Forty meets August

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  1. Orca Island. Nobody knew what year it was, what day it was or even what month it was but the season could be vaguely described as early spring. Snow had melted and it was starting to get warm, but the winter had not been kind and there were many losses.
  3. Those who were left were coming to the end of their food stores, the atmosphere was tense and people that wouldn't ordinarily be so bold as to steal were joining raiding parties or sneaking into bases.
  5. August was alone, others only slowed her down. She moved her camp around when it suited her. For a couple of weeks she had been scavenging the hills near Brightmoor beach when she came across a little base on the north side of it.
  7. It looked abandoned... Or maybe the occupant wasn't home. The little anthro bat watched with binoculars for a few hours before making her move.
  9. A quick in and out and she managed some fresh water and cured meat. She took about half of what was there just in case the place wasn't abandoned and made her way back to the little tent in the woods.
  11. Free and clear
  13. Or so she thought
  15. Winter had been just like the previous ones. Long, cold, and boring. He stayed in mostly, not wanting to venture out into the cold unless he absolutely had too, as the sudden pacific northwest blizzards could sweep in from nowhere and those caught out in them typically perished, either from the cold, or things stalking the blinding snowstorms.
  17. Today of all days was the day he had decided to go out, not realizing there was a small scavenger watching his base. With a couple of cans in his bag from a morning of digging around in some ruins, the large Hyena knelt by the far perimeter of his base, examining a thin, barely visible snapped piece of thread. A barely noticeable perimeter marker, and someone had broken it.. Stalking his way back into his camp, shouldering a well worn bolt action rifle, he followed a a set of small boot prints in the sand.. Right to his little shack, and where he kept his supplies... "Damnit..."
  19. August was already back at her tent. She thought that it might be pertinent to pick it up and move, just in case she was tracked. As such she shoved the food and water into her pack and quickly broke down her camp as quietly as possible, making noise and being sloppy had cost her in the past. After the tent was away, she turned and looked down the hill through her binoculars... seems that the homeowner had come back. And he was big. Welp all the more reason for haste.
  21. The bat wouldn't stand a chance in a fight with someone like that, all five feet of her. She threw her pack over her back, picked up her axe and headed deeper into the woods. "See ya... sucker..."
  23. Forty could immediately tell someone had been rifling through his boxes. Further inspection would confirm his suspicions, someone had stolen a fair bit of food. Snapping his head back towards the door, the large Hyena sniffed at the air. Seems like there was a thief stalking this side of the island. Bad form, real bad form, especially stealing from this particular critter. Staying low, he moved as quickly as possible through the small shack, carefully peering up and out of one of the small openings in the shack, surveying the surrounding hillsides for any signs of movement. Nothing for almost a minute before high in the trees at the top of the hill was a small glint in the sun off the glass of a pair of binoculars. There they were... He just sat.. And waited..
  25. August was heading West, away from her victim and toward Pinecrest. Better to not stay here. Over the next couple of days she'd stay in the woods around Pinecrest and the derby she figured, let the heat die down before she went back to Brightmoor. She had food and water now so that was good.
  27. She shoved the binoculars back in her pack and trekked off over the hills around the old radio tower. It was starting to get dark though, would probably have to camp before she made it to the derby. Still good to put as much distance between herself and an angry hyena as possible.
  29. After a couple of hours of walking, the sun was touching the horizon and she felt an empty pit in her stomach. She hadn't actually eaten any of the pilfered food such was her haste. She decided to camp in a log cabin which was half covered in moss and ivy. It still had a good door and she could make a fire in the pit outside to keep the zombies away. Usually there were others up here and there was evidence that someone had been living here recently, but whoever it was had left over a month ago. She had to hack the ivy away from the door to even open it.
  31. After making a small fire outside, she settled in for the night inside the cabin. The first thing she did was push all the furniture up against the doors and windows of course. Sitting on an unrolled sleeping bag, she finally got to eat.
  33. For nearly an hour Forty sat perfectly still and silent in the shack, watching the hillsides through the cracks in the walls of the shack. Alert for movements of glints of light.. He figured at this point, that whoever was up there could have killed him earlier if they had intended on doing such. Seemed like the thief was going to try and make a hasty escape. Now that was just bad manners, stealing from another survivor like that. And Forty certainly wasn't going to let them go. Stuffing some needed supplies into his bag, he hurried from the small shack, hoofing it up into the hills to where he had seen the reflection from the binocular glass. As he suspected, he found the site of disturbed ear where someone had set up a small camp. Further inspection of the site and surrounding area lead him to find more disturbed earth and broken branches, heading off to the west. So naturally, he pursued the thief, rather angry and mulling over what he was gonna do when he found them...
