The Adventures of the Chaos Colt (CHPT 1)

Dec 10th, 2016
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  1. The Adventures of the Chaos Colt!
  3. Chapter 1 - Discordville!
  6. >Discord sat on his throne, munching away on plunder seeds as he watches his work unfold. Cotton candy floated in the sky, raining drops of chocolate milk. Paper-mache pterodactyls flew in the sea of cotton candy in a large 'D' shape.
  7. >The ground was all weird and misshapen. There could be grass on one spot, jelly pits, or puddle of yellow paint for ponies to step in it. Discord made the the air smell like what he calls ‘new car smell. Thank goodness your dad made you immune to the smell after a while, really made your head hurt.
  8. >Your father was wearing a big king’s cape, fluffy around the border and made up of polka dots and stripes. He held a cane in his hand with a tiny version of his head at the end. And last but not least, his big crown with the word’s ‘CHAOS KING’ written in glitter. You also had a prince outfit, but it was really itchy and heavy.
  9. >Discord rises from his throne and poofs up a glass of chocolate milk in his paw. He puts the glass against his lips, sucking the glass rather than the chocolate milk. Finished with his drink, he taps your shoulder and presents you with the milk, sticking a bendy straw in it.
  10. >You hesitate at first, but just sitting here all day did make you thirsty...You take the drink and curiously move it from hoof to hoof. You put your mouth on the straw and slurp. Mmmmm, still good as always. Discord sits back down and reclines back, putting his leg on his other knee.
  11. >”Ahhhh… Blissful chaos!” He smacks his lips in delight. “Wait just a moment…” Stroking his beard and narrowing his eyes, Discord looks over towards the distance, spotting an untouched building. “Anon!” He looks down at you. You respond with half lidded eyes and yawn.
  12. “Yeah…?”
  13. >Discord points to a small cottage near the base of town, or how Discord likes to call it; Discordville. ”See that ugly building over there, waiting for chaos to be sprinkled all over it?” You don’t even look to where he’s pointing
  14. “Mhm, yeah…”
  15. >He snaps his talons, and the cottage begins to sink, spinning down a drain. It sky rockets back out of the ground as a bouncy castle.
  18. >”Much better! What do you think, Anon?” Meh. You shrug and look out into the distance. He did this kind of stuff ALL the time. The one time you finally get to go outside, and what do you do? More chaos. At home, everything was chaos. Even your cereal in the morning could be a normal bowl of milk, or a black hole that sucks in only hair. At least Discord helped grow your hair back…
  19. >But it is kinda cool that your dad has these super powers that let him do whatever he wants. He could get you any toy! Or, or! Let you eat whatever food! And if you wanted, he could make a giant slide that never ends! Oh man, that was so much fun. One day, you wish you could make your own slide, and your own never ending pizza slices. But Dad always says, “You’re too young to use your powers properly, Anon. Chaos takes discipline… Blah blah blah…”
  20. >”That’s because it DOES take discipline, son.” You look up at Discord and raise your eyebrow.
  21. “Why do you always have to do that?”
  22. >Discord shrugs and puts his talon and paw together in a rectangle to see which spot deserves a spice of chaos next. “Not my fault you think out loud… Hmmm… That lantern post over there could use some remodeling...”
  23. “But I don’t! You poke into my brain all the time!”
  24. >You get on all fours and furrow your eyebrows. ”Well, I was worried why you didn’t respond to my question. SO!” He zaps the lantern post, turning it into glowing fish. “Do you like what I’ve done with the place?”
  25. “Uh, ‘Discordville’? Well…” What used to be the newly settled town of Ponyville was now in shambles. He did get the chaos part right. “It IS chaos. Chaos can be pretty cool at times… Buuuuut...”
  26. >You rub the back of your neck and hesitate to speak again. Discord keeps on scouting out for places to cast his magic. “Go on…”
  27. “Ehhhh…”
  30. >Why did you have to open your mouth? He’s going to be angry when you spill the beans. You rub your shoulder and motion your other hoof.
