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  1. The firearm of the design commonly known as the AK-47 rifle, and any variant or modified version of it except for the Valmet Hunter, the Valmet Hunter Auto and the Valmet M78 rifles, but including the:
  2. (a) AK-74;
  3. (b) AK Hunter;
  4. (c) AKM;
  5. (d) AKM-63;
  6. (e) AKS-56S;
  7. (f) AKS-56S-1;
  8. (g) AKS-56S-2;
  9. (h) AKS-74;
  10. (i) AKS-84S-1;
  11. (j) AMD-65;
  12. (k) AR Model .223;
  13. (l) Dragunov;
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