Dadonequus Discord Part 189

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  1. >You could say nothing...
  2. >Snips and Snails....
  3. >Those two fucking fuckwits, you were sure you had fucking dealt with them and their nuisance of a hero worship back at the apple farm. And yet those two idiots were still at it. And Like Rainbow Dash. It seems growing word of your exploits were starting to cause some influence.
  4. >Twilight looked to Star Prancer with a little concern "You don't need to join a club to be a hero Star Prancer. Being a hero comes from within. And you don't even have to do anything dangerous to be a hero either."
  5. >Star Prancer tilted her head in confusion "I don't?"
  6. >Twilight shook her head with a smile "No, all you have to do is help anypony in need. no matter how small it is, if a pony is happy with how you helped them and thanks you. Well, that already makes you a hero. You don't need flashy battles or cool costumes to be a hero. Why..I bet, you've helped so many ponies already that you can already be considered a hero."
  7. >"Well" Star Prancer gave it some thought. Then once again smiled that joyous naive smile "I have helped my friends with homework and hard math problems before!"
  8. >"See, and that already makes you a hero. A hero to your friends. And that's all you'll ever need when it comes to being a hero. Right Anon?"
  9. "Right"
  10. >You say it in a low, near annoyed tone. Nobody picks up on it. But your mind was filled with rage towards those two idiots right now.
  11. >Star Prancer takes Twilight's words to hear. And your agreeance as hard proof. "T-then, I'm going to continue helping my friends whenever they need me! I don't need that dumb club. Thank you Twilight, and thank you Anon. For everything..."
  12. >Then you saw it, happy tears in her eyes.
  13. >You couldn't stay mad...that'd be for later. For now, you smiled. And give Star Prancer one last hug before you all part ways.
  14. >She was a good foal. She'd do alright.
  15. >You turn to Twilight. Seeing her actually give that kind of lesson in person. it was kind of inspiring.
  17. "Twilight, that was..."
  18. >it really just hit you. You just witnessed a true, bonafide, end of episode friendship lesson come from Twilight. And it pierced your heart. Star Prancer's reaction was just....oghh...your fucking heart.
  19. "That was pretty cool. Like, really. I mean that. I...never seen anything like that personally before"
  20. >Twilight turned to you, she looked so...majestic for some reason. "It's a just a thing I do Anon. Friendship is very important to me. And I never want to see a pony, no matter how young or old, lose their way over something silly or dangerous. The way Star Prancer took my advice, I could tell all she really wanted to do was be helpful. I just wanted her to realize she didn't need to try to be a "hero" to be who she'd really want to be."
  21. >actual good words. huh, then again. why wouldn't you expect this. Twilight had many forms. From Sperg to gentle teacher to adorkable scientist.
  22. >Twilight then sits back on her chair to finish her food, making one last remark on the subject. "..and I'd like to hope being the "Hero Colt" hasn't gotten to your head, Anon. And I say that as a friend"
  23. >You back to your seat. to do the same. You gently shake your head as you take a small drink.
  24. "Nah, I'm not like that. It's just a title that gets thrown around. That's how I see it"
  25. >Really, thats how it seemed it was. You knew the dangers of hero worship. Too bad those two idiots were causing trouble with it anyway. You'd have to really find a way to deal with that later.
  27. >"That's good. You have no idea how many colts would have such big heads over it if they were called "Hero Colt". Then again, Rainbow Dash still has a little trouble not letting things overwhelm her sometimes." Twilight shakes her head as she rolls her eyes and giggles "Always has to be the best at something"
  28. "Yeah,I sorta of noticed that. Ehh, that's not really for me. I kind of just want to live a nice life here in Ponyville. Dad's pretty good about that. I know you don't like him much. But me and him really do get along."
  29. >Perhaps none of that statement was completely true. You have become accustomed to causing some mischief every now and again. And while you and Discord do get along, he also messes with you from time to time.
  30. >"That's very good to hear Anon. I don't know how things were in your orphanage. But here in Ponyville, theres many a friend to be had. And many things to learn. But I'm sure you knew that already. Since you already have such good friends."
  31. "I do, and I wouldn't trade them for anything really. Hey Twilight, that actually makes me think of something. Are you immortal?"
