Of Vice and Mino (WIP) [RGRE] (OC/undecided)

Jan 1st, 2018
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  1. > Be Epicura, at your friend Menoclea's birthday feast
  2. > You love the girl as much as the next minotaur, but this really isn't the sort of thing you agree with, or that agrees with you
  3. > You sip your lime-water as the crowd of celebrants roars and roils around you
  4. > Menoclea stumbles out of the chaos, miraculously not spilling her drink too much
  5. > "Epi! Have some wine, fuck a bull, or at least a young cow! Didn't you say something about living life to the fullest?"
  6. > You give her a flat look
  7. "Mena, how much does all this cost? How much did you have to work to afford all of this pageantry?"
  8. > Your friend rolls her eyes and waves a hand dismissively
  9. > "It's fine, it's not like I have to host a party every night."
  10. > You shake your head
  11. "That's not the point. Take our drinks, for an example. I usually drink plain water. Most days, you drink what, more wine?"
  12. > Mena shrugs
  13. > "Watered down some, yeah."
  14. > Sure, let's pretend you believe that
  15. "So tonight, you are drinking some especially fine wines, which cost you about three months' wages, and no doubt you are getting drunk in a slightly more pleasant manner than usual."
  16. > The birthday cow grins
  17. > " It tastes best in the company of friends."
  18. > You smile fondly at her
  19. > There's a reason you're still friends with her, the sappy cow
  20. "Indeed. But for me, this lime-water is just as delectable, in contrast to my plain diet. All for a few copper coins. This is how I live life to the fullest, satisfying my needs with the bare minimum, so that anything more is a wondrous luxury."
  21. > Mena blinks at you
  22. > "If you need money, I don't mind lending you s-"
  23. "It's a philosophical thing."
  24. > She frowns, then shrugs
  25. > "Right. So, let's get you some wondrous luxury then. I hear Flavia has a furless bull, wanna come with me and touch him?"
  26. > You are about to say no, but...
  27. "Furless? As in shaved?"
  28. > Mena leans in conspiratorially
  29. > "He only grows fur on his head... and down there."
  30. > She waggles her eyebrows salaciously
  31. > ...
  32. > Damn her to Tartarus, she's got you curious now
  33. "Very well, let's see him."
  35. > You find him being pestered by Casrotea, that irritating old 'ress
  36. > "What, then, constitutes lewdness?"
  37. > The hairless bull is an odd sight indeed
  38. > No muzzle, but a small apelike snout
  39. > Plantigrade legs
  40. > And a neat little thicket of fur above his bullhood
  41. > His erect bullhood
  42. > You quickly look back up as the bull speaks
  43. > "If you have not felt it by your age, then I doubt I could explain it to you."
  44. > Casrotea blushes slightly
  45. > "Oh, I am quite familiar with the feeling. You seem like an expert, so I wanted to get your expert opinion on what lewdness is."
  46. > Mena pulls you nearer to them, rolling her eyes
  47. > "Casrotea, that is the worst invitation to a tryst I have ever heard."
  48. > The bull laughs, eying Mena's teats
  49. > They're not the teats of a senatrix, but they are considerable
  50. > You unconsciously fold your arms below your own teats, a relatively modest set the size of grapefruit
  51. > Casrotea frowns at Mena
  52. > "I am merely trying to improve my understanding of things, but I see I shall not accomplish that here."
  53. > She strides away, and you are rather glad to see her go
  54. > The old cow is something of a parasite on the philosophical community, never making any positive declaration of principles, but always tearing down the works of others
  55. > Mena slaps your shoulder, and abruptly you realise that she just introduced herself
  56. > You bow to the bull, and once again glancing at his obvious arousal
  57. > You jerk back upright, wincing at how it jostles your teats
  58. "I am Epicura, philosopher. It is a pleasure to meet you."
  59. > He nods pleasantly, flatteringly admiring your chest
  60. > "Likewise. I am Anonymous, Flavia's contribution to the entertainment."
  61. > Mena steps closer to him, a lewd grin on her face
  62. > "Mind if I feel your chest? I've never touched a furless bull before."
  63. > Anonymous raises an eyebrow
  64. > "Only if I can touch yours."
  65. > You cannot believe your ears
  66. > The lewdness of this bull!
  67. > Mena is delighted, however
  68. > "Agreed!"
