Anon finds an 8 year old Rarity

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. >Paper bags filled with groceries.
  2. >You walk alone in the night, rain coming down furiously.
  3. >Pips of an odd noise coming through the rain.
  4. >Sobbing.
  5. >You stop, a streetlamp painting the dark scene with a dull yellow light.
  6. >Turning your head you peer down an alleyway.
  7. >You're hesitant, as you walk down the alley toward the noise.
  8. >On the other side of a dumpster you see a small child.
  9. >Sitting on the ground head down in her arms.
  10. >You stand over her, she looks up at you.
  11. >Her eyes are blue and her skin is the pale white.
  12. >Her scent like garbage offends you.
  13. >"W-what do you want? Leave me alone, can't you see I'm in enough misery!?"
  14. "Whats the matter?"
  15. >"EVERYTHING IS THE MATTER. My friends are gone, I'm stuck in this strange place I don't understand, I don't have anywhere to stay, it's raining and that makes me sad and when I get sad I cry and crying ruins my makeup and that just makes it even woooorse!"
  16. "How old are you?"
  17. >"I'm 8 but what does that matter? I'm convinced that this place is the absolute worst and there's nothing you can do to change my mind!"
  18. "How about I take you in for the night, you can get dried off and I'll give you something to eat."
  19. >As if on Que her stomach loudly growls.
  20. >She hides her face a bit.
  21. >"I guess I'm not in a position to turn you down am I."
  22. >You sigh smiling offering her your hand.
  23. >She takes it and you pull her to her feet.
  24. >Her knees wobble a bit as she sort of falls onto you.
  25. >"S-sorry I-"
  26. "It's alright, you just haven't eaten in a while. You must be very weak, you can lean on me for support."
  27. >She clasps holding onto you.
  29. (this was the prompt. I decided to write about it)
  31. >you pick her up and hold her as she clamps onto your shirt
  32. >"Oh dear... this is humiliating..."
  33. "Hey, we all have those moments of need. Its alright... um..."
  34. >crap, you don't think you've even gotten her name
  35. "What was your name again?"
  36. >"Zzzzzz..."
  37. >she fell asleep?!
  38. >ok, don't panic
  39. >this girl is obviously just exhausted
  40. >and soaking wet
  41. >just gotta get her home while carrying your recently bought groceries and balance an umbrella to keep yourself dry...
  42. >just walk a block, no problem
  43. >as you walk back home, almost mimicking a circus performance trying to balance many objects, you notice something about the little girl
  44. >for starters, she's still holding onto your shirt as she clearly sleeps
  45. >and, somehow, she's wearing some kind of necklace that looks like...
  46. >yup, that's a diamond!
  47. >don't question it, just get the fuck home...
  48. >soon enough, you finally reach your small apartment house
  49. >room for two families, but you just need the basement
  50. >you walk to the side door, get your keys totally without having a hassle, and open the door to your humble abode
  51. "Ah~ home sweet home."
  52. >the kid is still fast asleep in your arms
  53. >she's definitely a cute one, now that you can clearly see what she looks like without the rain getting in the way
  54. >alright... now what?
  55. >maybe you should start by-
  56. >*slam!*
  57. >crap, you let the door close by itself!
  58. >"Wah ha ha!"
  59. >crap, she's awake!
  60. >"Unhand me, you ruffian!"
  61. >crap, she's hitting your head!
  62. "Hey *ow* could *fuck* you *dammit* stop that?!"
  63. >"Where am I?! Where did you take me?!"
  64. >you finally put her down and fight through the pain you've been inflicted upon
  65. "Jeez, don't you remember anything?"
  66. >as you say that, she begins to calm down and look up at you
  67. >"Oh.. that's right... you wanted to give me shelter..."
  68. "See? I'm not a bad guy, little girl."
  69. >she starts to pout at that
  70. >"I have a name, Mister!"
  71. "And what would that be?"
  72. >"My name is... Rarity."
  73. "Rarity... what a lovely name."
  75. >"Well, at least some people can understand a name with so much class."
  76. >...bitch
  77. "Indeed. well, Rarity, I gotta take care of a few things. After I'm done, I'll whip up some food and- whoa whoa whoa, hey!"
  78. >during your little speech, Rarity started to collapse, but, luckily, you managed to hold her up
  79. "Rarity, you alright?!"
  80. >"Yes... I'm simply a little under the weather."
  81. >dammit, she's still soaking wet
  82. "Like hell you are... screw it, here, take this."
  83. >you rummage through your bag of delectables and pull out a bag of potato chips
  84. "Here, *pop* eat something for now. You have to keep your strength up."
  85. >"*gasp*"
  86. >da fuck?
  87. >"Are those... potato chips?! No no no, I can't eat that! I need to watch my figure, make sure I look fabulous at all times, in body and soul!
  88. >little kid
  89. >dissing the potato chips
  90. >shiggy diggy
  91. "You want to wait who knows how long for a meal, or would you rather have something to hold yourself over?"
  92. >"Um... perhaps..."
  93. >she slowly takes the bag of chips and pulls one out with the tips of her fingers
  94. >"F-fine, I'll take my potato chip, and... eat it!"
  95. >she dramatically takes a bite of the potato chip and gulps it down as if she's eating a truck load of them
  96. "Good, now come with me and and lets get you settled."
  97. >you start to walk further into your basement home with Rarity next to...
  98. >she isn't following
  99. >she's just standing there...
  100. "Rarity?"
  101. >"I-is is safe?"
  102. >wat
  103. "Of course it is. Come on, I'll show you."
  104. >you hold your hand out and allow her to grab it
  105. >cautiously, she does just that, letting you bring her into your little home
  106. >couch
  107. >fridge
  108. >vidya
  109. >bed over yonder
  110. >bathroom next to it
  111. >this is a bomb ass place for just a basement
  112. >you bring her to the couch and let her sit down
  113. "Ok, I'll fix you something to eat real soon."
  114. >you walk over to where you keep all your delicious and nutritious junk food and take a look around
  115. "Want anything in particular?"
  116. >"Um... excuse me."
  117. "Hmm?"
  118. >"My clothes are..."
  119. >...
  122. "Oh, crap, sorry! I forgot about the... wait right there!"
  123. >you sprint towards your bathroom and take a clean towel from the rack
  124. >towel get!
  125. >you come back to find Rarity...
  126. >no...
  127. >she's playing with...
  128. >"Oh my, I didn't know adults still played with toys. I must say, the craftsmanship on this robot... thingy is simply marvelous!"
  129. >your priceless 12 inch statue...
  130. >you payed far too much money for that
  131. "Rarity, gently put that down and come here."
  132. >"Oh... alright."
  133. >she puts it back where she came from and gets up t-
  134. >its tipping over
  135. >PANIC
  136. >you throw the towel into the air and reach out to grab the falling object
  137. >!
  138. "Whoa... almost lost you there. Don't worry, Domon, you'll one day find your-"
  139. >"Ahem!"
  140. > pray to whatever god actually exists that the towel didn't simple land on- ah crap
  141. >"That, hurt, mister!"
  142. "Well you... um... whatever, sorry about that."
  143. >she starts drying her hair as you successfully calm down from your adrenaline rush
  144. >alright, you got the drying thing taken care of, now all you need is some food
  145. >you still don't know what she eats, though...
  146. "Hey, Rarity."
  147. >"Hmm?"
  148. "What do you want to eat?"
  149. >you walk to the pantry and look at your food yet again
  150. >"Yes, well, do you have any form of salad."
  151. >you almost fall over right then and there
  152. "E-excuse me?!"
  153. >you turn back to see your towel wrapped around her head
  154. >...who is this girl?!
  155. >"A salad... you know, lettuce, tomatoes..."
  156. >salad
  157. >children
  158. >...just roll with it
  159. "Uh... let's see, we got..."
  160. >Doritos, Pop tarts, cereals of all unhealthy kinds...
  161. "Um..."
  162. >"Well?"
  163. >shit shit shit, she probably only eats healthy things...
  164. >Eureka!
  165. >you almost forgot about the granola bars you have in the back!
  166. >that's healthy... right?
  167. >you quickly take the box out, take out a bar, unwrap it, and hand it to her
  168. "Do you eat this?"
  169. >she takes the bar in her hand and observes it...
  170. >and then promptly starts devouring it
  171. >damn, how hungry was she?!
  172. >ok, you need a real healthy meal
  173. >...not good
  175. >the fridge is your next line of defense
  176. >you open the door, get on the floor, and look deep into your storage of food
  177. "...You've failed me again, fridge."
  178. >"Mister?"
  179. >you look over at Rarity, who has the biggest puppy dog eyes on her face
  180. >"Is there anything else I can eat?"
  181. >damndamndamndamnDAMN
  182. >freezer, you're our only hope!
  183. >you open the last bastion of hope to find...
  184. >stir fry!
  185. >that has vegetables, right?
  186. >tons of it!
  187. >you take it out and prepare her meal
  188. "Alright, Rarity, give me a few minutes and I'll give you a nice plate full of... vegetables!"
  189. >"Yay!... I mean, thank you, mister."
  190. "Hey, no need to call me mister. Anon will do just fine."
  191. >"Alright... Anon."
  192. >you see her hop back onto the couch and sit silently as she watches you cook
  193. >just gotta add this, put on that, let it cook...
  194. >"A-anon?"
  195. >what now?!
  196. "Yes, Rarity?"
  197. >you look over at her, only to see her... shivering
  198. >you slap yourself in the face for not realizing the biggest problem with being in the rain
  199. >her clothes are still wet
  200. > do NOT have clothes that will fit her
  201. >"Would you happen to have some spare clothes I may use for the time being?"
  202. >too much proper language on an eight year old kid for you to handle...
  203. "Um... let's see!"
  204. >you sprint towards the dresser next to your bed and start searching through it
  205. >shirts, shirts, shirts, shirts...
  206. >this is totally not good
  207. >you come across a very long shirt you rarely wear
  208. > will have to do
  209. >you walk back to Rarity and show her the shirt
  210. "Can you wear this? I don't have any pants that can fit you... but hopefully this will suffice."
  211. >"Hmm... do you have anything Cerulean or Royal Blue?"
  212. "...Its blue! What else do you want?"
  213. >"Fine, fine. It will do nicely."
  214. >she takes the shirt and gets up from her seat
  215. "Bathroom is over there. Don't worry, I won't look."
  216. >"I... you... you thought about something like that?!"
  217. "What the... no! Why would I possibly do anything like that?!"
  218. >"Well I never!"
  220. >she runs into the bathroom and slams the door shut
  221. "*sigh* Why do girls always take these things the wrong way."
  222. >actually... she acts awfully mature for her age
  223. >its not perfect, but the way she acts and talks seems like she's trying to act around your age instead of an eight year old
  224. >then again, there are signs of her youth here and there...
  225. >'re missing something
  226. >nope, not forgetting this time!
  227. >gotta check on the food!
  228. >you add the rest of the ingredients and let the magic of the stove do it's work
  229. >"Anooooooon~, are you done cooking yet."
  230. >she seems to be shouting from the bathroom
  231. "Almost done, Rarity. Take a seat and I'll get your food."
  232. >as the food finally finishes cooking, you get some paper plates out and start preparing the food
  233. >you make sure to put mostly vegetables on her plate, as to avoid any further complaints
  234. > dining table
  235. >hmm...
  236. >there's a cardboard box laying around...
  237. >you grab the empty box and place it near the couch
  238. >she should be able to use that as a table...
  239. "Rarity, dinner's ready!"
  240. >you hear the door open, and out comes a someone silly looking Rarity wearing your light blue shirt and...
  241. >her hair...
  242. >how did she...
  243. >its so...
  244. >twirly
  245. >she walks over to the couch where her meal is and slowly climbs up onto her seat
  246. >"...Excuse me, Anon?"
  247. "Yes?"
  248. >"I appear to be missing my table napkin, a fork and knife, a glass of cranberry juice, a piece of fresh fruit..."
  249. >she's rich!
  250. >she's gotta be rich!
  251. >you quickly run to a nearby sink, find a dirty fork and knife, clean the ever loving shit out of it, dry it, and simply hand it over to Rarity
  252. "Sorry, I'm missing quite a few things on the menu. I hope this will at least satisfy your hunger."
  253. >without hesitation, she swipes the utensils from your hands and starts to chow down
  254. >its almost like she's inhaling the food
  255. >you're glad she likes it
  256. >you grab your own plate of food and starting eating as you watch actual Kirby's Dreamland gameplay in real life
  258. >soon enough, as Rarity is about to finish her plate, she seems to finally calm down
  259. >which is good, because you honestly thought she would start choking any second now
  260. >wait.. is she blushing?
