MLP ELWG FAQ, Character/location list, & Glossary

Dec 22nd, 2017 (edited)
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  1. "Everyday Life With Guardsmares"
  2. by The Man From Another Time
  5. Written for the Royal Guard Mare thread on /mlp/
  7. Art:
  9. FAQ & Character/Location List
  11. Table of Contents
  12. 1. Frequently Asked Questions
  13. 2. OC Locations
  14. - Settlements
  15. - Vendors
  16. - Other Locations
  17. 3. OC Characters/Organizations
  18. - Main Characters
  19. - Supporting Characters
  20. - Equestrian Government
  21. - Equestrian Royal Guard
  22. - Royal Guard Divisions
  23. - Batpony Star-Phase / Night Guard
  24. - Batpony Temples of the Stars
  25. - Batpony Houses
  26. - Other Batponies
  27. - Industry
  28. - Entertainment
  29. - Civilian Bodyguards
  30. - Other/Unaffiliated
  31. - Historical Figures
  32. 4. Objects & Terminology
  33. 5. Phrases & Expression
  34. 6. Gag List
  35. - Characters
  36. - Places, Organizations, & Objects
  37. - Other
  38. 7. World Details
  39. - Royal Guard Tactics
  40. - Royal Guard Arms & Armour
  41. - Royal Guard Officer Corps
  42. - Equestrian Government
  46. ==== 1. Frequently Asked Questions ====
  48. Q: What's in this story?
  49. A: This is an adventure story in the vein of "The Flashman Papers" or the Aubrey-Maturin series ("Master & Commander"). There's some action, some character development, some world-building, some feels, and some adult content of not-so-explicit and yes-so-explicit kinds.
  51. Q: I've never read anything in the Royal Guard Mare Thread of /mlp/; will I have a problem understanding this story?
  52. A: Nope! There's no continuity between this story and any other. All you need to know is that there are Royal Guards and that some of them are mares.
  54. Q: Is this story based on something else?
  55. A: Nope! I mean, all the bits and pieces are ripped off of somewhere or another, but it's not based on any one single other story.
  57. Q: When did you start writing this greentext?
  58. A: June 2017
  60. Q: How often do you update?
  61. A: For the first year I tried to put out 2 scenes a week, sometimes 3. Currently I'm down to 1 update every two weeks due to personal commitments at home.
  63. Q: How long does each update take you to write?
  64. A: Typically 6-8 hours.
  66. Q: What do you use to write this greentext?
  67. A: Notepad++ with a spell-checker plugin and custom syntax highlighting to do >greentext.
  69. Q: Is the title a reference to something?
  70. A: Yes, the "Monster Musume" manga, AKA "Everyday Life With Monster Girls".
  72. Q: Have you served in the military?
  73. A: Nope. I get my references from conducting general research and from comedy sites like 'Terminal Lance'.
  75. Q: What is Sgt. Ebonshield's accent?
  76. A: Castilian Spanish. In this story, batponies are Spaniards.
  78. Q: Why do batponies speak Spanish?
  79. A: Originally, I intended them to have British accents and an archaic vocabulary, since most ponies on the show speak with American accents. However, when I had Sergeant Ebonshield use the word 'majordomo' during her second scene, some readers saw it in the context of a very common Spanish honorific, and believed she was Spanish. When I explained what I was trying to do, they then persuaded me to switch to Spanish, and upon reflection it seemed to work with the ideas I had for batponies, so I went back and altered some of the descriptive text and Ebonshield's language to make it more explicit.
  81. Be advised that when batponies are speaking 'Equestrian' (i.e., English), they may make errors such as mis-ordering words (e.g., 'times uncertain' instead of 'uncertain times'), failing to use contractions (do not -> don't), assigning gender to inanimate objects ('the moon, she is bright'), or excessively prefixing nouns with determinants like 'the'. These are all common mistakes that native Spanish speakers make with English.
  83. Q: Do you speak Spanish or have Spanish heritage?
  84. A: I speak only a few words of Spanish and have no Spanish heritage. I do, however, speak fluent French, another Romance language with gendered nouns. That, plus some research, plus imagining David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, plus a little Google Translate, is how I'm composing the semi-broken English spoken (and narrated) by Ebonshield and other batponies.
  86. Q: Why do griffons speak Russian?
  87. A: Because I needed a foreign language and it seemed like the best one. It also kinda fits with the Victorian theme I'm going for. Like Griffonstone, Russia was in a weird place during the mid/late-Victorian era, being able to easily overpower its minor neighbours, but still operating with a backwards social order, having little industry to speak of, and suffering from frequent revolts & uprisings. Britain & France joined forces to keep it in check later, as well. Also, although I'm trying not to make the griffons gopnik (look it up) caricatures, I do like the art people have made of griffons squatting around in caps drinking vodka.
  89. Q: Do you speak Russian or have Russian heritage?
  90. A: I don't speak any Russian beyond what I picked up from STALKER and other Internet memes. I have put in a little research and also used my experience listening to thickly-accented Slavic friends speak.
  92. Q: So if Batponies are Spanish and Griffons are Russian, what the hell are Dragons going to be?
  93. A: I dunno, I'll let you know when one has a speaking role.
  95. Q: Where the hell is Prance/France? Why do people reference Prench/French?
  96. A: The show started this mess so I'm going to let them figure it out. Until then 'Prance' remains cheerfully nebulous.
  98. Q: Hey can I use some of the stuff you've invented (characters, locations, world, terminology) for my own story or other creation?
  99. A: Sure thing, have fun.
  101. Q: When is this story set?
  102. A: Season 4. Twilight is a Princess and an alicorn, but the Treebrary still stands.
  104. Q: I hate stories told in greentext and/or second-person voice. Is there some other way I can enjoy this story?
  105. A: Bobbles is publishing it on FIMFiction in the more standard third-person voice:
  106. There are no differences between the original greentext and the FIMFiction version besides the voice and the occasional linking phrases.
  109. ************** SPOILERS ALERT **************
  112. I strongly advise against reading past here until you're completely up to date with the story.
  117. ============ 2. OC Locations ============
  118. (Canon locations are not included in this list.)
  121. ~~~~ Settlements ~~~~
  123. * Berry *
  124. Small town north of Canterlot. Spc. Sparkshower's hometown.
  126. * Newcastle-Upon-Mare *
  127. Village outside of Canterlot. HQ for the 1st Battalion 'Peregrines' of the Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries.
  129. * Night Guard Rookery (AKA 'Canterlot Rookery') *
  130. A barracks and supporting village of Night Guard batponies, located underneath Canterlot mountain. Transit between the Rookery and the surface is strictly controlled by officers of the Royal Guard's Royal Undermountain Constabulary force.
  132. * The Slender Mountain [El Monte Esbelto] *
  133. A mountain on the near side of the Moon, the founding fortress of the Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance.
  136. ~~~~ Vendors ~~~~
  138. * Bridle Path Clothiers *
  139. Bespoke coltswear store in Poole Street, Canterlot.
  141. * Sardinia Theatre *
  142. Light operatic show venue in Canterlot.
  144. * The Stables *
  145. Nightclub in Thin Street, near Pachyderm & Palace Circle, Canterlot.
  147. * Eliza's Efflorescences *
  148. Flower shop in Floral Street, Canterlot.
  150. * Bronzehorn Arms & Armour *
  151. Smithy in Newcastle-Upon-Mare.
  153. * Hackney Trot *
  154. Luxury retail outlet area in Canterlot.
  156. * Spa Dalecarlia *
  157. Small, modern, public spa in Canterlot.
  159. * Horchateria José *
  160. Refreshments stand in the Canterlot Rookery.
  162. * Earthquake *
  163. Nightclub in Canterlot. Popular with university students.
  165. * Louis Valise *
  166. High-end fashion & leather goods shop in the Strand, Canterlot.
  168. * The House of Cards *
  169. High-end jewellery shop in Canterlot.
  171. * Brythonic Baths *
  172. Large, ancient public bathhouse with natural hot springs in Canterlot.
  174. * Sulian Baths *
  175. Large, ancient public bathhouse with natural hot springs in Canterlot.
  177. * Hermitage *
  178. Prench-style restaurant in Canterlot. Owner-chef is a Griffon.
  180. * Marquis *
  181. Premier nightclub in Canterlot.
  184. ~~~~ Other Locations ~~~~
  186. * Fort Horseshoe Bend *
  187. Equestrian Royal Guard training facility.
  189. * Schola Magia *
  190. Equestria's premier public arcane university, in Canterlot.
  192. * Blue Chamber *
  193. Meeting room of Equestria's Privy Council in Canterlot Palace. So named because the walls of the chamber are decorated in blue. Also, a colloquial term for the members of the privacy council themselves.