  69. > She runs her hands over the planes of his chest, mooing softly at the sensation
  70. > For his part, he reaches under her arms and jostles and squeezes her teats in his hands
  71. > It's so surreal, you almost can't believe how easy it is for this to happen
  72. > That's Mena for you, you suppose
  73. > As if hearing your thoughts, she beckons you over with a tilt of her head
  74. > "Come on, you gotta feel this!"
  75. > You hesitantly approach, looking at the bull's face for any sign of rejection
  76. "Do you mind if I..."
  77. > He smirks
  78. > "Same deal as your friend."
  79. > Your heart is beating rapidly now
  80. > You're going to do it
  81. > You're going to touch a bull and he...
  82. > Mena steps to the side, still running a hand over his firm chest
  83. > You reach out with a trembling hand
  84. > He's surprisingly warm to the touch, so smooth as to be almost slippery
  85. > Meanwhile, Anonymous' hand is gentle on your teat, slender fingers hefting your firm breast
  86. > You inhale with a hiss as his thumb rubs little circles around your nipple
  87. > You reflexively arch your back, leaning into his touch
  88. > He chuckles
  89. > "I think she likes it."
  90. > You breath heavily, legs trembling as he flicks your nipple under his thumb, his fingers kneading your tit
  91. "B-buck!"
  92. > You grip his forearm in one hand, for support and to feel the play of muscles under his skin as he works his magic on you
  93. > Your other hand slides down his belly, groping at his abs
  94. > Mena stares at Anonymous with a sultry gaze
  95. > She shamelessly strokes his bullhood with one finger
  96. > "Why don't we up the stakes a little?"
  97. > He grins at her
  98. > "What did you have in mind?"
  99. > Meanwhile, you are dangerously close to climax, your body hot with arousal
  100. > Your nipples are almost painfully sensitive
  101. > The heat in your loins feels like it is melting you from the inside out
  102. > You're panting, mooing softly, pleadingly
  103. > You don't hear what Mena says, but Anon responds by pinching your nipple
  104. > Your legs finally collapse as orgasm sweeps through you like a wave
  105. > You kneel, your thighs pressed together as your juices spill from you, dripping to the stone floor
  106. > You spend a long moment hunched over, wracked with pleasure at the feet of the furless bull
  107. > You finally look up at his amused expression, mirrored on Mena's face
  108. > You blush vividly in embarrassment and stagger back
  109. "Sorry, I..."
  110. > Why did you have to cum so quickly?
  111. > And just from getting your teat played with?
  112. > You feel your eyes fill with shameful tears
  113. > You turn and run back through the crowd, hoping no one sees the kind of state you're in
  114. > When you finally get home, you are completely wrung out
  115. > You collapse into your bed, wanting nothing more than to forget the whole evening
  118. > You wake up the next morning with a headache
  119. > You stagger over to the wash basin and drink a drought of the lukewarm water
  120. > It's a bad habit, but you don't really care right now
  121. > You feel a bit better once you are done, and use the basin for its intended purpose
  122. > After washing off the grime and sweat of the previous day, you spend the rest of the morning in your usual routine
  123. > The familiar actions are comforting, moving you along with austere dignity
  124. > You eat your simple morning meal, mind focussed on what you will speak of in the forum today
  125. > You have a duty to the citizens of the city, and you must not be unprepared
  126. > By the time you arrive at the forum, your well-disciplined mind has mostly repressed the shame of yesterday
  128. > You weave through the throng of taurs, surrounded by a low hum of conversation
  129. > You nod a greeting to several friends and acquaintances on your way to your usual spot
  130. > It's always a little gratifying, not to mention convenient, to have disciples that hold your place on the steps for you
  131. > You clasp their shoulders in thanks as you pass them, and settle down for some quality lecturing
  132. > As you speak, taurs of all walks of life gather around you
  133. > Perhaps not as many bearing the teats of high office, but a doctrine of restraint and thrift can't be too appealing to the rich and powerful
  134. > Your eyes wander the crowd of listeners, unconsciously lingering on the few bull minos among them
  135. > Male visitors to the forum aren't exactly rare, but they are far from common
  136. > The male mind is far too focused on calving and the work of the home to contribute much to the general discourse, but males can certainly benefit from listening to it
  137. > Not to mention how they provide a pleasing sight for weary eyes
  138. > You bring your lecture to a close, mind wandering
  139. > A slight movement draws your eye to the broad chest of one of your bull listeners