  261. >she's trying to look away from you as well
  262. >you decide to observe and ascertain why she's acting like this
  263. >you continue eating your food as Rarity starts to sit up straight and... oh you've got to be kidding
  264. >she starts holding her fork and knife like a proper adult, neatly cuts her food with her knife, and starts eating rather slowly
  265. >you've finished eating at this point
  266. >"Mister Anon?"
  267. "Um, yes, Rarity?"
  268. >"Could you be a dear and fetch me a beverage? I'm quite parched at the moment."
  269. >beverage
  270. >here we go.jpg
  271. >you slowly creep your way to the fridge, open the door, and look into the bottom shelf where you store your drinks
  272. >"What kinds of drinks do you have, Mister Anon?"
  273. >sodasodasodasodasodasodasodasoda
  274. "Well... there's some..."
  275. >dammit, if a child tries to reject the glory of the potato chip, there's no way she'll drink any of this shit
  276. >...wait
  277. >that crap you've had for such a long time
  278. >do you still have it?
  279. >you close the door, look into one of the cabinets, and dig deep into it
  280. "It's gotta be here..."
  281. >"What's in there?"
  282. >success!
  283. >a sugar-free juice mixture
  284. >just add water!
  285. >thank god you tried to experiment with this garbage...
  286. >you find a small glass, turn on the sink, flow some of that surprisingly pure water, and hope to god this kid likes it
  287. >you add the mixture, grab a spoon, mix it with incredible speed, and finally stand it next to Rarity's plate
  288. "Here you go! One... healthy drink for you to enjoy!"
  289. >she gently lets down her utensils, grabs the glass, and takes a small sip of the juice
  290. >"Hmm... thank you, Mister Anon. This will do just nicely."
  291. "*phew*"
  292. >not even this kid can resist the Kool Aid, fool
  293. >after a few agonizing minutes of wondering why the fuck fancy people take for- god damn -ever to eat their food, Rarity is finally done eating
  295. >"Thank you, Mister Anon. I was pleasantly surprised as to how... delicious it was."
  296. >being exhausted, you sit down onto the couch and make yourself comfortable
  297. "Not a problem Rarity, and its just Anon. No need for that 'mister' stuff."
  298. >Rarity lets out a giggle and seems to relax as well
  299. >she's dry, fed, and finally at ease...
  300. >might as well be the responsible one
  301. "So, Rarity, where are your parents?"
  302. >"Probably at a party or getting ready for another trip to a tropical island!"
  303. >...that caught you off guard
  304. "Um... sorry to hear that."
  305. >she grabs one of the pillows you have on your sofa and holds it close to her
  306. >"My apologies... they're just so... uncouth."
  307. "Uncouth?"
  308. >"They just don't care about what they do, they just do it! Its not about having an image to them, just party, relax, and get ready to go on some other crazy agenda they have!"
  309. >oh boy
  310. >parental issues
  311. >"They can't even respect my wishes..."
  312. >talk, dammit!
  313. "Wow... I'm guessing that's why I found you on the streets then, huh?"
  314. >"Uh... yes, you're quite right. I know of a friend who tends to 'hang out' in that alley way... but she wasn't there."
  315. "Maybe because its raining buckets outside?"
  316. >"I... didn't think of that at first. I just wanted to get away from my parents... any way possible."
  317. >well, that confirms it
  318. >she's a little runaway
  319. >you feel bad for her, actually
  320. >to feel the need to run away at such an early age
  321. >you want to help her...
  322. "Well, I guess you can stay here for the night."
  323. >"*gasp* Truly?!"
  324. "Sure. You want some time away from home, right? I'm sure they won't have too much of a problem with it."
  325. >just then, you feel something to the side of you grab hold of your body
  326. >Rarity is now currently hugging you...
  327. >"Thank you, Anon! I'm very grateful for such kindness."
  328. >you look down at her
  329. >her cute little smile as she tries to hold onto you tighter
  330. >you're tempted to return the favor, but you decide against that
  331. >you're fine like this
  332. >feels good
  333. >"Anon?"
  334. "Yeah?"
  335. >"I'm getting a little sleepy..."
  337. >crap, is it really that late?
  338. >you look towards a nearby clock
  339. >10:37 PM
  340. >pretty late for a kid
  341. "Alright, Rarity. I'll let you sleep in my bed for the night. This couch will be more than enough for me."
  342. >"No!"
  343. >u wot m8?
  344. >Rarity jumps up from the couch, turns around, and points at you
  345. >"You've been so nice to me. I simply cannot take your personal sleeping quarters from you!"
  346. "Heh, that's very generous of you, Rarity, but I'm afraid I can't go along with that. I can't let a little girl sleep on anything other than a nice, comfortable bed. It just wouldn't be right."
  347. >"B-but, you can't possibly be fine with this!"
  348. "I was the one who suggested it, right? Come, I'll even straighten out the bed for you."
  349. >you get up from your seat and make your way towards where your bed currently resides
  350. >big ass queen sized bed...
  351. >you're glad this was here when you moved it
  352. >still need a better mattress for it..
  353. >well, time to clean it up
  354. >you neatly place the pillows where they're supposed to be, straighten the blanket so it lays flat on the bed, and even take your handy dustbuster and clean off any dust and crumbs that might still lay on the bed
  355. >clean bed get!
  356. "Rarity, its time for bed!"
  357. >you see her walk into the room with clear hesitation in her eyes
  358. "Its ok, Rarity. Come, hop on."
  359. >she makes her way towards the bed and tries to climb up
  360. >wait...
  361. >uh...
  362. >"Anon... I can't get on!"
  363. >damn, you forgot about her height
  364. "No problem, Rarity. Up you go!"
  365. >"Wait, wha-"
  366. >you quickly grab her by her sides and hoist her up onto the bed
  367. >"W-what was that for?!"
  368. "You couldn't climb, right?"
  369. >she starts to get under the covers
  370. >"Well... thank you, Anon."
  371. "You're welcome."
  372. >she seems to settle in quite nicely
  373. >all you need to do now is walk away and-
  374. >"Anon?"
  375. >fuck
  376. "Yes?"
  377. >"If you would be so kind, could you... tell me a little story before bed?"
  378. >...that's adorable
  379. "Fine, fine. This shouldn't be too hard."
  380. >you grab a chair and take a seat
  381. "Once upon a time... war... had changed."
  383. >you've learned three things from that story you told
  384. >one, don't explain the plot of MGS4 to a child
  385. >two, Rarity somehow managed to seamlessly fall asleep at some point to the plot of MGS4
  386. >and three, think of anything other than the plot of MGS4 as a bed time story
  387. >tonight was one hell of a night...
  388. >at least you're sleeping soundly in your sofa
  389. >...until the sun comes up and manages to shine through the only tiny window you have near your sofa
  390. "*yawn*"
  391. >"Oh, good morning, Anon."
  392. "Who. What. Now. When?!"
  393. >you wake up to see Rarity sitting in your computer chair while playing with- GOD DAMMIT
  394. "Rarity, what did I tell you about playing with that thing?!"
  395. >she immediately puts it down and looks at you with a smile
  396. "That's not a toy you play with... ah, whatever, at least you like it's design."
  397. >"Oh, it looks marvelous! All those colors on that... suit of armor just goes so well together!"
  398. >suit of armor
  399. >Gundam
  400. >at least she's on the right track
  401. "Yeah yeah... uh... good morning to you too, Rarity."
  402. >as you get up and become more aware of your surroundings, you hear a grumbling noise coming from Rarity's direction
  403. "Heh, hungry again, I see."
  404. >"Yes, that seems to be the case. Would you happen to have anything that isn't so... fattening?"
  405. "...You went through the fridge, didn't you?"
  406. >"Yes, and I must say, you have an... interesting eating habit."
  407. "Yeah, well, its cheap. Anyway, I don't think I have anything other than more of those granola bars, so that will have to do for now."
  408. >"Oh... I see."
  409. >you stand up, stretch your muscles, and walk to the fridge to get a can of soda
  410. "Listen, you can eat a meal when you get home. I know how much you don't like it, but I can't keep you here."
  411. >"W-why not?!"
  412. >*pshhhh*
  413. "Its nothing personal, kid, but unless your parents at least know you're here, I could get in deep trouble."
  414. >as you chug down your beverage, you look down at Rarity to see almost starting to tear up
  415. >not good, not good!
  417. "H-hey, don't cry, Rarity! I... I'll tell you what, do you know the telephone number to your home."
  418. >"Y-yes..."
  419. "That's great! Let me just call them and let them know you're here, alright? At the very least, you won't leave here just yet... alright?"
  420. >she looks up at you with those big blue eyes of hers, still wet with tears
  421. >"You promise?"
  422. >promise...
  423. >you can't promise her that
  424. >but...
  425. >you put your fist near your heart and give her a big smile
  426. "I promise."
  427. >Rarity finally puts a smile on as she tries to wipe away her tears
  428. >you grab your flip phone and turn it on
  429. "Here, dial the number and let me speak to your parents, ok?"
  430. >she takes the phone and starts punching in some numbers
  431. >after 7 clicks, she hands you the phone and you hear the device start ringing
  432. >you walk into the bathroom and close the door, hopefully keeping this conversation to yourself
  433. >...wait, what can you possibly say to her parents?!
  434. >'Hello, my name is Anon, and I found your daughter on the streets and immediately decided to take her into my residence'?
  435. >dammit, it sounds like a bad prompt for a story
  436. >wait, it stopped ringing
  437. >"Hello there, stranger! I see you've dialed our number, but we're not here to answer. Just leave a massage after the beep and we'll hopefully get back to you... eventually."
  438. >*beep*
  439. >crap!
  440. "Uh... Hello, this is Anon [REDACTED], and I'm calling on an important matter. I was walking home from the supermarket when I saw your daughter sitting in the rain, crying, and famished. Don't worry, she's fine now. I let her stay at my place for the night. When you get this message, my address is [error, 404 not found]. Feel free to drop by and pick her up when you get the chance. I would drive her, but, sadly, I don't have a car... k thanks bye."
  441. >*beep*
  442. >smooth as fuck
  443. >hopefully they get your message as soon as they can
  444. >you don't want them to worry about their daughter for any longer than they have to
  446. >oh well, there's no way something will go wrong with that message
  447. >you exit the bathroom and return to where Rarity is, surprisingly, still sitting there and doesn't seem to be bored
  448. >"Anooon~ is there anything do to here?"
  449. >...or maybe you can't read facial expressions
  450. "I dunno, what do you like to do, Rarity?"
  451. >"Hmm... do you have any fabrics I may use? Maybe a sewing kit... or perhaps a simple pin, needle, and thread?"
  452. "Wait wait wait... what?"
  453. >she gets up and starts pulling on one of her sleeves
  454. >"These colors could use something a bit more... vibrant. i was hoping I could give you a bit of a wardrobe makeover and-"
  455. "Wardrobe makeover?!"
  456. >"Of course! I someday wish to be a famous fashion designer, and I can't simply become one without practice!"
  457. "I...but... do you really expect me to have something like that laying around?!"
  458. >she crosses her arms and starts to pout
  459. >"Well it didn't hurt to ask..."
  460. >alright... she like fashion
  461. >gotta find something else she likes
  462. "Is there... anything else you like to do?"
  463. >"Well... I do love making sure my hair is exactly how I want it."
  464. >her hair...
  465. >that twirly, purple hair she currently has
  466. "That seems obvious..."
  467. >she stands up and starts flipping her hair with her hand
  468. >"Of course, anyone with half a brain could understand how elegant and beautiful a head of hair such as my own truly is."
  469. >she even lets out a little pose
  470. >"So amazing."
  471. >another pose
  472. >"So endearing."
  473. >a final pose
  474. >"So... so..."
  475. "Weird..."
  476. >"...I beg your pardon?"
  477. "It looks nice, but... its definitely abnormal... uh oh."
  478. >you can see into oblivion as you stare into her eyes
  479. >you may or may not have seriously fucked up
  480. >"What... did you just say about my hair?!"
  482. >was that even an insult?
  483. >abnormal isn't necessarily a bad thing...
  484. >she's just over reacting!
  485. "Yup, you heard me."
  486. >"You... you uncultured swine! How could you say something so horrible about something so magnificent?!"
  487. "Its not an insult, Rarity."
  488. >you walk right passed her and settle down in your computer chair
  489. "And I don't appreciate your comments either."