  195. * Champions' Hall *
  196. Building on the Canterlot Palace grounds housing the Royal Guard's military trophies, medals, plaques, etc., including the artifacts of the MXP Games. Open to the public for viewing during visiting hours. The ceiling of the main atrium is notably decorated with a painting depicting ancient Equestrian battles and conquests.
  198. * Kaptara *
  199. The 'first island', in the mythology of the minotaurs.
  201. * Cave of Pillars *
  202. Natural cave consisting of hexagonal basalt columns in the Canterlot Rookery.
  204. * Grand Hall of Stars *
  205. Training arena in the Canterlot Rookery.
  207. * Royal Eastern Cottage Racetrack *
  208. Triangular-oval race track on the Canterlot Palace grounds.
  210. * The Watchtower *
  211. Tower-fortress serving as the primary defensive stronghold for Canterlot city. Has never in its thousand-year history ever fallen to an enemy. One of the tallest buildings in Canterlot measured from its base, but situated on lower, outer, ring so it does not actually exceed the actual height of Canterlot Palace's spires.
  213. * Lunar Sanctuary *
  214. Batpony religious temple and home of the Lunar Phase priestly caste in the Canterlot Rookery.
  216. * Vestibule of Living Waters *
  217. Outermost chamber of ritual ablution in the Lunar Sanctuary, Canterlot Rookery.
  219. * Courtyard of the Houses *
  220. Public hall of worship in the Lunar Sanctuary, Canterlot Rookery.
  222. * Vestibule of Priests *
  223. Inner chamber of ritual ablution in the Lunar Sanctuary, Canterlot Rookery.
  225. * Well of Life *
  226. Innermost bath and well in the Lunar Sanctuary, Canterlot Rookery.
  228. * Halls of the Blind *
  229. Underground network of tunnels and caves on the Moon, with connecting portals leading to the Rookery and the various batpony Houses. Residence and home of the Eclipse Phase, who refer to it only as 'home' and disdain this moniker used by other Children.
  231. * Old Mill in Mitre Street *
  232. Formerly abandoned flour mill with wheel-driven camshaft now taken over by the Royal Engineer as a test foundry.
  235. ============ 3. OC Characters/Organizations ============
  236. (Canon characters & organizations are not included in this list.)
  239. ~~~~ Main Characters ~~~~
  241. * Anonymous *
  242. Human male. By Appointment to Their Majesties Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, The Royal Engineer of Equestria.
  244. * Specialist Artemis Sparkshower ('Sparks', 'Thunder') *
  245. Pegasus guardsmare in heavy armour. Serves as one of Anonymous' bodyguards. Cream coat, golden-yellow mane. Crayola-Blue eyes. Cutie mark: Two overlapping puffy white clouds raining golden sparkles. Previous MOS 19D Armoured Scout.
  246. Theme song: Adele - Set Fire to the Rain [Thomas Gold Remix]
  248. * Specialist Lily Glamerspear ('Glam') *
  249. Unicorn guardsmare specializing in anti-aircraft fire. Serves as one of Anonymous' bodyguards. French-pink coat, teal-and-cyan mane. Cyan eyes. Cutie mark: Glittering emerald-green spear-tip with large white lily-flower at base. Previous MOS 14E Air Defence Specialist.
  250. Theme song: Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink
  252. * Corporal Honour Bound *
  253. Earth Pony guardsmare from the infantry. Serves as one of Anonymous' bodyguards. Beaver-brown coat, chocolate-brown mane. Brown eyes. Cutie mark: 'Cross moline' in black, surrounded by ring of bronze chain. Previous MOS 11B Infantry.
  255. * Sergeant First Class Purity Ebonshield ('Eb') [Pureza Ébanoscudo] *
  256. Batpony guardsmare from the Night Guard. Seventh Rank and de-facto leader of the Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance. Serves as one of Anonymous' bodyguards. Dark purple coat, white-streaked midnight-blue mane. Deep-lilac eyes. Cutie mark: 'Heater' shield in black surrounded by white glow. Nearest Royal Guard equivalent MOS 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.
  259. ~~~~ Supporting Characters ~~~~
  261. * Lieutenant Temper Violetta ('Vi') *
  262. Earth Pony guardsmare, in charge of one of the Canterlot Palace Military Office VIP bodyguard service platoons which includes Anonymous' bodyguards. From the Canterlot noble house of Violetta, a cadet branch of the Rosettas. Holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Canterlot University, with a major in history and a minor in musical theatre.
  264. * Lieutenant Valiant 'Icepone' Kilfeather (AKA Valiant Quillfeather) *
  265. Pegasus guardscolt. Leader of the 1st Air Wing of the 1st Canterlot Air Division, commonly known as the '1st Canterlot Air Superiority Wing'. Ex-coltfriend of Spc. Glamerspear. Duelled Spc. Glamerspear at the Battle of Newstirrup Bridge. White coat and brilliant blue mane. Cutie mark: Three feather pens pointing upright in a 'flying V' formation, piercing through an unfurled scroll as if arrowheads.
  267. * Private First Class Featherhooves *
  268. Griffon guardshen, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries, 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'. Head plumage resembles that of the laughing falcon (Herpetotheres cachinnans).
  271. * Phillip Songwell *
  272. Earth Pony colt. Tangerine-orange coat and burnt-umber mane. Foremost teamster of Bitsmount silver mine. Becomes assistant to the Royal Engineer as punishment for safety lapses at the mine.
  275. ~~~~ Equestrian Government ~~~~
  277. * Purse Strings *
  278. Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  281. ~~~~ Equestrian Royal Guard ~~~~
  283. * Captain Montgomery Mailedhoof *
  284. Unicorn guardscolt. Commander of one of the palace guard companies. Becomes the salt-lick of Spc. Glamerspear. Silver mane and moustache.
  286. * Lieutenant 'Joker' *
  287. Pegasus guardscolt. Kilfeather's right-hoof colt. Duelled Spc. Sparkshower at the Battle of Newstirrup Bridge. Purple coat and green mane.
  289. * Lieutenant Junior Grade 'Duck' *
  290. Pegasus guardscolt. Member of Kilfeather's 1st Air Superiority Wing. Duelled Cpl. Bound at the Battle of Newstirrup Bridge. Salmon-red coat and blonde mane.
  292. * Lieutenant Junior Grade 'Reiner' *
  293. Pegasus guardscolt. Member of Kilfeather's 1st Air Superiority Wing.
  295. * Lieutenant Junior Grade 'Wolfpony' *
  296. Pegasus guardscolt. Member of Kilfeather's 1st Air Superiority Wing.
  298. * Lieutenant Junior Grade 'Applewood' *
  299. Pegasus guardscolt. Member of Kilfeather's 1st Air Superiority Wing. Blonde-maned with a moustache.
  301. * Major-General Georgia Hoofstrong *
  302. Pegasus guardsmare. Commander, 1st Canterlot Air Division. Signed the papers authorizing Kilfeather's Pas-de-Sabots. In charge of Canterlot sector airspace control. Previously, Commander 1st Air Superiority Squadron (as Col.). Previous to that, Commander, 27th Air Superiority Wing (as Lt. Col). Originally enlisted as private, became officer by promotion from Sergeant. From the minor Cloudsdale noble house of Hoofstrong. Scarlet-red coat and stark white mane. Sky-blue eyes.
  304. * Sergeant Mareline Tandem *
  305. Earth pony guardsmare. One of Spc. Sparkshower's drill sergeants in Armoured Corps training.
  307. * Lieutenant-Colonel Belle *
  308. Chief of Staff of the Judge Advocate General's Office.
  310. * Private 'Snuffy' Snafu *
  311. Diamond Dog guardsdog, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries. Posted at the gate when Sparkshower first arrived. The shorter one.
  313. * Private 'Dilly' Dilbert *
  314. Diamond Dog guardsdog, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries. Posted at the gate when Sparkshower first arrived. The taller one.
  316. * Lieutenant-Colonel Countess Bashara Percheron *
  317. Earth Pony guardsmare. Commander of the 1st Battalion 'Peregrines' of the Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries. Aunt of Lt. Woodhouse.
  319. * Lieutenant Bertram 'Bertie' Woodhouse *
  320. Earth Pony guardscolt, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries, 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'. Officer in charge of a platoon of Diamond Dogs. Nephew of Lt-Col. Percheron.
  322. * Lieutenant Cheesewright *
  323. Earth Pony guardscolt, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries, 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'.
  325. * First Sergeant Gercog *
  326. Griffon guardscock, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries, 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'.
  328. * Major Bloodnok *
  329. Earth Pony guardscolt, Princess-Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries, 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'.
