Lil' Rumble's big evening

Mar 27th, 2016
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  1. >Coach had, unfortunately, pulled Rumble aside at the end of the swim meet
  2. >While he had nothing but good things to say about Rumble's drive and skill, and how he'd be captain before long, it meant the rest of the team had long since packed up and left
  3. >All except the two jackass slackers who couldn't pull their weight
  4. >"Sup fag, how's coach's dick taste?"
  5. >"Fuck off, guys. Maybe if you guys actually applied yourselves, you might get some recognition too."
  6. >"Oooh, look at the big man in the big speedo. Thinks he's hot shit because he's got athletic heritage."
  7. >"You might have bird blood, but I've got something you'll never have. Little thing called magic? Maybe you've heard of it?"
  8. >Rumble's response died in his throat as the room stretched up around him
  9. >Going from eye-to-eye to about waist high has a way of doing that
  10. >"Dude, when you said you had a shrinking spell I thought you meant like small-small. Guy looks like a weird toddler."
  11. >"It's a tough spell, alright? Just hold his legs, he's small enough for a locker."
  12. >a small, muffled voice cried out from the locker
  13. >"come on guys, don't leave me here all night! You know the janitor won't be through until morning."
  14. >"I wouldn't worry about that. In a couple hours you'll grow back and break out just fine."
  15. >"Aw, why'd you tell him? I wanted to make him stew."
  16. >"Whatever, let's get out of here."
  18. >Rumble never was the strongest guy around
  19. >His unfortunate reduction and exhaustion from swimming meant his feeble pounding couldn't hope to open the door
  20. >He had just about given up and resigned to his fate when he heard the faint jingle coming from his bag
  21. >At least they had been kind enough to stuff him in his own locker
  22. >Ignoring the fact that he was small enough to fit in with his bag, he fished out his now tablet-sized phone and checked the text
  23. >CC:Where you at? Been waiting out front for you
  24. >He texted back: stuck in guys locker room, come help pls
  25. >CC: Uh, I'll send the manager hold tight
  26. >noooo, hurry, it's just me
  28. >a moment later, the locker room door cracks open
  29. >"Rumble? You in here?"
  30. >her question is answered by pounding metal
  31. >"What the hell?"
  32. >"Cici! Get me out of here!"
  33. >"How'd you even get in there? Hold on a sec."
  34. >Fortunately, they hadn't actually left it locked, so it was just a matter of jimmying the catch until it actually opened
  35. >"Haha what the hell? How'd you get so adorable?"
  36. >"Very funny. Will you help me out of here?"
  38. A word about the twins: They're a textbook example of the versatility of pegasus lineage. Flitter took more after their half-unicorn mother, inheriting the tall, slender, lithe build. While the genetic roulette stopped just short of the elf-ears that denote a full on magic user, she did get an etheric sensitivity and even a bit of skill in manipulating existing spells.
  40. Cloudchaser, on the other hand, takes after their half-earthie father. She's not short by any means (except compared to her sister) but she definitely qualifies as stocky. She's thick, sturdy, and built as hell. Tits that could feed a family and hips that could birth a litter, if she were so inclined. The kind of figure a she couldn't really conceal if she wanted to, and that a hot-blooded young man can never really 'get used to'.
  42. The effect is all the more amplified when she pulls said young man out of the locker and smothers him in a hug.
  44. >"Ew, you smell funny."
  45. >after she finally frees him from her bosom, he explains that he hasn't had a chance to shower
  46. >"Aww, does my little Rumbly-bumbly need help washing up?"
  47. >He glares at her as she holds him at arm's length
  48. >"This is humiliating enough already, you mind not rubbing it in?"
  49. >"Okay, geez. No need to be a little grumble bee. But seriously, can you even work the showers like this?"
  50. >"I can try, at least. You mind waiting outside?"
  51. >"What, don't trust me not to peek at your cute little butt? Fine. Just call if you need anything."
  52. >When she set him down, he got another reminder of just how small he had become.
  53. >Even at full size, her tits had been bigger than his head. But now? Holy fuck.
  54. >When she turned for the door... It was an ass he could get lost in.
  55. >But now was not the time for that, now was the time to get clean.