  31. “There’s nothing wrong, Dad. But you could say I’ve…”
  32. >”You’ve….?” Discord takes out a really long telescope that twists and turns in all sorts of angles. He puts his eye through it and gets off his throne to get better angles on Discordville.
  33. “Gotten bored of it? Eheh?”
  34. >You anxiously rub the armrest of your throne, hoping Discord doesn’t get mad. He drops the telescope, causing it to break into separate pieces. “W-What?! Tired? Of CHAOS?! That’s blasphemy! To your own father AND who you are, Anon!” You cringe and look away. Discord begins to pace back in forth, using his cane as support.
  35. >“I just don’t get it. You used to LOVE chaos!” He points his cane at you, then goes back to pacing. “Every time I did something random or silly, you would always be entertained by it! Why the sudden change in heart?”
  36. “Because of that! Over there!”
  37. >You point with your tiny green hoof into the distance towards the huge mountains. Discord scratches his head with his cane and tilts his head in confusion. “Some boring old mountains? If this is some trick, I have to say, it’s not very creative.”
  38. “No, I’ve just never seen something like that before.”
  39. >”You’ve never seen a mountain before? Even with all those books and movies I give you to read and watch at home?” Discord begins to get annoyed to what he thinks as a bad attempt to change the subject. Truth is, your dad never lets you go outside of the chaos void. Never ever. Not even once. Today he finally decides to bring you to Equestria to see his ‘master plan of taking over’, yet he doesn’t even let you see what mysteries Equestria has in store!
  42. “I know what a mountain is, I just haven’t seen anything like that up close! Or anything of Equestria until now! It’s so beautiful and pretty.”
  43. >You look over towards the mountains again. They were like the shoulders of some giant minotaur, sleeping in the ground. What if that’s what they were really? What if there’s some big ocean behind those mountains, or another kingdom with a king and queen?
  44. >Or, if that forest over there had some weird creatures or old dusty ancient stuff from before you were born?! WHOA! MAYBE THERE’S A CHIMERA IN THERE!
  45. >Your imagination gets the better of you as you slowly start to smile. Slowly getting up from your throne, you make your way towards the woods, walking away from Discord. It was a long way to go, but if you run, you’d probably make it in a couple of minutes. You start to pick up the pace, until...
  46. “Dad, can I just go over to that forest and-”
  47. >Discord teleports you back to your throne, wrapping you in chains and rope. He spins the key to the lock around his paw finger, opens his mouth, and swallows the key. “I’m sorry I have to do this, son, but I told you to STAY. IN. YOUR. THRONE!” His eyes turn into flames and neck extends so his face is mere inches away from yours.
  48. “C’mon! Pleeeeassse? You know how much I’ve always wanted to come here!”
  49. >You try to squeeze out, but every time you try, it gets tighter and tighter. Discord groans and gives you a serious glare. “Because somepony-” He pokes your chest to emphasize his statement. “-won’t stay put, and starts wandering off to cause mischief! And how inconsiderate of you! I let you have front row seats to my master plan, my show of disorder, and this is how you treat me? With uninterest and attitude?”
  50. >He looks away and puts his talon in front of your face. “Hmph! I don’t want to hear it! How are you supposed to master chaos, if you can’t even appreciate it?” You look down in shame.
  53. “I’m sorry, Dad. I just wanted to see what was in the forest… And over those mountains. I’m just tired of chaos stuff at home. I just want to see something that’s not your magic.”
  54. >Slowly, Discord’s magic beings to change the mountains into giant scoops of ice cream, ruining the strong minotaur’s shoulders. “What are you blabbering about?! Just look now.” He smirks as the mountains became green sugary snowballs. “Those mountains are perfect as scoops of ice cream! Guess what flavor?”
