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  1. [19:47] <GAN900> DawnFoster, so there's a specific issue you can work on. Tempering the response of your devs.
  2. [19:48] <ali1234> Stskeeps: largely one guy... not much point to discuss with himself :)
  3. [19:48] <GAN900> Because an environment like that doesn't exactly bring in contributors by the dozens.
  4. [19:48] <Stskeeps> GAN900: that does also relate to doubt and uncertainty of how things are actually cooked up to be
  5.                    included in meego, though
  6. [19:48]  * GAN900 switching to GPRS.
  7. [19:48] <Stskeeps> which is an issue that's improving
  8. [19:48] -!- alturiak [mg@tyrael.eu] has joined #meego
  9. [19:48] <DawnFoster> and do you think that I don't talk to developer privately when they say something they shouldn't?
  10. [19:48] <DawnFoster> I do this all the time
  11. [19:49] -!- merbot [~merbot@pc-10-195.skjoldhoej.dk] has quit [Quit: leaving]
  12. [19:49] -!- merbot [~merbot@pc-10-195.skjoldhoej.dk] has joined #meego
  13. [19:49] <DawnFoster> the reality is that what hundreds of developers say is out of my control
  14. [19:49] <DawnFoster> I can (and do) provide coaching
  15. [19:50] <Stskeeps> DawnFoster: thanks for doing that - us developers can get really riled up at times about issues
  16. [19:50] <GAN900> back
  17. [19:50] -!- musca [musca@tyrael.eu] has joined #meego
  18. [19:51] <GAN900> Stskeeps, resend last highlight?
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