  331. * Sergeant Alexander Castlerook *
  332. Earth pony guardscolt, 186th Fillydelphia Volunteer Regiment. Old friend of Cpl. Bound. Dark grey colt with liberty-blue mane and tea-green eyes.
  334. * Lieutenant Rounds Rapid *
  335. Unicorn guardscolt, Royal Guard Military Ponice, Royal Undermountain Constabulary.
  337. * Captain Bute *
  338. Earth pony guardscolt. Commander of the VIP company, Canterlot Palace Military Office.
  340. * Major Amberline Growler *
  341. Pegasus guardsmare. Commander of the 3rd Armoured battalion 'Valkyries', an all-female force. Noblepony.
  343. * Lieutenant Cloudhunter *
  344. Pegasus guardscolt. ADC to Maj-Gen. Hoofstrong.
  346. * Captain Goldenfoil *
  347. Pegasus guardsmare. Valkyrie under Maj. Growler.
  349. * Sergeant-Major Morgan Treechopper *
  350. Pegasus guardsmare. Valkyrie under Maj. Growler. Strong Cloudsdale accent. White coat and maroon mane.
  352. * Order of the Ram *
  353. The Royal Guard's highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy. Its medal design is an ancient-style helmet with a pair of ram's horns curling out from the front. Has four ranks: Decurion, Centurion, Tribune, Legate, and Imperator. The rank of 'Centurion', indicated by a silver medal on a white-and-blue ribbon, is the highest rank available to common-born Equestrians. 'Legate' is the highest rank available to anypony bar the sovereigns of Equestria.
  355. * General Dion Foxhall *
  356. Grand Marshal of Equestria, reporting only to the Secretary of Defence.
  358. * Sergeant Michelle 'Mirage' Greenhound *
  359. Pegasus Guardsmare. 101st Military Intelligence Battalion. Olive-green coat and blonde mane.
  362. ~~~~ Royal Guard Divisions ~~~~
  364. * 1st Air Division *
  365. Responsible for defence of the 'central sector' around Cloudsdale, Canterlot, and Ponyville.
  366. Commander: Maj-Gen. Georgia Hoofstrong (ADC: Lt. Cloudhunter)
  367. Divisional HQ: The Watchtower, Canterlot
  368. - 1st Air Brigade
  369. - 1st Canterlot Battalion: ?. HQ: Canterlot Palace
  370. - 1st Air Wing (AKA 1st Canterlot Air Wing): Lt. Kilfeather.
  371. - 3rd Armoured Battalion 'Valkyries': Maj. Growler. Senior NCO: Sgt-Maj. Treechopper. HQ: The Watchtower
  372. - 1st Heavy Air Wing 'Jotunn': ?
  373. - 2nd Air Brigade
  374. - Royal Hussars: ?
  375. - Command
  376. - 101st Military Intelligence Battalion, 'Cloudborne'
  378. * Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries *
  379. Regiment accepting non-ponies and non-citizens as enlisted troops. Service guarantees citizenship. Princess Cadence is the figurehead sponsor of the regiment, not its actual military commander.
  380. Commander: ?
  381. - 1st Battalion 'Peregrines': Lt.-Col. Percheron (HQ: Fort Newcastle-Upon-Mare)
  382. - C Company 'Cossacks': Leadership position vacant.
  384. * Household Division*
  385. Responsible for the personal defence of the sovereign Princesses of Equestria, garrisoning the palace, and providing escorts for diplomatic visitors to Equestria. The commander of the Household Division is traditionally referred to as "the" Captain of the Guard.
  386. Commander: (Formerly: Maj. Shining Armour, brevet Lt. Col.)
  387. HQ: Canterlot Palace, Canterlot
  388. - Household Cavalry: ?
  389. - Life Guards: ?
  390. - 1st Regiment of Life Guards, Her Majesty's Own Troop of Ponies: ?
  391. - Canterlot Palace Military Office (CPMO): ?
  392. - VIP Section: Cpt. Bute. Motto: 'Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense'
  394. * 186th Fillydelphia Volunteer Regiment *
  395. Cpl. Honour Bound's old regiment, based in and recruited from Fillydelphia.
  396. HQ: Fort Mifflin, Fillydelphia
  398. * 1st (Pegasus) Infantry Division *
  399. Responsible for defence of the lowlands extending north from Cloudsdale.
  400. Commander: ?
  401. HQ: ? (North of Cloudsdale).
  402. Motto: 'No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First'.
  403. - 4th Armoured Regiment: ?. Motto: 'Prepared and Loyal'
  405. * 108th Air Defence Artillery Brigade *
  406. Spc. Glamerspear's old unit. Was assigned to Canterlot city during the Changeling Invasion / Royal Wedding crisis.
  409. ~~~~ Batpony Star-Phase / Night Guard ~~~~
  411. * Marcos Ebonshield [Marcos Ébanoscudo] *
  412. Batpony colt, sixth of the Temple of the Swarming Meteors. Brother of Sgt. Ebonshield.
  414. * València Fierropezuña *
  415. Batpony mare, fourth of the Template of the Righteous Hatchets. Dark grey coat, dark blue mane, and yellow eyes.
  417. * Águila *
  418. Batpony mare, initiate of the School of the Shining Stellar Dance.
  420. * Carto *
  421. Batpony colt, initiate of the School of the Shining Stellar Dance.
  423. * Alfonso *
  424. Batpony colt, master of the Temple of the Ashen Eagles.
  426. * Ramon *
  427. Batpony colt, master of the Temple of the Iron Vipers.
  429. * Samuel *
  430. Batpony colt, first or second rank Righteous Hatcheteer guard of the Rookery storehouse
  432. * Rafael *
  433. Batpony colt, first or second rank Righteous Hatcheteer guard of the Rookery storehouse
  436. ~~~~ Batpony Temples of the Stars (Schools of War) ~~~~
  438. * Temple of the Righteous Hatchets, 'los Hachadores' *
  439. Town watch, border-guards, and prison wardens.
  441. * Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance, 'los Estelares' *
  442. Assassins. Order founded by Maestro Romá de Balj.
  444. * Temple of the Howling Wolves, 'los Lobos' *
  445. Formerly elite soldiers. Previously, Nightmare Moon's personal bodyguard among the batponies.
  447. * Temple of the Ashen Eagles, 'los Águilas' *
  448. Warriors favouring collected, thrusting strikes with the batpony bladed longspear.
  450. * Temple of the Iron Vipers, 'los Víboras' *
  451. Warriors favouring close combat with hoof-blades.
  453. * Temple of the Swarming Meteors, 'los Meteoros' *
  454. Warriors favouring diving attacks from above, equipped with heavier armour, sabots, and wing-blades.
  457. ~~~~ Batpony Houses (City-states) ~~~~
  459. * Great House Cadena de Vapores (Chain of Vapors) *
  460. House of Purity Ebonshield and Reverend Mother Superior Carmen. Noted producers of a red vermouth.
  462. * Great House Rima de Serenidad (Rille of Serenity) *
  463. House of Ignacio Blazon.
  465. * Great House Cráter Amplio (Broad Crater) *
  466. House of Marcos Ebonshield.
  468. * House Dagas Ciegas (Blind Daggers) *
  469. Noted producers of a batpony liquor, 'Maestro Cadazor' (Master Hunter).
  471. * House Cráter Tarucio (Taruntius Crater) *
  472. Noted producers of saffron.
  475. ~~~~ Other Batponies ~~~~
  477. * Girolamo Draxon *
  478. Star-phase colt, former Eighth and master of the Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance. Died three years before the story start, before Nightmare Moon first returned.