  490. >you press a button and turn on your computer
  491. >"B-but saying something like that... its not good to be considered something 'abnormal', Anon!"
  492. "Have you seen some of those fashion shows?! I think having something odd or strange might help you instead of hurt you."
  493. >"...Really?"
  494. >time for some vidya gaems to pass the time/drown out any possible further ramblings
  495. "Oh yeah. Besides, I'm pretty sure I said your hair looked nice as well."
  496. >"I...see. I'm sorry, I don't seem to recall that last part."
  497. "Gee, I wonder why..."
  498. >need a casual game to pass the time...
  499. >ah, here's a perfect one
  500. >good old hat simulator
  501. >you get to the main title screen and do your routine check up on your character's loadouts
  502. >"What are you playing, Anon?"
  503. >oh boy, here we go.png
  504. "Nothing really. Its just a simple, mindless game."
  505. >"...What are those men wearing?!"
  506. >you let out a little laugh before finally finishing your check up
  507. >Rarity's paying close attention to their outfits
  508. >she would go far in this game...
  509. "You noticed all those items, hmm?"
  510. >"How could I not?! All those tacky little...things put all over themselves without a care in the world... I simply cannot stand for this!"
  511. "So what, you want to give them a 'wardrobe makeover'?"
  512. > just realized what you said
  513. >that's it!
  514. >you can let her fiddle around with your Team Fortress characters
  515. "Actually... how would you like to do just that?"
  516. >"It would be my pleasure, Anon."
  517. >you stand up and let her sit in your chair
  518. "Did you notice how I was navigating through the menus?"
  519. >"It seems simple enough... who would put on a hot pink wig and...beard with that suit!"
  521. >it isn't that bad...
  522. "Well, I'll just leave you to that. Have fun!"
  523. >for once, TF2's cosmetics have become useful
  524. >hopefully Rarity will have some fun with it
  525. >now, to finally think of what you're going to do with her until her parents arrive
  526. >she seems fine for now, but who knows when she'll get bored
  527. >"Ooh, what a cute little rose. This will go nicely with his hat!"
  528. >...or maybe not
  529. >time to make some food!
  530. >just two slices of bread, some good old ham, little bit of-
  531. >"Oh my, what an atrocious piece of headgear! All that confetti floating around it completely ruins it!"
  532. >oh well, you didn't expect her to like all the items you have
  533. >you finish your sandwich and take a nice, big bite of-
  534. >"Maybe this delete button will get rid of that ridiculous effect."
  535. >you spit out whatever you have in your mouth
  536. >delete
  537. >delete?
  538. >delete?!
  539. >
  540. >you can see Rarity using the mouse to hover over your precious unusual hat in your inventory
  541. >the delete button is showing right in front of her
  542. >almost as if time has slowed down, you can see her finger ready to click on the button
  543. >you throw the sandwich in a random direction and begin sprinting towards the white devil
  544. >within a matter of three seconds, you manage to grab the mouse right from under her hand
  545. >you look at the monitor to see your unusual hat is still with you
  546. >that was too damn close
  547. >you take a deep, long breath after that one
  548. >"Hey, what was that for?"
  549. "Rarity."
  550. >another deep breath
  551. "Don't delete anything."
  552. >you hand the mouse back to her and try your damn hardest to put on a smile
  553. >...which comes out as a sadistic grin
  554. >"Oh... sorry, Anon."
  555. "No no no, its alright. You didn't know, so I don't blame you."
  556. >you walk back over to the couch and nearly fall onto it
  557. >"Was it really that important?"
  558. "You... have no idea. Have all the fun you want, but don't get rid of anything..."
  559. >"Ok..."
  560. >dammit, you over reacted
  561. >you need to make up for your outburst...
  563. >dammit, you can't think of anything
  564. >there's nothing here that can satisfy her
  565. >you need some help with this
  566. >someone who thinks differently than you...
  567. >your best friend next door, perhaps?
  568. >he tends to find ways to fix your screw ups
  569. >you pick up your phone and dial his number
  570. >...shit, he may try to fuck with you
  571. >better keep this from Rarity so she doesn't see you possibly angry
  572. "Hey Rarity."
  573. >"Yes, darling?"
  574. >darling?!
  575. "I need to make a phone call. I'll be outside, alright?"
  576. >"Ok."
  577. >you put on some shoes and make your way outside
  578. >the phone starts to ring after you press send
  579. >any second now... and second
  580. >"Anon?"
  581. "Hello."
  582. >"Hey, what's up?"
  583. "I need your help, can you come over here?"
  584. >"I can't... I'm buying food."
  585. "Alright, well hurry up and get over here."
  586. >"I can't find them..."
  587. >it begins
  588. "What do you mean you can't find them?"
  589. >"I can't find them, there's only suits."
  590. "...What do you mean there's only suits?"
  591. >"It means there's only suits!"
  592. "Well then get out of the suits section!"
  593. >"Alright, you don't have to shout at me!"
  594. >damn this person
  595. >he can be such an idiot at times
  596. >"There's more suits."
  597. "What do you mean there's more suits?!"
  598. >"There's just more suits!"
  599. "Go into the next aisle!"
  600. >"...There's still suits!"
  601. "Where are you right now?!"
  602. >"I'm at Suit!"
  603. "What do you mean you're at Suit?!"
  604. >"I mean I'm at Suit!"
  605. "What store are you in!?"
  606. >"I'm at the Suit Store!"
  608. >"I dunno."
  609. >breathe in
  610. >breathe out
  611. "Dude, I'm not in the mood for this right now!"
  612. >"Come on, we always laugh after-"
  613. "I'm serious. I'm in a situation."
  614. >"...How bad?"
  615. "There's... how do I say this?"
  616. >after a few seconds, you finally think of what to say
  617. "There's a child in my basement."
  618. >"...Good one. What's the real problem?"
  619. "I'm not joking. I found her on the streets last night and took her in... what was that?"
  620. >"What?"
  621. "I heard something..."
  622. >
  624. >*bam!*
  625. >did something just hit you with a ton of bricks?!
  626. >in fact, something keeps on hitting you!
  627. >"I'm gonna turn you inside out!"
  628. >you managed to take a good look at what's beating you
  629. > that a cop?
  630. >wait, you hear footsteps all around you
  631. >"Get down on the ground, sir
  632. >"Get down, or we'll shoot
  633. >"Put your hands behind your head!"
  634. >"Lay on the ground, sir!"
  635. "I'm already *ow* on the ground!"
  636. >"On the ground now!"
  637. >why the hell is the SWAT team here?!
  638. >"Kowalski, secure the child!"
  639. >secure the child?
  640. >...wait
  641. >they don't think you actually-
  642. "Ah! Stop hitting me already!"
  643. >"Like hell I will!"
  644. >"Get on the ground!"
  645. >why do they keep saying that?!
  646. >just then, you hear the sound of a little girl screaming
  647. >"Who are you people?! Unhand me!"
  648. >looks like they found Rarity
  649. >after a minute, you hear the cops speak
  650. >"We found her, sir."
  651. >"Good, get the girl to her parents. They're right over there."
  652. >wait, they're here?!
  653. >"What do we do with the pedophile?"
  654. >shouldn't that be kidnapper?! You didn't even do that in the first place!
  655. >"Take him to the truck. Escort him downtown."
  656. "What?!"
  657. >*whack!*
  658. >"Quiet, you!"
  659. >they eventually force you to stand up, but not before cuffing your hands behind your back
  660. >"You're going to do some hard time, scum"
  661. "I didn't do anything, dumbass!"
  662. >they start forcing you to walk towards the street, where two SWAT vans have pulled up
  663. >and a nice ass looking car
  664. >"Rarity!"
  665. >yup, that's her parents
  666. >wearing tropical shirts and might need to go to a gym at some point
  667. >Rarity's mother looks as though she might crush her daughter to death with her hug
  668. >"Are you alright? Did that bad man hurt you?"
  669. >"Of course not, mother! He only-"
  670. >"Good god, that monster even took your clothes. Did he make you wear this?"
  671. >"My clothes were dirty, so he let me-"
  672. >"Don't worry, you're safe now, we won't hurt you ever-"
  673. >"He's only been trying to help! don't do this!"
  674. >just then, you see Rarity break from her mother's grasp and start running towards you
  676. >"Hey, policeman!"
  677. >the guy who jumped you and now forcing you into the police van turns around to face Rarity
  678. >"What do you want, kid?"
  679. >"Leave him alone! He only wanted to help me!"
  680. "Its true!"
  681. >"Shut up, maggot!"
  682. >"Don't tell him to shut up, you...meanie!"
  683. >"Oh, and what are you going to do about it, little girl? Are you going to make me stop? Good luck, kid, I graduated at the top of my class in the- gah!"
  684. >during the cop's rambling, Rarity took it upon herself to commit an act that no person should ever do
  685. >she kicked the cop in the forbidden zone
  686. >even you felt a bit of pain from that
  687. >the cop falls to the ground in pain as Rarity runs up to you and grabs onto your leg
  688. "Rarity?"
  689. >"You're not going anywhere. You did nothing wrong!"
  690. >"Rarity, sweetheart!"
  691. >her parents soon come face to face with you
  692. >"Now Listen here, young lady. Let go of that man and get over here this instant!"
  693. >"Your father is right. He's the one that took you away from us!"
  694. >"Will you idiots listen to me for once in your god damn lives?!"
  695. >whoa
  696. >maybe a little bit of yourself rubbed off on her
  697. >"Mother. Father. I ran away from home!"
  698. >"What?! ...But why?"
  699. >"Because I can't stand being at home with you people! I couldn't take it anymore... so I decided to leave!"
  700. >"It was raining last night, sweetheart... what were you thinking?"
  701. >"I tried to find one of my friends, but no one was there... until Anon found me."
  702. >"Anon? This man right here?"
  703. >"He took me in, gave me food, dry clothes, and even a place to sleep. Why does he have to go to jail for doing that?!"
  704. >Rarity's parents look at her with absolute shock on their faces
  705. >however, Rarity's father finally looks at you instead
  706. >"Is all of this true?"
  707. "For the most part, yeah. Why did you think I kidnapped her?!"
  708. >"That message you left us... you sounded too relaxed. I thought you were holding her for ransom."
  709. "Where in that message did I say that?!"
  710. >"Well... good point."
  711. >"See, father? This wall just a misunderstanding!"
  713. >"Sir? Mam? Is there a problem here?"
  714. >oh great, another cop
  715. >"I... don't know anymore."
  716. >"Mother! I think the problem is very apparent, don't you think?"
  717. >"Alright, alright... yes, officer, I believe there's been a mistake."
  718. >"...Mistake?"
  719. >"Yes... I think we may have over reacted a little bit."
  720. >"Meaning?"
  721. >"This was just one huge misunderstanding. The man you captured wasn't a kidnapper at all. He's completely innocent."
  722. >"...You're joking, right?"
  723. "She's not joking! I just don't know how to leave a message, apparently!"
  724. >"...What he said."
  725. >the cop looks aggravated as he reaches into his fallen comrade's pocket and pulls out a key
  726. >"I swear, the things I do for people..."
  727. >she walks towards you and unlocks your cuffs
  728. >"You're so lucky right now. This breaks so many jurisdictions... but the kid seems fine and the parents aren't complaining."
  729. "Really? You're going to let me walk away without an investigation?"
  730. >"Well, now that you mentioned it..."
  731. "Nevermind! Forget I said anything!"
  732. >"Good."
  733. >the cop picks up his friend and carries him off
  734. >"Alright, men! Back to the station!"
  735. >after some talking with the other cops, they eventually all part ways, leaving you with Rarity and her parents."
  736. "Well... that happened."
  737. >"Sorry my parents did that to you, Anon..."
  738. >you kneel down to be face to face with Rarity
  739. "Its fine... although that kick was extremely painful..."
  740. >"You're a big guy, Anon. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you said it was."
  741. "Trust me... it was."
  742. >at that moment, Rarity lunges at you and wraps her little arms around you
  743. >"Thank you for all of this."
  744. "It wasn't a problem."
  745. >this hug...
  746. >you like this hug a lot
  747. >"Rarity sure has taken a liking you to, huh?"
  748. >Rarity's dad seems to have calmed down as well
  749. "It seems she has."
  750. >"Look, honey. Rarity's actually accepting of someone."
  751. >"Daddy!"
  752. >daddy?
  753. >"Actually... that gives me an idea."
  754. >Rarity's father walks up to you and puts his arm around your shoulder
  755. >"Let's take a little walk, Anon."
