Under the Light (Starlight x Trixie)

Jun 22nd, 2018
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  1. >A swaying blue unicorn wearing a star-studded cape tries to open the door to her wagon.
  2. >She squints her eyes and notices that her door looks an awful lot like a shut window.
  3. >That's when she looks beside the window and sees a familiar door shaped object.
  4. >With a knob and everything.
  5. >Carefully, with the grace of a minotaur in priceless antique store, she pushes the door open.
  6. >It creaks and reveals near total darkness.
  7. >The only two light sources coming from the middle of the wagon.
  8. >Fumbling for the light switch, the blue unicorn remembered she doesn't have one.
  9. >But she did remember she is a unicorn.
  10. >So she cast an adequate spell of illumination.
  11. >Shining a light on the scene before her.
  12. >A finely decorated table with delicous looking salads gracing the plates.
  13. >Two candles that were nearly burnt down to the base.
  14. >And a very upset looking purple unicorn sitting on the other side.
  15. >"...Starslihgt?"
  16. >"What are you doing in the dark?"
  17. >The blue unicorn still swayed back and forth.
  18. >As if she would be going down for the count any second.
  19. >The annoyed looking mare on the other side of the table rubbed her head with her hoof gently.
  20. "Trixie, do you have any idea what time it is?" Starlight's gaze could burn a hole through concrete.
  21. >But Trixie stood there with her mouth slightly agape.
  22. >Obviously not prepared to think in the state she was in.
  23. >"Night...time?" she chuckled
  25. >Trixie's eyes went wide as if she solved cold fusion on the spot.
  26. >"Starslihgt!"
  27. >"You would not believe- hic - night Trixie had!"
  28. "Yeah, you wouldn't believe mine either" Starlight grumbled.
  29. >The purple-ish mare stood up from the table, and walked over by Trixie.
  30. >Shielding her eyes from Trixie's still bright horn.
  31. >"Shorry" Trixie apologized as she dimmed the light a tad.
  32. >Starlight continued to scowl in Trixie's direction.
  33. >"...Wait, you sheem mad " Trixie rubbed her eye with her front leg.
  34. "Mad's not the word I'd use but please, go on" Starlight was about ready to pounce.
  35. >She was just waiting for the right moment.
  36. >The confused, hiccupping, blue unicorn looked from the table, back to Starlight.
  37. >This went on for a few minutes.
  38. >Then, on one more pass between the two the wheels in Trixie's head began to spin.
  39. >"Oh...oh crap"
  40. >Starlight slapped her hoof to her forehead disapprovingly.
  41. "I told you I was making dinner for us when you got done with your show today"
  42. "Five times if you want to be exact!" Starlight scolded Trixie.
  43. >Trixie's ears drooped as she felt her smile from earlier dip into a frown
  44. >"The shstagehands invited Trixie out to csh-csh...congratulate Trixie on her latesht tour"
  45. >"And-hic- Trixie may have had a few too many cidersh" Trixie lied down on the floor of her wagon.
  46. >Looking exhausted.
  47. "A few?!" Starlight was on the verge of exploding.
  48. "Trixie, you smell like a goddamn apple orchard!" Starlight's face turning red.
  50. >"Hey, eashe up Glim" Trixie held a hoof out towards the fuming unicorn.
  51. >Without looking down, Starlight smacked it out of her face.
  52. "No I will not, "Eashe up" not when I've put a lot of effort into making tonight special."
  53. >Trixie may have been slightly intoxicated, but she still knew that whenever the vein in Starlight's neck pulsed.
  54. >Trouble was a brewing.
  55. >"Trixie will make it up to you in the morning" she yawned.
  56. >That only made Starlight's scowl deeper.
  57. >Her pupils were like pinpricks.
  58. "That's what you've told me the last time this happened."
  59. >"And the time before that, and the time before that one." Starlight leaned her face close to Trixie's muzzle.
  60. >Her hot, angry breaths bouncing off Trixie's face.
  61. "When are you going to make it up to me Trixie?!" she viciously whispered
  62. >Trixie's eyes opened wide as she realized Starlight was inches away from her face.
  63. >"...Tomorrow" she averted her gaze away from Starlight's piercing eyes.
  64. >Nothing but the sound of Trixie's hiccup filled the wagon.
  65. "Is tomorrow ever going to come Trixie?" Glimmer asked while stepping off of the floorbound drunk.
  66. >There was an odd, quiet calm to Starlight's anger.
  67. >She knew how to control her temper.
  68. >Most of the time.
  69. >"...Trixie knowsh she's a sshrewup"
  70. >Starlight looked behind her with an unexpecting look in her eye.
  71. >"Trixiessh not a good pony" her next hiccup sounded wet.
  72. >"Shessh, jussht like her daddy" she swallowed a sob.
  73. >Starlight froze in place.
  75. >She recalled the day Trixie opened up to her about her father.
  76. >It was a topic she hated talking about.
  77. >She was practically on the verge of tears telling Starlight about it.
  78. >His name was Jack, Jack Pot, and he lived to chase the high of performing in front of crowds.
  79. >Even at the cost of his wife and child.
  80. >And seeing Trixie on the floor.
  81. >Defeated, a mess, and more importantly lost.
  82. >Starlight's temper cooled down.
  83. >She quietly took a seat next to Trixie's shivering form.
  84. >With her front leg, she reached out and gently stroked the back of Trixie's disheveled mane.
  85. "...Trixie, you are anything but a screwup" Starlight cuddled Trixie close.
  86. "You're one of the best ponies I know" she nuzzled the slightly damp face of Trixie.
  87. >Trixie sniffled in response.
  88. >Her big, azure, eyes shimmering under her hornlight.
  89. >"Then why did Trixiessh daddy leave her?"
  90. >Starlight could feel her heart tear into two.
  91. "Shhshhshh, I don't know Trixie" Starlight turned up the comforting tenfold.
  92. "All I know is he made the biggest mistake of his life" she kissed Trixie's cheek
  94. >Starlight had a feeling that tonight Trixie would end up in tears.
  95. >She was hoping to be the cause of them for once.
  96. >Instead of the booze.
  97. >Trixie scooted closer to Starlight and wrapped her front legs around Starlight's warm body.
  98. >They slightly trembled.
  99. >Trixie's hornlight dimmed a little more until just the two cuddling unicorns were the only thing visible in the wagon.
  100. >Starlight noticed on the table that the two candles finally burnt themselves out.
  101. >That's when Starlight noticed she didn't hear Trixie's sobbing anymore.
  102. >She looked back down and there fast asleep, was Trixie.
  103. >Cuddled against her side like a pillow.
  104. >Starlight's heart put itself back together from the sight.
  105. >Using her magic she tucked in Trixie's cape around them both.
  106. >And before Trixie's light dimmed out completely
  107. >"Love you Trixie"
  108. >She kissed the top of the sleeping mare's forehead
  109. >"See you in the morning"
  110. >And as she said those words, Trixie's light went out.
  111. >Enveloping the two in an oddly cozy blanket of moonlight from the window.
  112. >As if to let them both have sweet dreams.
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