  32. >Twilight blinked, she looked a little confused at that question "What?"
  33. "Are you immortal? You know...can you grow old, and er...kick the bucket?"
  34. >Twilight herself didn't seem to know "I...don't know. I know Alicorns live a long time but. hrn...I..."
  35. >Maybe that wasn't a good question to ask. Fuck, why would you even ask such a depressing question so out of the blue like that? Twilight looked utterly uncomfortable trying to come up with an answer, Though at the same time. She didn't seem like she was tying the question to that of the longevity of her friends. "I'd have to ask Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. I just don't know the answer to that. And it''s not important to think about."
  36. >...hearing that, you just drop the conversation and move on to something else.
  38. >avoiding anything that might be touchy or make Twilight realize what you meant by bringing up the matter of immortality in relation to friends. You just stick to talking to her about smaller and less touchy subjects. such as what she thought about her brother being with Cadence. and although the conversation started to become boring and predictable. It still was interesting enough to at least know her personal feelings on it. even if you had already guessed she was all for it.
  39. >After breakfast was done. Twilight asked you if you still wanted to go to the spa. You did, you wanted to relax and get the whole Snips and Snails affair completely out of your head...and meet some spa ponies. In reality, this may be your final time to enjoy sexy female company that isn't a sneaky bug pone before you Diamond Tiara.
  40. > you really needed to relax...oh a filly. What would your mother think? Best to get it out of your head.
  41. >You both get up and head to the spa. You wondered what it would be like to be pampered by gentle and professional spa ponies. Oh god. Just thinking about it made you want this. It'd be fine. it's just business.
  42. >"Anon, you're going to really enjoy this." Twilight said as she opened the door, and stepped inside with you."if you ever had a single worry in your mind, a massage from here will make it all wash away"
  44. >Hell, just stepping inside. the place itself had a gentle and relaxing aura to it. Oh man, this was going to be awesome. So goddamn awesome.
  45. >The lobby was quite nice. Exactly what'd you expect given what you seen of the spa from the show. the nice dark walls we're actually quite disorienting for a moment, as you were used to brighter colors.
  46. >"Princess Twilight!"
  47. >And there she was, one of the spa ponies you knew of from the show. The blue colored spa pony with the pink mane. Lotus Blossom. Behind her gold rimmed counter. Immediately spotting you two the moment the door opened.
  48. >She takes a bow
  49. "How may we be of service to you today, your highness"
  50. >That could never figure out or remember what it's supposed to be. You should have looked it up. Though, that was probably pointless now.
  51. >"Oh..erm" Twilight, as usual, always seemed irked when referred by her title. "Good Morning, umm...Do you think you could fit in me and this colt for a morning treatment of some kind? That would be very appreciated"
  52. >"Of course! We actually have every available option open at this moment as it is still morning! Of course, not to mention that serving royalty is our pleasure. Just name it, and it will be done."
  53. > say...seeexxx
  54. >You already felt tingly. holy hell she was hot.
  55. >"Well...." Twilight looked to you "Anon, I'm just going to make the basic request for a massage. Are you comfortable with being touched along your back by other ponies?"
  56. >...YES DO IT!
  57. "Oh erm...I don't mind. But do you think we can do something more than a massage. Like...maybe everything?"
  58. >"Well, I..." Twilight looked over to Lotus "Would that be possible?"
  59. >Lotus nodded her head "Of course this, we take as an honor"
  60. >"Then I guess it's ok. I just didn't want to overwork anypony."
  62. >"Not at all, the spa is our livelihoods. There would be no point in existing if we were not capable of going beyond the expectations of our customers." Lotus informs Twilight. Already eager to get started.
  63. >"Well, hehe" Twilight chuckled nervously, she forgot how eager the spa ponies could actually be. But, money was still an issue. She couldn't possibly pay for that much for the both of you. "Anon, I don't think we can affo-"
  64. >Oh fuck no, you could immediately figure out what she was going to say. Before she could even finish, you drop a huge load of bits onto the ground.
  65. >"ord....i-it? A-anon, that...that' did you?" Twilight was astonished by the cash you had.