  55. >Weird, why was that forest unaffected by Discord’s magic? It could be a magical forest, maybe? That means it’s probably got some powerful ancient artifacts in it! Or maybe there were evil spirits that haunted the woods and prevented anypony from using any type of magic.
  56. >“Eh? Eh? Not going to guess?” Discord nudges you, but you keep daydreaming about the forest. Discord facepalms, sliding his paw down his face. “It’s Pistachio, alright? PISTACHIO! How are you going to be good at chaos when you get stumped so easily with such fundamental concepts!?”
  57. >You squint your eyes and put your hoof on your forehead to block the sunlight. On the tallest mountain, you could see something sticking out from the side. It seems like… Somepony is building a giant castle! You wonder what it’s for?
  58. >You turn your head towards the forest and see another castle, but closer than the other one. This one was GINORMOUS! And it was right there! If you could just… Hnnng! Stupid chains!
  59. >You look up at Discord as your eyes start to feel like they were burning. Your vision becomes blurry and feel something wet trickle down your cheeks. When you speak, your voice starts to crack more often.
  60. “Why won’t you let me see Equestria? Why did you have to ruin it the only time you let me out?!”
  63. >Discord stops admiring his masterpiece and looks down at you. He sees tears streaming down your face, snapping him out of his haze. Oh jeez, he made you cry... Discord snaps his talons, causing your binds to disappear. He gets on one knee and puts his paw on your shoulder.
  64. >“I can’t tell you now, Anon. You’re too young to understand. All I can say is that it’s to keep you safe.” He sighs and looks at Equestria. Why did you have such a fondness for the boring old place? Why couldn’t you just admire what your dad did for the better of every pony and yourself?
  65. >“I may not show it often, but I deeply care about you.” He puts his talon on your other shoulder and straightens your posture. “You’re the only pony who can tolerate my… Shenanigans…” He sighs and notices you looking down at the ground.
  66. >“Look.” He puts his talon on your chin and raises your head so you meet eye to eye. “I know you want to see Equestria for what it really is, but honestly, it’s nothing special. Everything you see here, everything at home, everything I make-” He motions his arm and moves it across the air at the disorderly scene of Discordville. “-it’s one of a kind… And I know you can appreciate good chaos, you have before!”
  67. >Your speech is still a bit chokey, but you try to wipe the tears and toughen up.
  68. “B-But I like your chaos, D-Dad. I-It’s just, sometimes I d-don’t get it… A-And every time I try to use my p-powers, I fudge it all up!”
  69. >It’s true. Each time you tried to use your powers for something, it always ended up blowing up in your face… Sometimes literally. You try your hardest every time to improve, but things never seem to get better.
  72. >”But you’re a spirit of chaos! It’s in your blood, Anonymous! You’re somepony special, and you’ll get a handle on it once you’re older. ” You recall back to when he first told you the story of how he adopted you. “It is one of the main reasons why I adopted you, remember?”
  73. >Yeah… Yeah! So what if you screw up! Maybe he’s right. Once you get older, you’ll be so good at chaos, that maybe you’ll be better than Discord! You shake your head, trying to get all those sad thoughts out of your brain. You smile and hop off your throne, bouncing up and down.
  74. “Can you tell me about the time you adopted me? Pretty please?”
  75. >You look up and blink a few times in wonderment, giving him the old puppy eye trick. Discord falls over and begins choking. You start laughing, knowing that he’s just playing around. He grabs his chest where is heart would be and clenches it. “HNNNNNG! TOO SWEET! AGGGGH!” You both giggle for a bit until Discord picks you up.
  76. >He flies over the chaos induced Discordville and carries you over to a nearby cotton candy cloud. You hop off and bounce on the fluffy treat, pulling on the candy over yourself like a blanket. A bit sticky, but warm!
  77. >Discord takes out a handkerchief and wipes the remaining tears off your face. ”Now… Where do I start…? Ah yes, why not, at the beginning, of course?” You love this story! It always filled your heart with hope and happiness each time he retold it.
