they are sent to me. I want to start with a basic node like "copper" and then expand from there... copper ore, copper transport, copper smelting. I will need to do some graph stuff, because graph has directionality and mongodb doesn't really have directionailty. I really just want to go along the graph and resolve who wants to take part of each part of the supply chain and how they want to take part.
  31. ```
  32. theSituationPlan.json
  34. resource
  35. {
  36. name: "cobalt
  37. cathodes-chain: ["ore", "salts", "cathodes"]
  38. battery-chain: [@cathodes-chain, "batteries"] // composable production chains
  39. }
  41. resource
  42. {
  43. name: "copper",
  44. wires-chain: ["ore", ["nickle-copper" | "regular-stuff"], "wires"]
  45. }
  47. resource
  48. {
  49. name: "coal",
  50. steel-chain: ["ore", "coking", "steel-process"]
  51. }
  53. process
  54. {
  55. name: "steel",
  56. requires: ["coke", "iron-ignot"]
  57. }
  59. resource
  60. {
  61. name: "nickle"
  62. }
  64. copper-ore
  65. {
  66. workTypes: ["mining", "ore-transport"]
  67. locations: ["lusaka", "Mpunde"]
  68. }
  70. copper-ore-mining
  71. {
  72. companies: ["lusaka-copper"]
  73. requires: ["explosives", "labor"]
  74. }
  76. copper-ore-transport
  77. {
  78. trucks: ["israli-truckin"],
  79. trains: ["roscocosmos"],
  80. boats: ["floaterz"],
  81. planes: ["skyFlight"]
  82. }
  84. buyer
  85. {
  86. name: "Neobii",
  87. wants: "wires",
  88. environment: true, // likes the environment so will elect to pay higher premium for environmentally friendly stuff
  89. social: true //is socially progressive so will want to pay higher for supply chains that have more socially progressive points
  90. }
  92. ```
  94. As you see, there's a lot to consider about moving through the nodes and finding business people that want to be apart of it. I just really don't want to be a market where people yell at me for orders... hehe, I rather just get the right products to the right people. I can also ask the humunculum about "copper-ore-transport" and get some "mood" from that, and if people aren't happy, I will just try and resolve more around that specific node until people +are happy. Then after I have some good sentiment nodes resolved, we can send it over to all those logistics people. They can use my graphQL API and do tons of machine learning calculations to find the best "path" to save miles, figure out which trucks can have the best tires to save on gas and all those little details that I def don't need to think about trying to resolve.
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