  66. "Dad, you know how he is, no concept of how much anything is worth. So he gives me this as my allowance and.."
  67. >You were so fucking ready for this, you look to Lotus with a smile.
  68. "Is that enough miss?"
  69. >Lotus came out from behind the counter and looked over the bits. expertly getting it reorganized onto of eachother in a hurry for easy counting.
  70. >after counting. She nods with a big smile "Yes, this is enough for the both of you, it's even more than we charge. However, I'd like to hold off payment until we are either done or you are satisfied. We don't usually get anypony that orders everything and we'd not like to take more money than we should if we don't even finish the treatment. It's simply not how we do things here"
  71. >Not liked it mattered to you. Cash was thankfully something you easily come across.
  72. "Oh, that's fine then. But, what does paying for everything entail exactly? What do we do first?"
  74. >"Well, in all actuality. There are a few split choices. Such as either resting in our sauna or using the hot tub. or choosing one from a large selection of massage styles. to various degrees of a hooficure. But no matter the choice, you will be cared for as if you were our very own foal." Lotus gives you a gentle rub on the head and....ohhhh...her hoof was nearly as soft as a hand. So well kept. "As for what start with first. Well, that would indeed be the first on the list. Would you two like to use our luxurious sauna or our relaxing hot tub?"
  75. "Hot Tub!"
  76. >FUCK YES.
  77. >"Oh, sauna for me. I don't really want to get myself too wet right now..and..hrn.."
  78. >Twilight was still irked by your amount of cash. But she would keep it to herself. She would stay out of your business, and continue to treat you as her "equally aged" friend.
  79. >Split choices. With that, Lotus tells Twilight that another spa pony, most likely Aloe, will be with her shortly. And Lotus will be the one taking care of you.
  80. >There must have been fillies and colts who have rolled through here before. In fact, they must have. Spike was a baby dragon. So it seemed age really didn't matter. She didn't even question where the money came from. Either because it was just that, money. Or she just wanted an opportunity to perform the favorite part of her job. Or maybe because it was you were around Twilight.
  82. >When the spa pony arrived for Twilight. She looked back at you, she wasn't worried. and she already figured you'd be fine without her. But out of courtesy she asks if you'll be alright.
  83. >of fucking course you will.
  84. "Yeah, I'll be fine. You said relaxing right? Well, then I think i'll be perfectly fine."
  85. >Twilight silently agrees. And wanders off with the spa pony to the sauna. Lotus then becomes your center of attention. As she makes you hers.
  86. >"Well.." Lotus gives you a warming and gentle smile, as she examines you with her eyes. "You're name is Anon, am I right?"
  87. >You nod, of course she knew your name from when Twilight paid at the counter.
  88. "I am"
  89. >"Well then Anon, I'll be your masseuse and beautician for your entire session, you can call me Lotus Blossom. Will you please have a seat while I prep the hot tub for you? It won't be for a moment. I just need to make sure it's ready for one of your height."
  90. >Wow, she was pretty professional for one so eager to work. But you seen how her and Aloe work in the show. They are quick and efficient and apparently masters of the craft. You had nothing to worry about.
  91. "No problem"
  92. >You plop your butt down right where you are. And look up at her, almost like a dog. It causes her to giggle.
  93. >But the giggle is short as she snaps back to being kind and professional. As if she wasn't supposed to be doing that at all. "Ahh, Anon, sir. You may sit on a seat if you wish. No need to sit down on the floor"
  94. >You were fine, you were used to sitting your butt down like a dog at this point.
  95. "I'm ok, Trust me, I really am"
  96. >Lotus nods, she doesn't even give a semblance of wanting to argue one bit. She simply accepts it. "Yes, of course. I shall return in a moment"
  97. >And she goes off, it doesn't take her long though. Not long at all. Already this place was pretty amazing since you didn't have to really wait at all.
  99. >"Your hot tub awaits. Please follow me."
  100. >those eyes, that'd much as you'll enjoy the massage and other things. You had to try to keep your mind clear.
  101. >You follow Lotus to the wooden tub. steam coming out from the warm mineral water that occupies it.