  35. August was pretty happy right now by contrast. She had climbed up on top of the log cabin she was squatting in to watch the stars. It was actually pretty peaceful out here when one wasn't being chased by mutant wolves, shot at by raiders or hiding from a radiation storm. And tonight was nice, clear. No sign of acid rain clouds, the soft hoot of occasional owls. On top of that she'd managed a heist with zero consequence? Score. The little bat figured that tomorrow she might try to find another base. Survivors usually had guaranteed clean water, maybe she could do it again.
  37. She laid down on the slanted roof of the cabin, folded her arms under her head and started to doze a little.
  39. Little did the small bat thief know, that something quite a bit more dangerous was lurking nearby. The large hyena that she had borrowed some food from stalking almost silently through the dense pine trees surrounding the cabin. Having picked up the smell of her campfire about 20 minutes ago. Between the smell of smoke and disturbed pine needles littering the forest floor, it was easy for the experienced scavenger to track down the thief. Judging from the trail, there was only one. Easy. So Forty sat, concealed in the dark woods, closely watching as the small thief milled about the abandoned cabin before climbing herself up onto the roof. Knowing full well that a sudden approach most certainly would alert the probably paranoid thief. So the hunter decided to bid his time for now, just watching, and waiting...
  41. August woke up with a snort, sure she had heard something. She slid down the roof a little and had to scrabble on the aging cedar tiles to stop from falling completely off. After that scare she muttered "shit" then stood up over the roof peak and looked around. Whistling usually brought the zombies out so she stuck two fingers in her mouth and whistled sharply. Out of the woods came two shambling mutants shortly there after and, after fumbling with a pistol, the bat was able to pick them off from the roof.
  43. Trying to calm her breathing, she looked around again then clambered down the ladder through the skylight and back into the cabin. After which came the distinct sound of a trap door closing and locking. The light of a candle appeared inside the cabin, then it was silent again.
  45. Hmm.. So the little thief was armed, good to know.. With the bat having gone down into the cabin, the hyena moved slowly through the woods around the cabin, pulling a small pair of binoculars from his gear and trying to see if he could find a position that afford him a view of one of the cabin windows to try and get a better look at what was going on inside by the candle light, to give him maybe a bit better of an idea what he was dealing with, though he suspected, it was just that little lone bat. Probably just a lone base raider. Well, this little thief was going to be in for a bit of a surprise come morning time.
  47. It was just one bat of course, and she wasn't sleeping. She was making something by candle light. As the hyena moved around for a better vantage point he could see the bat was sitting there in a tank top repairing a jacket and a pair of pants, long hair held back with a couple of elastic bands. Apparently the stereotype of bats being nocturnal was true. She would kind of mill around the cabin, repair stuff, take her pistol (which appeared to be the only firearm she had) apart and clean it, then put it back together.
  49. As the sun started rising, only then did she get into her sleeping bag and stop futzing around.
  51. The weird hyena just sat there in the bushes, watching through his binoculars and spying on the bat for the rest of the night like some kind of creep... motionless in the dark, taking stock of the cabin's set up, how things were piled around. Thinking that he was probably going to have to wait for the bat to leave the cabin, or at least, unpile some of the stuff from the door before he could make his move. Once the bat had finally gone to sleep, he waited another hour or so before making his way silently down to the cabin, moving around quick quietly for a critter his size, circling the cabin a few times, looking for suitable hiding places, planning how he was going to deal with the armed thief inside. It would have to be fast..
  53. August slept restlessly for four hours or so. Often waking up... sort of... looking around then drifting off again. She was paranoid for sure and her large satellite dish ears picked up even birds fighting on the roof outside. It seemed that she preferred to do much of her actual moving around in the afternoon. When the sun was high in the sky overhead she started packing up her stuff, then unbarred the door and would try to head out. She appeared totally unaware that there were more than birds to worry about, her pistol was holstered and she held a small hatchet for cutting away ivy in her hand.
  55. As August set about getting herself back to travelling order, unbarring the door and getting herself ready to head back out again. Everything outside seemed to be in normal order. And the Hyena, was nowhere to be seen. Nothing in particular seemed out of place for now. As August made her way out onto the small porch of the cabin, down the couple of steps to the ground, she made it about ten feet from the building when a loud gunshot tore through the forest, the bullet impacting and blowing up dirt and leaves about a foot in front of the small bat, now a little trapped out in the open. A quick scan on August's part and she would see, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere, none other than the large hyena from the base a day or so before, his rifle locked on the small thief. It was obvious that Forty could have easily just killed her, but why didn't he?