  140. > You briefly imagine what it might feel like, before a question jolts you out of fantasy
  141. > You focus on the tauress, and answer
  142. > You don't want to set up rules that are too rigid, so you leave a certain amount of application of doctrine to your followers to decide for themselves
  143. > Nevertheless, you can still offer clarification and advice
  144. > Unfortunately, that means you spend about as much time on answering questions as lecturing
  145. > Your mind and eye wander once more, before falling upon another bull in the audience
  146. > His hands are large, his fingers thick and round
  147. > They would fit nicely in your holes, filling them with firm, surging-
  148. > You forcefully break the thread of that thought, and dedicate your mind yet again to the answering of some prosaic dilemma
  149. > You just know it will be a long day at the forum
  151. > Lunch is a simple affair, vegetables on a flatbread purchased from a stall
  152. > As you make your way through the streets, you find yourself distracted
  153. > You had hoped it would fade, but you are excruciatingly aware of each and every bull you pass by
  154. > Fantasizing brief, lewd acts before your eyes lose sight of the male
  155. > It's like you're sixteen again, flush with the desires of youth
  156. > The bathhouse is a welcome sight to your lust-weary mind
  157. > You enter, leaving your unadorned skirt and corded belt in one of many baskets
  158. > The first pool is empty, though a tauress hangs back, steeling herself
  159. > You give her an encouraging slap on the back, and take the marble steps down at a trot
  160. > Cold water surges up your legs, and it takes all of your self control not to yelp as it laps at your sex
  161. > You cannot help shivering as you dive deeper into the cold pool, until at last you are submerged to your shoulders
  162. > You hear some splashing behind you, followed by a grasp
  163. > You smile sympathetically, but you have another hurdle before you
  164. > You fill your lungs and plunge your head underwater
  165. > You break the surface almost immediately
  166. > If it weren't for the cow behind you, you'd be running to the next room
  167. > Instead, you climb up out of the pool, deliberately slow, maintaining your dignity
  168. > You walk to the doorway, shivering but upright
  169. > The next room is significantly more populated, with tauresses scattered about the pool and receiving massages on tables to the side
  170. > You barely notice the company, eyes focused on the pool
  171. > You slip into the lukewarm water and sigh
  172. > "Epicura? So sorry I missed you last night!"
  173. > You turn lazily in the water to find Flavia waving you over
  174. > Your heart sinks
  175. > You had hoped to avoid this longer, but...
  176. > You glance at her teats
  177. > She may be a matrician administer of public works and games, but she certainly has the... gravitas and ambition to rise to a higher rank
  178. > Certainly not a cow to snub for petty reasons
  179. > You smile and swim to her perch on the submerged stairs
  180. "Flavia, it's no fault of yours. I have never dealt well with parties, and some of the goings on were a bit much for me, so I went home early."
  181. > She hums smugly
  182. > Please don't
  183. > "I believe I may have heard something to that effect."
  184. > You sit stone still beside her, and say nothing
  185. > Flavia coos not unkindly, and wraps an arm around your shoulders
  186. > You are immediately aware of a heavy, warm weight of office against your arm
  187. > "Would you like to meet with Anonymous again? Alone, so you don't get drawn into Mena's competitiveness?"
  188. > You shake your head
  189. "I have had quite enough of that. I'd rather not embarrass myself in front of a bull again."
  190. > Flavia raises an eyebrow
  191. > "That's not what your teats are saying."
  192. > You glance down at your hardened nipples, just below the surface of the water
  193. > You try not to blush
  194. "I just got out of the cold pool."
  195. > "Mmhmm. Look, I can understand not wanting to face Anon just yet, but how about I introduce you to some bulls I know? A few of them are even virgins!"
  196. > You give her a flat stare, then stand up
  197. "I appreciate the thought, but it's better if I don't indulge in that sort of thing."
  198. > You stride toward the hot room, hoping for an escape
  199. > Judging by the sound of hoofsteps on tile behind you, your hope is in vain
  200. > You open the wooden door and are hit with a burst of hot, humid air
  201. > Fortunately, no one else is inside
  202. > You gingerly lower yourself into one of the steaming tubs, groaning in relief as the heat seeps into your muscles
  203. > Flavia closes the door behind her, and giggles at you
  204. > "I can see how you don't need a bull if this does it for you."