  102. >Lotus leads you to backside of the tub. And starts explaining what she had done to prep the tub. "I have prepared a platform under the water so you may be able to sit and relax while only being submerged neck deep." Lotus steps back and does a little bow "Please watch your step as you step inside the tub"
  103. >Oh man, now you felt a little like royalty. ohhh..this was going to be gooooood.
  104. >You step towards the hot tub and look down at it. The steam hitting your face felt rather nice. And the overall warmth was very comforting. You stick your right foreleg carefully in the water to see how it feels. Oh man, whatever was in the water. It gave you the tinglies.
  105. >You turn around and slowly step into and submerge yourself in the water before letting out a soft sigh.
  106. >This was the life. You weren't even at the massage bit and you already felt yourself calming down. Hell, even Snips and Snails was becoming a distant memory.
  107. >You leaned back. and bent down just a little to let your head sink into the water a bit. Your nose just above the liquid. You were having urges. Urges to playfully splash or even wade around. But...this was a spa. Not a playroom.
  108. >As you lounged in the hot tub however. You suddenly feel a set of hooves rummaging through your mane. Making you jolt forward.
  109. "G-gyeeh. W-what was that?"
  110. >You turn around, Lotus was sitting right behind where you were lounging, right out the tub where she could reach your head. She seemed pretty confused by your action "Is something wrong? I didn't hurt you did I?"
  111. >ohhhh...oh. Shit, that startled the fuck out of you. But, it was just her. What was she doing exactly?"
  112. "N-no, but erm. Why did you sneak up on me like that?"
  114. >Lotus gave you a gentle, yet still ever so eager smile "I didn't sneak up on you. I was just performing a gentle head massage to help you relax even further. It's what you payed for after all. Or would you rather just enjoy the hot tub. We don't mind refunding some of your money if there's some actions you don't wish for us to do for you."
  115. >Payed for..right. Hell, why the fuck not? Those hooves of hers must feel like angelic bliss.
  116. "I-I was just a little startled, that's it. I don't mind a head massage. I just sit facing away from you. Right?"
  117. >She nods "And please, relax"
  118. >You follow her instructions and sit back. You take a breath, and let yourself relax, leaning your head back beyond the tub.
  119. >And thats when you feel it.
  120. >Lotus starts to somehow, with fucking hooves, massage your head, running her hooves gently through your mane and pressing,cupping, and rubbing your head at just the right spots.
  121. >Your eyes roll back as you slowly sink just a little more into the water. Holy fucking fucks of shits. How? HOW?! This head massage..oh god.
  122. >Your mouth slowly opens as, small amounts of drool start to drip from one side.
  123. "nnggghmmmmmmmmmmmm"
  124. >Lotus said nothing as she massaged you with gentle earnest. She wouldn't engage in speech unless you yourself wanted to start a conversation. She could feel all your tenseness loosen up with every rub. To the point she had could expertly move your head around with her hooves. Allowing her to get every tense spot like she was scrubbing your brain with a gentle brush.
  126. >This was amazing. You never wanted it to end. Not even Chrysalis could give you this kind of pleasure.....well, ok. She could in ANOTHER way. But you doubt she had this kind of skill with her hooves.
  127. >You were even subconsciously nuzzling into her hooves the best you could. Lotus never once missed a beat. constantly sending that surge of relaxing pleasure through your body with every rub as your body was comforted by the warm water.
  128. >She did notice how relaxed you were. She couldn't think of any pony else where a head massage caused one to melt like butter like you are. She internally finds you adorable enough to not disturb you even after your time is up. Giving you a few extra minutes of massage time.
  129. >For you, it was like time had stopped. Holy crap, you started to get all kinds of sexual thoughts now. What if she was this good on your junk as she was on your head? Holy shit, would you transcend dimensions or something?
  130. >Lotus stops after a while more before putting your head down gently. Unfortunately, for you. You were so relaxed that you didn't notice and slipped onto your back and into the water.
  131. >You quickly sit back up and start spitting and rubbing your hooves at your nose like a cat as you squeeze out water you had accumulated from the slip up.
  132. "N-nghhh...!"
  133. >Lotus was surprised, she knew she didn't make a mistake but she didn't realize she did such a good job that you would just sink into the hot tub like that. "Are you alright? Do you need anything?"