  57. >it took some reaching, and a bit of jumping for the soap, but Rumble was indeed able to shower off.
  58. >Oddly enough, his speedo had returned to full size as soon as he removed it.
  59. >Odder still, his towel shrank to his scale when he finished drying himself and wrapped it around his waist.
  60. >His shirt and sweats did the same, looks like the spell as kind enough to allow him to remain decent, at least.
  61. >Unfortunately, it didn't extend to his bag, which took a bit of struggling to drag out behind him.
  63. >"Hey there, ready to go?"
  64. >He looked up at the looming giantess and nodded.
  65. >"Sorry about earlier. You really are adorable, but I know you're not a kid any more. All evidence to the contrary aside."
  66. >"I get it, I'm tiny and cute like back when you guys used to babysit me. Just grab my bag and promise to lay off the baby-talk and all is forgiven."
  67. >"Deal. Let's get out of here."
  69. >"You want to sit on my lap for the ride home? It'll be like old times!"
  70. >He grumbled a bit, but when he looked up to see a genuine smile he realized there wasn't a hint of teasing in the question
  71. >then he realized he wouldn't be seeing much out the window and he'd probably need to sit in the back seat if he said no
  72. >he also thought about how getting close with Cloudchaser might not be such a bad thing anyway
  74. >as he climbed aboard her luxurious lap, he immediately decided he had made the right call.
  75. >seated comfortably on her powerful thighs and head nestled between her boobs, he nearly drifted off then and there.
  76. >"Hey, you missed the turn to my dorm!"
  77. >"As if I'm going to just drop you off to find for yourself like this. Nope, you're coming back to our place."
  78. >With a gulp, he suddenly felt like a sheep being delivered to a lion's den
  80. >It wasn't that Flitter was mean, or even unlikeable (or unattractive) at all
  81. >She just had some 'unusual' tastes and 'esoteric' hobbies that she really liked to share
  82. >like, aggressively liked to share
  83. >and Rumble was pretty sure that in his diminished state, he was in no condition to resist
  84. >he nuzzled himself deeper into Cloudchaser's bust
  85. >"You won't let Flitter do anything too weird, right?"
  86. >"Nah, I'll keep an eye on her. But she'll be cool, don't worry about it."
  87. >Rumble was a little worried. He was pretty sure she had never once in her life "been cool"
  88. >He was definitely sure she was going to totally flip when she saw him like this
  90. >She had, of course, flipped
  91. >But when she finally stopped squealing, she agreed to inspect the enchantment to see if it could be broken
  92. >Of course, there was one tiny little condition
  93. >Rumble just had to play along with a costumed role-play scene
  94. >which was why he was now sitting on the "waiting room" couch, dressed as a cute little schoolgirl
  95. >A sing-song voice drifted out of the other room
  96. >"Oh Ruuuumbleee~ The nurse will see you now!"
  97. >As he stood, Cloudchaser stopped him with a (huge) hand on her shoulder
  98. >"I can see you're nervous. Don't be. Flitter is a great play partner, she might not go where you expect, but just relax and try to have a little fun."
  99. >He nodded
  100. >"That costume you've got on has a bit of magic of its own - just something to help you 'stay in character'. It'll make you more suggestible but it can't make you do anything you don't want to do, so don't be afraid to say no if you're uncomfortable."
  101. >"uh, okay"
  102. >"I'll get changed and be in in a minute, go on and try to have some fun!"
  104. >Flitter had said she wanted to do a "sexy nurse" scene
  105. >and boy had she nailed it
  106. >From the impossibly short skirt (that he was nearly looking up - holy fuck she was tall) to her gravity-defying cleavage, she had gone all-out
  107. >"Now dear, what seems to be the problem?"
  108. >after taking a moment to climb the bed and catch his breath (and stare at her exposed midriff) he finally responded
  109. >"I'm tiny?"
  110. >"Oh hun, everyone grows up at their own pace. Don't feel left behind just because you haven't hit your spurt yet."
  111. >"Very funny. A couple hours ago some jerk-off shrank me. Can you fix the spell?"
  112. >"I'll take a look. Just sit still a moment, this might feel a little odd."
