Dec 24th, 2012
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  1. >Christmas Morning
  2. >Fuck Yeah
  3. >Get tons of cool gifts
  4. >One more
  5. >No tag
  6. >Damn it, Mom, I don’t believe in Santa
  7. >Open Gift
  8. >It’s a fucking Wonderbolts getup
  9. >Perfect details
  10. >Fabric feels amazing
  11. >You have to try it on
  12. >To the Pon-Cave
  13. >It’s too tight, won’t fit over tacky PJs
  14. >Get those the fuck off, put on Wonderbolt
  15. >Damn, that’s nice looking
  16. >Still tight
  17. >Is it getting tighter?
  18. >Shit, it is.
  19. >Drop to floor, suit squeezing
  20. >Gasping for breath
  21. >Hair tumbling down past face
  22. >Arms and legs numb
  23. >Oh god hands are hooves
  24. >Suit still squeezing
  25. >And you have a tail
  26. >Everythings bigger
  27. >Shitshitshitshitshit
  28. >Bones reshaping
  29. >Now you have four legs
  30. >face extending too
  31. >This can’t get worse
  32. >Spoke too soon
  33. >Stabbing pain on your back
  34. >Suddenly, majestic wings
  35. >Okay, that’s not too bad.
  36. >Prickles all around
  37. >Then nothing
  38. >Lay on floor, gasping
  39. >Finally get up
  40. >Surprisingly easy to manage four hooves
  41. >Go to mirror
  42. >You are the little Pegasus
  43. >Suit now perfect fit
  44. >Guess you’re a Wonderbolt now
  45. >Put on awesome shows
  46. >Be the happy little pony
  47. >Merry Christmas to all
  48. >And to all a pon-night.
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