  57. "Why don't you go ahead and get them hands up, boy.. You run or go for that piece on your hip and you're dead..."
  59. When the shot threw up dirt and leaves around her feet she jumped backward and immediately started reaching for her pistol, stopped by the voice of the hyena. The little bat's ears both snapped toward the voice, then she turned her head to catch up with them. Shakily, she lifted her hands shoulder height and away from her pistol. "Oh... it... it's you heh. Yeah you can have your stuff back. I still have most of it and... -and- if you want I'll even throw in five amcoins?" She appeared to be looking directly at the hyena now but it was hard to tell with her hair over her eyes like that. "You wanna let me go right?"
  61. The Hyena approached slowly, keeping his rifle raised and centered on the bat. There was zero doubt, judging from his voice that the large Hyena wouldn't shoot her if she tried something. As he got closer, It became much more obvious just how big he was. Easily around 6'6", he towered over the small bat. "Turn around, real slow, back to me, bat, and hands on top of your head. Any funny business and I'll waste you, boy."
  63. August turned around with her hands on her head... in one she was still holding her hatchet and all. "Listen... I'm hungry, everyone's hungry. We're all hungry! We can totally overlook this can't we? I only took like three little bits of venison. It's hardly anything. You had so much and it's just you that you're feeding r...right?" She just kind of talked and talked and talked, her voice speeding up and getting squeaky with nervousness. "Don't kill me... I'm waaay more useful alive. Like... I can totally fit in spaces where you can't for example! I can help you!"
  65. August might find herself a bit concerned as a rifle barrel was pressed against her back between her shoulder blades, a moment later, the hatchet being roughly pulled from her hand. She could hear the tool being tossed away and landing on the ground before her pistol was roughly yanked from it's holster. Since Forty had been watching the bat all night, he was pretty certain she didn't have any other weapons on her. Disarmed, and standing there with her hands on her head, Forty slung his rifle up over his shoulder before grabbing both of August's hands, jerking them both down roughly behind the small thief's back. The big hyena was strong. REALLY strong, easily overpowering any resistance from August. "Quit your yammering, bat. Maybe if you're real lucky I won't eat you."
  67. The hyena growled in annoyance at the stammering thief. He was kidding right? He wouldn't really eat her, right? Things got a bit more concerning though as Forty suddenly wrapped a thick ziptie around both of August's wrists and pulled it tight. Grabbing the back of August's jacket roughly, he pushed the bat ahead of him, marching the little thief back up the steps and into the cabin. "Move it. Hurry up."
  69. She was very easy to disarm, other than that all she had was a small backpack full of scavenged stuff and a pair of binoculars. She was wearing a patched up military jacket, a dirty yellowing (it was probably white at some point) tank top, a pair of jeans that she had found that were way too big but tied tightly around her waist with a rope and stuffed into a pair of combat boots. A fluffy little tail poked out of a hole cut in the back of her pants. "Okay.. yep... whatever you say."
  71. She tripped up the stairs then walked back into the cabin. Inside, the windows were still barred by furniture. The stack of broken chairs that she had set against the door just pushed to the side. Other than that there was a coffee table with a couple of old books on it, some candles and an empty can of beans.
  73. "Wait... eat -me-..." She tried to look over her shoulder. "You're... you're not going muto are you?"
  75. Once past the door and into the cabin, August got a rough shove from behind that sent her to the floor. "Shut up.. So, you think you can just waltz into people's camps and take whatever you want, huh?"
  77. Turning around, the big Hyena slammed the door closed behind him and pulled an old wooden chair in front of the door before locking the door. Setting his rifle against the wall and taking off his backpack, he dropped that to the ground before taking off the heavy, black canvas work coat he wore. Just wearing a rather ragged green tee-shirt underneath. His heavy boots caused the old floors to creak as he walked across them, kneeling down, there was a click and slight metallic ring as he pulled a large hunting knife from it's leather sheath on his belt. The blade slicing easily through the straps on August's backpack, pulling the small pack from the bat's back and starting to rummage through it. "Let's see what you got in here..."
  79. August fell down then shoved herself back against the wall under the window. She shook her head so that the hair fell out of her eyes and she could properly see the hyena. Very very tall... she muttered "Why did I fuck with this guy..." She leaned to the side as her backpack was torn off her and sat up a little to see. Inside there wasn't much. Half a box of antibiotics, some other medicines, a couple of bags of foraged plants (they looked like stuff for soothing upset stomachs and healing burns mostly), her binoculars, the stolen food and water, a small utility knife, a journal and the nub of a pencil and a flash light. There was also a peanut jar full of amcoins. "I.. I mean what do you want from there? I guess I'm not in any position to bargain but I know where there's a bunker nearby here that's still got some good canned food in it..."