  756. "*gulp*"
  758. *two days later*
  759. >clean shirt
  760. >new shoes
  761. >you don't know where you're going to
  762. >silk suit
  763. >black tie
  764. >you... actually have a reason why
  765. >right now, you're being escorted in a god damn Rolls Royce towards your new occupation
  766. >you couldn't refuse the offer, all things considered
  767. >"Sir?"
  768. "Y-yes?"
  769. >"We have arrived."
  770. "Damn, already?"
  771. >"You live only one mile away from this residence, sir..."
  772. "Huh... convenient."
  773. >you let yourself out of the car and take a look around
  774. >fancy gate, nearly mansion sized house, a few cars...
  775. >you wish you were rich right now
  776. >"Hey, Anon! Over here!"
  777. >you look over to the front door to see Rarity's father standing there, packed and ready to travel
  778. >"I hope you're ready for your new job."
  779. "Heh... I hope so too."
  780. >"Listen, if you got my daughter to show affection, you're perfect for this."
  781. "I don't know, I've never done babysitting before... but it can't be that hard, right?"
  782. >"That's the spirit! My wife is still getting ready, but we'll be departing soon. You only have to take care of her for a week. If you do well, we'll talk about full time employment... and if you do poorly..."
  783. >he walks up to you and gets right in your face
  784. >"I'll make sure no one misses you when you're gone."
  785. >menacing...
  786. "T-then I won't let you down."
  787. >"Good man! Go inside and find Rarity. I'm sure she'll love to see you again."
  788. >he opens the door to let you in, leaving you alone in an enormous foyer
  789. >now you just need to find Rarity..
  790. >why didn't he tell you where she was?
  791. >"Anon, darling!"
  792. >right on cue, you're tackled by the little girl you've grown attached to
  793. "Nice to see you too, Rarity."
  794. >"Are you really my babysitter for the week?"
  795. "Yup."
  796. >"Yay!"
  797. >she needs to act like a kid more often
  798. >looks cuter than anything you've ever seen during those moments
  799. >"Come with me, Anon. I need to to model some luxurious clothing I made last night."
  800. "Heh...sure."
  801. >looks like this is the start of a new chapter in your life
  802. >how bad could it be?
  804. Day 1
  805. objective: take care of little girl
  806. side quests: make her happy
  808. "Huh... so this is your room, huh?"
  809. >"Impressive, isn't it? I designed a large portion of it myself."
  810. >those can't be real jewels
  811. >Rarity's room is a clean, white room filled with curtains of a variety of colors, all separated in different sections
  812. >there's a dresser here and there, a nice looking mirror with a beautiful purple table to go along with it, and a sweet looking queen sized bed
  813. >overall, pretty damn nice
  814. >but what really caught you off guard was the immense amount of jewels on everything but the kitchen sink
  815. >its not gaudy, but there's a couple pieces of jewelery on every little piece of furniture here
  816. "Rarity... are those all real jewels?"
  817. >"What?! Of course not. Why would you think they're real?! We're not rich, Anon."
  818. "Are you sure about that last part?!"
  819. >"Well... we're certainly better off than most, but we're not like others in the area... like that Filthy Rich person."
  820. "...That's his name?"
  821. >"I was just as surprised as you were upon hearing that name, Anon."
  822. "I see..."
  823. >the place is still pretty ballin'
  824. >one thing you just noticed is a section of the room that has a sewing kit and many different kinds of fabrics scattered around
  825. >not only that, the closet located right next to it scares you
  826. >you can only imagine what's in there
  827. >dresses made by a little girl...
  828. >"Now then, onto the matter at hand!"
  829. "Yes... the matter at hand."
  830. >she runs to her "work station" and opens up her closet for a split second before pulling something out and slamming the door shut
  831. >"Oh Anon, after seeing that dashing character in that video game, I decided to try my hand at making something for men."
  832. "A red suit?"
  833. >"Its simple, but elegant. I put a few designs on it here and there to give it some flare. Come, try it on!"
  834. "Um... does it fit me?"
  835. >"I would hope so. I did use your height and body size as inspiration as well."
  836. "How..."
  837. >"Aspiring to be a fashion designer teaches you techniques."
  839. >that's creepy
  840. >"Anyway, I'm sure you'll just love it. To your left is a changing section. don't worry, I won't peek."
  841. "...Thanks."
  842. >nervously, you make your way behind some kind of wall... thing that you can fold up and move around
  843. >...screw it, just get it over with
  844. >you take off your suit and pants, even though the act of doing so makes you incredibly uncomfortable
  845. >as you pick up the red suit, you notice some of the patterns Rarity spoke of
  846. >they look like insignias... of a diamond located near the neck of the suit and on one piece on the pants section, right on the thigh
  847. >huh... not bad
  848. >after a minute, you finally equip your new set of clothing
  849. "Huh... it actually fits."
  850. >"I knew it!"
  851. "Good job, Rarity."
  852. >"Thank you, now come out and show me how it looks on you!"
  853. >here goes nothing...
  854. >all you have to do is walk out and show her
  855. >it can't be that h- why do you hear music?
  856. >
  857. >as you walk out, the music intensifies as you see a blinding light flash before your eyes
  858. >"Welcome to Rarity's fashion show, featuring out newest modeler, Anon! Don't be shy, show us your moves!"
  859. >oh no she didn't!
  860. "Rarity, what is this?!"
  861. >"Come on, Anon, work with it!"
  862. >a fashion show...
  863. >she put on a damn fashion show
  864. >...make her happy, dammit!
  865. >you take a deep breath as you walk into the center of the room
  866. >"And here we have the newest line in Rarity's line of clothing. Just look at such a simple, but elegant fashion!"
  867. >you finish walking towards the middle, but you stand there, clueless on what to do next
  868. >"Now, if the modeler would show us the key points of the outfit, please?"
  869. "You mean those-"
  870. >"Ah ah ah! You're only supposed to model on stage."
  871. >really?!
  872. >alright, calm down...
  873. >just show off those little designs
  874. >you move to the side and turn your head, showing off that diamond design near your neck
  875. >"And we see here Rarity's trademark on all her clothing lines!"
  876. "This is embarrassing..."
  878. >"Oh come now, the camera loves you."
  879. "There's a camera?!"
  880. >"Now, show of the rest of your attire!"
  881. >note to self: destroy those photos
  882. >alright, the leg part
  883. >you stick out one leg and keep the other one back
  884. >"The magnificent symbol of quality looks great even on the model's lower section!"
  885. >you hope this ends soon...
  886. >"Now, give us a nice pose!"
  887. "A pose?!"
  888. >"Of course! All fashion shows do it. Now, darling, give us a nice, manly pose!"
  889. >a manly pose...
  890. >here goes nothing!
  891. >you try your best at imitating a pose you know all too well
  892. >pic related
  893. >hopefully it doesn't look incredible stupid
  894. >"Simple marvelous! The passion in his form truly brings out the radiance of his wardrobe!"
  895. >damn, this is putting a strain on your body
  896. >"Another pose to really make the crowd go wild!"
  897. >another?!
  898. >after almost falling over at that demand, you think of another pose from that manga you read
  899. >you stand firm in place, thrust your hips outwards, and use your hand to point forwards
  900. >"Oh, he's showing the crowd what he's made of! You can hear the crowd going wild!"
  901. >maybe in her head...
  902. >right then and there, the music finally ends, allowing to you have some peace of mind and stop trying to break your spine in your attempts to pose, "like a man."
  903. >"Anon, that was wonderful!"
  904. >you walk towards the mirror table and sit on the chair in front of it
  905. "Thanks... never ask for a pose again."
  906. >"Why not, darling? You looked like you were enjoying yourself."
  907. "I was, but it was partly not worth it... maybe if I work out my back muscles, I'll try that again."
  908. >Rarity lets out a little giggle as you lean back and try to relax
  909. >"I had a couple experimental outfits for you to try on... but we can do that another time."
  910. "Please... no more."
  911. >"But you're the first person who's actually done this with any sort of passion! You really made my outfits look more gorgeous than I imagined."
  912. "Alright... maybe later."
  913. >"Yay! ...I mean, that would be splendid."
  915. >after some resting, you switch out of Rarity's suit and put on your old one
  916. >you're not sure if you can handle another one of those little fashion shows, but at least it was somewhat fun to you
  917. >you walk about of the changing sections and find Rarity sitting near her sewing machine and looking up at the ceiling
  918. >must be thinking of new dresses to make or something
  919. "Working hard, huh, Rarity?"
  920. >"What? Oh, yes, darling..."
  921. >is it really that hard to think of an idea?
  922. "Thinking of a dress to make?"
  923. >"Ooh, Anon, I was on such a roll yesterday... but now, I can't seem to think of a single design! How ever will I become a famous fashion designer if I have moments like these..."
  924. "That sounds rough..."
  925. >but you are there to help her
  926. >you look over at her clothing fabric and think about something to make
  927. >you may not be able to help with dresses, but suits might be possible
  928. "Look at all those colors... maybe finding two of them that mach will help you out?"
  929. >"You may be right, but I don't know where to start right now. There's so many combinations, but to just pick one is just... is just... difficult."
  930. "Hmm..."
  931. >you walk on over to the fabrics and pick out two pieces of cloth
  932. "This might help."
  933. >you walk on over to Rarity and stand in front of her view
  934. "How about this? Getting any ideas?"
  935. >you put one piece of fabric over your chest, and another one near your legs
  936. >"...Anon?"
  937. "Yeah?"
  938. >"Do you know anything about art and fashion?"
  939. "Not in the slightest."
  940. >"...That may be the reason why you think a man would look nice with red pants... and an orange shirt."
  941. >ouch, that was a burn
  942. "Heh heh... yeah, that might be it."
  943. >"Ugh... sometimes this can be so hard... *yawn*."
  944. >she's yawning?
  945. >why is she so tired all of a sudden?
  946. >you pull out your phone and look at the time
  947. >9:49 PM
  948. >its that late already?
  949. >time flies when you're imitating Jojo characters...
  950. >you may want to bring her to bed
  951. "Rarity, its getting late. I think its time for bed."
  952. >"That may be for the best..."
  954. >you grab Rarity's hand and let her walk with you towards her bed
  955. >she yawns once more as you arrive at your destination
  956. >"Steps..."
  957. "Huh?"
  958. >"I need to get on my bed. There is a little staircase next to my mirror..."
  959. "...What?"
  960. >you decide to not question it and check near her mirror
  961. >wouldn't you know it, there's a small little stepping platform right next to it
  962. >figures you couldn't see it, considering it was in between her bed and the mirror
  963. >you pick it up, almost throwing it in the process by accident
  964. >didn't expect it to be so light
  965. >you quickly place it next to the bed
  966. >"Thank you, Anon. Now, turn around."
  967. "Why?"
  968. >"...I need to change into my nightgown."
  969. "Oh... right."
  970. >you turn around and look at the fake jewels on the walls and curtains
  971. >there's an awful lot of colors thrown around the room
  972. >you'd think she'd just stick to one or two
  973. >you make note about asking her why there's so many colors all around the room
  974. >"Ready."
  975. >you turn around to see Rarity climbing into bed while wearing a pure white nightgown
  976. >she gets under the covers and relaxes as she puts her head on a stack of pillows
  977. >"Anon, can you tuck me in?"
  978. "S-sure..."
  979. >why does this feel awkward to you?
  980. >you push the blanket in a little bit, allowing Rarity to feel comfy beyond comfy
  981. "Alright, there we go."
  982. >"Thank you again. I had a lot of fun today."
  983. >success!
  984. "That's good to hear."
  985. >"I hope we can have days like these all the time."
  986. "Heh... with enough effort, that might be possible."
  987. >"Indeed...*yawn*."
  988. >you take a deep breath and begin to walk away
  989. >"One more thing, Anon..."
  990. "Let me guess... a bed time story?"
  991. >"Yes... but please pick a... nicer one this time."
  992. "Alright, alright..."
  993. >you sit on the little staircase and think of the first thing that comes to mind
  994. "Once upon a time, in a magical world called Phantomile..."
  996. >
  997. Day 1: complete!
  999. objective: take care of little girl - clear!
  1000. side quests: make her happy - clear!
  1002. onto day 2...
  1004. Day 2
  1005. objective: take care of little girl
  1006. side-quests: make her happy
  1007. assist with dress making
  1009. >"WAKE UP, wake up, WAKE UP, wake up-."
  1010. >*click*
  1011. >your alarm never fails to wake you up...
  1012. >you get up, perform your daily routine, S/S/S, eat a terrible breakfast, put on some nice clothes for once, grab your phone...
