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  1. /trv/
  3. The tourist: Visit for one day the city you live in as if you were a tourist
  4. Polyglot: Learn another language
  5. Translator: Learn a language that shares no roots with your native language
  6. Ramblin' Man: Hike 15 miles in a day
  7. Seven-league boots: Hike 25 miles in a day
  8. Sparky: Build a fire using flint, magnesium, or friction
  9. Cheese Steak Jimmy's: Kill your own food
  10. Reach another country by boat
  11. Squat somewhere for a night
  12. Terminal velocity: Sleep in an airport
  13. VIP: Sleep in a hotel you can't afford
  15. Gourmet: eat at a 3 Michelin star restaurant
  16. Lederhosen: Scale a mountain >5,000 feet, 1,500 metres
  17. Mountain goat: Scale a mountain >10,000 feet, 3,000 metres
  18. Smooth talker: Get invited to someone's house while travelling
  19. Breakfast of Champions: Get laid while travelling (no escorts)
  20. X marks the spot: Learn to orientate yourself with a map and compass
  21. Astrolabe: Learn to navigate using the stars
  22. Intrepid: See one of the Seven Wonders (modern or ancient)
  23. Atavist: Cook a complex meal made entirely of foraged/caught food
  24. Boreal: See the Northern Lights
  25. Matador: Run with the bulls
  26. Byronic: Swim across the Dardanelles, English Channel, or Lake Michigan
  27. Holiday on a war-zone, or 'enemy' country
  29. Take part in a local traditional event (cheese rolling in England, mud festival in Korea)
  30. Wetback: Enter a country illegally.
  31. Book a vacation on a whim
  32. Complete a vacation without making bookings/reservations of any kind
  33. Backpack across a country
  34. Backpack across a continent
  35. Spend a consecutive month traveling
  36. Spend six consecutive months traveling
  37. Spend a consecutive year traveling
  38. Spend at least a week in a foreign country with less than $200
  39. Spend at least a week in a foreign country with less than $100
  40. Spend at least a week in a foreign country with less than $20
  41. Spend at least a week in a foreign country with no money
  43. Sneak into a country by foot
  44. Successfully smuggle contraband into a country
  45. Travel somewhere by freighthopping
  46. Sweet Adeline: Stow away on a boat
  47. Thumbs up: Hitchhike across a country
  48. Sicko: be hospitalized in a foreign country
  49. Careless: overstay your visa
  50. Small World: meet someone you know by pure chance
  51. Stunt Driver: drive a car or motorcycle in India
  52. Barbarian: inadvertently do something very rude and offensive by local standards, unaware beforehand
  53. Victim: have something stolen from you by locals
  54. Level 20: Travel by horse, mule, camel, dogsled, or elephant
  56. Heads or tails: Visit your hometown's exact antipode
  57. Deviation: Change your plans to accompany people you have met while traveling
  58. Altophile: Visit the Andes, Rockies, Alps, Atlas, and Himalaya
  59. Centurion: Hike a trail more than 100 miles, 160 kmi
  60. Got a light?: Get scammed/evade a scam
  61. Scribe: Make a detailed and lengthy travel journal or blog about a holiday
  62. All terrain: Visit arctic, temperate, desert, and tropical environments
  63. Local knowledge: Give someone directions or advice in a foreign country you know well
  64. Sea legs: Spend a week or more at sea
  65. Magellan: Travel between two continents by sea
  67. Eat an animal that's not normally eaten in your home country
  68. Get drunk with a group of locals even though you don't speak their language
  69. Loafer: skipped work/school to travel with a false excuse
  70. Drunkard: Wake up in a foreign country with no idea how you got where you are
  71. Lasting friendship: meet someone while traveling, keep in touch, arrange to meet up later
  72. Time traveler: crossed the international dateline
  73. Hemisphere: crossed the equator
  74. Little Europe: visited Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican and Luxemburg.
  75. Daredevil: drink tap water in a third world country.
  76. Source of all evil: visit a church, a mosque, a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple.
  80. The Bagger: Visit every continent
  81. The Seven Seas: Swim in every ocean
  82. Visit every country on a single continent
  83. Scale a mountain >20,000 feet, 6,000 metres
  84. Climb the highest mountain on every continent
  85. Dat Gap: Walk across the Darien Gap by foot.
  86. Best Korea: Visit North Korea
  87. Club Penguin: visited Antarctica
  88. Bribe a police officer/customs official
  89. Do the Locomotion: Have sex while traveling by train
  90. Mile High Club: Have sex while traveling by airplane
  91. Deep Blue Sea: Have sex while traveling by boat
  92. Frequent Flyer: 10 flights within 10 days
  93. Wasted: Visit a champagne house in France, a port house in Portugal, a beer brewery in Belgium, a whiskey distillery in Scotland, and a sake brewery in Japan.
  94. Delinquent: spend a night in jail in a foreign country
  98. Ladyboy: Fuck a ladyboy in Thailand, while sober.
  99. Thaidsland = fucked a prostitute bareback in Thailand
  100. Contract an STD in another country
  101. Europe, Contiki mode = Visited at least 10 European countries in 10 days. Got a photo (while hungover) next to a stereotypical national monument in each.
  102. Get tattoo/body modification in another country
  103. Heart of Serpent: in China, drink snake's blood from a live snake and then swallow its still-beating heart
  104. Bali9: Spend the night in a third world jail
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