  78. >Discord scratches his beard and ponders, until he raises his talon and grins. “Ah, yes! It all started when I was born…” You laugh at his cheap joke.
  79. “Not that beginning, Discord!”
  80. >He chuckles and lightly hits the side of his head. “I seem to be losing my marbles! Speaking of marbles... Oh, think I found one!” A marble floats by and snatches it with a butterfly net. Even if you said you were sick of chaos, your dad’s powers and jokes were always so silly and random.
  81. >“Alright alright, all jokes aside…” Discord makes a comfy chair appear and his entire outfit changes. He had a red bathrobe on, a fez, and was holding what looked like a children’s book. He opens it up and skims to the beginning. “Let’s see. It all started when I was in my humble abode…”
  83. >Nothing can escape the chaos void, for nothing goes in, or goes out. There is no entrance or exit. Just chaos. But in that infinite void of blue, green, and purple, was a normal home stationed on a floating mound of soil. Compared to the surroundings, one could feel at ease on this platform of normality. But the trick was, it was so normal in a place as such, that it was the most chaotic thing in the chaos plain!
  84. >And in this void, lived a strange creature. One with the head of a pony, and parts of all other sorts of animals. The paw of a lion and talon of a hawk for arms. The leg and tail of a dragon, and another leg of a horse. He had an antler and a bumpy, spiky horn in pair. This being was the Spirit of Chaos, or infamously known as, Discord.
  85. >Discord lived a happy chaotic life in his cozy chaos world, doing many strange and unique things. He loved chaos, for he WAS chaos. And very powerful he was, too. He could summon anything he wanted at the snap of his talon, or turn a rock into pie, just by thinking about it!
  86. >But sadly, Discord lived alone in his little home, except for his old roommate, the Smooze. No one appreciated the draconequus’ magic and talent. Until one day, somepony very special came into his life.
  87. >It all happened when Discord was reading the newspaper. “Ponies of 3 tribes unite and sign treaty… Hrnnn…” Discord didn’t like ponies. They were always scared of his tricks, always running away from him because of his reputation or appearance. “Those pesky ponies can unite to fend off mere Windigos, but can’t dabble in good ol’ fashion chaos. The nerve…”
  90. “Wait! Can you tell me about the Windigos?”
  91. >Discord chuckles, knowing you always asked that question. “Don’t know how you’re sick of chaos, but not sick of me constantly retelling this story.”
  92. “Because it’s different!”
  93. >”Different? Sometimes I don’t understand you, Anon.”
  96. “And sometimes I don’t know half the stuff you do, Dad.”
  97. >You both share a laugh and he continues. “Well, as I’ve heard from the ponies, which you know, is that Windigos are spirits that feed off of hatred and malice. These giant horse ghosts circle around each other in the sky, brewing a frosty blizzard that could freeze you whole.” You inch closer and closer like a caterpillar towards him as he speaks.
  98. >In your head, you can see the Windigos swirling around in the sky, their neighs booming so loud that it would cause your ears to hurt. “The more hatred they were fed, the stronger they become. And the stronger they become, the more powerful their storm of pure cold and ice.”
  99. “Dad, why can’t the Windigos be nice like the ponies?”
  100. >Discord scratched the back of his neck. “The ponies don’t really talk in depth about them, or maybe just don’t know about them all that much.” You flip over on your side and pop your hoof out of your cotton candy cocoon. You rest your elbow on the cloud and then rest your cheek on your hoof.
  101. “What about you? You know everything!”
  102. >”Eheh, well, you see.” He sheepishly smiles. “I don’t associate with other spirits such as those…”
  103. “You don’t associate with anypony at all, cranky pants!”
  104. >Discord looks up and gives you an annoyed glare. “Hey! I am not a cranky pants! Says the one who’s cranky about chaos. Unbelievable…”
  105. >He’s such a cranky pants. But you didn’t want to talk about him being a cranky pants, just to continue the story.
