[FR BIO] Don't Look Now

Sep 28th, 2019
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  1. [columns][img][/img]
  3. [font=courier new][b]Something's watching us...
  4. [right][font=courier new][color=#E01212]look [b]away[/b]. if you look it [i]t a k e s[/i] you.[/right]
  5. [font=courier new][b]hello?
  6. [right][font=courier new][color=#CE1414]do not speak to it.
  7. it does not [i]say [/i]what you want to [b]hear[/b].[/right]
  8. [font=courier new][b]are you there?
  9. [right][font=courier new][color=#B71616]...[/right]
  10. [right][font=courier new][color=#A41515][b]hello.*[/right]
  11. [font=courier new][b]you... sound strange.
  12. [right][font=courier new][color=#8D1616][b]they told you not to speak to me.*[/right]
  13. [font=courier new][b]why do you sound like me?
  14. [right][font=courier new][color=#731515][b]you made it easy.*[/right]
  15. [font=courier new][b]oh- oh no.
  16. [right][font=courier new][color=#5C1111][b]you are mine.*[/right]
  17. [font=courier new][b][sub]i can barely speak.
  18. [right][font=courier new][color=#410C0C][b][size=4][b]thanks.*[/right]
  19. [font=courier new][b][size=1]i...
  20. [right][font=courier new][color=#410C0C][b][size=5][b]no one will hear you [color=#DC1414]scream.[/right]
  21. [right][font=courier][b]sleep now. close your eyes. do not scream. no one but the eyes in the woods will hear it, and when they hear it they will descend upon you. do not run. the blood in the earth will feel every movement and they will chase you. they are faster. they are tireless.
  23. accept your fate, because you looked.
  24. [nextcol][img][/img]
  25. [/columns]
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