  1013. >oh, right, you still had a job at the small food store
  1014. >you give them a call to ask for a week off
  1015. >you still haven't used your vacation week, so you might use that
  1016. >*click*
  1017. >"Welcome to-"
  1018. "Randal, its me."
  1019. >"Oh, hey Anon. How's it going?"
  1020. "Pretty good. Listen, I'm going to take the this whole week off."
  1021. >"What the fuck, dude. You can't just do that our of fucking nowhere."
  1022. "Just tell Dante I'm using my vacation week. Its an emergency."
  1023. >"Fuck, man... alright, I'll try. Don't be mad if he fires you."
  1024. "Yeah yeah..."
  1025. >*beep*
  1026. >fuck it, if you succeed, you won't need that job
  1027. >still, just to be safe, you had to call it in
  1028. >now, onto Rarity's house!
  1029. >you put your nice shoes on and make you way outside
  1030. >the house isn't too far, which means you can easily walk there
  1031. >hold on...
  1032. >you pull out your phone and check the time
  1033. >7:45...
  1034. >crap, you're almost late for work!
  1035. "Why did they suggest eight o'clock?!"
  1036. >you pull out your Ipod and put on some music as you job towards your destination
  1037. >
  1038. >its less than a mile through some streets, not too hard
  1039. >you keep your movements with the beat of the music, giving you the motivation you need not to slow down
  1040. >as you're jogging, you get close to where you first met Rarity
  1041. >...and almost trip over a little girl in the process!
  1042. >you manage to side step the odd hair colored girl
  1043. >"Whoa, watch it, bub!"
  1044. >you even heard that through your music...
  1045. "Sorry!"
  1046. >you regain your balance and get back to your little run... only for the girl to run beside you
  1047. >dammit, don't pay attention to that...
  1048. >although, its not easy when the girl has rainbow hair
  1050. >you continue to jog at a steady pace as you continue to be followed
  1051. >you can see a grin on her face
  1052. >is she... racing you?
  1053. >it seems odd, but you can see the fierce determination in her eyes
  1054. >why would she- whoa!
  1055. >you come to a busy street with loads of passing cars nearby
  1056. >so you don't break your pace, you jog in place to keep your head in the game
  1057. >game...
  1058. >crap, you're thinking of the little race you have with the girl next to you... who also happens to be jogging in place as well!
  1059. >this doesn't make sense
  1060. >who is this girl?
  1061. >all of a sudden, she darts forward into the streets
  1062. >...oh, the stoplight turned red
  1063. >you make a break for it as well, trying to keep up with the rainbow-haired girl ahead of you
  1064. >determination exceeds normal amounts as you push it to the open up your limits to speed up
  1065. >soon enough, you pass the little girl and enter the more wealthy part of town
  1066. >how they stay so secluded, yet remains this close to the middle-class section is beyond you
  1067. >you continue to run forward, almost half-way there at this point
  1068. >its a workout, but at least you're getting there... oh, you've got to be kidding
  1069. >the little girl you passed somehow caught up to you yet again
  1070. >this can't be happening
  1071. >a little girl can run faster than you
  1072. >you're that slow...
  1073. >you slap yourself in the face
  1074. "Come on, Anon, Don't lose your way. You can do this..."
  1075. >upon giving yourself a pep talk, you manage to increase your speed yet again, really straining your legs to catch up with the girl ahead of you
  1076. >nothing's gonna stop you, there's nothing that strong
  1077. >so close now, you're nearly at the brink...
  1078. "So push it!"
  1079. >your legs are burning, but at least you're- god dammit!
  1080. >she's not passing you, but she's right beside you while you're at full speed
  1081. >she doesn't even know where you're going, but the girl is determined to beat you
  1082. >just one more block...
  1083. >just one more!
  1084. >you can see the house in the distance now
  1085. "Come on!"
  1087. >even though a little girl shouldn't be physically capable of this, she's still managing to stay at your speed
  1088. >no matter, this little race of her's is about to end
  1089. >the two of you begin to slow down due to fatigue, however, you've reached Rarity's house at this point
  1090. >you come to a full stop right at the front gates and try to catch your breath
  1091. >who won?
  1092. >who knows
  1093. >you pull out your Ipod, turn off the music, and out your ear buds
  1094. >you're damn tired, but you look at the bright side
  1095. >at least you're not late for work, and even that rainbow girl probably left you in the dust
  1096. >"Hey... why were you... following me!"
  1097. >...or not
  1098. >you straighten yourself out and look around yourself, only to find that same girl trying to catch her breath as well
  1099. "What!?"
  1100. >"You heard me."
  1101. "I'm pretty sure you followed me."
  1102. >"Nuh uh. I was trying to get to my friend's place to see if she's ok. I wanted to get there as soon as I could, but noooooo, you turned this whole thing into a stupid race!"
  1103. "I-I did what?! I was just jogging until you caught up to me with that shit eating grin on your face!"
  1104. >"Wow, an adult is blaming the child for their mistakes? Talk about pathetic."
  1105. "What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?!"
  1106. >"You heard me, wise guy!"
  1107. >"Silence!"
  1108. >you and the weird girl both look towards the gates, only to find that chauffeur that works for Rarity's parents
  1109. >"Mr. Anon, I will not tolerate that language in front of children."
  1110. >"Ha ha, you just got burned."
  1111. >"And you, Miss Rainbow Dash, will refrain from provoking anyone else during your visit. Agreed?"
  1112. >"*muffled speaking.*"
  1113. >"Come again?"
  1114. >"Yes sir..."
  1115. "Wait a minute... you're here to see a friend?"
  1116. >the little girl, apparently named "Rainbow Dash", folds her arms and looks away from you
  1117. >"So what? What's it to you?"
  1118. >yup, she's here to see Rarity
  1119. "Oh nothing, it just seems that we're both here for the same thing."
  1120. >"What?!"
  1121. "You heard me."
  1122. >"Enough, you two! Please, follow me... quietly."
  1124. >you follow the intimidating, elderly chauffeur into the large house with Rainbow Dash walking beside you
  1125. >you know the pathway there, but you're guessing, judging from how much the two of you were arguing, the old man wanted to make sure nothing went wrong on the way there
  1126. >Rainbow Dash continues to pout and look away from you during the walk
  1127. >"Alright, Anon. Its your job to make sure Rarity wakes up and finishes her morning routines."
  1128. "Alrighty. Shouldn't be too hard."
  1129. >"Rainbow Dash, if I hear anything break while I'm outside, you will hear from your father."
  1130. >"M-my father?"
  1131. >"Yes, little one. I've tolerated your brash behavior for long enough. There will be consequences from now on."
  1132. >looks like that made her put on a serious tone
  1133. >"Alright, you two... have fun!"
  1134. >the old man walks away, leaving you and Rainbow Dash standing outside her room
  1135. "Let's visit out dear friend, shall we?"
  1136. >"*grumble grumble*"
  1137. >it seems she likes to fumble her words on purpose so you can' hear them
  1138. >it would be cute if it wasn't for her bitchy attitude
  1139. >you open the door to Rarity's room and walk inside
  1140. >Rarity seems to still be sleeping
  1141. >your job is to help her with morning routines, so you decide to wake her up
  1142. >you walk over to her bed and break out the small staircase for future use
  1143. "Oh Rarity~"
  1144. >"Mmm.... no, that dress is supposed to be... aqua..."
  1145. "Rarityyyyyyy~. Time to wake up."
  1146. >"No, not orange and... red..."
  1147. >"Yo, Rares! Wake up, will ya!"
  1148. >"Wha!?"
  1149. >well... that did the trick
  1150. >Rarity shoots up into a sitting position and frantically looks around the room
  1151. >"R-rainbow Dash! What are you... Anon? I... why were you watching me sleep?"
  1152. >wat
  1153. >"This big guy over here is supposed to take care of you or something. He was doing a bad job at waking you up, so I did it for him. Not bad, huh?"
  1154. "Stupid little..."
  1155. >Rarity pushes off her comforters and starts to make her way to the edge of the bed
  1156. >"Yes... a splendid job. Thank you for your assistance, Rainbow Dash."
  1157. >"Easy Peasy."
  1159. "Will you be needing assistance with your mourning routine?"
  1160. >"That won't be necessary, Anon. I can handle it myself."
  1161. >Rarity stands up, stretches her muscles a little bit, and slowly makes her way towards her bathroom
  1162. >within a minute, you hear the sound of running water coming from the room
  1163. >it seems awfully loud, meaning she must be getting ready for a shower
  1164. >...then again, considering how wealthy she is, its probably a bath
  1165. >"Oh, Anon, I do so need help getting out of bed~."
  1166. >oh no she didn't
  1167. >you turn around to see Rainbow Dash laying in Rarity's bed, all snuggled up under the covers and pretending to sleep
  1168. >"I'm so uptight and snooty, I just need someone to help me do everything~."
  1169. "Alright, I'll help you out."
  1170. >you snatch the comforter away and pic up part of the mattress, just enough to get her startled
  1171. "GET THE FUCK UP."
  1172. >you see Rainbow Dash start to slide off the bed, but she soon catches herself and jumps off of her own accord
  1173. >"What's the big idea?"
  1174. >you don't respond as you find Rarity's chair near her sewing kit and take a seat in it
  1175. "Does it look like I care?"
  1176. >"You're being awfully mean to me. Why are you only nice to Rarity?"
  1177. "I need a reason?"
  1178. >"...That doesn't make sense!"
  1179. "Just like you?"
  1180. >"But... but... ugh!"
  1181. >she pulls a game system you've never seen before from her blue jacket and turns it on
  1182. >that ain't no nintendo or sony system...
  1183. >at this moment, now that you're in a good mood and not wanting to strangle Rainbow Dash due to your anger, you finally notice her attire
  1184. >a little blue jacket not meant for helping with warmth at all, white shirt with some stupid logo in the center, and some black short pants
  1185. >however, you notice something about her legs
  1186. >she has muscles
  1187. >like muscles you would possibly see on a boy her age, but still somewhat slender
  1188. >she must be athletic
  1189. "Hey."
  1190. >"What do you want?"
  1191. "You were awfully fast back there. How did you do that?"
  1192. >"Heh heh heh..."
  1193. >she paused her game...
  1194. >oh boy
  1196. >"You don't know who you're talking to, huh?"
  1197. "..."
  1198. >she stands up, gives a thumbs up, and puts on a shit eating grin
  1199. >"Well, if you must know, I'm the one and only Rainbow Dash, fastest kid in the whole town, and maybe even the world!"
  1200. >fastest
  1201. >world
  1202. >shiggy
  1203. "Uh huh..."
  1204. >"No one my age can match my speed. I've been running fast for as long as I remember. You may have even read about me in the newspaper once."
  1205. "I get it, you're fast."
  1206. >"And don't you forget it, mister."
  1207. >alright, so she's a future dike
  1208. >at least everything is clear now
  1209. >she jumps back on the bed and pulls out her game system
  1210. >"So, who are you anyway? I've never seen you here before."
  1211. "A man who helped your friend during her time of need."
  1212. >"Time of need? Isn't that all the time?"
  1213. "Fuck you. Anyway, I helped her out, she grew fond of me for some reason, and her parents gave me a job."
  1214. >"...That's it?"
  1215. "I'm paraphrasing, of course, but yeah."
  1216. >"Para-what?"
  1217. "...I told you what you needed to know, that's it."
  1218. >"Whatever, big guy."
  1219. >soon enough, you hear knocking on the bathroom door
  1220. >"A-Anon?"
  1221. "Yes, Rarity?"
  1222. >"I-I need you to acquire s-something for me."
  1223. >she's stuttering
  1224. >not good
  1225. "What it is?"
  1226. >"I... may have forgotten to bring a pair of clothes with me. Can you fetch me some from my dresser, please?"
  1227. "Clothes? Sure, Rarity."
  1228. >you get up from your seat and make your way to the dresser closest to the bathroom
  1229. >you decide to open the top part first, revealing-
  1230. >...
  1231. >you closed it
  1232. >you're blushing
  1233. >deep breathes
  1234. "Its ok.... you have a reason..."
  1235. >you quickly open the dresser again and snatch a piece of... clothing for what lies under her garments
  1236. >deep breathes...
  1237. >you peek into the second part, finding a long, purple skirt
  1238. >skirt get!
  1239. >next part... a simple, white, buttoned shirt
  1240. >that should be all she needs
  1241. >you take the small clothing and walk right up to the door
  1242. >*knock knock*
  1243. "Here you go."
  1244. >she opens the door slightly and puts her hand out
  1245. >you give her the clothing
  1246. >that was easy...