  106. “Keep going, please?”
  107. >Your father clears his throat and raises the book up a bit to continue reading. “Ah yes. While Discord read the news, he felt a strange disturbance in the force…” Discord lowers the book, and he wore a pure black mask with a triangle mouth. OH MAN! Did he…?
  110. >Looking down, you had a beige robe white shirt beneath it. And on your waste was a belt and a… YEAH! HE DID! YOU ALSO LOVE THIS PART! You grab the lightsaber from your belt with your mouth and swish your tail back and forth.
  111. “I ruv Shtar Warsh!”
  112. >Star Wars is one of your favorite movies that Discord gave you and let’s you watch when he’s out doing errands. It wasn’t a pony movie, it was a human movie, from your home dimension! But your dad was getting to that part.
  113. >“Yes, son.” He says in Darth Vader’s voice. “You used the force to contact me.” You giggle and spit out the saber.
  114. “Yeah yeah! But get to the part where you ACTUALLY find me!”
  115. >”Hold on, just one more thing.” Discord snaps his talons and the Darth Vader helmet now had soda cans coming from the sides. He takes a sip of the soda hat from a straw, and burps. “Excuse me… Alright!”
  118. >A strange pulse came from the fabric of space and time. Discord had never felt something that powerful. Something so powerful, that it could cross dimensions! With a pinch of his magic, the spirit of chaos opens a portal to the source of the pulse. What he found was truly an interesting sight indeed.
  119. >Giant towers made of metal and glass rose up into the sky. Loud honking noises and strange creatures walked below. Discord did not want to stir any trouble, so he turned into a tiny chameleon and set out for the source.
  120. >He scurried along the ground, looking at the strange beings as they walked by in hordes. They were all clothed, something that Discord thought was silly and pointless. But he liked silly and pointless, so he continued on without being bothered.
  123. “Talk about the strange creatures. The humans, right?”
  124. >Discord cringes, but tries to regain his composure. “R-Right right! The ‘humans’...” He rolls his eyes.
  127. >These creatures, or humans, were very smart beings indeed. They had inventions that got them from place to place in seconds, without any magic at all! Millions lived together and worked together to make the world a better place.
  128. >But unlike ponies, humans can be a bit harsher. They didn’t value friendship as much, but it didn’t bother Discord. He wasn’t too fond of friendship either, glad that they all kept to themselves. And then he saw a small box in a dark and wet hallway between two giant buildings.
  129. >That must be it, he thought. He could sense the chaos magic coming from there. Discord wondered, ‘What it could be?’ When he was sure the coast was clear, he turned back into his true form and approached the lonely cardboard crate.
  130. >Inside was one of the creatures from before, but smaller and asleep. It was a baby human, snuggly lying in a bundle of blankets in the box.
  133. “That’s me right?”
  134. >You swish your tail back and forth, taking a bite of cotton candy. Discord nods and continues, raising his talon while pointing his index finger up and keeps reading.
  137. >This baby human, a boy, contained high amounts of chaos energy. And like Discord, no one seemed to want anything to do with the infant. He took the box and made sure nopony was looking. But suddenly, another disturbance.
  138. >The ground began to shake, and a loud roar could be heard all around! Rising above the towers, a giant teddy bear emerged from thin air! It began to rampage, destroying buildings in the human city. Discord felt the magic had come from the child, and realized that he had to leave quickly.
  139. >With the snap of his talons, he left the world and escaped with the baby.
  142. “What happened to the giant teddy bear?”
  143. >”As if I know.” Discord points his paw thumb behind him. “I bailed out of there as soon as that thing began destroying the place!” You frown and give him an angry look.
  144. “You told me that you saved them from the teddy bear, remember?!”
  147. >Discord just nonchalantly dismisses your question. “Pffff, I’m sure once I got you out of there that it disappeared.”