  81. Forty basically just dumped the contents of August's backpack out onto the floor of the cabin. What a jerk. After digging through her things, he turned his attention back to the bat backed up against the wall under the window. Snapping his arm out rather suddenly, He pressed the cold back of his large hunting knife up under August's chin, tightly against her neck, holding her there, and just staring for a few seconds before starting to pat her down with his other hand.
  83. "You talk too much, bat..."
  85. He growled as he ran his hand all over August, patting down pockets, stuffing them inside her jacket, under her shirt. Then patting down her pants, pockets, down both legs, roughly patting and groping her crotch to see if he was hiding anything.
  87. "Why would you leave food in a bunker, boy?" He asked gruffly, keeping his knife held tightly to August's throat.
  89. She tilted her head up, her breathing becoming shaky as she was searched. The hyena would figured out during the search that he wasn't necessarily talking to a "boy". In fact, the little bat was quite obviously female on more than just a cursory inspection. "I ... Okay I didn't I was just... trying to maybe trick you. That bunker is fulla big-boys. But... yknow.. maybe you woulda been like "screw this bat and this bag full of crap I'm goin there instead... or... or something." She swallowed firmly against the knife, trying to pull her head back but there was really only log wall behind him and so she had no where to retreat to.
  91. That really didn't seem like the best of explanations, as the Hyena leaned in close, nearly nose to nose with the small bat, just staring. It was quite clear that August had made quite the mistake in robbing this guy's base. "You ain't very bright, are ya?" The Hyena asked before a BIG grin spread across the large, broad muzzle of his and.. Wow.. Those were some BIG teeth.
  93. "You ain't got nothin' worth taking... Waste of my damn time. So why don't just go on a tell my why I shouldn't cut your neck and leave you for the crows, huh?"
  95. August's heart was racing and her ears dropped flat against the back of her head. She squirmed against the zipties, only causing them to tighten a little. "If I kicked you in the junk right now.. it wouldn't be a great idea would it.." She said, voice kind of a stage whisper. "What can I do to save my own hide ... is the question I guess I should be asking at this point huh?"
  97. Forty snorted, blowing hot wet breath across August's face. "You just don't know when to shut up, do you?"
  99. Pulling the knife back from August's neck, he stood up, stuffing the knife back in the sheath on his belt before reaching down and grabbing the back of August's coat, Pulling her roughly from where she sat up onto her knees. He walked slowly around the kneeling bat, looking her over like circling shark.. Finally stopping in front of her. Staring down at her, the big hyena now had a smirk on his muzzle that was quite unsettling, like he'd just gotten some kind of idea that August most assuredly wasn't going to like. Reaching back around behind her, he pulled August's pistol from where he had stuck it in his belt. checking the small handgun before starting to undo his belt.
  101. "I got an idea... How about we use that mouth of your's for something other than yappin'? Maybe if you do a good job, I might even let you go."
  103. Yep, this just got worse..
  105. The bat squeaked as she was pulled up onto her knees, her eyes went to her pistol then down to the hyena's boots. She was sure this was it, shot in the head with her own weapon, what a way to go. Then there was the sound of a belt being undone, the distinct metal on metal and sliding of leather. August looked up in confusion, then it slowly dawned on her what was happening. "Wait you want me to... EUGH... that's disgusting! Why would I do that?! I don't even fucking know you!" She started trying to stand up but was kind of off balance due to having her hands tied behind her back and fell on her ass again. "I don't even know where you've been or if you bathe or anything!"
  107. Forty laughed at August as she tried to stand and fell back down. As August looked back up at the big Hyena, Forty shrugged and brought up his right hand, pressing the cold barrel of August's pistol against the little bat thief's forehead. "I wasn't asking, bat..." He growled
  109. She winced, then kinda sat back up on her knees and scooted forward. "Fiine fuckin... pull your pants down I guess..." She grumbled. "I can't do it with my hands behind my back can I? Or maybe you can just cut this ziptie."
  111. "Not happening any time soon." The large hyena growled, starting to undo his belt with his free hand. In the other, he still had August's pistol. Tugging the front of his pants down, it was immediately obvious, he was a rather big guy.  With his pants down, he reached out, grabbing August by her long hair, twisting a free braid around his hand and roughly jerking the kneeling bat forward, mashing August's muzzle against his semi-hard cock. He tap tapped the slide of August's pistol against the side of his captive's head.
  113. "You bite me, and things are gonna get VERY unpleasant for you, got it bat?"
