Dashingly Dense

Aug 27th, 2015
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  7. >Dash is trying to drop hints that she is preggers
  8. >Soarin/Anon/whoever pregged her up is too thick in the head to pick them up
  10. >quoted pic related
  11. >Dash is stitting on the bed
  12. >she overexageratedly puts on her reading glasses
  13. >"Time to read up on something that is going it be relevant very soon!"
  14. >"Staying informed is very important nowadays, good for you, Dash!"
  15. >her face scrunches for a sec, then she loudly clears her throat to get attention, lifting the book slightly so the title of it can be more easily seen and smiling at her partner
  16. >"Oh, pregnancy, huh? Why are you reading about that? Does one of your friends start to plan a family? I always assumed Fluttershy was the family-typ-"
  17. >"Oh by Celestia's big round suns, just get over here and rub my tummy you idiot!"
  18. >she rolls over, putting away the book and glasses and exposing her just barely rounded tummy
  19. >her partner begins to rub her belly, abruptly pausing for a moment
  20. >"Wow, Dash..."
  21. >"Yeeees...?"
  22. >"...did you gain weight?"
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