  205. > You glare at her, then flip her the clam with your two fingers
  206. > She ignores your bad temper, and slides into a nearby tub with a sigh
  207. > You spend a few long moments letting the heat relax your sore and tense flesh
  208. > You can feel her waiting for an explanation
  209. > And you really should explain yourself
  210. > But you just don't want to right now
  211. > "Sorry."
  212. > What
  213. "What?"
  214. > Flavia smiles apologetically
  215. > "I knew you were embarrassed, but I still bothered you about it. But I really do want to help, if you'll let me."
  216. > You exhale, long and slow
  217. "This entire morning, I've been having spontaneous sexual thoughts about every bull I saw. It's distracting. It's disrespectful. It's something I thought I outgrew years ago, and it's only started up again because I let myself follow Mena into debauchery."
  218. > Flavia tilts her head
  219. > "You're frustrated."
  220. > You nod
  221. "Very."
  222. > "Sexually frustrated. You had a little taste, and now you want more."
  223. > You frown at her
  224. "I masturbate. I can handle my sexual needs just fine myself. Having a luxury like Anon fondling my teat shouldn't make me more frustrated, I ought to have been satisfied afterwards."
  225. > She raises her eyebrows
  226. > "But you're not."
  227. "No."
  228. > Flavia chews her lip in thought
  229. > "Does your philosophy forbid marriage?"
  230. > You pause
  231. "No, marriage is a necessary part of stable society and family creation."
  232. > She leans against the side her tub, resting her chin on her crossed arms
  233. > "It sounds like sex, to create calves, is a need, not a luxury for married taurs."
  234. > You tilt your head back, turning her logic over in your thoughts
  235. > Obviously, this context of "need" is not the same context as food or water as a need
  236. > But then again, sex is an appetite of the body, not unlike hunger or thirst
  237. > You have had followers, in their zeal, strive to eat less than is healthy
  238. > It left them weak and sickly, and you had to personally correct their thinking
  239. > Looking back on the night before, and this morning, you cannot honestly deny that you were weak
  240. > You sigh in defeat
  241. "I do need to have real sex, don't I?"
  242. > Flavia chuckles
  243. > "Try not to sound so displeased at the prospect. Why don't you pick one of your devotees and have some fun?"
  244. > You snort
  245. "And abuse my position as a teacher of philosophy? I think not."
  246. > She hmmms skeptically
  247. > "Yeah, that's the problem. Not because you don't want them to find out their great teacher is a quickpump virgin."
  248. > You glare at her
  249. "Either way, not an option."
  250. > Flavia shrugs
  251. > "Well, maybe you should get your domestic slave to help you out. They aren't too unsightly, are they?"
  252. > You shake your head
  253. "Their appearance is no issue, because they do not exist."
  254. > Flavia straightens suddenly, her teats bursting from the water and jiggling in the air
  255. > You are momentarily distracted by the majestic quality of her surprise
  256. > "None at all? Tell me truly, Epicura, are you suffering financially? Are your devotees so ungrateful as to leave you unsupported?"
  257. > You wave away her concerns and a smile
  258. > It's always amusing to see how many taurs jump to that conclusion for any number of your behaviors
  259. "Far from it. I have an excess of five thousand drakpas. I don't have a domestic simply because there is so little I require to be done."
  260. > Flavia shakes her head, trying to wrap her mind around your life of minimums
  261. > In the end, she just leans back into the water and snorts
  262. > "I forget how strange all of you philosophers are, sometimes. How about this. After our baths here, I take you to see my domestics and artisans, and if any of them appeal to you, I'll have them sleep with you."
  263. > You look up at the steam obscured ceiling, considering her offer
  264. > You are still a little resistant to the idea of indulging yourself like that
  265. > Then again, it's not really indulging yourself, satisfying your needs without the extravagances of courtship
  266. "Alright. We'll take a look."
  267. > Flavia grins
  268. > "You won't regret it. Now, let's get out of this heat before we cook completely."