  115. August wasn't QUITE expecting that but, then again, she wasn't really sure what she was expecting at this point. Like this asshole was actually going to cut the zipties. She gasped out of reflex as her short muzzle was shoved against the hyena's crotch, then she coughed. "Ugh when was the last time you swam or took a bath, you smell like something died..." Still, there was a pistol against her head wasn't there? Her pistol. She cursed, laying her ears flat and squeezing her eyes closed. Shakily, she kind of gave a half assed lick to the large, half hard hyena cock in her face then exhaled a snort from her nose.
  117. "Hah, it's been a couple of days." He laughed at the small bat who obviously did not wanna do this. Well, she should have thought about that before stealing someone's food. "What's the matter, bat? I thought you were hungry, huh?"
  119. He Gave August's head a rough jerk, smacking her face against the now pretty rigid length of hyena cock. "Start suckin' before I get angry.."
  121. The bat looked up now that her eyes were uncovered, her nose wrinkling in a bit of a snarl. Suck cock or get shot in the head. She sat up a little taller on her knees and tilted her head a bit, but kept her eyes open as she pushed the head of the hyena's stiff cock into her warm, soft little mouth. She was apparently holding her breath, which wasn't the best idea because as she slowly took more and more back into her muzzle she suddenly took a deep breath through her nose and her senses were full of hot hyena musk.
  123. August made a... strange little noise when that hit her. A soft little groan? She closed her eyes and shook her head a bit, then pulled back only to push down again, a little farther. Her wrists twisted against the thick ziptie, trying without much success to break it.
  125. Forty let out a long, pleased little growl as that warm, wet little bat maw closed around the end of his cock. It had been a damn long time since.. Well, anything really. SO needless to say, the large critter was pretty damn pent up. He just stood there, staring down at August as the small bat reluctantly worked that large hyena cock into her muzzle. A considerable size difference between the two, might find it a little difficult for August to get all 9 inches of that cock in her muzzle. At least, that was up until Forty rather suddenly bucked his hips forward as he jerked on August's hair, ramming his cock right to the back of the small bat's muzzle and a couple of inches down her throat, mashing August's nose tight against his soft belly fur. "Aaha.. There, like that, gotta take all of it if your want me to let you go."
  127. It had been a while since the bat had anything like this too, living in this sort of situation by yourself means your options are kinda limited. She squeaked but the sound was very muffled and became a cough that shook her little body as the rest of that thick cock was just unceremoniously crammed into the back of her throat. The bat's eyes watered but she didn't pull her head up, she just tried to steady her shaky breathing and swallow a few times. Then, once she was calmed down, she tried to pull back a little. She was all trembling with adrenaline and terrified of being left for dead right here but for some reason she was turned on by this? Sick little fucker.
  129. August squeezed her legs tightly together in an attempt to alleviate the burning tingle between them.
  131. Forty held August's head there for a couple of seconds, rather enjoying the feeling of the wiggling little bat and the tight muzzle around his cock. But figuring he didn't want to rough her up too bad quite yet, he pulled back, pulling his cock most of the way from August's muzzle to let her catch her breath. For all of about one second before he jammed his hips forward again, cramming August's muzzle and back of her throat full of musky hyena cock again. Though this time, he didn't hold it there, instead continuing to buck his hips at the same time he pulled on August's head, slowly fucking the small bat's face without much regard for any resistance his captive might be putting up. "Aaaa, yeah, there you go.. Thought you might be hungry. Anybody ever tell you you suck cock like a champ? Haha!"
  133. She gasped deeply , a thick string of pre and spit between her mouth and the end of Forty's cock. She looked like she was about to say something before her head was just shoved right back down and her muzzle and throat fucked by the stronger, larger hyena. August was making little protest squeaks every time she felt the head of the hyena's cock push back into the back of her throat but she seemed to be doing a pretty good job of keeping her composure for someone so small having to take nine girthy inches of drippy, musky cock into her throat over and over.
  135. The soft, short fur on her face was marred with dirt and now wet streaks as her eyes were watering a little with the effort of trying not to cough. Gotta do a good job in order to survive this right? That was totally the only reason he was making such an effort.
  137. "M..mmff" She tried to pull her head back and gasp the word "stop" but barely managed it.