  134. >You squeeze your nose again and turn around. Giving your nose a small wiggle before looking upon Lotus. Damn, why did she have to be so damn sexy and cute? And the way she worryingly looked at you.....stay calm...staaaayyy calm.
  135. "N-no, I'm alright. It hot tub time over?"
  136. >Lotus nods "It is, but not to worry. Next comes the combination face mask and full on hooficure. You'll be seated next to Princess Twilight so you can engage in conversation with her. Will that be ok with you?"
  138. >wait....awww goddammit of course. Right...hooficures...and..face mask. You utterly forgot that'd probably be part of the package.
  139. "That would be fine. And erm.."
  140. >You blush a little...those hooves.
  141. "You did a really good job"
  142. >Lotus, unlike most ponies. wasn't ignorant. She could already tell what she accidentally did. She had garnered the "puppy love" kind of affection from you. At least thats what she thought. "Thank you"
  143. >That's all she says as she steps aside to let you out of the water. She knew now she had to be more professional and not do anything to garner the wrong attention. Even if she did find you adorable and just wanted to do slightly cute things to you.
  144. >Lotus gives you a towel to dry off before proceeding to the next step. After you dry off, she steps forward and says.
  145. >"Please come this way"
  146. >awww...didn't seem she found you cute. That's what you thought anyway. As you followed her, you wondered how she could resist your charm. Because you certainly couldn't resist hers.
  147. >You enter a room with sets of chairs to lean back on. There was already spa ponies, both male and female, working on other ponies. However, the opposite colored Aloe was already working on Twilight. Who was in a robe and head towel.
  148. >Lotus steps over to the empty seat next to Twilight and tilts her head slightly towards it "This is your seat Anon. Please have a seat and relax. And when you're ready. We can begin."
  149. >Twilight was getting her hooves filed by Aloe, it looked..painful. Atleast with the rate Aloe was going. But Twilight seemed happy and at ease. And hearing your name, she smiled and called out for you. She couldn't see due to her face mask and cucumber slices on her eyes. "Oh, Anon? Is that you? How are you doing?" She asks, wanting to hear what you thought of the spa thus far
  151. >You hop up onto the seat and lay on your back. This was gonna be weird.
  152. "I'm doing great actually. I just got the best head massage I've ever had...ever. How about you?"
  153. >Really, thats all you could say. Because that head massage was so good that your current problems were pretty much melted butter at this point.
  154. >"Oh...I have to admit. I'm feeling very relaxed and energized already. The upcoming massage might be a little too for me now." She giggles "But, your treating so. I think I'll accept being treated like a princess this one time"
  155. >Well, looked like she was having a good time.
  156. >"Oh" a thought clicks in Twilight's head "Anon, I have a question for you."
  157. "Yeah?"
  158. >"I don't remember if I ever asked. It has been awhile but...Do you read Daring Do?"
  159. "ehh, not really. I don't really read too much. Always busy you know"
  160. >Then you look over, and noticed...Lotus was still waiting on your word.
  161. >oh least she was patient, smiles and all.
  162. " can start now"
  163. >Lotus immediately hops to it the moment you give her the word. She asks you to close your eyes as she applies the face mask and cucumbers. And zips around at blazing speeds to grab her hoof file. And immediately begins filing your hind left hoof. At first you flinch. Which causes her to stop. But, the moment you slowly put your leg back. She begins again. And despite it being a huge file. It felt...rather nice.
  164. >You then proceed to answer Twilight's question.
  165. "No, I don't really read"
  167. >Twilight lifted up her head, the cucumbers flying towards the ground. Making Aloe back off from her filing. "YOU DON'T READ?!"
  168. >Oh much for relaxing. You almost end up opening your eyes. Lotus does her best to focus on her work. But is ready to jump back if it becomes heated.
  169. "N-no...I...err"
  170. >.....why didn't you expect this reaction? maybe because you'd expect her to keep her sperging to a minimum due to the environment around her.
  171. >"Anon!" Twilight's head towel unwraps as she hops off from her seat to speak to you more closely. "How can you not read?! Wait..Wait..." Twilight stopped herself, putting her hoof forward "I'm jumping ahead of myself, you meant you don't read Daring Do right?"
