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  1. APoe I'm talking to Askari Wakuu Dhum
  2. 20:10 Rightye Right, so As soon as they are alone in a meeting chamber, Dhum begins with a simple and blunt question. "Who told you of our Strange Metal, tall green?"
  3. 20:11 Rightye Well, it's Dhum and some other military captains.
  4. 20:11 APoe "We've heard rumors from other puruu tribes, of a black metal much like our own"
  5. 20:12 Rightye "This is most... displeasing. Our 'strange metal' is a rare and valuable substance, and only few should know of it's existence. That you know of it at all is a sign that we have rather large breaches in our security."
  6. 20:14 APoe "It might, we are a curious race. How is it sacred to you?"
  7. 20:14 APoe "We have our own substance we keep secret, because of its wonderous and damaging effects"
  8. 20:14 Rightye "Who implied that it was sacred? I do not like how much you know of us, Tall Green, when we know so little of you. What is your name?"
  9. 20:16 APoe "Well, you are dressed much more elaborately than your peers, our Priest dress in such a manner to gain the awe of their peers. I am Veassen" "
  10. 20:17 APoe "Please excuse my broken speaking."
  11. 20:17 APoe "I know just enough in your tongue to ask which way the sun rises"
  12. 20:17 --- NOTRIP is back
  13. 20:18 Rightye "I am no Priest, Tall Green Vaessen. I am a warrior, the Askari Wakuu. You would do best to remember that."
  14. 20:18 Rightye "Our metal is sacred to us, yes. But it is also cursed."
  15. 20:18 APoe "Interesting, cursed? Does it cause Madness?"
  16. 20:19 APoe "Our own substance causes one to dream while awake. Prolong use leads to dreaming all day, every day."
  17. 20:19 APoe "Until all reason be lost."
  18. 20:20 Rightye "Our Metal comes from the deep, from far below the surface. It is from the Fallen God, He who is the Abyss. It curses puruu who use it to turn a sickly shade of yellow, but I'm sure you Tall Green will not be affected."
  19. 20:21 APoe "You become sickly, when you use it. What kind of measures do you have to prevent such a thing?"
  20. 20:22 APoe "Pray, or a plead to your Better?"
  21. 20:22 APoe "Excuse me, your Ideal, your..."
  22. 20:22 APoe "I don't know the word"
  23. 20:23 Rightye No, not sick. Sickly shade of yellow is a color. Like a pale sun. And you need not worry, it does not affect Tall Green, nor does it affect Shadow Singer. It only affects the Puruu, for Arupa is lost in the hearts of others.
  24. 20:24 APoe "Shadow Singer? I don't understand."
  25. 20:25 APoe "But nevermind that, Arupa seems a more important ... person?"
  26. 20:25 Rightye "Arupa is a god, strongest of all gods. It was Arupa who made the Urupuruu, who are the first of the Puruu.
  27. 20:26 Rightye "
  28. 20:26 Rightye "As for how we prevent the curse..."
  29. 20:26 Rightye "We find that keeping the metal close to your body, having it contact your self, makes the curse lessen."
  30. 20:26 Rightye "Though we are not sure why."
  31. 20:27 APoe "I see, so this is the interesting metal. A ore cursed by your God."
  32. 20:27 Rightye "No, not our god. The ore is cursed by the Sibling of our god, Quotumo. Quotumo is from the Abyss beneath the world, and sends demons up to devour the souls of mortals."
  33. 20:28 Rightye "It was sent to the Puruu by Quotumo, in an attempt to weaken our resolve and lose faith in Arupa."
  34. 20:29 Rightye "I do not think Quotumo intended for the Tall Green to use it, so the curse should not affect."
  35. 20:29 APoe "What do you use it for? The puruu tribes we talked to said it might be a terrible weapon. But hearsay is a terrible thing itself.""
  36. 20:29 APoe "And if it doesn't affect us, when you be will to trade it away, for non crused metal"
  37. 20:30 APoe would*
  38. 20:30 Rightye "Of course! Trade is good! As for what we use it for, the Priests use it to brand heretics. They are sent to live out their lives in deep caves to the north."
