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dothack paste for aglel 5

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Aug 14th, 2020
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  1. Roll between 1-3 for presets and use whatever kit looks best for the occasion.
  3. Normal pre-game subs (best condition in). Don't forget to fix corners after subs are made. Left on Right Back and Right on Left Back.
  5. If "Haseo, Rogue Master" (Bench Gold) has the same or better condition than "Haseo, the Terror of Death" (Starting Gold), sub him in and keep him for the rest of the game.
  7. If "Haseo, the Terror of Death" (Starting Gold) has better condition, keep him on the pitch until 70' (Subs time and +2), then sub him out for "Haseo, Rogue Master" (Bench Gold), no matter the condition he's in.
  9. Subs at 70' when +2 activates.
  11. If the match ends with a victory, play this:
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