  148. “I hope… Those poor humans…”
  151. >Discord clears his throat. ”And once Discord arrived with the child in his house, the boy had transformed into a green colt with a dark black mane. He felt that the child had great potential, for he was also a spirit of chaos like himself. At that moment, the child opened his eyes and saw his new father for the first time. Discorded then decided to name the little parasprite, Anonymous… And then the little evil thing conjured up a pie and splat it on Discord’s face The End.”
  152. >He slaps the book closed with haste once he reached the last sentence. You fall over and start hysterically laughing.
  156. >Discord grumbles and leans his chin against his paw. “Cheap shot, I tell you… And you didn’t even know what you were doing!”
  157. “Yeah, but even as a baby, I can still prank you hard!”
  158. >Aww yeah, you were an awesome baby. Take that Mr. Master Of Chaos! Discord narrows his eyes and snaps his talon, making his outfit and chair disappear. “Oh ho ho… Is that-” He clasps his hands together and leans his head in towards you. “-a challenge…?” You smirk and conjure up a pie.
  159. “Does this seem familiar, Dad- OMPH”
  160. >Something white and sticky slaps you right in the muzzle. A tin pan slowly slips off your whip cream covered face.
  161. “Cheap shot…”
  162. >Discord giggles. “Guilty!” While he’s celebrating his victory, you grab a bundle of cotton candy and turn it into gum using your magic. You leap out from your fluffy blanket and point behind him.
  165. “WHOA! Is that a perfectly normal tree, I see?”
  166. >Discord turns around and looks in the direction you’re pointing at. “What? I missed a spot?” You slap the giant glob of sugar onto his mane, causing it to stick and get it all mangled. He turns around and tries to get the stuff off, only making it worse.
  167. >“YOU LITTLE RASCAL! Fool me once…” He narrows his eyes. “Shame on you…” He raises his paw, beginning to reach for something behind him. “Fool me twice…” And pulls out- BAZOOKA! “YOU GET ICED!” You try to move out of the way, but everything turns into slow motion.
  168. >The bazooka shoots, covering you in icing as you slowly float to the ground and yell in a low pitch version of your voice. Once everything went back to normal, you pop your head out of the pile of paste and lick it off your face.
  169. “Mmmm, tasty!”
  170. >Discord chuckles. “Well, revenge is ‘sweet’!” You both share one more laugh, until Discord halts you by putting his arm against your fuzzy chest. Something isn’t right… He picks you up and looks nervously into your eyes.
  171. >“Uh, uh… Look, son, I really enjoyed our little bonding time, and I hope you enjoyed your temporary stay in Equestria-” You tilt your head in confusion.
  172. “Temporary? But I don’t want to go!”
  173. >”Yeah yeah, that’s nice and all, but you need to head on home before-” A giant shadow casts above both of you as you stand helplessly on the cotton candy cloud.
  174. “Dad!”
  175. >”Yes, Anon?”
  176. ”Muh-Muh, Muh-Muh!”
  177. >“C’mon, boy, speak!” You swallow down some saliva and point up at the giant figure in amazement.
  179. >The giant minotaur had glowing red eyes, and was entirely made up of one of the nearby mountains you saw. It puffed hot air through its nostrils and glared at both of you.
  183. >Discord slowly turns his head and looks at the colossal being. His pupils shrink as he freezes in place. His mane stand up all over the place from the pure shock. “I-I think you’ve overstayed your visit, Anon!” The monster raises a giant block of stone, ready to smashed it onto you.
  185. >You pick up your lightsaber and turn it on, unsheathing the neon green light blade. You lean into the ground and glare at the beast like a puppy ready to pounce.
  186. “Don’tsh wurry, Dadsh! We can take him on-”
  187. >Before you can slice the minotaur to rubble, you hear a snap, and the scene totally shifts. You look around, distraught to be back in your boring old house.