  39. 20:33 APoe "Well, we're will to offer food, and construction materials, wood and gabai, a moldable drying rock. In order to gain a steady supply or at least sample of this ore. We're also willing to open the Nod Market"
  40. 20:33 APoe "The Nod Market is a collection of trading ports along the land's West coast"
  41. 20:34 Rightye "This all sounds very interesting to me. What of the strange metal, the one you said was much like ours?"
  42. 20:34 APoe "We bring in many rare items for the right price, inculding..." He holds up a gaunlet of some sort.
  43. 20:34 APoe Puts it down on the table
  44. 20:34 APoe And Punches the ground
  45. 20:35 APoe A spike shoots from the glove down. At which point he hands the glove to Dhum
  46. 20:35 APoe "Its a shwirm device from down down south"
  47. 20:35 Rightye "A most unusual design. But tell me of these North and South places, where are they? "
  48. 20:36 Rightye "And West, is that a land of your people?"
  49. 20:37 Rightye ((Urupuruu don't have magnetic directions, they have Sunrise, Sunset, Left/Right of Sunrise and Left/Right of sunset.))
  50. 20:37 APoe "He have found a way to travel the Wild Waters, to the East are shwrim slavers that would kidnap your people at night. To the West stretches on of our territories leading to our capital Eden, or haven in another tougue"
  51. 20:38 APoe "By Wild Waters we travel South to our estranged kin, and further South we discovered the Goldern Warriors."
  52. 20:39 APoe "Who live with friendly, smart shwrims"
  53. 20:40 Rightye "I advise you to stop speaking in riddles? What is a 'Shwrim'? What are East and South and West? Are they your cities?"
  54. 20:41 APoe West, the direction the sun rises, East where it sets, South towards the high mountain, and North to the Blood drinkers
  55. 20:41 APoe "We don't go North further than the Calm Seas"
  56. 20:41 Rightye "Ahh, directions. This simplifies things. Now, where is this Eden place you speak of? Shall we have a map?"
  57. 20:43 APoe "I have none at the moment, but the one that maps the waterways." He hands you a way detailing the connection from Firil to other trading ports
  58. 20:43 APoe with a scale for comparsion
  59. 20:45 Rightye "Many thanks, Tall Green. As for our metal, we are willing to trade yes. But we have building materials and food plenty. We offer a metal sacred to our people, to be handled only by priests, so what do you offer in return?"
  60. 20:46 APoe "I see this agreement might not be the same as the Tanács Azsé, let me tell you what Nod offered them"
  61. 20:47 Rightye "No."
  62. 20:47 Rightye "We do not care what you offered these foreigners."
  63. 20:47 Rightye "What do you offer US?"
  64. 20:51 APoe "Well the foreigners were the ones to produce the glove you hold, they are great thinkers and inventors. We respect that. And we desired to offer you an agreement where such wonders would be available to you. Excuse me if I have offended you. It would shame me and my people to be shameful guests. Let me tell you what I can offer without them"
  65. 20:54 APoe "We can offer raw materials, such as Iron, a strong black metal. Gabai a moldable rock. Lumber and sails to create your own boats. And some alchemical solutions, such as Shadow Drink, Itching powder, Healing Potions, and various others"
  66. 20:55 APoe "Nets as well that make fishing a dream"
  67. 20:56 Rightye "We've no need for your alchemy, we have our own ways of healing. Your "Iron" seems like a fair trade. Metal for Metal. Your lumber and sails would be greatly appreciated, and we would be willing to trade for those as well."
  68. 20:56 APoe "We also have some cattle, called the Kirunna, which have the potential to multiple if husbanded right"
  69. 20:57 APoe "Metal for Metal it is, where should our ships harbor to transact this?"
  70. 20:58 Rightye "Right here, in glorious Yetu Mahali of course! What size are your ships, Tall Green? We must make room to put them."
  71. 20:59 Rightye "We may trade for Kirunna in the future, but for now we are content with our arrangement. "
  72. 21:00 APoe He gives you several different dimensions for Eleni ships, but points out the river-gallery size, which could sail down the makeshift river from the chasm
  73. 21:02 Rightye "Now, as a sign of good will, we shall give you our Strange Metal. In return, we ask that you give us your 'iron'. This seems reasonable, no?"
  74. 21:02 APoe "Works for us"
  75. 21:04 Rightye "Very well then, we shall take the metal from you, and offer our own in return. Safe travels to your homeland, Tall Green."
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