  269. > You chuckle and follow her back into the tepid room
  270. > The two of you approach the massage tables, and the griffons there bow towards you
  271. > You lay facedown on the table, as the blunted claws rub your body down with scented oils
  272. > You let yourself melt into their ministrations, turning over at a slight lifting pressure on your shoulder
  273. > You find yourself watching the griffon work, spreading your legs slightly so that they might get at your inner thighs
  274. > Eventually, they slather your teats in oil, taking care not to touch your nipples or squeeze your breasts
  275. > You've had massages like this hundreds of times, yet you find yourself becoming a little aroused
  276. > It's amusing, now, how quick your nipples are to harden
  277. > Nevertheless, you are glad when you and Flavia are done, dressed, and departing
  278. > It will be nice, to fix this weakness of yours
  280. > You walk beside Flavia in the halls of her estate, her arm wrapped around your shoulders
  281. > The prolonged contact makes you idly wonder if she has romantic intentions, even as she points out a particularly well-formed bull slave
  282. > You honestly aren't sure what you are looking for, but the looking itself is pleasant enough
  283. > The two of you stroll by an atrium garden, and you recognize the tauress who is shamelessly pawing at a young bull
  284. > Unfortunately, she recognizes you as well
  285. > "Epicura, never thought I'd see you here! Don't worry, Flavia will make a true hedonist of you yet."
  286. > You glare coldly at Aristippa
  287. "I am a true hedonist."
  288. > Flavia adopts a mock stern expression
  289. > "Now now, you should get along better, aren't you both philosphers?"
  290. > You snort
  291. "All the more reason to quarrel."
  292. > Flavia chuckles, gently pushing you onward
  293. > "That may be. Well, we'll stop interrupting your entertainment, Stippa. Have fun."
  294. > The shameless tauress grins
  295. > "No need to leave, I don't mind sharing if it means Epicura finally lives in the moment and gets a more fun stick shoved up her ass."
  296. > You ignore her, and stride away down the hall
  297. > Flavia catches up to you easily enough and sighs
  298. > "Sorry about that. I forgot she was here, or I would have steered you clear."
  299. > You shake your head
  300. "Let's not dwell on it, I'm sure you have more pleasant things in store."
  301. > Flavia smiles in relief
  302. > "Indeed I do, my friend. Come this way, I have a weaver with the most wonderful fingers..."
  304. > As you tour her home, you can't help but feel...
  305. > Reluctant?
  306. > Amidst all the finery, the bulls seem like yet one more luxury, and an expensive one at that
  307. > Should their seed be planted in you, there would be decades of hassle and stress in raising a child
  308. > And yet, you cannot deny your hunger for the gentle firmness of a bull
  309. > Troubled by these thoughts, a pert rump catches your eye
  310. > The simple skirt demurely obscures his bullhood, swaying as he sweeps
  311. > Your eyes trace up the subtly flexing back muscles, noting his narrow shoulders
  312. > You lean towards Flavia and whisper,
  313. "What is his name?"
  314. > You gesture towards the lithe bull that caught your eye
  315. > Flavia begins to smirk
  316. > "It's Pagida. I'll introduce you."
  317. > As she leads you towards him, you resign yourself to being Flavia's entertainment for this exchange
  318. > "Pagida! Come, greet my guest."
  319. > The bull turns around, clutching his broom to his chest
  320. > You study his androgynous face
  321. > "Yes, Mistress."
  322. > His... or is it her voice? Is a low tenor, or perhaps contralto
  323. > Pagida glances at your chest and bows to you
  324. > "Welcome, honored guest. May I be of service?"
  325. > You aren't sure what to say; how do you propose such a blatantly carnal arrangement?
  326. > The beginning is simple enough,
  327. "I am Epicura, and I have need of a..."
  328. > Flavia intervenes
  329. > "Bedchamber attendant. You will be compensated for your service, of course. Are you interested?"
  330. > Pagida's eyes flicker over your body, and you resist the urge to shift to a more flattering pose
  331. > Her, yes, her cheeks redden ever so slightly
  332. > "May I speak with you in private, honored Epicura? By your leave, mistress?"
  333. > Flavia grins
  334. > "By all means, don't let me get between you two. I'll just be in the antechamber down the hall, come and get me once you have had your fun or not."
  335. > Pagida leads you to a empty guestroom, sitting down on the bed with commendable grace, leaning her broom against the wall
  336. > You exhale slowly in relief as you join her, glad to give your hooves a rest
  337. > You set your hands on your knees
  338. "What did you wish to speak about?"