  188. “What?! DAAAAAD! I wanted to see the giant minotaur!”
  189. >Aw what? Your outfit and lightsaber were gone! Laaaaame! He leans against the wall of the upside-down stairs, gasping for breath. “No no… This was NOT part of the plan…” Discord looks up to the ceiling with his arms extended out and shaking. The Darth Vader mask just magically pops onto his face as he shouts. “NOOOOOOooooooo!” You try to stifle your laughter.
  190. >Discord takes off the mask and throws it out the window, turning his voice normal. He looks over and marches over to you. He points a single talon, causing you to flinch back. “This is EXACTLY why I cannot allow you to visit Equestria!”
  191. “But-”
  192. >He holds up his talon. “Ap bup bup! That THING, was YOUR doing! And you know WHAT you’ve caused?!” You gulp and shake your head, trembling into the corner. Discord turns around, his hands beginning to tremble. “You’ve unleashed a dangerous being that was a figment of your imagination upon Equestria! How am I SUPPOSED to take it over in MY style, when there’s some giant minotaur RAMPAGING all over it?! That is not how I roll at all!”
  195. >You just watch as he continues to yell at himself, starting to look for something around the house. “Honestly, there are SOOO many beings out there who just want to see Equestria destroyed! What in the hay is the point of that?! I’m not like them, AM I, ANON?!”
  196. >With a crazed look, he bolts into your direction, waiting for a response. Your heart is beating so fast, you swear it would jump out at any second.
  197. “N-No…?”
  198. >”Of course I’m not! I’m better than those idiots! I’ll be the king of fun and games, that’s what!” He gets distracted again, trying to find whatever it is he’s looking for. “But you-” At this point, you were huddled in the corner, sobbing and shocked from the way he was acting.
  199. >You hated when he acted like this. This was not the dad you loved. Discord realizes that his meltdown was terrorizing you, and begins to sweat.
  200. >“B-But that’s fine! It’s just a minor set back! Yes! A minor set back! I can just poof the thing away…” He groans and collapses on the couch, putting his paw up to his forehead.
  201. >Once you realize that he’s calmed down, you start to come out from the corner little by little. Discord slouches over and puts his elbows on his knees.
  202. >“I’m sorry, Anon… Taking over Equestria just means a lot to me. I shouldn’t blame you for what you have no control over…” You wipe your tears and hop up on the couch with your dad.
  203. “I-It’s okay, Dad… I should have listened to you…”
  204. >Discord pets your mane and puts you on his lap. “Well, you help cheer me up everyday. You’re my only friend, and the best son a draconequus could ask for.” You snuggle up against him, and Discord flinches. He isn’t usually the type to take affection.
  207. >He awkwardly pats your back and rubs it. Clearing his throat, he sits up straight and looks down at you. “That just means… You’ll have to stay in here from now on.” Discord gets up and floats away from the coach. You raise your head, mouth agape.
  208. “WHAT?! You can’t do that!”
  209. >”You saw what almost happened, we both could have been crushed! At least in here, chaos flows naturally and your powers won’t go out of control.” You hop off and defiantly look right at him. You stomp your hoof.
  210. “That’s not fair!”
  213. >Discord snaps his talons, making a business man suit and fedora appear on him with a briefcase in his paw. “And that’s why I set that rule, because of what happened earlier.” He starts walking up the wall and rips open a portal. “Now I have some business to take care of. No hard feelings, I know you didn’t mean it. But don’t worry! I’ll handle it and everything will be fiiiiineee…”
  214. “NO! WAIT! At least stay for a little while longer-”
  215. >”No can do, gatta run, catch you later, bye!” In an instant, he hopped through the portal. You run up the wall and attempt to dive into the portal. But you’re too slow. It closes up right in front of you, causing you to fall flat on your face.
  216. “UMPH… Grrrr…”
  217. >You smack the ground with both your front forelegs.
  218. “C’mon!”
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