  480. * Ignacio Blazon *
  481. Eclipse-phase colt, Balladeer of Ghosts. Plays a 'gralla' double-reed instrument.
  483. * Reverend Mother Superior Carmen Ebonshield (Carmen Ébanoscudo)*
  484. Lunar-phase mare, religious leader of the Canterlot Rookery.
  486. * Tonino *
  487. Rock-phase colt, music-director of the band attached to the Grand Hall of Stars, Canterlot Rookery.
  489. * Toledo Esautomático *
  490. Rock-phase colt, leader of the Guild of Forgers & Blacksmiths in the Canterlot Rookery.
  492. * Joseph Alcazar [José Alcazar] *
  493. Rock-phase colt, operates 'Horchateria José' (Joseph's Horchateria).
  494. Formerly a Star-Phase Colonel of the Howling Wolves; banished to Rock-phase after the failure of the Reconquest.
  496. * Brother Louis [Luis] *
  497. Lunar-phase colt. Accompanied Reverend Sister Lucretia.
  499. * Brother Stephen [Esteban] *
  500. Lunar-phase colt. Accompanied Reverend Sister Lucretia.
  502. * Reverend Sister Lucretia [Lucrezia] *
  503. Lunar-phase mare. Provided a hoof-massage to Honour Bound in the Well of Life.
  505. * Aldonza *
  506. Eclipse-phase mare. Magical artisan. Born under the same Eclipse as Ignacio.
  508. * Rocinante *
  509. Eclipse-phase colt. Retired Balladeer of Ghosts. Born under the same Eclipse as Ignacio.
  511. * Gonçal *
  512. Eclipse-phase colt. Born in the same year as Ignacio, under a different eclipse.
  514. * Ermessenda *
  515. Eclipse-phase mare. Born in the same year as Ignacio, under a different eclipse.
  517. * Reverend Mother Superior Teresa *
  518. Lunar-phase mare. Deceased former Reverend Mother of Great House Cráter Amplio.
  521. ~~~~ Industry ~~~~
  523. * Martingale-Locksteed *
  524. Manufacturer of advanced military equipment.
  526. * J. P. Mustang *
  527. Earth Pony colt. Wealthy investor from Manehattan. Endorsed Anonymous. Helped Bitsmount's grandfather establish Bitsmount mine. Dresses his bodyguards like Manehattan bellhops.
  529. * Galloway Bitsmount, Esquire *
  530. Earth Pony gentlecolt. Owner of Bitsmount silver mine, which has had several recent collapses requiring expensive unicorn rescue operations.
  532. * Henry Fortstable & Co. *
  533. Carriage-builder, Canterlot.
  535. * Henry Fortstable *
  536. Unicorn colt. President of Henry Fortstable & Co., carriage-builders in Canterlot.
  538. * Guild of Stockers, Keepers, and Clerks *
  539. Batpony rock-phase guild for assorted functionaries.
  541. * Guild of Orchardists *
  542. Batpony rock-phase guild for growers of fruits and nuts.
  544. * Guild of Vintners, Distillers, and Brewers *
  545. Batpony rock-phase guild for makers of alcoholic beverages.
  548. ~~~~ Entertainment ~~~~
  550. * W.S. Gallop & Arthur Stallion, commonly "Gallop & Stallion" *
  551. Authors of light comedic operas for the Sardinia Theatre.
  553. * "Gala" *
  554. Unicorn masseuse, Spa Dalecarlia.
  556. * Nina Pogranichova *
  557. Griffon masseuse, Spa Dalecarlia.
  559. * James Broadbarrel *
  560. Colt opera singer (baritone), Sardinia Theatre
  563. ~~~~ Civilian Bodyguards ~~~~
  565. * George Zerofear *
  566. Earth Pony colt. Bodyguard to J. P. Mustang.
  568. * Gustav *
  569. Earth Pony colt. Bodyguard to J. P. Mustang.
  571. * Isabelle Coquette *
  572. Earth Pony mare. Bodyguard to Galloway Bitsmount.
  575. ~~~~ Other/Unaffiliated ~~~~
  577. * Huckleberry Pudding *
  578. Earth Pony colt. Spc. Sparkshower's long-distance coltfriend in Berry. Grassy-green coat, pumpkin-orange mane, and typically dresses in blue overalls.
  580. * 'Isfet' *
  581. Unicorn colt. Black-market merchant of illicit magical goods, belonging to the 'Familia in Magicae'.
  583. * 'Granny Nag' *
  584. Earth Pony mare. Associate of 'Ifset'.
  586. * The Shortcakes *
  587. Strawberry-farming family in Berry. Employers of Huckleberry Pudding.
  589. * Gunther Bronzehorn *
  590. Minotaur bull. Blacksmith, Bronzehorn Arms & Armour. Husband to Brunhilde.
  592. * Brunhilde Bronzehorn *
  593. Minotaur cow. Blacksmith, Bronzehorn Arms & Armour. Wife to Gunther.
  595. * Gilbert Lionheart *
  596. Unicorn colt. Freshcolt attending the Schola Magia. Member of Rho Gamma Mu fraternity. Current beau of Sgt. Ebonshield.
  598. * Chad Thunderhorn*
  599. Unicorn colt. Graduating senior attending the Schola Magia. Member of Rho Gamma Mu fraternity.
  601. * Leeward Bound*
  602. Earth pony colt. Brown coat, black mane, peg leg (hind port), gold earrings. Cpl. Bound's father. Boatswain of the 'Tambermane', a Baltimare Clipper merchant ship sailing out of Fillydelphia.
  604. * Lupin Glamerspear *
  605. Unicorn colt. Eldest brother of Lily Glamerspear.
  607. * Mircalla Stonepillar *
  608. Earth pony mare. Agent of Isfet, hired by Galloway Bitsmount to ensure compliance of Philip Songwell.
  611. ~~ Historical Figures ~~
  613. * Maestro Romà de Balj *
  614. Batpony colt. Founder of the School of the Shining Stellar Dance.
  616. * Barclay 'Blondie' Growler *
  617. Pegasus colt. Formerly of the Royal Guard's Dragoons, after being wounded and discharged, founded the 'Dragoon' brewery in Cloudsdale, which brews the popular 'Dragoon Pale Ale'.
  619. * Griselda 'Ginny' Growler *
  620. Pegasus mare. Founder of the mares-only 'Valkyries' battalion.
  622. * Bradamante Growler *
  623. Pegasus mare. Owner of a Theolonicus lance.
  625. * Anthony Theolonicus *
  626. Unicorn colt. Famous maker of weapons circa 300 years before present day.
  628. * Epona the Whirlwind (Epona an Iomaghaoth, or 'Epona Iomaghaoth') *
  629. Mythological first pegasus, in the legends of the pegasi. Said to be responsible for pulling the skies across the world. Her symbol is a triskelion of three pegasus wings emerging from a small central circle.
  631. * Llamrei *
  632. Mythological creator of the world, in the legends of the pegasi.
  634. * Khalkeus *
  635. Mythological inventor-hero, in the legends of the minotaurs.
  637. * Turrican Thunder-Wheel (Turrican Cuibhle-Tàirneanaich) *
  638. Mythological thunder-god of the pegasi. Said to ride in Llamrei's Chariot of the Skies, as pulled by Epona an Iomaghaoth. His symbol is an eight-spoked carriage wheel, with the spokes being made of lightning-bolts.
  641. ============ 4. Objects & Terminology ============
  642. Notable objects or terms invented for the story.
  644. * Saltine *
  645. A kept mare (or colt): a relatively long-term mistress (or paramour) of a wealthy patron, who supports them financially and expects them to provide companionship services upon demand. A sugar-baby.
  647. * Salt-Lick *
  648. Somepony who keeps a saltine (see above). Salt-licks are often married themselves, but not always. The extramarital relationship is usually known among the salt-lick's friends, but is sometimes even known to their spouse. A few married couples, bored or tired of each others' company, both keep saltines and remain married in name only. A sugar-momma or sugar-daddy.
  650. * Horseshoe Camp (or, 'shoe camp) *
  651. Royal Guard military training. i.e., boot camp.
  653. * WC-40 Manoeuvre *
  654. Unicorn procedure, common in the Royal Guard, of instantly expelling all water from one's coat by means of a forceful telekinetic blast. Requires some practice to master; acquired the name when Water Closet #40 at Fort Horseshoe Bend was destroyed during one spectacularly failed attempt.
  656. * Corn Field *
  657. Royal Guard colloquialism for an all-unicorn group (regiment, battalion, etc.).
  659. * Horn Juice *
  660. Royal Guard unicorn colloquialism for mana suppressant potions.
  662. * DPICM *
  663. Dual-Purpose Illusory/Conjured Munition.
  665. * MXP Games *
  666. 'Most Extreme Pony Challenge', modern 'hip' branding for the event formerly known as the 'Grand Tournament of Canterlot'. Annual competitive combat games for members of the Equestrian military. Held at the Royal Artillery Barracks just outside Canterlot city on the first weekend after May Day ('Beltane'). The most prominent event is the Grand Mêlée, a Battle Royale which goes on all day.7
  668. * MXP Totem *
  669. Magical artifact used for the MXP Games. Competitors who touch the totem and speak their names will be protected from permanent injuries during their fight. Activation is accompanied with a small static charge that sets coat-hair on end.
  671. * De Magia Unicornis *
  672. Ancient tome on unicorn magic, written by Titus Wealthwisher.
  674. * League of Stars *
  675. Name of organization supporting Princess Luna's original rebellion as Nightmare Moon circa 1,002 years ago. Often used to refer more specifically to those members of the organization who refused Celestia's offer of amnesty and followed Nightmare Moon into lunar exile.