  339. > She looks down at her lap, smoothing out the wrinkles in the cloth
  340. > "I am a tauress, first of all."
  341. > You smile wryly
  342. "I figured that out."
  343. > She relaxes ever so slightly, and looks up to meet your gaze
  344. > "I have reached my majority, and my teats have stopped growing. I shall never rise above my station."
  345. > You nod gravely
  346. > There are tauresses who court promising young girls in hopes of grooming a friend in a high place
  347. "That is not my intent. Perhaps it will ease your mind if I explain my situation. My philospohy compels me to seek the bare necessities, and delicacies only sparingly."
  348. > Pagida raises her eyebrows, but remains silent
  349. > You cough, feeling your face start to warm
  350. "More relevantly, I have contented myself solely with masturbation to sate my lust. It worked well enough, until, well, do you know Anonymous?"
  351. > Pagida tilts her head, but nods
  352. > Then her eyes go wide
  353. > "Did you and he..."
  354. > You shake your head
  355. "I came during his foreplay, and fled. Ever since, I have been troubled by near constant lewd thoughts and desires."
  356. > She blushes, glancing at her lap, then your face
  357. > "Even now?"
  358. > You allow your eyes to rove over her lithe figure
  359. "Even now."
  360. > Pagida smiles shyly
  361. > "Then I shall serve you to the best of my abilities."
  362. > Your heart quickens
  363. > You move, straddling her lap
  364. > She lies back on the sheets, raising her arms above her head, surrendering herself to you
  367. > You aren't entirely sure how long you lay with her
  368. > The sweet kisses, feverishly warm flesh, her delicate attention on your nethers, the feel of her firm yet deliciously tender body
  369. > It all runs together in a river of pleasure
  370. > You come to yourself, chest heaving after the last bout of lovemaking
  371. > Pagida lies curled up against your side, her slender fingers stroking the valley between your teats
  372. > It's just enough stimulation to keep you awake, but not enough to spark another session
  373. > However, the waneing light pouring through the courtyard window reminds you of your duties
  374. > With a sigh, you prop yourself up on your elbows
  375. "I have left your mistress waiting long enough, methinks."
  376. > Pagida hums in agreement
  377. > "All good things must end, I susppose."
  378. > You slide out of bed, feeling truly content in a way you have never known before
  379. > You turn back and hold out your hand to her
  380. "That may be, but I shall be happier knowing that this good thing will be again."
  381. > She smiles and takes your hand as she climbs out of bed
  382. > "And I as well."
  384. > After washing at the basin, you head out to find your gracious host once more
  385. > Flavia is true to her word, and sits in the antechamber, surrounded by scrolls and ink-stained reeds
  386. > You raise an eyebrow at the mess
  387. "Planning another party so soon?"
  388. > She looks up at you, keen eyes reading your face and body with practiced ease
  389. > "Well well well, I take it you and Pagida worked things out?"
  390. > You settle down on a nearby stool, keeping your expression bland through an effort of will
  391. "Indeed, I believe we will be able to meet each other's needs."
  392. > Flavia grins
  393. > "Hmm, seems she met your needs quite thoroughly. But to answer your question, I'm planning out what I want to do this Kronia. After all, Phanaea Celestia has deigned to visit dear humble Athenia that day."
  394. > You frown
  395. "That's less than a month away, and this is the first I've heard of it."
  396. > She shrugs
  397. > "Apparently she wanted it to be kept a secret, so only most of the aristocracy and half of the merchants know."
  398. > You sigh
  399. "Of course. But why tell me?"
  400. > Flavia rests her head on the palm of her hand and regards you seriously
  401. > "Because I would like to count you as a friend. Because you are the least likely to do something inappropriate. Because you have the teats and the influence to actually honor Phanaea Celestia's wishes, unlike nearly everyone else in Athenia."
  402. > Your cheeks grow warm at the praise and respect
  403. > Still, you must not forget who you are dealing with
  404. > You bow slightly to her, acknowledging her words
  405. "Thank you, but wouldn't my interference nullify your preparations?"
  406. > Flavia smirks
  407. > "Not at all. If you do well, we may very well be in a position to suckle from each other's teats."
  408. > You blush at the imagery, and at the implication of being her peer
  409. "I thought that's what Pagida was for."
  410. > Flavia laughs
  411. > "We can share. You have two tits, after all."
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