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  2. Dear Mr Dash,
  4.  I am afraid you have got only part of the story. The Conservative Members did not walk out to avoid the Blackfriars debate and we are still in direct discussion with the Mayor and his Transport advisors about the situation because it is the Mayor who has the final decision.
  6.   We walked out of the Chamber because Labour and Green Members refused after several invitations to condemn and disown Labour candidate Ken Livingstone, who last week described, in a most offensive and unacceptable way, Edward Lister, the Mayor's Chief of Staff and former long-time Leader of Wandsworth Council, as "the Radko Mladic of local government". What follows here tells you what you should know:-
  8. " The London Assembly has condemned former Mayor Ken Livingstone for describing Boris Johnson's new Chief of Staff Edward Lister as "the Radko Mladic of local government" at a public event last week.
  10. Livingstone is challenging successor Boris Johnson at next year's Mayoral elections.
  11. On Wednesday Assembly Members passed a motion condemning Livingstone's remarks after questioning Lister on his past policies at Wandsworth and the advice he'll provide to the Mayor in future.
  13. Conservative AMs proposed the motion which also welcomed Lister's appointment to his new role following the death of Sir Simon Milton.
  15. The motion was backed by Liberal Democrats on the Assembly however Green Party AM Darren Johnson said he condemned Livingstone's comments but was unwilling to back the uncritical description of Lister's past record in the motion.
  17. Labour AMs voted against the motion which was passed 13 votes in favour to 8 against with one abstention.
  18. Before the vote Livingstone's running-mate Val Shawcross, who was present when the remark was made, said it was a "bad joke" which she did not agree with. Conservative AM Brian Coleman said her remarks would "haunt her".
  22. Richard Tracey JP AM
  25. ________________________________
  27. From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  28. Sent: Wed 08/06/2011 18:37
  29. To: Richard Tracey
  30. Subject: Letter from your constituent Peter Dash
  36.                                                   Peter Dash
  37.                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxx
  38.                                                   London
  39.                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxx
  41.                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxx
  43.                                                   xxxxxxxxxxxx
  45.                                                   Wednesday 8 June 2011
  47. Dear Richard Tracey,
  49. I am writing to voice my utter disbelief, bordering on disgust, with
  50. your actions earlier today when you walked out of the plenary meeting
  51. in order to prevent a motion on a 20mph limit for Blackfriars Bridge
  52. from being debated. I cycle across this bridge on my commute every day
  53. and so feel I am well qualified to say that your actions will directly
  54. increase the danger to cyclists. As has been pointed out by many, many
  55. people recently, cyclists make up the *majority* of the traffic on the
  56. bridge during rush hour. Only last week there was another accident
  57. here, the 30mph speed limit will make a bad situation worse.
  59. Beyond this, it is cheap, nasty and frankly cowardly to refuse to even
  60. debate the issue, let alone act on the the motion.
  62. I honestly feel we, your constituents, deserve a considered response
  63. that at the very least explains your walk out today, although you
  64. should really be forced to go much further and explain your reasons for
  65. not actually supporting the motion.
  67. Yours sincerely,
  69. Peter Dash
  71. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  72. (Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3)
  73. of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)
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