  677. * Children of the League of Stars (aka 'Children of the Stars') *
  678. Self-identifying term for batponies.
  680. * Salt Shaker *
  681. Unicorn colloquialism for a hangover-prevention remedy consisting of a mushy blend of water and salted crackers.
  683. * Rho Gamma Mu *
  684. Fraternity at the Schola Magia in Canterlot.
  686. * Erefloga Panoply ('Black Flame') *
  687. Legendary ancient mythological minotaur armour crafted by the minotaur hero Khalkeus on the first island of Kaptara, said to be formed by mixing the blood of a fallen Titan into bronze, and used by the early minotaurs to trample out the world. Modern interpretations have a characteristic blackened outer colour which is said to be more resistant to cuts than ordinary bronze.
  689. * Icosapligi ('Twenty-Blows Mace') *
  690. Ancient form of minotaur mace, named for its head whose surface is shaped as a twenty-sided convex regular icosahedron.
  692. * Edict of Tongues *
  693. Directive to the batponies that they must speak Equestrian whenever in the presence of Equestrians.
  695. * Edict of Blood *
  696. Directive to the batponies that they must not assault each other in Equestria (including in the Rookery), with an exception for military training.
  698. * Day of the Dancing Blades *
  699. Batpony term for the day immediately prior to Nightmare Moon's return, when Reverend Mother Carmen Ebonshield of Great House Cadena de Vapores paid the Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance to assassinate all the Reverend Mothers of the other Great Houses, leaving her as the sole ranking Lunar still alive to greet the awakened Great Mother.
  701. * Accursed Shadows *
  702. Nightmarish shadow-creatures from another dimension with intense magical potency and a ravenous appetite to devour life. All Eclipse-phase invocations and magical items incorporate bound Accursed Shadows to actually create their effects. Because of the horrifying carnage they can wreak if allowed free, all batpony Star-phase are sworn to hunt down unbound Accursed Shadows and Abominations (creatures possessed by the Accursed Shadows) wherever they may be found. Even the Shadow-phase of the Children revile the Accursed Shadows.
  706. ============ 5. Phrases & Expressions ============
  708. * Royal Guard change of post *
  709. - "X by the glory of the Morning Dawn, I hereby relieve you at this post."
  710. - "Y, by the peace of the Evening Dusk, I stand relieved."
  711. Call-and-answer phrase used when soldier Y relieves soldier X at a post.
  713. * Batpony prayer *
  714. - "Bless the Mother and Her Water. Bless the slumbering and the dreaming of Her. May Her Waking cleanse the world. May She keep it for Her ponies."
  715. Prayer intoned by faithful batponies when performing ritual ablution.
  717. * To make someone swallow your wings *
  718. Batpony Star-phase expression of murderous intent. Many Temples of the Stars fight with blades on the wings, including notably Sgt. Ebonshield's Temple of the Shining Stellar Dance.
  720. * O, Accursed Shadows! (Ay, sombras malditas!) *
  721. Batpony expression of intense frustration, essentially a curse word invoking the nightmarish shadow-creatures of the other world. Dates to early experiments by the first Eclipse-phase generations, which often resulted in loosing the horrible demons in the world at large.
  723. ============ 6. Gag List ============
  724. Explanations for some of the gag names in the story (those which aren't completely obvious, at least). Sorted roughly in order of appearance.
  726. ~~~~ Characters ~~~~
  728. Spc. Glamerspear
  729. 'Glamer' is an archaic word for an illusory effect. It also rhymes with 'Glamour'.
  731. Lt. Temper Violetta
  732. 'Temper Vi' is a reference to 'Semper Fi', Latin for 'Always Faithful', the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps.
  734. Lt. Valiant 'Icepone' Kilfeather (AKA Valiant Quillfeather)
  735. 'Iceman', Val Kilmer's character in 'Top Gun'.
  736. His cutie mark of three quills in three rings is a play the symbol for Beretta, which is three arrows in three rings.
  738. Lt. 'Joker'
  739. 'Jester', Michael Ironside's character in 'Top Gun'. By appearance, mannerisms, and speech, he's Mark Hamill's version of Batman's foe, The Joker.
  741. Lt. JG 'Duck'
  742. 'Goose', Anthony Edwards' character in 'Top Gun'
  744. Lt. JG 'Reiner'
  745. 'Slider', Rick Rossovich's character in 'Top Gun'. 'Reining' is cowboy show riding, and this name also references the cowboy hat worn by 'Wolfman', Barry Tubb's character.
  747. Lt. JG 'Wolfpony'
  748. 'Wolfman', Barry' Tubb's character in 'Top Gun'.
  750. Lt. JG 'Applewood'
  751. 'Hollywood', Whip Hubley's character in 'Top Gun'.
  753. Maj-Gen Georgia Georgia Hoofstrong
  754. George Armstrong Custer, US Army
  756. Phillip Songwell
  757. Literal translation of Phillipe Hennebeau, owner of the mine in Emile Zola's novel 'Germinal'
  759. Galloway Bitsmount
  760. Named for the mine he owns (see below). A Galloway was also a breed of Scottish ponies.
  762. J.P. Mustang
  763. John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, American financier.
  765. George Zerofear
  766. Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy from 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.
  768. Gustav
  769. Monsieur Gustave H, the concierge from 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.
  771. Isabelle Coquette
  772. Isabelle, the promiscuous pirate from 'Dragon Age: Origins'. 'Coquette' literally means flirt or tart in French.
  774. Huckleberry Pudding
  775. Huckleberry Pie from 'Strawberry Shortcake'
  777. Granny Nag
  778. 'Granny Rags', from 'Dishonored'. A 'Nag' is an old, useless horse.
  780. Isfet
  781. Isfet is the ancient Egyptian embodiment of chaos and injustice.
  783. Girolamo Draxon
  784. 'Gir Draxon' is the villainous galactic tyrant (and final boss) in the video game 'Stellar 7'.
  786. Marcos Ebonshield [Marcos Ébanoscudo]
  787. Marcos is the Spanish of Marcus, from 'Mars', the Roman God of War.
  789. Hannah, Sparkshower's friend from Berry who accidentally got them both drunk when she mistakes blackcurrant wine for raspberry cordial
  790. Anne, from Anne of Green Gables, who gets her friend Diana drunk when she mistakes blackcurrant wine for raspberry cordial
  792. Pvt. 'Snuffy' Snafu
  793. 'Private SNAFU' is the titular character of a series of WW2-era training cartoons. In style, however, he is inspired by 'Mugsy' of the 'Rocky and Mugsy' duo of prohibition-era gangsters from Looney Tunes.
  795. Pvt. 'Dilly' Dilbert
  796. Aviator 'Dilbert Groundloop', the titular character of a series of WW2-era training manuals for US Navy pilots. In style, however, he is inspired by 'Rocky' of the 'Rocky and Mugsy' duo of prohibition-era gangsters from Looney Tunes.
  798. Lt.-Col. Countess Bashara Percheron
  799. 'Percheron' is a breed of cold-blooded French horses. 'Bashar' is the Sardaukar name for the rank of Colonel, in the 'Dune' series, here feminized as 'Bashara'.
  801. Lt. Bertram 'Bertie' Woodhouse
  802. Bertie Wooster, the main character in the 'Jeeves' stories by P.G. Wodehouse. Famously portrayed by Hugh Laurie in the TV adaptation of the stories, 'Jeeves and Wooster'.
  804. 1SGT Gercog
  805. Gercog (герцог) literally means 'Duke' in Russian, from the German 'Herzog', and 'Duke' is the code name of the 1SGT of G.I. Joe.
  807. Maj. Bloodnok
  808. Hapless comedic character of the same name portrayed by Peter Sellers in 1950s-era radio comedy series, 'The Goon Show'.
  810. The Tetranovs (family of griffonese merchants)
  811. After the video game Tetris, given that 'babushka' (the grandmother) taught Sparkshower how to sing the famous Russian folk song Korobeiniki featured in that game.
  813. The Shortcakes
  814. Strawberry Shortcake, titular character of 'Strawberry Shortcake'.
  816. Nina Pogranichovna
  817. Nurse Nina from 'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel'. 'Pogranichovna' is bastard Russian for 'daughter [-ovna] of the border [pogranich]'.
  819. Lt. Rounds Rapid
  820. From the expression 'Five Rounds Rapid'.
  822. Cpt. Bute
  823. Bute is short for Phenylbutazone, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for the short-term treatment of pain and fever, often administered to horses.
  825. Khalkeus
  826. 'Coppersmith', an epithet for Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths.
