A Mysterious Dress

Oct 26th, 2015
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  1. >You're silently enjoying your movie
  2. >Suddenly, you hear your door bell ring
  3. >You wonder who could that be
  4. >You didn't order anything recently
  5. >No relatives or friends were planning to visit you
  6. >Nevertheless, you get up and open the door
  7. >Nobody's there. Man, you'd think these pranks have become too old for modern kids
  8. >You almost close the door when you notice a box on your doorstep
  9. >Huh, you definitely haven't ordered anything in the past 6 months
  10. >Maybe they messed up the address?
  11. >You look around the box and see no actual address at all
  12. >Now you're in confusion mode
  13. >This seems very suspicious
  14. >But your curiosity is greater than your suspicion
  15. >You take the box inside and close the door
  16. >It's cardboard so in a minute you're back with a knife
  17. >Careful as to not damage the contents you tear a hole in the box and open it
  18. >There seem to be a set of some kind of clothes
  19. >Quite colorful you must say
  20. >As you examine the clothes you notice some familiar patterns
  21. >Cream colored ribbons
  22. >Pink and white cloth and a brooch
  23. >You try to piece this all together in your head but too tired to do it
  24. >It's night after all
  25. >You set a bookmark on your film to finish viewing it tomorrow
  26. >You gather the clothing you pulled from the box and fold it back inside
  27. >Leaving the opened box on the table you go to bed
  29. >Morning seems unfriendly today
  30. >You shouldn't have kept watching that movie after 1AM
  31. >Good thing it's weekend, you don't have to worry about going anywhere
  32. >Lazily you get out of bed and hed to do your things in the bathroom
  33. >After all is done, your gaze falls upon the box from yeasterday
  34. >You decide to examine it more thoroughly after you make yourself some breakfast
  35. >Finishing the meal, you head to the box and once again pull out the contents
  36. >They seem so damn familiar
  37. >As unfold them on the table near the box your mind starts to piece some things together
  38. >It looks like a dress
  41. >Why would anyone send a dress to you?
  42. >The address was definitely messed up
  43. >But since there's no return address on the box
  44. >You guess you can keep it until further notice
  45. >You leave the dress and go to watch some TV
  46. >As you sit on the couch you have this nagging feeling
  47. >As if the dress is calling out to you
  48. >Now this is getting creepy
  49. >This is no ordinary dress and you have to find out what it hides
  50. >As you get a full view of the dress you see a small card inside
  51. >"Put it on and you will feel its magic"
  52. >What the hell
  53. >This is definitely creepy now
  54. >The dress still calls out to you
  55. >Even harder now that you are holding it
  56. >The choise you're about to make is going to haunt you for your entire life
  57. >You decide to put it on
  58. >It's not like it's going to do anything
  59. >You slowly put it on feeling the silk against your skin
  60. >It seems to be a bit shorter than you expected
  61. >But it still fits just a bit short around your legs
  62. >Finally you are fully inside it
  63. >It feels oddly soft and pleasant
  64. >You look at yourself in the mirror and feel like there's something missing
  65. >But this becomes unimportant when you realise how silly you look
  66. >This dress strangely fits you but your physique is still a foregner in such a beauty
  67. >As you walk around the room in it you have the less and less desire to take it off
  68. >You just want to walk around in it al day
  69. >It's just so soft and silky
  70. >It's a bit loose on the lower half which is obvious but this doesn't stop you from admiring yourself
  71. >You look gorgeous
  72. >You just hope your friends would see you
  73. >Wait, what?
  74. >You snap out of your bliss
  75. >What the fuck was that
  76. >This is no ordinary dress
  77. >It fucks with your mind with all these girly thoughts
  78. >But it's so welcoming
  79. >It's dark outside already
  80. >It seems that you spent too much time walking around in this dress
  81. >Time to prepare for bed
  82. >You almost want to sleep in this dress but decide against it
  83. >Wouldn't want to ruin it, now would you?