  139. Forty was very clearly enjoying himself, just thrusting away, fucking August's little muzzle. Any objections or resistance from the small bat was totally ignored. Surprisingly though, this would only last a short while for the big Hyena suddenly pulled back, pulling his pre and saliva slathered cock from August's mouth. "Alright.. Enough of that. You're pretty good. I'll give you that.. I'm impressed, you took that like a champ." letting go of August's hair, it seemed like this might be over finally. But then that big hand grabbed the back of August's coat and hauled her roughly to her feet. They both spun rather suddenly before August was suddenly shoved face down against the top of an old table. Bent over the table, Forty mashed August's pistol against the back of her head. "Don't move. I'm gonna leave soon, and if you wanna be living when I leave, you're just gonna stay right here. Got it?" A snap could be heard somewhere on Forty's belt as he pulled a large hunting knife from it's sheath. The large knife slide effortlessly through the ziptie holding August's hands behind her back. Well, that was a plus. It was short lived though, Forty jamming the knife roughly into the wooden table near August's head. That was a little startling. With August bent over the table face down, Forty pulled his captives arms out to either side of the table. A few clicks and August would feel zipties snap once again tightly around her wrists, though this time, her hands were ziptied to the legs of the table he was bent over. Great...
  141. The light framed bat was easy to just pick up and throw down like that, though when she was picked up she tried to wiggle a little there wasn't much in the way of resistance. When Forty spoke she nodded, trying to rub her face on the old wood a little as it was soaked in pre and saliva. "Yeah okay... whatever you say I ain't gettin' up... you can just leave." Okay good, ziptie was being cut. She was going to - SLAM - The bat jumped and looked back after the knife was slammed into the wood next to her head, she almost spoke again but her arms were being restrained again.
  143. "Oh... come the fuck on... why you gotta tie me up again... I'm not a threat you can see that... how am I gonna get out of this when you bugger off? I'll be eaten by wolves."
  145. Forty pulled the knife from the table and stood there. Just staring at the small bat bent over, face down on the table with her hands quite firmly tied. He knew that August would probably be able to free herself eventually, long after Forty had left. He tilted his head to the side and cackled. "You're not a threat at the moment. And I don't need you following me, which I know you will. Hmmm.. But before I go..." He reaches out, pulling up the back of August's coat before roughly grabbing hold of that rather well shaped bat ass through her jeans. "I think I should leave you something to remember me by, what do you think?"
  147. That didn't sound good...
  149. She tried to look over her shoulder again. Her legs weren't in a great position to kick the hyena, in fact her boots weren't even touching the ground. All of her weight was on the wooden picnic table. "Wh... what.." She started to shiver again. "Heh no... no you don't wanna do that I promise like pfft nothing great about..." The bat swallowed hard and dropped her head forward, pushing her forehead against the wood. "You prolly got better things to do yeah? There's uh... there's gotta be mushrooms in this forest or... I'm geting fucked... aren't I..?"
  151. "Well aren't you clever?" The hyena said with a laugh, not even bothering to try and undo August's belt or front of his pants. Grabbing a hold of back pocket roughly, he pulled up on the fabric. "Hold still, this knife is really sharp, wouldn't want to nick that nice ass of yours." He said, as August could hear, and feel his knife cut easily through the fabric of the back of her pants. Forty's knife made short work of the back of August's pants, shredding them easily as Forty just ripped them away from the captive thief's ass.
  153. She thought about bitching that those were her only pair of pants but fat lot of good that would do. When the fabric was sliced away Forty would be presented with a round, soft little ass, tail flicked down as "between her legs" as much as she could manage for a fluffy little thing like that. Her soft, thick thighs immediately pressed together but the smell of drippy aroused bat pussy was pretty unmistakable. Shivering visibly, her skin was flushed bright red , most evident in the inners of her large ears. "You can... still choose not to do this.." she whined softly.
  155. It was pretty obvious that the big hyena had made up his mind already of exactly what he was going to do. Sniffing at the air for a few seconds, he chuckled. Grabbing the small fluff bat tail and yanking it up roughly. Forcing his other hand up between August's legs, rubbing his fingers through the short, soft, and rather soaked fur of August's tight little dripping bat pussy. "Well now... You're actually gettin' off on this aren't you? Man, you're a little weirdo, huh? Haha! Damn you are soaked." as if to emphasize that point, he pushed one of his slicked up fingers between those soaked lips pretty easily, sinking all the way to his knuckle. "Fuck, you're tight..."
  157. She gasped and tried to bite her lip to not make the squeaky little groan she made anyway. The little bat's breathing became quicker. Not only was she soaking wet but she was also burning hot, needy little weirdo indeed. "Sh...shut up... you asshole... it's just nnf... it's been a long time. I want - aah... you to let me go... n-nothing else..." She was a shitty liar, the hyena's hand was all wet as were the insides of August's legs. In embarrassment she tried to hide her head down in her jacket a little bit. "I hh..hate you and I'm gonna fuckin' take the rest of your shit then hang you somewhere the a... ahh.. the bears can get you... just you wait.."
