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  1. Byond ID: ImHereToHelp
  3. Player name you use the most:  Ranjeep Patel (I plan to make a new character for my CO slot)
  5. Make a list of links to all of your applications and (job)ban appeals, including whitelist and staff apps, within the last year. Also, provide "Ban reason; Verdict" beside each (job)ban link:
  6. No applications and no bans.
  8. Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?
  9. The whitelist is a privilege, not a right. I do understand that my privilege will be revoked if I break the rules.
  11. Do you understand how the Battlefield Execution functions?
  12. I understand that the BE is a tool that the CO can use to eliminate any immediate threat to the mission that cannot be dealt with due process by the MPs. However, I will be very honest in saying that, throughout my SS13 history, I have never played security roles. I do not have the experience to gauge whether or not someone is “valid”. Therefore, due to this lack of experience, I will simply refrain from using the BE as a means to solve problems.  
  14. Do you understand you are not above Marine law, or allowed to enforce it yourself?
  15. This is a job for the MPs. I am not a micro-manager and should leave the fun to them.
  17. What do you think is the job of a Commander?
  18. There is an IC and OOC component to this question.
  19. From an IC perspective, the Commander is a major immersive aspect to the atmosphere of Colonial Marines. The act of delegating roles to players is a major RP catalyst and really makes people feel like the actions they do have meaning. Ordering the Synth to accomplish a definitive set of tasks makes the Synth feel like he’s actually, you know a Synth. He exists to serve and he has masters who will give him tasks to do. Telling Requisitions what they can and cannot do has a certain “Supervisor” quality to it. Something you would expect from working in a logistical warehouse. Ordering the XO to take over for the operation really makes the XO feel like he is SECOND in command and not just a background character. The power for the CO to delegate roles and responsibilities is a big bonus to immersion and, as CO, I will engage as many people as possible through delegating tasks and responsibilities.
  21. From an OOC perspective, the Commander prevents stagnation on CM’s biggest selling point: The deathmatch between Marines and Xenos. Marines need a head figure to give broad commands and direction for people. The game simply does not have any mechanic that allows a marine to see where the fight is. This is the job of the Commander to inform all marines what their task is and what is going on. A marine sitting on FOB without a CO will think “this game is boring there’s nothing to do but stand here”. A marine sitting on FOB with a CO will think “I am an important part of a greater strategy, my role here is important and thus I am enjoying what I’m doing”. A single marine cannot organize a large group of players to do a single task, but the CO, using his IC authority and OOC power of announcements can.
  23. Overall, the CO makes sure people get immersed into their role by delegating tasks wherever he goes and also is responsible for making sure the round moves smoothly with commands that get everyone on the same page.
  28. If a member of your staff is disobeying orders, how would you handle it?
  30. Role delegation. I would give the XO the reins over the operation and immediately consult with the CMP. I would explain the situation with the CMP and he will deal with it. This course of action has engaged multiple players in a single RP event and thus people can have fun playing it out. A subordinate acting defiantly is simply an excuse to include 3 or 4 other players in a stimulating roleplay scenario.
  33. Why should you be whitelisted?
  35. I don’t have any significant notes and I’ve never gotten in trouble. I have decent experience as SL and I think I do a great job in getting my marines engaged. I have been playing XO lately and I believe my actions as XO have made rounds a pleasure to play through behind-the-curtain actions. I would like to make sure
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