  86. >As you do your things in the bathroom you still feel like you're in heaven
  87. >You feel your body wanting more but you have to sleep
  88. >You carefully fold the dress and go to bed
  89. >You dream of big ceremonies and princesses
  91. >You wake up refreshed
  92. >The first thing is the lovely colorful cloth on he table
  93. >You jump out of bed and run to the bathroom eager to put the dress on again
  94. >What you see in the bathroom mirror surprises you though
  95. >Your hair is longer and has a lavender hue
  96. >That's not normal
  97. >Also you feel a bit weaker than before but you dismiss it as a morning weakness after yesterday
  98. >You finish your brushing and head to the kitchen to make some breakfast
  99. >As you eat you feel like there's not enough plants in it but you still finish it
  100. >Yes, the silky joy awaits
  101. >As you put the dress on it feels natural, even more fitting than before
  102. >It's not even that short anymore and not so loose on the lower half
  103. >There's still something missing
  104. >You look at the box again and notice some kind of glint inside
  105. >You approach and immediately realise what was missing
  106. >A tiara with a purple star
  107. >You didn't know how much you needed it on you until now
  108. >As you put it on you fell a short hum and then silence
  109. >You look at the box and notice 4 golden things that look like they would fit on something round
  110. >This confuses you
  111. >They look like they're a part of the dress
  112. >But you don't have a place to fit them on
  113. >You get them out ofthe box and put them on the table
  114. >Maybe you'll figure it out later
  115. >But for now you're in infinite happiness over your looks
  116. >You look loke a princess on her coronation
  117. >Wait, that sounded oddly specific
  118. >The whole outfit really looks like a princesses dress
  119. >Wait a second
  120. >The familiar colors, the tiara, the coronation
  121. >It's Princess Twilight's dress that she wore on the coronation
  122. >Why would anyone even order something so specific?
  123. >And it's sewn perfectly for you
  126. >This is becoming more and more confusing
  127. >But at the same time you fell the dress bringing more and more comfort
  128. >You could practically drown in its softness and peacefulness
  129. >You almost want to wear make up, but that would be excessive even for you
  130. >The lower half fits you perfectly now
  131. >You don't even remember why wouldn't it
  132. >As you look at yourself for the hundreth time it becomes hard to stand
  133. >Maybe you've just stood too much
  134. >Dresses are heavy, you know
  135. >You sit on the couch with the dress on and feel something bounce on you chest
  136. >This can't be happening
  137. >A pair of tits have appeared on your chest
  138. >As you're staring at them you realise that they feel very welcome in your outfit
  139. >And this brings you even more joy as it gives you more suface to feel that godly softness
  140. >The feelings are mind numbing
  141. >You are daydreaming and don't even notice your hair elongating and changing color
  142. >Nothing matters to you now
  143. >Just the dress and you
  144. >You hear crowds cheering for someone
  145. >You instinctively reach for those gold things on the table
  146. >They are chanting even. Someone's name.
  147. >You put the things on your arms and legs. They don't seem to fit
  148. >You notice that the crowd is looking at you
  149. >You lose the feeling in your hands
  150. >You wave at them. They are happy
  151. >Your hands are hooves now. They perfectly fit in the gold "shoes"
  152. >As you wave your hoof you notice that you are moving in some kind of vehicle
  153. >The hooves are lavender in color and it spreads along your arms
  154. >"Tw- -igh-! -wi- -ight!"
  155. >Your face elongates forming a snout
  156. >You are happy that this happened to you
  157. >Your neck becomes longer and is covered in purple fur
  158. >You've come a long way
  159. >As your eyes become bigger they still are half-lidded and glazed
  160. >This is your destiny
  161. >You sprout a tail with the sam color scheme as your mane
  162. >You are not alone. Your friends cheer for you too
  163. >Your body becomes more pony-like with every minute of your dream
  164. >You are a princess
  167. >Months have passed since you've become the Princess of Friendship
  168. >You're so happy
  169. >It was so sudden
  170. >And your friends were with on your coronation
  171. >You wouldn't trade them for the world
  172. >You're still adjusting to your new wings
  173. >Sometimes you feel like you're forgetting something
  174. >But those thoughts disappear fairly quickly
  175. >You still have some strange memories involving your dress and a portal
  176. >Maybe you drank too much punch on the night of the coronation
  177. >You shrug off this thought and head off to read another book in your library
  179. >The empty room was silent
  180. >In the middle of it lie the box of mystery
  181. >Whatever was in the box was gone now
  182. >Only a note was inside it, unnoticeable at first
  183. >"Send this to good hands. If I can't accomplish my dream, let it be someone else"
  184. >"Signed, Spike the Dragon"
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