  828. València Fierropezuña
  829. 'València' means 'Strength' or 'Valour' in Latin, also the name of a city in Spain. 'Fierropezuña' literally means 'Ironhoof'
  831. Águila
  832. Spanish for 'Eagle', after the various protagonists of the "Assassin's Creed" series which are also named 'Eagle' (Altaïr = The Eagle, in Arabic; 'Ezio' = Eagle, in Italian)
  834. Carto
  835. Spanish for 'Map', after 'Chizo' (Japanese for 'Map'), the assassin from Stan Sakai's "Usagi Yojimbo".
  837. Ignacio Blazon
  838. Literally 'fire shield', named for the Spanish Jesuit character in Robertson Davies' "Fifth Business" novels. The 'Gralla' he plays is an actual Catalan double-reed instrument.
  840. Carmen Ebonshield
  841. 'Carmen' is the classical Spanish name both religious in origin (from Hebrew 'karmel', 'God's Vineyard') as well as the name of the titular character in Bizet's opera, 'Carmen', the classic tale of a 'femme fatale'.
  843. Music Director Tonino
  844. Tonino Baliardo, from the Gypsy Kings.
  846. Maestro Romà de Balj
  847. After Rumi ('from Rûm', i.e. from Roman Anatolia), of Balkh, Afghanistan (for which the Spanish name is 'Balj'), founder of the Whirling Dervishes.
  849. Toledo Esautomático
  850. Toledo is a city in Spain famous in medieval times for its steel. Esautomátix is the Spanish name for the blacksmith in the 'Asterix & Obelix' series of comics, here further Spanishized.
  852. Gilbert Lionheart
  853. Anthony Edwards' character 'Gilbert Lowe', from 'Revenge of the Nerds' [1984].
  855. Chad Thunderhorn
  856. Of course the senior alpha male of the Rho Gamma Mu fraternity is going to be named Chad. And of course his last name will be Thunderhorn.
  858. Henry Fortstable
  859. Lord Henry Brougham, for whom the Brougham carriage is named. 'Brougham' is formed from 'Burh' (fortified) + 'ham' (homestead), hence fort + stable = Fortstable.
  863. Maj. Amberline Growler
  864. A 'growler' is a kind of jug used for beer, and 'Amberline' comes from 'Amber', which is the typical colour of pale ale.
  866. Cpt. Goldenfoil
  867. 'Foil' as in the fencing blade, from Chrysaor, 'he who has a golden sword', the brother of Pegasus in Greek mythology.
  870. Sgt.-Maj. Morgan Treechopper
  871. After David Morgan-Hewitt, the subject of the original 'absolute unit' meme tweet. 'Hewitt' is a diminutive form of 'hew', which means to chop. The coat colours (white and maroon) are a reference to Edinburgh's Heart of Midlothian football (soccer) team.
  874. Barclay 'Blondie' Growler
  875. A 'Blonde' is a kind of pale ale.
  877. Griselda 'Ginny' Growler
  878. Gin is a kind of alcohol.
  880. Anthony Theolonicus
  881. Antonio Stradivari, famed maker of violins, cellos, etc. 'Stradivari' means 'toll-man' in the Lombard language, and 'Theoloneo' is 'toll' in Latin.
  883. Bradamante Growler
  884. Bradamante, a fictional female knight of Renaissance poems, was said to wield a magical lance that could unhorse anyone it touched.
  886. Epona an Iomaghaoth ('Epona Iomaghaoth')
  887. 'Epona' was a mythological protector of horses in Roman and Celtic religions.
  888. 'Iomaghaoth' is Scots Gaelic for 'whirlwind'.
  889. Her symbol is based on the flag of the Isle of Man, which is three legs.
  891. Llamrei
  892. Mythological mare said to have been owned by King Arthur.
  894. Reverend Sister Lucretia
  895. After Lucrezia Borgia, infamous femme fatale (according to rumour) of the equally infamous Spanish House of Borgia.
  897. Aldonza
  898. True name of Dulcinea del Toboso, lady love of Don Quixote.
  900. Rocinante
  901. Name of Don Quixote's horse.
  903. Samuel & Rafael
  904. After 'Sam' and 'Ralph', the characters in the 'Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog' Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies cartoons, frequently depicted clocking in and out together.
  906. Dion Foxhall
  907. - First name: The Supreme Commander of the Allied ground offensive in Europe during WW2 was Dwight D. Eisenhower; 'Dion' and 'Dwight' are both derived from 'Dionysisus'.
  908. - Last name: The Allied WW1 Supreme Commander was Ferdinand Foch; 'Foch' means 'Fox'. Also alludes to Vauxhall, an automobile manufacturer, whose name derives from 'Fox's Hall'.
  910. Michelle 'Mirage' Greenhound
  911. After the protagonists of 'Tanguy & Laverdure', a Franco-Belgian comic strip about two French fighter pilots, Michel (Michael) Tanguy (Breton for 'Fire dog', hence 'hound') and Ernest Laverdure (The Greenery, hence 'Green'). In most of their adventures set during the 60s & 70s, the pilots fly the Mirage III.
  913. Turrican Cuibhle-Tàirneanaich (Turrican Thunder-Wheel)
  914. Named after the run-and-gun action video games
  915. "Cuibhle-Tàirneanaich" is just "Wheel of Thunder" in Scots Gaelic.
  916. This deity was inspired by the Celtic god Taranis , a thunder-god whose symbol is a chariot wheel.
  918. Lord Charles Bourbon
  919. Any of the various Charles of the French noble house of Bourbon
  921. Lady Mathilde Bourbon
  922. Mathilde of Bourbon
  924. Master Robert Bourbon
  925. Robert, Count of Clermont, considered the founder of the House of Bourbon
  927. ~~~~ Places, Organizations, & Objects ~~~~
  929. Canterlot Match
  930. Paris Match, weekly news magazine with an emphasis on celebrity lifestyle features.
  932. Cosmoponitan
  933. Cosmopolitan, monthly fashion magazine for women.
  935. The New Equestrian
  936. The New Republic, progressive American politics & art magazine.
  938. Martingale-Locksteed
  939. Lockheed-Martin, American defence contractor.
  941. Fort Horseshoe Bend
  942. Fort Jackson, US Army boot camp. Andrew Jackson famously fought at the battle of Horseshoe bend.
  944. Sardinia Theatre
  945. Savoy Theatre, London. Famous for Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Savoy Operas' light comedies etc.
  947. Gallop & Stallion
  948. Gilbert & Sullivan, Victorian-era light opera duo.
  950. Berry
  951. Barrie, Ontario, Canada, located a little over 100km North of Toronto (so, 2 hours' travel at 50-60km)
  953. Bridle Path Clothiers, Poole Street
  954. Street is named for Henry Poole & Co, a famous bespoke menswear store in London. The Bridle Path is also neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada, with a considerable number of large-property mansions.
  956. Bitsmount
  957. Literal translation of 'Montsou' [penny mountain], the mine in Emile Zola's novel 'Germinal'.
  959. Blue Chamber
  960. Star Chamber, the Westminster Palace room housing the British monarch's Privacy Council during the 15th to 17th centuries. So named because the ceiling was decorated with gilt stars.
  962. De Magia Unicornis, by Titus Wealthwisher.
  963. De Rerum Natura ('On the nature of things'), a classical philosophical treatise written by Titus Lucretius Carus. The name 'Lucretius' is derived from 'Lucrum' ('profit', 'wealth').
  965. League of Stars
  966. The Star League, from Battletech lore.
  968. Children of the Stars
  969. The Clans, from Battletech. The descendants of members of the Star League Defense Force who went into self-imposed exile when the Star League disbanded.
  971. Maestro Cazador (Batpony digestif liquor)
  972. Literally 'master hunter' in Spanish, which the German would of course be 'Jägermeister', the real-world digestif frequently used in mixed drinks.
  974. Grand Mare'ner orange liqueur
  975. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, an orange-flavoured liqueur
  977. Ambler's Tonic Water
  978. Named for Johnny Walker, a major whiskey brand.
  980. 'Ripper' soda
  981. Rip It energy drink, famously popular among US armed forces stationed in the middle-east.
  983. The Stables nightclub, Thin Street, Pachyderm & Palace Circle
  984. The Ministry of Sound, London. Although the name itself isn't a direct reference, the actual night club is in Gaunt Street, (Gaunt=Thin, get it?) and is near Elephant & Castle, a road junction and area of London.
  986. Tapestry nightclub
  987. 'Fabric' nightclub in London, England
  989. Charlie's nightclub
  990. Named for Charlie, Maverick's love interest in the film 'Top Gun'
  992. The Mad Ox nightclub
  993. MADDOX, a nightclub in London, England.
  995. Earthquake nightclub
  996. 'Volcano' nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland, as featured in the 1996 film 'Trainspotting'.