  1248. >"Geez, why are you sweating?"
  1249. >you turn around to answer Rainbow Dash's question
  1250. "I have my reasons."
  1251. >"Ohhhhh.... I get it. You're quite the perv, aren't you?"
  1252. "..."
  1253. >"Come on, even I could see how hard it was to take out Rarity's underwear."
  1254. "...Rainbow Dash?"
  1255. >"What?"
  1256. "Don't act dumb."
  1257. >"Ha ha... I'm going to enjoy this."
  1258. >after a few more minutes of waiting, Rarity finally walks out of the bathroom, wearing the clothes you gave her and having... curlier hair
  1259. >"That was simply refreshing."
  1260. "Good to hear. Now, what is on today's agenda?"
  1261. >"Hmm... ah, yes. You promised to assist with my dress making, no?"
  1262. >"Really? I came all this way and THAT'S what we're going to do today?"
  1263. "Sounds like it."
  1264. >you walk over to where all of Rarity's clothing fabric is located
  1265. >"But that's boooooring..."
  1266. >"Come now, Rainbow Dash. You enjoyed this last time."
  1267. >you pick out some colors you particularly liked and place them on one of your arms
  1268. >"Yeah, for, like, ten seconds."
  1269. >"Well... its not my fault we made plans before you came here."
  1270. >you walk towards the sewing machine and stand in place
  1271. >"It kinda is..."
  1272. "Alright, are we ready to create... fashion?"
  1273. >"Wait, who, what... when did you get all that stuff?"
  1274. "While you were arguing about nothing."
  1275. >"N-no I wasn't"
  1276. "Yes you were."
  1277. >"Nuh uh."
  1278. "Yuh huh"
  1279. >Rarity interrupts
  1280. >"Please, will you two quit it!"
  1281. "Fine."
  1282. >"Whatever..."
  1283. >Rarity takes her seat and turns on the machine
  1284. >"My, what an interesting assortment of colors you picked out."
  1285. >you picked them at complete random
  1286. "I did my homework, for once."
  1287. >"I can see that.... *gasp* I-DE-AAAA!"
  1288. "...Huh?"
  1289. >"Anon, could you pass me the blue-green and vermillion fabric, please?"
  1290. "..."
  1291. >vermilion?
  1292. >what the fuck is a vermilion?!
  1293. >is that come kind of city or something?!
  1294. "Uh... sure."
  1295. >you pass her the only blue you picked out and... the yellow
  1296. >"Thank you... but I still need the vermilion, please."
  1297. >crap
  1298. >you pick out another fabric, purple
  1299. >"This isn't right either.."
  1300. >dammit!
  1303. "...H-here."
  1304. >lime green?!
  1305. >"...Anon, I'm beginning to think you don't know what vermilion is."
  1306. "Nope, I got this!"
  1307. >you look through the colors
  1308. >only got a few left
  1309. >maybe its...
  1310. >"Oh come on, even I know color names! Its this one, idiot."
  1311. >of course Rainbow Dash had to step in and show off
  1312. >and she picked out...
  1313. >orange
  1314. >its god damn orange
  1315. >"Thank you, Rainbow Dash."
  1316. >"Anytime, Rares."
  1317. >and just like that, she hops back onto the bed and resumes her video game
  1318. >but not before flashing you a stupid grin yet again
  1319. >one of these days... she'll get what's coming to her...
  1320. >within seconds, you hear the sound of scissors cutting through fabrics
  1321. >... it just occurred to you
  1322. >Rarity's parents are perfectly fine with her using all these potentially dangerous objects?
  1323. "Hey, Rarity..."
  1324. >"Yes, Anon?"
  1325. "I was wondering... don't get me wrong, but aren't you a little young to be using these kinds of things?"
  1326. >"...*sigh* Yes, I am too young, which is why Rowen usually watched me as I made these clothes."
  1327. "...Who?"
  1328. >"The chauffeur. That's his only job, but he always kept an eye on me during times like these... but now that you're here, I have nothing to worry about!"
  1329. "Oh... so that's his name..."
  1330. >Rarity continues to measure and cut as she talks, mentioning some moments she's had with the chauffeur
  1331. >he seems to partly be the reason she wants to act more proper all the time
  1332. >interesting...
  1333. >you'll have to ask her to go into detail sometime
  1334. >the sounds of her sewing machine begins to fill the air, showing exactly how far she's gotten in her dress making already
  1335. >she's one hell of a speed...crafter... something
  1336. >"Anon!"
  1337. >oh great... Rainbow time
  1338. "What?"
  1339. >"My game ran out of batteries. Do you have six of them on you?"
  1340. "Why would... how does that thing need... how old is that that?!"
  1341. >"Its old, trust me. So, you got any or not?"
  1342. "Why would I have any?!"
  1343. >"Eh, whatever. I guess I can bug you until Rarity's done with her dress stuff."
  1344. "...Great."
  1346. >"So, where'd you get that suit from?"
  1347. "The suit store."
  1348. >"Do you like being Rarity's maid?"
  1349. "Babysitter, and yes."
  1350. >"What's your favorite color?"
  1351. "The one you hate the most."
  1352. >"What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
  1353. "...African or European?"
  1354. >"Wow... you may be the first person I know who can answer that stupid saying my dad says at random."
  1355. >several more minutes of this bullshit goes on until...
  1356. >"Done!"
  1357. >the two of you look over to Rarity, who is now holding a little dress with two colors symmetrically placed throughout the whole attire
  1358. >although the color seems a bit... bright, it seems alright to you
  1359. >"I might have to change a few things here and there, but for the most part, I believe I've created a wonderful new addition to my personal fashion line!"
  1360. "Looks good to me, Rarity!"
  1361. >"Yeah, the colors look pretty awesome."
  1362. >Rarity starts to blush upon hearing both compliments
  1363. >"Thank you. It really wasn't all that hard by any means, but-"
  1364. >"Now that you're done, can we finally do something else?"
  1365. "...Really?"
  1366. >Rainbow Dash runs over to the entrance of the room and open the door
  1367. >"Come on, let's go somewhere. Maybe get some ice cream or something."
  1368. "Rarity, are you alright with this?"
  1369. >"I must admit, Rainbow has been somewhat patient with us."
  1370. >are you sure about that one?!
  1371. >"I wouldn't mind a small cup delicious vanilla ice cream... sure, let's go through with Rainbow's idea
  1372. >"Awesome! Last one outside is a rotten egg!"
  1373. >and with that, Rainbow Dash... dashes out of the room at full throttle, leaving you alone with Rarity
  1374. "She's quite a handful, huh?"
  1375. >"At times, yes. She can be a good friend, once you get to know her."
  1376. "I see... well then, let's be on our way."
  1377. >Rarity walks up to you and holds your hand
  1378. >"Let's"
  1379. >dammit, your heart is being filled with fuzzy feelings
  1380. >no little girl should be this cute
  1381. >with Rarity at your side, you begin your trek towards the wherever the hell Rainbow Dash wants to go
  1382. >what could possibly go wrong?
  1384. >as you enter the outside world, you notice the chauffeur opening the door to his car
  1385. >"My dear Rarity, is there anywhere you wish for me to take you?"
  1386. >"No thank you, Rowen. Anon was going to walk with me to the Ice Cream shop."
  1387. >"My my, are you sure, Rarity?"
  1388. >"Yes. Its only a few blocks down the road."
  1389. >"If that is the case, I will accompany you."
  1390. >Rarity begins to cling to your leg
  1391. >"That won't be necessary, Rowen. Anon will be able to watch over me."
  1392. >"Is that so?"
  1393. >he looks at you, judging you deeply as he waits for your response
  1394. "I'll be watching them like a hawk. You won't have to worry about a thing."
  1395. >after staring at you for another few seconds, he finally puts on a smile
  1396. >"I can see conviction within you. Please, get Rarity something nice."
  1397. >you give him a thumbs up as you begin to stroll towards the gates
  1398. >"Oh, Rowen?"
  1399. >Rarity stops you for a moment
  1400. >"Did you see Rainbow Dash run by?"
  1401. >"Why yes, I recall her sprinting towards the gates, managing to almost make a dent in it as she ran head first, right into the iron bars. I was about to run to her aid, but before I got there, she already stood up, opened the gates, and ran off."
  1402. "...Really?"
  1403. >"I was just as surprised as you were. Then again, she has an incredible amount of endurance for a young lady her age."
  1404. "Huh..."
  1405. >"Anon, we better catch up to her."
  1406. "Alright. let's go."
  1407. >as you finally passed the gates, you see Rainbow Dash waiting for you at the edge of the sidewalk nearby
  1408. >"Ugh, I've seen turtles walk faster than you two."
  1409. "Yeah, sure, ok buddy."
  1410. >"Let's go already!"
  1412. >you're walking at-
  1413. >"Come on, you two!"
  1414. >'re walking at a normal-
  1415. >"Can you two go any slower?"
  1417. >"What happened to that speed I saw earlier, Anon?"
  1418. "Complain one more time, and I'll make you as slow as we are right now... permanently."
  1419. >"Ha, yeah right. As if you would hurt a kid."
  1420. "You want to bet on that?!"
  1421. >finally, you get her to give you some piece and quiet
  1422. >the ice cream store is only three blocks down, according to Rarity
  1423. >is Rainbow Dash really that impatient?
  1424. >"Anon?"
  1425. "Yes, Rarity?"
  1426. >"Can we pick up some ice cream for Rowen? He seemed so hot and sweaty in that suit. This may be just what he needs."
  1427. "Sure, let's get some before we leave, ok?"
  1428. >"Alright."
  1429. >after a few more minutes of walking, you see the shop at the end of the block
  1430. >"Oh come on, we're right there. Move it!"
  1431. >you look down at Rarity, who also began looking at you
  1432. "Want to?"
  1433. >"Just this once."
  1434. >you let Rarity break out into a little run as you try your best to keep with her pace
  1435. >best not to outrun her while she's holding your hand
  1436. >Rainbow Dash finally starts to smile and sprint towards the shop
  1437. >of course, she makes it there first
  1438. >several seconds later, you and Rarity make it to the small door and let yourselves inside
  1439. >a little bell is heard as you set your sights on a vast assortment of ice cream flavors
  1440. >"Alright! Come on, Rarity. Let's pick out some flavors!"
  1441. >"I already know what I want, thank you very much."
  1442. "Come on, Rarity. Have some fun with this."
  1443. >"Yeah, Rarity. If you won't pick one for yourself, then help me out with this. I always stink at choosing just one ice cream flavor."
  1444. >Rarity looks up at you and gives a warm smile before breaking off and joining Rainbow Dash in her search for the right scoop of ice cream
  1445. >you find a nearby chair, sit back, and watch those kids be... well, kids
  1446. >Rainbow keeps pointing at each ice cream color she can see, while Rarity keeps shaking her head no
  1447. >this may take a while
  1449. >as you continue to wait, you can't help but put on a little smile
  1450. >seeing them act so enthusiastic over something as simple as ice cream makes you think back to your days as a kid
  1451. >not a care in the world
  1452. >just enjoying the simple things in life
  1453. >playing sports with all the kids around the neighborhood
  1454. >hitting the ball into old man Jenkin's house...
  1455. >good times... good times...
  1456. >"Whoa, what's that one!"
  1457. >"I must say... I've never seen anything like it."
  1458. >you overhear what those two said and decide to take a look at what they were referring to
  1459. >they were pointing at a small sign on the wall, showing an ice cream cone with several different colors in the ice cream itself
  1460. >apparently, its called,"the Rainbow Surprise."
  1461. >"I've got to try that one! It looks so cool! Anon, can you get me that one?"
  1462. "What makes you think-"
  1463. >"Anon, darling, this may help with earning her trust."
  1464. "...I'll ask."
  1465. >you walk up to the counter, ring a bell, and watch as some guy in a cloak walks out from the back of the store
  1466. >"Welcome, stranger. What're you buyin'?"
  1467. "Uh... yeah, I wanted to know what that Rainbow Surprise was, exactly."
  1468. >you point to the sign, showing him exactly what you're talking about
  1469. >"Ah, and awesome choice, stranger! Its got a three layer, rapid flavor changing scoop on the top, although, it uses up each flavor rather quickly. And that's just the tip of this incredible iceberg, stranger. Within the cone itself exists four more flavors, randomly placed to give you a real surprise in every bite."
  1470. "Wow... sounds pretty good."
  1471. >"Yeah, that sounds awesome! Let me have one of those!"
