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  1. # VOC Performance Metrics by Priority
  3. ## Pre-Dispatch
  4. 1. Acknowledgment Status - anyone who has declined participation is top priority. Next are sites that have not acknowledged.
  5. 2. Potential Value - the largest sites who have the least certain confirmation status are top priority.
  6. 3. Load - as we approach dispatch start if the sparkline for a given facility is not dropping, they are a risk.
  8. ## In-Dispatch
  9. 1. Current Performance(%) - anyone who is not performing is a risk.
  10. 2. Commitment - the largest sites that are not performing are the biggest risk.
  12. ## Later In-Dispatch
  13. 1. Load - customers with large load have the most to drop. They're the best targets to call if the Voltus portfolio is in jeopardy of underperforming.
  14. 2. Current Performance(kW) - customers who are performing very well are probably the best candidates to be able to perform even better.
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