  159. "Man, you have just got quite the mouth on you, don't you? And here I was gonna be nice to you.. Guess now I'm not..." Forty could be heard rummaging around in his coat for a moment, pulling his hand from between August's legs and inspecting it, it was pretty soaked. He just chuckled, licking off both his fingers. Glancing down a moment, he noticed August's bag sitting leaning against the table. "Hmm.. What do we have here..." He leaned over, pulling a decently sized Mag-Light from the side pocket of of the thief's bag. "I don't think you're really in much of a position to be threatening me. Considering your position and all. And I was gonna be nice too. I think I'll play with you a little while longer before I go." Leaning over he knocked the mag-light on the table next to August's face. "About the same size, wouldn't you say? I bet you can take this, what do you think? Should we find out? I bet you'll probably moan huh?"
  161. She shook her head rapidly. "No I'd rather y-.." She stopped, stopping herself from saying what she was about to say /I'd rather your fingers at this point/, seriously bat? She tried to wiggle away but there wasn't really anywhere she could go restrained to a picnic table like this. "Look man I'm all talk haha my mouth just... it just gets me in trouble yeah? Why don't we just forget about this whole thing?" She was staring at her flashlight... she'd never considered using that before actually... maybe later. Maybe once the stupid hyena got bored and left.
  163. "Yeah.. Yeah that mouth is definitely getting you into a bit of trouble." Forty stood back up, reaching over and pulling the smooth, rounded end of the light up between August's legs, sliding the cool, smooth steel between those searing lips, getting the flashlight nice and slippery and slathered in warm bat juices. His other hand still on August's tail pulled it up roughly, exposing the little bat's nice, tight little asshole right under her tail. Whereas the idea of getting fucked with that Mag-Light in the pussy might not have been the worst of outcomes, August might find himself suddenly very concerned as Forty pushed the rounded end of the slippery flashlight against her puckered little hole. "Hmm.. Gonna be a tight fit."
  165. Her bright blue eyes widened and she squirmed even more now. "Not there!" She all but yelled. The bat was well aware that raising one's voice was generally a bad idea, especially in the woods and with night starting to approach. "Fuck, what the fuck are you doing you sicko let me go or just fuck me proper or oh my god what is /wrong/ with you." Yeah, apparently she just couldn't help himself. The bat looked over her shoulder angrily at Forty. "All I did was take some food... leave my ass alone it's never h...had... uh..."
  167. The big hyena was clearly having far too much fun tormenting the small bat. Seemed like August had stolen from the wrong critter as this big hyena was clearly a big, pervy weirdo. "Getting a little loud there, bat. You might wanna keep it down, might be bad of you to attract company when you're tied to a table like this huh? What do you say? We should see if you can keep quiet.." As he spoke, he started pushing on the slicked up flashlight. More and more pressuring building up, August might be able to try and clench, but it was pretty clear that it wasn't going to do any good as Forty pushed hard and slowly before finally, that tight ring would give way and the end of that Flashlight popped into the little bat's tight hole. "OOo there we go.."
  169. She turned her head and bit down on her own shoulder to silence himself. The hyena was right. Zombies or wolves or fuckin... zombie wolves could hear the kind of noise she was making from a mile away. She growled, then squeaked into her coat. With persistence, the smooth end of the flashlight slicked up with her own juices pushed into the bat's tight asshole. She was visibly sweating and shivering quite a bit. "F... fuck.." Apparently the talkative bat was finally lost for words.
  171. "Oh whats the matter? Nothing witty to say? Not so tough anymore with a flashlight jammed up your ass? You're enjoying this aren't you? Haha!" Forty continued mocking the bound bat as he pushed the light deeper into her ass.  As he did this, August might not notice the large Hyena saddle up behind her, having to lean down the a little bit, he pushed his cock rather suddenly up between August's legs, grinding it back and forth, hotdogging dripping, tight little bat pussy. All the while, slowly fucking her ass with the flashlight.
  173. "Phew, yeah, you're burning up.. Guess you like it in the ass, huh?"
  175. There was no point in trying to wiggle away, no escape, no arguing... so she just had to deal with what was happening right now. "It hurts..." She protested, though that was only half true. It had initially but the more the worked the now warm flashlight in and out of August's slackening asshole, the less it was bothering her. Enjoying it was a stretch, she totally wasn't enjoying it. But when she felt that still hard cock grinding against her pussy she couldn't help the needy whine she made. And she was still extremely wet. Maybe the dumb hyena was right? That made August even more pissed off. "Nnh... you're an asshole... hyena.."
  177. Forty grinned at the little whine that August involuntarily made. "What was that? Did you say something?" He laughed again as August insulted him.
