02/02/2017 - KTOS

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  1. 02/02/2017 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. ▣ Updates
  4. 【Changes】
  6. Sound:
  7.     - The Christmas themed music that would play in  Klaipeda/Orsha/Fedimian has been removed.
  9. ▣ Bug Fixes  
  10. 【Skills】
  12. Linker:
  13.     - Lifeline: Fixed bug where the effect of this skill would still persist even after the buff duration had ran out.
  15. 【Monster】
  16. Wizard Shaman Doll - Fixed issue where this monster was dropping blue gems at a much higher rate than intended when killed in Tatenye Prison.
  18. 【Graphic & UI】
  19. Fixed screen resolutions that would occur when viewing the Appraisal item tool-tips.
  20. Fixed the issue when switching to Shinobi costume after wearing a highlander circle 3 costume caused the characters legs to pierce through the costume when running.
  21. Fixed some clipping issues that would occur with the Miko costume when performing attack motions.
  22. Fixed issue with hairstyles clipping with the Wizard's Christmas Costume.
  23. Fixed issues with overlapping that would be caused when wizards cast Reflect Shield
  25. Source Post:
  26. Translation by Gwenyth @ToS Forums.
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