  113. >She leaned in. Rumble was sure the face full of boob was as unnecessary as it was intentional, but he held still as instructed
  114. >Even when a wave of hot energy thrummed through his body, he didn't budge
  115. >Sure, his raging erection throbbed in his panties, but that had been happening since he put them on
  116. >"There, all fixed."
  118. >Rumble inspected himself, expecting to see his limbs swelling and stretching
  119. >"Uh, when do I start growing back?"
  120. >"It should last about fifteen hours. Much better than the fifteen more minutes it would have, you got here just in time!"
  121. >"Wait what?"
  122. >"You really should talk to your friend about his magic. His spellwork is sloppy and haphazard. Irresponsible, really."
  123. >"I wanted you to break it and unshrink me! Put it back the way it was!"
  124. >"Calm down, dear. You did clearly say you wanted me to fix the spell on you so I did."
  125. >"Breaking a poorly casted spell like this risks permanent repercussions, it's much safer to correct it and let it run its course."
  126. >he opened his mouth to protest, but she didn't give him the opportunity
  127. >"But Miss Cheerilee didn't send you here because you were shrunk, she sent you because you were disrupting the class. Why don't we talk about why you're really here."
  128. >Rumble just crossed his arms and pouted
  129. >"Hm. Flushed skin, unusually aggressive behavior, sweating in a cold room. All symptoms of a particular condition common in students your age..."
  130. >"Tell me, Rumble: do you feel warm? Uncomfortable? Unusual?"
  131. >nod, nod, slower nod
  132. >"are you experiencing strange feelings towards the other students?"
  133. >"towards your teacher?"
  134. >nod
  135. >"towards me?"
  136. >nod
  137. >"Tell me about your outfit, do you feel comfortable with how you're dressed?"
  138. >nod
  139. >"And do you ever feel out of place, like in the restroom or locker room?"
  140. >slow nod, increasing sweat
  141. >"Are you experiencing testicular swelling?"
  142. >as she said it, he felt his panties seem to constrict
  143. >he nodded
  144. >"I'm terribly sorry we didn't notice it sooner. It appears as though you're a filly trapped in the body of a colt."
  145. >"A filly undergoing her first heat."
  147. >"There is one more test I'd like to perform to confirm. If you would, please remove your underwear."
  148. >Rumble complied, happy to free his erection. His balls bulged out again as he did.
  149. >"Very healthy size, especially for someone of your scale. But then, feminine penises do tend to run much larger than average."
  150. >She cupped his balls, and they swelled a bit larger in response
  151. >"We'll need to work quickly if we're going to relieve these before they get out of hand."
  152. >Rumble gasped as she plunged his cock into her mouth
  153. >Having never had his dick sucked (much less by anyone with a tongue bigger than his dick), he found himself paralyzed with pleasure
  154. >it didn't provide relief from the burning in his loins, but goddamn it felt good
  155. >as quickly as it had started, the overwhelming feeling pushed him over the edge
  156. >wave after wave, load after load. Finally, he laid back - exhausted but not spent
  157. >it was easily the most he had cum in his life, but it wasn't even a mouthful for the giantess who held it all
  158. >She swished it in her mouth a moment before swallowing
  159. >"Light, sweet, almost fruity. Definitely fillycum. But look at you, still hard and still swelling. Poor little thing."
  160. >he could only groan in response
  161. >"Hold tight, dear. I'll fetch help. You're going to feel an overwhelming desire to masurbate, try to resist. It'll only make things worse."
  163. >To his credit, Rumble did indeed try to resist.
  164. >He even lasted several seconds before the heat got to him
  165. >and true to Nurse Flitter's word, it only made things worse
  166. >each stroke only intensified his lust
  167. >each pump brought him closer to the edge
  168. >but as he sprayed himself with a fountain of jizz, sweet release was entirely unsatisfying
  169. >instead of draining, his weighty testes felt fuller and heavier than ever
  170. >his erection hadn't flagged in the slightest
  172. >Rumble jolted up as the door slammed open and eight feet of suit-clad goddess stormed in
  173. >"I understand we have a little filly who needs some help with her first heat?"