  998. Naród (Gryphonese Vodka)
  999. Narodnaya, a Russian vodka brand. Naród is the equivalent word in Polish.
  1001. Eliza's Efflorescences, Floral Street
  1002. Eliza Doolitle is the main character of 'My Fair Lady', and is a flower-seller. At the beginning of the musical, she's selling them just outside the London Opera House. Floral Street is the actual name of a street behind the London Opera House.
  1004. Newcastle-Upon-Mare
  1005. Nogent-sure-Marne, the town with the closest French Foreign Legion fort (Fort de Nogent) to Paris.
  1007. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's Regiment of Auxiliaries
  1008. The name refers to Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regiment. In form, however, it is the French Foreign Legion.
  1010. 1st Battalion 'Peregrines'
  1011. A 'Peregrine' falcon is of course a kind of bird, appropriate for a battalion with many griffons, but the word 'Peregrines' comes from 'Perigrinus', Latin for free non-Roman subjects, which also describes the members of the Regiment of Auxiliaries.
  1013. The Bees' Club (to which Lieutenant Bertie Woodhouse belongs)
  1014. The Drones Club, from the 'Jeeves' stories by P.G. Wodehouse.
  1016. Kaptara
  1017. Greek name for the island of Crete, said in Greek mythology to be the home of the minotaur.
  1019. Louis Valise
  1020. Louis Vuitton Mailletier. Mailletier is literally French for 'luggage-maker', and 'valise' is French for a suitcase.
  1022. Hackney Trot
  1023. Hackney Walk in East London, a retail outlet mall.
  1025. Fort Mifflin, Fillydelphia
  1026. Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia
  1028. 186th Fillydelphia Volunteer Regiment
  1029. 186th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment, actual US Civil War regiment HQ'd at Fort Mifflin.
  1031. Spa Dalecarlia
  1032. Dalecarlia is a region in Sweden, famous for its red 'Dalecarlian Horse', a national icon.
  1034. Crimson Ellipse
  1035. The Red Circle, the club-slash-spa full of gangsters featured in the film 'John Wick' (itself named for a 1970 French film noir, 'Le Circle Rouge')
  1037. Royal Undermountain Constabulary (R.U.C.)
  1038. Royal Ulster Constabulary, the militarized police force of Northern Ireland during 'the Troubles'.
  1040. The Strand, Canterlot
  1041. Actual street in London, England. The location of London's Savoy Theatre.
  1043. Rho Gamma Mu
  1044. Greek letters 'R', 'G', and 'M'. As in 'Royal Guard Mares'.
  1046. The Watchtower
  1047. Justice League Watchtower, lunar or orbital station staffed by superheroes in the DC comics universe.
  1049. 'Little Ludwig' Number 2, Model D
  1050. Leica II model D. 'Leitz', the name of the founder of the Leica company, is a variation on Lutz, a diminutive of Ludwig.
  1052. Einsiedler cheese
  1053. Swiss cheese. The Einsiedler (or 'Swiss Warmblood') is a Swiss horse breed.
  1055. Tambermane
  1056. From 'Tamburlaine', a European spelling of the Turco-Mongolian emperor Timur (also known as Tamerlane). Ponified with 'mane'.
  1058. Temple of the Swarming Meteors
  1059. From 'Meteor Swarm', a powerful offensive spell in the Dungeons & Dragons RPG.
  1061. Courtyard of the Houses
  1062. Court of the Gentiles, Second Temple of Jerusalem. 'Gentile' means 'nations', which for the batponies were encompassed by their system of 'houses'.
  1064. Brythonic Baths
  1065. Brythonic is another name for Common Brittonic, the ancient Celtic language spoken in Britain. Archaeologists have found curses written in Brythonic in the Roman Baths of Bath, Somerset, England (The curses implore the Goddess Sulis to smite their enemies).
  1067. Sulian Baths
  1068. From Sulis, the Celtic goddess whom the Romans associated with Minerva. The Roman Baths of Bath, Somerset, England are dedicated in her honour.
  1070. Halls of the Blind
  1071. After the named quest location in the original 'Diablo' video game. Also because it is literally where blind ponies live.
  1073. 'Rustler' magazine
  1074. Hustler magazine
  1076. 'Hayloft' magazine
  1077. Penthouse magazine
  1079. 'Playfoal' magazine
  1080. Playboy magazine
  1082. 'Athletics Photography Bi-Weekly' magazine
  1083. Sports Illustrated magazine
  1085. 'Plumb Weight' magazine
  1086. Heavy Metal magazine
  1088. 'Tarna, Warrior-Mare of Arzach'
  1089. Taarna, character in the 1981 'Heavy Metal' film, and the 'Arzach' comic book which inspired her short.
  1091. Sellerie Chevalier de Colbért
  1092. Colbert Brothers Handmade Saddlery, Argentinian saddle brand.
  1094. 101st Military Intelligence Battalion
  1095. The US Army's 1st Infantry Division actually had a 101st Military Intelligence Battalion which acquitted itself heroically during combat operations in Desert Storm.
  1097. 'Hermitage' restaurant
  1098. Being a griffonese restaurant, references the Hermitage palace/museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  1100. 'Marquis' nightclub
  1101. Marquee nightclub, The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
  1103. 'Carré Noir' nightclub
  1104. Cirque Le Soir nightclub, London, England
  1106. Tallyho district, Canterlot
  1107. Soho, London (Soho is reputedly named for a hunting cry)
  1109. Mills-upon-Allier
  1110. Moulins, a city in France on the Allier river, capital of the ancien régime province of Bourbonnais, seat of the House of Bourbon.
  1112. ~~~~ Other ~~~~
  1114. Airborne Weather And Climate Service (AWACS)
  1115. Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS), aka the Boeing E-3 Sentry radar plane.
  1117. Dual-Purpose Illusory/Conjured Munition (DPICM)
  1118. Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition (DPICM). A cluster artillery round used by the US military since the 1950s.
  1120. Centurion of the Ram
  1121. C-RAM Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar, e.g. the Phalanx CIWS radar-controlled minigun turret.
  1123. WC-40 Manoeuvre
  1124. WD-40, the penetrating oil which removes water (hence its name: Water Displacement on the 40th try).
  1126. Batpony prayer (see phrases & expressions)
  1127. Fremen prayer on Sandworms ('Makers'), Dune
  1129. "A good Dancer does not become tense, but ready" (Girolamo Draxon)
  1130. Adapted from Bruce Lee's line in 'Enter the Dragon' [1973]: "A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready."
  1132. "I can't repel authority of that magnitude" (Lt. Kilfeather)
  1133. After Admiral Ackbar's exclamation in Return of the Jedi.
  1136. ============ 7. World Details ============
  1138. ~~~~ Royal Guard Tactics ~~~~
  1140. The Royal Guard of ELWG is largely modelled after Napoleonic-era early-to-mid 19th century warfare. The Earth ponies generally fill the role of the infantry, the pegasi are basically the cavalry, and the unicorns are the light & medium artillery. The Equestrian Royal Guard also has actual gunpowder artillery, but the carriage & barrel technology is not very advanced so these pieces are fairly immobile and used only in fortresses or for heavy siege operations.
  1142. Regular Earth pony infantry are equipped with with heavy sabots for close-in combat, either rearing back to punch forwards or turning around to kick backwards, and a set of collapsible javelins (screw-together or folding snap-together) which can be thrown (equivalent to musket fire) or used to brace against an enemy charge (equivalent to pike or bayonet). In open warfare against ground-based opponents, these soldiers form up in lines of several ranks deep and serve to box the enemy in and perform screening operations to enable the enemy to be defeated in detail. A limited number of Earth ponies train and fight with crossbows, serving as light field artillery. These ponies are typically embedded in regular infantry groups. With their tremendous endurance, Earth Ponies also tend to be heavily relied upon in the logistics train and in guarding headquarters or other rearward sensitive locations. Largely unique to Earth ponies, but adopted by some larger & more capable Pegasi, is heavy full plate armour which is used against terrestrial opponents in terrifying shock charges (like Napoleonic columns).
  1144. Corporal Bound is a regular Earth pony infantrymare with ordinary armour, sabots, and snap-together javelins appropriate to her work as a bodyguard.
  1146. For Pegasi, fighting comes almost naturally, and their species is massively overrepresented in the Royal Guard ranks, forming many of the most elite fighting teams with the most important responsibilities. Pegasi are armed in three manners: light air superiority pegasi make do with just their sabots, their wits, and their wingmates to harass and harry more durable foes or outright destroy lesser ones. Regular Pegasi infantry are additionally equipped with a longspear and are trained in flying charges; this is the common kind of soldier seen in the actual show, and are capable everyponies useful in all situations, but limited by aerial endurance in combat conditions. Some pegasi are capable of handling the strain of flying not just with a spear and sabots but in full plate armour for the durations demanded by battle; these are considered as elite and very valuable soldiers regardless of their actual assignment.