  179. "Me? An asshole. Yeah. That sounds about right.. Don't worry, I'll let you go... When I'm done with you." Grinding his cock up and down that dripping bat pussy a few more times before pulling up and pushing the tip of his cock between those tight little lips.. Just pouring pre at this point, and with how wet August was, he just pushed right on in without much resistance at all, but damn was it a tight fit, naturally being much larger than the small bat. He let out a satisfied hiss as he hilted all 9 inches of his cock in the little bat. "Aaahaha fuuuuck... Damn you are fucking tight.." He said, the Flashlight still up August's ass as Forty started to pull back before rocking his cock back in as he continued fucking August's asshole with the light. Needless to say, the sensation of having both his holes getting stuffed was probably a tad overwhelming.
  181. It was pretty easy for the big hyena to just slide right on into the bat's hot, yielding but incredibly tight little pussy. Her voice cracked in a loud moan which she shoved her head against her arm to quiet almost immediately. The burning was satisfied by nine rock hard inches of hyena cock, and she let out a long shaky sigh. "Fuck.." She said again, kind of angling her hips up a little. Sure the big smelly jerk had to tie her down to get to this point but now it seemed that August was actually kind of willing. "B..big..." She was trying to say more but found herself not very able to articulate, just feeling both of those holes filled and stretched and fucked...
  183. Grabbing a hold of the small bats hip to get a good grip, Forty wasted no time in just going to town on the small bat. As pent up as he was, he'd drawn this out a bit too long and now that he was balls deep in this tight little bat, it was great! Dull, wet slaps filled the tiny cabin as the big Hyena bucked into the tied up little bat, each drive filling that slicked up, and burning hot little bat pussy. A loud growl rumbled in Forty's chest as he drove August into the table with long, hard thrusts that caused the table to buckle and shake a little. "Aaaha fuck.. Damn, You liked tied up and fucked, huh? Nasty little bat.."
  185. "Haa~ Fuck you.." At least she wasn't arguing anymore. Forty would feel the trembling and tensing getting worse, the little bat's ass jerking backward against the merciless railing she was receiving. She was getting tighter. " noo ahhnn..." The bat's ears dropped back along her back and she bucked backward again /hard/ as she started to shake with orgasm. Wow, maybe it had been a long time, August was cumming from getting tied to a table and violated. She hated herself , she hated the hyena but it felt too good to try to push down and deny anymore.
  187. It had been a pretty damn long time for Forty too. Usually finding food was much more important. His breathing started getting heavier, and more ragged as he just hammered away at August's plush little ass. His drives and thrusts getting much harder, and much faster if not a bit erratic. That tight little bat pussy start to spasm and clench down around his cock though was more than enough to send he right on over the edge. Slamming back in one last time, that thick length of hyena cock filling up August pretty much completely as it started to pulse and throb, the little bat could get the hot spurts of thick hyena cum, pumping into her, with nowhere else to go, spurting out around the big cock buried in her, thick streams of cum pouring down the insides of her thighs
  189. Stalked, watched, mouth fucked at gun point, tied to a table,  fucked with a flash light, raped and now bred by a big disgusting predator from who she made the mistake of stealing. This was not the little bat's day. So why was she panting and stifling a weird laugh and shoving her head down into the rough surface of the collapsing old table. "Holy... shit..." Yeah okay there was probably something wrong with this bat. She shivered again, then slowly turned her head and looked back over her shoulder at the hyena still over her back. "Y... ya gonna.. untie me now?"
  191. Forty huffed and panted, waiting a few seconds to make sure he had totally finished off every last bit into that tight little bat. He finally pulled back, sliding free as the flashlight also fell from August's asshole. Just leaving the bat's backside gaped, cum pouring mess.. Forty just laughed and gave the bat a little swat across the ass, causing it to jiggle and drip..
  193. "Not bad.. Not bad.. I suppose you did alright, best fuck I'm had in a long time." Pulling his pants back up and tightening up his belt, he walked around to one side of the table, reaching down and slicing through one of August's restraints, but leaving the other one. It seemed that that was all August was gonna get. One hand still tied, and her pants just shredded, the big Hyena walked towards the door, hefting up his bag and his rifle before turning back. "You'd be smart not to cross me again. Otherwise, I might just drill you in the ass next time.. You seem like you enjoy it, after all. Weirdo.."
  195. August sat up a little as the hyena walked toward the door. She looked down at herself, her legs covered in cum, her ass sore and let out a little huff. Forty hadn't even attempted to take his stuff back. "Names August, by the way." She wrinkled her nose, then turned away from the hyena and attempted to free her other wrist from the remaining ziptie. "That a threat or a promise?"
  197. The big Hyena stopped at the doorway. "Name's Forty.. Consider it a promise, smart ass.."
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