  172. >You don't answer her, you just blink. You had nothing to say to that....nothing.
  174. >goddammit. DAMMIT TWILIGHT....all this......wait...actually. This was actually a good "Twilighty" reason for her to sperg out. Even if it was still annoying.
  175. " know..I'm smart"
  176. >"BUT STILL!" Twilight was wide eyed and frantic "HOW?!"
  177. "T-twilight...erm...ummm"
  178. >You pull your hoof away from Lotus. You couldn't see but you ask a question of her.
  179. "C-can you excuse us for a moment, please?"
  180. >She simply nods and walks away backwards. Aloe actually backs up with her in unison.
  181. "'s just a lifestyle choice I have. I'm doing too many things to get into a book"
  183. "Anon....There's no way, Noooooo way that you don't have time to cuddle in a blanket and read a good book now and again."
  184. >you raise your hoof to wipe off the cucumbers from your eyes so you can look at her, you lift your back up and turn towards her. Dammit, she looked as surprised as she sounded.
  185. "I...erm.."
  186. >Actually, you didn't actually have a good reason.
  187. "...Twilight...maybe we should talk about this another time? Maybe?"
  188. >"..I..."
  189. >oh god, it seemed to have worked. She takes a look around and realizes she's still in the the middle of spa treatment.
  190. "...Oh no..UGHHHHHHH!" Twilight let's out exasperated grunt of frustration "I can't believe I'm reacting like this...b-but...mmnnn"
  191. >Twilight nods to herself, she mentally attempts a quick recovery. "Anon, tonight you're sleeping in my bed and we're going to read Daring Do together. Got it?"
  192. >Wait what?! In her bed with her?! She ain't Fluttershy or Celestia. She was fair game. What if lewd things happened?! Lewd thoughts even!
  193. "T-twilight. I dunno, I mean. I'll be tired and stuff know...supposed to be on equal levels?"
  194. >Twilight shook her head, she had you this time. Due to an incident that happened in a much earlier season. "Sometimes I have to do things like this Anon, but I had a friend of mine who got really interested in reading Daring Do after I left her my copy. So if I can do that for her, then you are going to at least spend one night with me reading a book. Understand?"
  195. >.....she looked so damn determined. Well..fuck. Whatever, right? You'll be fine. It's just a bed..cuddling with her. Why did that even bother you? Did you have an attraction to her adorkable ness or something? Well, you better fuck off with that. There was still DT to deal with.
  196. >You sigh in defeat. You'd let her have this.
  197. "Fine...but I get to have a night snack at that time, ok?"
  199. >"Night snack? on a bed?...mnnn.." Twilight didn't want you to get crumbs on her bed...but.. She at least got you to an exception would be ok. "Deal! Now....errr"
  200. >Twilight looks around, and chuckles nervously "I-I think I'll move on to the massage now..erm...see you in a bit Anon..."
  201. >Twilight calls for Aloe, who was waiting just outside a doorway. Twilight seemed pretty nervous now about how she sperged out. But she was also glad she got you to agree. So a massage would do her some good at this point.
  202. >Lotus then steps back in after Aloe, and steps up to you. She frowned at the fact that you removed the cucumbers from your eyes, and due to the fact it seemed you were having an arguement and didn't seem at all relaxed anymore. But it wasn't anything she couldn't fix. "ahrm..Anon..sir..actually, I do not know which name you'd prefer."
  203. "Umm..Anon will do. We don't need to be so formal."
  204. >Mostly because it felt awkward to you
  205. >"Well then, Anon, would you like to resume the treatment? Or would you like to move on as well?"
  206. >Considering how upset she always looks at the slightest interruption. You thought it'd be nice to just continue where you left off. Poor girl, all she wanted to do was a good job.
  207. "No, I'd like to finish this..erm...thing you were doing."
  208. >Lotus smiled from that. And she asked you to lay back down. The moment you did, she clapped her hooves to the ground. And suddenly. Spa ponies zip around you. Once again putting cucumber cuts over your eyes as your hooves are taken care of, quadruple time. They are filed, rubbed, and gently massaged. It didn't even tickle. It was like four different pleasure surges going up your legs. It..was amazing.
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