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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. The information below is for inside using, up until we publish it. Please DO NOT share it at public chats.
  3. TSS is going to be completely changed by the new season.
  4. Main format 7x7(7 main players + 4 reserve players) is going to be changed to 5x5(5 main players + 2 reserve players), game mode will be same (tank+aircraft RB with markers).
  5. Instead of three leagues there will be only two, Gold and Silver.
  6. Gold League will contain 8 teams, there will be less tournaments, but these tornaments will be much more profitable (Rewards will be announced later).
  7. You can get to Gold League only by passing to GF(Grand Finals) play off. At season 3 GF will be 8 teams from Gold League + 2 teams from Final of Silver League (the same 5x5 tank+aircraft RB, as used in GF).
  8. The 2 teams that didn't pass to GF play offs, go to Silver League.
  9. Since Gold League will contain only 8 teams, I will need the info about you teams and line-ups. You can take max 7 regular players + 1 player in reserve (be aware that reserve player can participate in tournaments only with permission of tournament administration, this is a regular reversing, except for 1x1 tournaments). Team name as well as its line-up will stay same till the end of the season(we will watch over it in manual mode for now).
  10. Every player you take in your team must participate in GF2, there can be max one player per single team who took part in GF1 and didn't take part in GF2.
  11. In case when there will be more than 8 teams, 8 teams will be qualified at the tournament dedicated to WT Birth Day, 1st place will be rewarded with rare vehicle coupon (which can be traded for 600 coins, according to current prices). This tournament will be made in the middle of next month and will be available only for Gold League participants.
  12. Vehicle setup for tank+aircraft RB can be offered by each captain, we will choose a setup from offered and use it at next tournaments (be aware that setups can be changed by us).
  13. Each month will be made, min:
  14. 4 tank+aircraft RB tournaments (5x5);
  15. 1 tank AB tournament (5x5) do we need it?
  16. 2 tank RB tournament (1x1)
  17. 2 aircraft duel RB (1x1)
  18. + special tournameents that will be available only for Gold League participants (part of rewards will be available for others but major part will be in Gold League).
  19. Moreover, each week it is availaable to make tournament to test new mechanics at GF, or by your request.
  20. Rewards for Gold League:
  21. 1. 5000 GE + 3 days of premium + 50% booster (RP+WP)
  22. 2. 3000 GE + 1 day of premium + 50% booster (RP+WP)
  23. 3. 2000 GE + 25% booster (RP+WP)
  24. 4. 1000 GE + 15% booster (RP+WP)
  25. 5. 500 GE + 15% booster (RP+WP)
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