  1148. Specialist Sparkshower is a heavy infantry pegasus equipped with full plate armour and a long spear (later the Bradamante Lance). Major Growler and her elite all-female 'Valkyries' are also heavy infantry. Lieutenant Kilfeather and his 1st Air Wing are light air superiority pegasi.
  1150. Unicorns are underrepresented in the guard but all the more precious because of it. Trained combat unicorns learn to use their magic powers offensively according to one of three schools: Conjuration, Illusion, or Elementalism. Conjurers create summoned replicas of real javelins which they telekinetically hurl with great precision for extreme damage against lightly armoured opponents, as well as (when massed in batteries) for general area suppression. Illusionists use tiny 'bullets' of pure telekinetic force which are modestly effective against all kinds of foes but not particularly deadly against any, and require sustained volumes of fire to bring down most opponents. Elementalists generally train to hurl ballistic balls of pure magical fire or lightning (other elements are rare but also possible); these balls are slow-moving and therefore difficult to aim against fast-moving or mobile aerial enemies, but are very effective when they do, barring some impasses such as magical targets immune to an elementalist's particular element. All trained combat unicorns are also drilled in projecting magical shields, though the strength and size of these shields depends on an individual unicorn's capabilities. Firing through a shield is possible and indeed a mainstay of unicorn tactics, but only with intensive training is it possible for the *same* unicorn to maintain a shield while also firing projectiles. Therefore batteries of unicorns, which are often massed in for the purposes of air or area defence, generally have one or more powerful unicorns designated to shield the whole group.
  1152. Unicorns are generally equipped with regular armour and regular sabots, with some modifications depending on their specific role. Anti-air soldiers (Conjurers, Illusionists) have their armour customized with padded kilts for comfortable seating over extended periods and tinted goggles to protect against the sun. Senior unicorns are given binoculars or spyglasses to observe the effects of their or their battery's fire. A relatively recent innovation is the issuing of helmets with combined magnifying/tinting visors built in, such as the advanced Locksteed-Martingale Mark III Air Defence Assisted Targeting helmet, which significantly increases an individual soldier's ability to correct their own aim.
  1154. A significant number of unicorns are Warrant Officers not trained for combat but for technical support with a wide variety of battlefield utility spells. Sometimes unicorns with powerful or useful but non-standard methods of attack may also be recruited as warrant officers.
  1156. Specialist Glamerspear is a Conjurer unicorn specialized in anti-aircraft role and equipped with a Locksteed-Martingale Mark III ADAT helmet.
  1159. ~~~ Royal Guard Arms & Armour ~~~
  1161. All metal objects are bronze unless otherwise noted. Equestria in ELWG does not have a developed steel industry, and iron is known to be prone to rust.
  1163. - Sabots: Metal hoof-covers sized to fit and internally padded for comfort & defence. Worn by just about every soldier in the Royal Guard, these are a pony's last line of defence, equivalent to a human soldier's fighting knife. For light air pegasi who dogfight, this is their sole means of attack.
  1165. - Javelins: Short spears with wooden shafts and metal tips, balanced for throwing. Regular Earth pony line infantry receive screw-together javelins which they assemble before battle. Infantry in situations where quick responses are required (such as VIP bodyguards) receive instead folding snap-together javelins which can be drawn and readied in one swift movement.
  1167. - Spears: Wielded by pegasi, longer weapons with wooden shafts and heavy metal tips, designed to be couched under the pegasi's body and optionally clenched by their thighs for support. Spears can and do break against tougher foes, so a pegasi unit generally has spares, either stashed on the ground for low-level operations or carried by one of the pegasi who will refrain from fighting.
  1169. - Lances: Antique variation on the spear, used in ancient pegasus duelling. These are heavier-built than spears with reinforced tips and often a sidebar handle enabling them to be held by both forelegs. There is almost always some provision for pectoral defence, often no more than a sturdy wooden or bronze 'bar' across the chest, just in front of the handle.
  1171. - Shields: Seldom used in modern times, shields are known. They were historically used by pegasi skirmishers in conjunction with shortspears and other close-range weapons. Earth pony crossbow infantry may be issued large 'pavise' shields if operating outside the cover of a regular infantry group, but mobility is generally preferred on the open battlefield.
  1173. - Regular Armour: Overlapping relatively thin strips of metal as a Roman lorica segmentata (q.v.), covering the pony's front chest, back, and sides. A helmet is also provided with segmentata-style coif which covers the back and sides of the neck. The obvious omission of the underside of the neck is because Royal Guardsponies are trained to charge and fight with their heads down, using their helmets to shield their undersides. A matching criniere is available to protect the front of the neck, clipping the helmet and body armour together, but it restricts mobility and the piece adds significant weight to the soldier's load; these two drawbacks make it not worthwhile in most circumstances. Weighs 15 pounds including helmet; 20 pounds with criniere.
  1175. - Anti-Air Unicorn Armour: As regular armour, but with padded & armoured kilt. This was originally a fashion statement for what was an elite corps, but has evolved to become a functional piece of equipment, with the padding making the extended time spent sitting down staring up at the sky much more comfortable.
  1177. - Heavy Armour: Plate mail for ponies. Heavy interlocking metal pieces covering all aspects of the pony in question, including the wing arms for pegasi. Custom fitted for the soldier, who must agree to enlist or serve for an extended period of time and who is on the hook for the outfit if they are dismissed or discharged (in any form other than honourable) prior to that target date. Almost impervious to piercing attacks, regardless of the kind of metal in the tip, and padded against bludgeoning attacks, but the bronze can be gouged by steel weapons. Weighs 40 pounds. A linen or other cloth 'caparison' (a horse tabard) is usually worn over the armour to keep it clean, to keep it from overheating in the sun, and to reduce its visibility and glare.
  1180. ~~~ Royal Guard Officer Corps ~~~
  1182. In ELWG, the Royal Guard is going through the same transition as the British Army did during the 19th century in the nature of its officer corps. There are currently three paths to becoming an officer in the Royal Guard: firstly, one can earn at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, and then apply to the relatively newly-founded military academy; successful graduates become Lieutenants Junior Grade in the Royal Guard, with the exact assignment being according to the whims of the administration, generally based on need. Secondly, one can attend the Royal Artillery school and be commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in an artillery unit upon graduation. Thirdly, and most controversially, somepony with enough wealth (typically a noblepony) can simply purchase a commission, literally buying themselves a particular rank in a particular unit (often with a premium for more fashionable units).
  1184. While a fairly old practice and overall a better alternative than allowing nobleponies to raise their own levies (and potentially turn them against the Crown!), it has led to a shortage of good officers and an abundance of bad ones. Since the practice also means that nobleponies are also therefore no longer socially *obligated* to become military leaders, it has also led to resentment at the class of "idle nobility" who don't fight and generally aren't seen to be pulling their weight.
  1186. Recent incidents involving the Royal Guard (Nightmare Moon's return, the Changeling invasion, the Crystal Empire Crisis) have put the poor shape of the officer corps into focus, and ponies in the Royal Guard are starting to form up on either side of the fence, with a great many lining up on the side of the progressives, including some who are of noble birth and who even purchased their commissions.
  1188. See for more background detail on the inspiration for this idea.
  1191. ~~~ Equestrian Government ~~~
  1193. In the very first episode of the show, Equestria is referred to as a "Kingdom", yet paradoxically it is ruled by a Princess (or two Princesses). In ELWG this paradox is resolved with the following line of thinking:
  1195. Hundreds of years before Princess Celestia & Princess Luna assumed power, Equestria as it is today was consolidated into a Kingdom by one or more actual Kings (or Queens). This involved political alliances, blood ties through marriage, cultural assimilation, and outright warfare. The last of those ruling Kings was eventually overthrown by Celestia & Luna, who decided to style themselves as mere Princesses in order to differentiate themselves from the previous hegemony.
  1197. Thus, a Kingdom ruled by Princesses began, and thus it has endured for well over a thousand years. Princess Celestia, and to a lesser degree her younger sister Luna, is de facto dictator of Equestria, though she keeps a council of appointed advisers (the Blue Chamber), holds an open court, and is generally seen as benevolent & beneficent.
  1199. Noble families in Equestria are the descendants of the old Kingdom's feudal vassals, alien allies, and other landholding groups. Many, but not all, noble families still hold on to considerable amounts of their ancestral lands, just as the rich patrician families of ancient Rome owned huge swaths of the Italian countryside. However, while those nobles still hold title to their lands, serfdom & indentured servitude has long since been abolished, and Equestrian law and government has been strongly centralized.
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