  174. >with a "yes ma'am", he took a quick look at Cloudchaser and returned his gaze to the floor
  175. >The suit was so overstuffed with her figure, it was a wonder it was even holding together
  176. >"That's nothing to be ashamed of, first one's always the hardest. With an endowment like that, it's no wonder you're struggling."
  177. >He throbbed a bit harder at that remark
  178. >"I hear you have a thing for powerful women, that true?"
  179. >"Yes ma'am"
  180. >"As principal, I'm the best you're getting. Nurse Flitter, you've confirmed our charge here is shooting blanks?"
  181. >"Taste test never lies!"
  182. >"Good. Let's get to work."
  184. >Even when he was full size, Cloudchaser had a rather imposing presence.
  185. >Sure, she was was endlessly bright and cheerful, but she had a way of looming and controlling a room with her posture alone.
  186. >She might have just been playing the part of Principal, but with the aura of power she exuded, Rumble felt as though it were Princess Celestia laid before him.
  187. >The invitation to approach had been clear as day, but felt frozen, and simply couldn't advance. At least until the nurse nudged him on.
  188. >He thought for sure the sensation of entering Cloudchaser would be enough to set him off, but somehow he managed to persist
  189. >Burying himself into her, he yearned for release he could not find
  190. >His hair trigger had steeled itself, even Cloudchaser could tell something was off
  191. >"Nurse, can you *huff* restore her cock to full size?"
  192. >"I can, but-"
  193. >"Do it."
  194. >"Are you sure? I don-"
  195. >"Release the spell *pant* but only for her junk."
  196. >Rumble felt a hand on his back, and an instant later his cock surged forward
  197. >The sensation was overwhelming: every extra inch felt like miles of new territory
  198. >His climax was too much to handle. When he fell limp against her, her thighs wrapped around him and did the work
  199. >"Go on then *huff* get it all out!"
  200. >She was effectively fucking herself with him, but the encouragement sure was nice
  202. >When Rumble finally came to, he found himself in a nice hot bubble bath
  203. >Flitter, having changed out of her costume and into her PJs, was reading on a stool next to the tub
  204. >"Hey there, champ. How ya feeling?"
  205. >"Exhausted, but good. Really good."
  206. >"No lingering arousal?"
  207. >"No... What happened?"
  208. >"You came for about five minutes straight and passed out with a goofy little smile. You should see the bulge you left in CiCi and the mess you left on my bed."
  209. >"Heh, sweet."
  210. >"Glad you had a good time. I didn't overdo it with the little filly stuff, did I?"
  211. >"No! Not at all, actually. How did you know? I didn't even realize I felt that way."
  212. >"Call it a hunch, I guess. You looked so perfect in the outfit, I just had to run with it."
  213. >There was a moment of silence as Rumble took a rag and started washing up
  214. >"So, if you enjoyed that, you wouldn't mind if Cloudchaser and I started to think of you as a little sister?"
  215. >"No, I don't think I'd mind that at all. Speaking of 'little', am I really going to stay this small all night?"
  216. >"Yup! Hard to say for sure, but it should wear off mid-morning. Speaking of, you really should talk to your friend about his spellwork."
  217. >"He's not exactly a friend..."
  218. >"Well you should at least say thanks. It's not every night you pick up two smoking hot ladies such as ourselves. Although for a cutie like you, maybe it is."
  219. >He laughed her off, but his cock twitched all the same
  220. >which made him realize just how disproportionately huge it was
  222. >"Find something interesting down there?"
  223. >"It's so big, geez!"
  224. >"Not any more than usual, you're just that small."
  225. >"huh, if you say so"
  226. >As the water shifted from warm to tepid, Rumble decided he was clean enough
  227. >"Mind helping me out of here?"
  228. >Flitter suppressed a giggle at his knee-length manhood as she pulled him out of the tub and toweled him off
  229. >Clad in pajamas of his own (a dragonfly-patterned spare set of Flitter's) but no boxers (as he quickly found out, they shrank to fit the rest of his body - not his package) he let Flitter tuck him in next to an already-sleeping Cloudchaser
  230. >As Flitter climbed in behind him and smooshed him up against her sister, Rumble reflected on the wisdom of keeping separate beds for sleepin' and for fuckin'
  231. >Cozy and satisfied, he drifted off to sleep
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