  1472. >the ice cream guy walks into the back, probably to prepare the entire cone
  1473. >after hearing some noises in the back, he comes back out with the an ice cream cone topped with many different flavors
  1474. >he hands it to you, which you quickly give to Rainbow Dash
  1475. >she immediately starts to lick all across the top, probably trying to sample all the flavors
  1476. >"Is that all, stranger?"
  1478. "I'll need one small cup of vanilla ice cream as well, please."
  1479. >"Soft or hard served?"
  1480. >"Soft served, please."
  1481. "Yeah, what she said."
  1482. >within seconds, he pulls out a small cup and uses a nearby machine to pour out a small portion of soft served vanilla ice cream
  1483. >as you're given the small cup, you grab a small plastic spoon on the counter and stick it in the ice cream before handing it to Rarity
  1484. >"Thank you very much."
  1485. >both Rarity and Rainbow Dash run off to a nearby table and really start to dig into their deserts
  1486. >"Is that all, stranger?"
  1487. "Hmm... yeah, that's all."
  1488. >"None for you, eh?"
  1489. "No way. This place is pretty expensive, you know?"
  1490. >"Heh, I understand. That'll be-"
  1491. "Hold on, keep that tab open. I'll be making an order before I leave."
  1492. >"...Can't you just order it now, stranger?"
  1493. "Does it look like I know what I may need after those two are done?"
  1494. >"...Fine, you can pay when you make your next order."
  1495. "Good."
  1496. >nice to see stores allowing this kind of thing
  1497. >you make your way to where the girls are, taking a seat and simply allowing them to enjoy their treats
  1498. >"Holy cow, this thing is awesome! I taste strawberries, oranges, and now... hold on... yeah, lemons!"
  1499. >as Rainbow Dash continues to swiftly lick through that cone, Rarity keeps taking a scoop and enjoying every bit of flavor she can get
  1500. >she seems as though she's in heaven right now
  1501. >"Oh, how I love eating ice cream from this shop. So soft, so tasty,... so yummy!"
  1502. "Yummy, huh?"
  1503. >cue Rarity blushing
  1504. >"I-I mean... its delicious!"
  1505. "Sure seems like it."
  1506. >you continue to watch the girls eat their ice cream, soon enough finishing their deserts and end off with a big smile on their faces
  1507. >"Oh man, that was awesome! Who would have through it saved blue raspberry, the best flavor, for last!"
  1508. >"But alas, all good things must come to an end. Farewell, dear vanilla ice cream. May we meet again in the future."
  1509. >"...Jeez, a little overly dramatic?"
  1510. >"For something so great, it deserves a proper farewell."
  1512. >now that the girls are done, you get ready to make one, final order
  1513. >you make your way back to the counter, where the ice cream guy is patiently waiting
  1514. "Alright, time for that last order."
  1515. >"What'll it be?"
  1516. "Rarity, what does Rowen like?"
  1517. >"Um... I'm not really sure."
  1518. "...This may be harder than I thought."
  1519. >"Rainbow, what do you think we should get Rowen?"
  1520. >"Just get chocolate. There's no one on this planet who hates that flavor."
  1521. "*sigh* Fine, what she said. One cup of chocolate ice cream. Make it soft served"
  1522. >"Alright, let me tally up everything before I do that."
  1523. >after pressing a few buttons on a surprisingly high tech computer...
  1524. >"That'll be fifteen dollars and twenty eight cents."
  1525. "Damn, that's some expensive ice cream..."
  1526. >you pull out your wallet to pay the man...
  1527. >...
  1528. >ok
  1529. >don't panic
  1530. >its not like you don't have any money in your wallet or anything like that
  1531. >don't show signs of fear
  1532. >don't let your eye twitch
  1533. >'re failing
  1534. >"Is there a problem, stranger?"
  1535. "N-No problem. No problem at all."
  1536. >"Then pay up."
  1537. >this is totally not good
  1538. >"...You do have the money, right?"
  1539. >you've never run into a problem like this
  1540. >you're not prepared for whatever outcome that lies ahead
  1541. >"Anon, do you have the money?"
  1542. >"Yeah, what's taking so long, big guy?"
  1543. >"Can you pay me, yes or no?"
  1544. "W-Well... the thing is..."
  1545. >"..."
  1546. >"..."
  1547. >"..."
  1548. "..."
  1550. >
  1551. >"Oi, get back here!"
  1552. "Nope, no can do!"
  1553. >with Rarity in your arms, you and Rainbow Dash burst out from the ice cream shop and begin running like maniacs towards anywhere that's not here
  1554. >"What the heck was that?!"
  1555. >"Anon, why are you carrying me?"
  1556. "I... I may or may not have any money on me."
  1557. >"Really? The one thing we needed and you FORGOT it?"
  1558. >"Oi, you lot. Get back here!"
  1559. >as you continue running, you look back to see that hooded guy running at you with full speed
  1560. "Less talk, more walk!"
  1561. >"You mean run, big guy?"
  1562. "You know what I mean!"
  1563. >running along the side walks, it seems this man is not letting up in his pursuit
  1564. >"Watch out!"
  1565. >a few people also inhabit the streets, impeding your escape
  1566. >you and Rainbow Dash weave and side step passed all the civilians, hopefully losing the ice cream guy
  1567. "Excuse me!"
  1568. >"Out of the way!"
  1569. "Sorry!"
  1570. >"Coming through!"
  1571. >after finally reaching a point when no one is in your path, you sigh in relief while you continue to run
  1572. >you think you finally lost-
  1573. >"You picked the wrong day to dine and dash from my shop!"
  1574. >he's still following you?!
  1575. >even Rarity seems to notice
  1576. >"Anon, I don't think you can out run this man."
  1577. "Like hell! I'm not willing to stick around and find out what he has in store for us!"
  1578. >as you continue your sprint, you notice Rainbow Dash point towards an alleyway
  1579. >"Quick, through there!"
  1580. >you and Rainbow Dash almost come to a complete stop and make a turn into the alleyway she pointed out
  1581. "Why did we come here?"
  1582. >"Why else? To lose him."
  1583. "You really think that will work?"
  1584. >"Relax. He's just run passed us like in the cartoons I w-"
  1585. >"Trying to give me the old slip, eh?"
  1586. >"Whoa, not good!"
  1587. "You really thought that would work?!"
  1588. >"Hey, it was a good plan!"
  1589. "Was getting caught part of your plan?"
  1590. >"Uh... of course! I'm leading him into a trap!"
  1591. >you turn at a corner, leading to yet another alleyway
  1592. "Alright, you got yourself caught. Now what's the next step in your master plan?"
  1593. >"Heh, right in front of you!"
  1594. >you look away from Rainbow Dash and notice a tall chained fence ahead of you
  1595. >does she really expect you to climb that with Rarity in your arms?!
  1596. >if only you weren't carrying her...
  1597. >...
  1598. "Rarity."
  1599. >"Yes?"
  1600. "Get up on my shoulders."
  1601. >"...What?"
  1602. >swiftly, you carry her over your head and let her put her legs over your neck, giving her a way of staying on your shoulders
  1603. >"Anon, why did you-"
  1604. "Hang on!"
  1605. >right as you come to the fence, you make your best attempt to climb up and over the obstacle
  1606. >you almost fall, but manage to pull yourself up and successfully hop the fence after several seconds of rigorous climbing
  1607. >as you put your two feet on the ground, you see Rainbow Dash still trying to climb the fence
  1608. >it seems she has a bit more trouble with her child physique
  1609. "Come on, climb!"
  1610. >"Stupid... I'm trying!"
  1611. >as she's climbing, you notice the pursuing man getting closer and closer
  1612. >right before he gets to the fence, Rainbow Dash reaches the top
  1613. >you're worried the guy might try to grab her
  1614. "Jump!"
  1615. >Rainbow Dash looks behind herself and panics before making a small jump towards you
  1616. >she lands in your arms, but, sadly, it put a have strain on your back, considering you already have a passenger on board
  1617. "Ow..."
  1618. >"Thanks."
  1619. "N-no problem..."
  1620. >you let her down and look at the unhappy clerk in front of you
  1621. >"Nah nah, you can't catch us."
  1622. "You might not want to taunt him..."
  1623. >"Boy am I glad he's standing over there and we're out here... oh come on!"
  1624. >Right as Rainbow Dash continued to gloat, the man started climbing the fence
  1625. >"Uh... we better go!"
  1626. "Agreed."
  1627. >you and Rainbow Dash resume your escape, but within seconds, you feel immense pain in your back
  1628. "Ah! God dammit!"
  1629. >"Anon, darling, what's the matter?"
  1630. >"Yeah, come on, we gotta go!"
  1631. "Pain... incredible pain!"
  1632. >you really start to slow down, probably going as fast as Rarity can run
  1633. "I can't keep going like this..."
  1634. >"Come on, push yourself harder!"
  1635. >"Rainbow Dash, he can't go any further!"
  1636. "I'll be fine... just keep running."
  1637. >you fight through the pain and gently let Rarity down so she can walk on her own
  1638. >"Anon, what about you?"
  1639. "I'll... I'll be fine."
  1640. >"Are you sure?"
  1641. >"Of course he won't be, Rarity... ah ha! Anon, follow me just a little bit more."
  1642. >Rainbow Dash runs towards an four way pass between the alleyway
  1643. >you manage to get a little closer and follow her
  1644. >"Go right, now!"
  1645. >Rarity pushes you along, helping you follow Rainbow Dash's orders
  1646. >as you continue to "run", you notice Rainbow Dash isn't following
  1647. "Rainbow Dash?"
  1648. >"I'll be fine, trust me. Just take care of Rarity."
  1649. >"Darling..."
  1650. >"Hey, over here, you hood wearing... dummy!"
  1651. >Rainbow Dash begins to head the other way as you hear footsteps getting closer
  1652. >you and Rarity hide behind a nearby dumpster as the footsteps begin to get quieter and quieter
  1653. >soon enough, you don't hear anyone following you at this point
  1654. >it seems Rainbow Dash's plan worked
  1655. >"He ran the other way."
  1656. "Looks like it... now I can relax..."
  1657. >you're about you let yourself sit on the ground, but Rarity hits you in the knee before you can do so
  1658. >it wasn't painful, but it was definitely something
  1659. "What?"
  1660. >"Don't sit on the floor! You'll get all dirty!"
  1661. "I don't really have much of a choice..."
  1662. >against Rarity's wishes, you lean yourself against a wall and sit yourself onto the hard cement floor
  1663. >you take some deep breathes and try to relax, hopefully lessening the pain going up your spine
  1664. >"Anon, I'm sorry..."
  1665. "For what?"
  1666. >"You didn't have any money on you. I should have brought some of our own money to pay for the ice cream."
  1667. "Its fine, Rarity. It wasn't your fault, it was mine. I should have checked my wallet beforehand."
  1668. >you give Rarity a little smile, hopefully putting Rarity in a better mood
  1669. >"Are you sure?"
  1670. "Yes, I'm sure."
  1671. >even though you're sitting on the ground, Rarity comes at you and gives you a great big hug
  1672. >"Even so, I'm sorry for hurting your back."
  1673. >she keeps blaming herself for all these problems...
  1674. "Again, it wasn't your fault."
  1675. >"But..."
  1676. "No buts. Just relax."
  1677. >you return the hug and hold Rarity in your arms
  1678. "Hey, at least it wasn't all bad. You enjoyed your ice cream, right?"
  1679. >"Uh huh..."
  1680. "And all that running from the ice cream man. That was exhilarating, huh?"
  1681. >Rarity breaks the hug to look up at you
  1682. >"It was... quite nerve racking, but you're right."
  1683. "See, not everything was bad. None of it was your fault either. Just relax, Rarity."
  1684. >upon hearing your words, Rarity seems to calm down a bit and allow herself to rest in your arms
  1685. >you even see her close her eyes
  1686. >she's awfully cute like this
  1687. >she feels so soft too
  1688. >even though you're sitting who-knows-where and currently suffering with possible back injuries, you're quite alright with the situation
  1689. >this is good...isn't it?
  1691. >nothing can ruin this moment
  1692. >nothing at all...
  1693. >"Anon?"
  1694. "Yeah?"
  1695. >"If you ran from the store without paying, wouldn't you go to jail for that?"
  1696. "..."
  1697. >urge to panic rising
  1698. >"Don't worry, Rowen will help you."
  1699. "Really now? Why's that?"
  1700. >"He helps all of my friends."
  1701. "Friends... alright, I believe you."
  1702. >"He never fails. He's always there for me. He would never let you or anyone else I know stay in trouble."
  1703. "Heh, a lot of loyalty for a hired chauffeur."
  1704. >"He is loyal, isn't he?"
  1705. >"Or perhaps he's wondering why you would leave a restaurant of any kind, before paying for the food you ate."
  1706. "?!"
  1707. >you and Rarity look over towards the streets, setting your eyes on Rarity's chauffeur
  1708. >you truly have no idea how he found you
  1709. >"I was wondering why you were taking so long to return, so I took the liberty of looking for Miss Rarity. Needless to say, I noticed you two and Rainbow Dash running from that cloaked man. Did you do anything to irritate him?"
  1710. "Uh... well..."
  1711. >"Anon didn't have any money to pay the ice cream man."
  1712. "...What she said."
  1713. >Rowen glares at you before turning around
  1714. >"I am very disappointed in you, Anon. Taking for granted that which is of most value for anything like this. And running from the store as a result? Miss Rarity could have been injured."
  1715. "I know, I know... but I didn't know what else to do."
  1716. >Rowen looks behind himself before continuing to berate you
  1717. >"Did it not occur to you that leaving an I.O.U. would be a better solution?"
  1718. "...You can do that?"
  1719. >"Of course you can. Most stores won't hold it against you, so long as you pay them back, of course."
  1720. "I'll remember that in the future."
  1721. >"Good man. Now, where is Rainbow Dash?"
  1722. >"She might be still running from the ice cream man."
  1723. >"Hmm... is she now?"
  1724. >Rowen begins walking towards the streets
  1725. >"Maybe we can put an end to this silly chase."
  1726. >as he reaches the sidewalk, he puts his arm out for some reason
  1727. >*snatch!*
  1728. >he just... caught Rainbow Dash as she was running
  1729. >how...
  1730. >"What the heck?!"
  1731. >"Ah, Rainbow Dash! So nice of you to join us."
  1732. >"Oi, stop that kid!"
  1733. >what is going on?!
  1734. >"And you must be the ice cream man."
  1735. >"You're damn right, stranger. This kid was with a man who ran off without paying."
  1736. >"My my, that does sound like quite the conundrum. You obviously want your money, correct?"
  1737. >"Yeah... why do you ask, stranger?"
  1738. >Rowen puts his other hand into pocket and pulls out what looks like a dollar bill
  1739. >"I will kindly pay you one hundred dollars to leave us in peace and forget about this whole event."
  1740. >"...You're serious?"
  1741. >"Very. Do not hold a grudge against the man either. He's still young. Even you know that."
  1742. >"...Fine, just give me that bill."
  1743. >Rowen politely drops the bill into the ice cream man's hand
  1744. >"Heh ha heh ha, thank you."
  1745. >"No problem. Now, you ought to be getting back to your store."
  1746. >"You're absolutely right. Thanks again, stranger."
  1747. >you see the man walk away without a care in the world
  1748. >it seems he didn't notice you in the alleyway
  1749. >"Well, now that we've gotten that taken care of..."
  1750. >He finally lets go of Rainbow Dash
  1751. >"How... how did you catch me? How'd you know I was coming this way?!"
  1752. >"I believe anyone could hear the footsteps of a running child."
  1753. "Whoa, you could hear her?"
  1754. >"Rarity! Anon! You're still here?"
  1755. >Rainbow Dash runs past Rowen and comes near you
  1756. "Well... yeah, my back still hurts like hell."
  1757. >"Oh... is Rarity ok?"
  1758. >"I'm fine, darling. You were very brave for leading that man away from us."
  1759. >"Ha ha, it was nothing."
  1760. >"Well then, I see the three of you have been reunited."
  1761. "I guess so... thanks, Rowen."
  1762. >"You're welcome, Anon. Now, how about we all head home?"
  1763. >"I agree. Rowen, could you please help Anon stand up?"
  1764. >"Of course, Rarity. The car is nearby, so you two can run along now. The doors should be open for the back seats."
  1765. >"Sweet! Come on, Rarity, let's go."
  1766. >"Alright. See you in the car, Anon."
  1767. >Rarity and Rainbow Dash both run along towards where the car probably is
  1768. >you try to pick yourself up and stand correctly, but you have a little trouble
  1769. "Uh, Rowen, little help?"
  1770. >you put your hand out, which Rowen immediately grabs and pulls you up
  1771. >you finally get on your own two feet, but quickly lose balance and almost fall over Rowen
  1772. "Uh... sorry."
  1773. >"Listen to me, boy."
  1774. "Huh?"
  1775. >"I see how much you care for Rarity, especially due to your actions. She is very fortunate to have made a friend like you."
  1776. "...Thanks?"
  1777. >Rowen starts to hold you tightly
  1778. >"But remember this. If you cause and harm to Rarity, any sort of damage to not only her body, but her mind as well..."
  1779. >he starts to dig into your back, really driving his fingers into your skin
  1780. >"You. Won't. Make that mistake. Again."
  1781. >after a few seconds of even more pain in your back, he finally lets go
  1782. >"Do you understand?"
  1783. "Uh... I may have already known this sort of thing."
  1784. >"Hmm..."
  1785. "But... I'll be more careful in the future."
  1786. >Rowen stares deeply into your eyes
  1787. >"Don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Even questions, if need be. We're not asking you to be perfect."
  1788. "Alright, I'll keep that in mind."
  1789. >finally, Rowen puts on a smile and all tension in the air dissipates
  1790. >"Good! Now that we've gotten that taken care of, let's be on our way."
  1791. >Rowen turns around and starts to walk away
  1792. >"Coming, Anon?"
  1793. >he wants you to follow?
  1794. >but your back is...
  1795. >is...
  1796. >not nearly as bad as it was before
  1797. >it still hurts, but you feel as though you can walk just fine now
  1798. >...did Rowen do something when he pulled you in closer?
  1799. >that sharp pain from before...
  1800. >...
  1801. >you decide to not question it and assume Rowen is a man of deep wisdom, capable of many things
  1802. >soon enough, you make your way towards Rowen, who points you towards his nice, black car
  1804. >after a short car ride back to Rarity's home, which was filled with stories on how fast Rainbow Dash ran, you all got out of the car and began walking towards the house itself
  1805. >when suddenly...
  1806. >"Wait, what time is it? I need to be home before my dad shows up."
  1807. "Beats me."
  1808. >"I'm afraid I don't know, Rainbow."
  1809. >Rowen pulls out his pocket watch before responding
  1810. >"It is currently 12:31 PM."
  1811. >"Not good! Uh, nice meeting you, Anon, and uh... glad to see you're alright Rarity... bye!"
  1812. >and just like that, Rainbow Dash speeds towards the gates, manages to not run straight into it this time, and makes a mad dash towards her home
  1813. "Well... that happened."
  1814. >"There she goes again, always cutting it close when it comes to time."
  1815. "Is this a common thing to happen?"
  1816. >"Absolutely."
  1817. >"Now, miss Rarity, I believe its time for that time of the week."
  1818. >"...Really? Its that time?"
  1819. "Time? Time for what?"
  1820. >"Mister Anon, I'm sure you know what time of the year it is, correct?"
  1821. "Yeah, its July..."
  1822. >"And what does that mean for children?"
  1823. "They're... on vacation from school?"
  1824. >"Correct! Rarity only just started her summer vacation, but the schools still require some form of mental activity, even during their time to relax."
  1825. >oh boy
  1826. >you think you know where this is headed
  1827. "Let me guess... the packet?"
  1828. >"Please, no..."
  1829. >"Yes, the packet. It is required that every student complete a series of math questions before returning to school in September."
  1830. "Ah, I understand. Rarity still needs to complete it."
  1831. >"That is correct."
  1832. >"Its so...boring."
  1833. >"If you would be so kind, Anon, as to assist Rarity in completing a portion of the packet, that would be most helpful."
  1834. "Sure, why not?"
  1835. >"Anooooon~. I don't want to work on the packeeeeeeet~."
  1836. "Is it that bad?"
  1837. >"Its just... just..."
  1838. "Ok, how about this. At least, show me why its so bad."
  1839. >"..."
  1840. "Would you rather do it alone?"
  1841. >"Fine, fine... Its in my room."
  1842. >"Thank you, Anon. Do give her all the help, or, rather, motivation she needs."
  1843. >you and Rarity quickly arrive within her room, but this time, she immediately marched right up to her little mirror dresser and sat right down on the chair in front of it
  1844. "I see someone's eager to do their homework."
  1845. >"*sigh* I have so many better things to do."
  1846. "It can't be that bad..."
  1847. >just then, Rarity pulls out the drawer right in front of her and pulls out the biggest god damn stack of papers you've seen in a long time and slams it on the table
  1848. >maybe its your imagination, but you lose part of your balance from the shock wave it emits
  1849. "...Wow."
  1850. >"Its not that bad."
  1851. "Not that bad? Not that bad?! Look at that thing! There must be thirty pages or something."
  1852. >"True, there is an excessive amount of work to be done, but is no problem at all...*sigh*."
  1853. >she keeps sighing
  1854. >that's not a good sign
  1855. "It looks like a problem to me! Here, let me grab a pencil and-"
  1856. >"No need, I can handle this myself."
  1857. >she reaches into a small cylinder next to her mirror and pulls out a rather small No. 2 pencil
  1858. "You sure?"
  1859. >"Hmm? Oh, right... yes, I can handle this... tedious assignment."
  1860. >you noticed her space out for a second there
  1861. >even as she opens the packet and turns a couple pages, she doesn't seem... happy
  1862. >you look over her shoulder at the problems on the page and-
  1863. "How many problems are there?!"
  1864. >"Roughly eighty per page. Not anything too severe."
  1865. >eighty per page
  1866. >not severe
  1867. >alright, time for some answers
  1868. "How are you not intimidated by this stuff? When I was school, I didn't get nearly as much work, and I struggled to complete this garbage."
  1869. >"Honor's classes."
  1870. "...Really?!"
  1871. >"Yes... is that so hard to believe?"
  1872. >you can see a look of confusion on her face
  1873. "N-no, not at all! I just... well, I've never seen honor's work before. You must be pretty good at this stuff."
  1874. >"Sadly, only for certain subjects. My Mathematics and Literature classes are far too easy for me. Becoming a fashion designer requires good use of numbers to measure every tiny detail of clothing."
  1875. "I guess that makes sense..."
  1876. >she writes down a few numbers, but quickly puts her pencil down and stares at the page
  1877. >"I know all of the material... but its just so... boring."
  1878. "Boring, huh?"
  1879. >she folds her arms and puts a pout on her face
  1880. >"I could be working on my fashion instead of this..."
  1881. >you walk up to her and kneel down to her level
  1882. "If you get this done sooner, we can get back to dress making."
  1883. >"I know, but... ugh! Why must they use repetition as a way of 'learning'?!"
  1884. >she almost slams her face onto the table
  1885. >so, she's not bad at this stuff, just... lazy? not motivated? something along those lines
  1886. >there must be some way to fix this...
  1887. "Hmm... ah ha!"
  1888. >Rarity picks her head up and looks at you
  1889. >"What is it, Anon?"
  1890. "You used some kind of speaker system to play music yesterday, right?"
  1891. >she points towards where you did your modeling yesterday
  1892. >"Of course. There should be a small stereo set next to the changing area."
  1893. >you walk straight over there and look for the sound system she mentioned
  1894. >and wouldn't you know it, it was right to the side of that folding changing screen... thing, standing next to the wall
  1895. >she was right, it is small
  1896. >small but powerful
  1897. "Perfect, this is what I need."
  1898. >"For what?"
  1899. >you pull out your Ipod and look for a certain wire she may or may not have
  1900. "Hey Rarity, do you have a wire that connects to music devices?"
  1901. >"It should be in the back, yes."
  1902. >you check the back of the speakers and find a long wire that should allow you to plug in your device
  1903. >you take the wire and jack in your Ipod
  1904. "Alright, Rarity, you want to finish that math packet?"
  1905. >"Anon, what are you doing?"
  1906. >you quickly look over your music selection until you find the song you're looking for
  1907. "Do you believe in yourself that you can do it?"
  1908. >"I... do not know where you're going with this."
  1909. "Just answer the question..."
  1910. >"Uh... maybe?"
  1911. >you put on a huge grin
  1912. "Then how about you believe in me who believes in you."
  1913. >*click*
  1915. >
  1916. >the music begins with the same hopeful soundtrack you know and love
  1917. "If you don't have the will to keep at it, then let my will push you forward."
  1918. >you run up to her and look towards that cylinder she got her pencil from
  1919. >you stick your hand in it and find a pencil for yourself
  1920. >"Anon, you're scaring me."
  1921. "Just roll with it."
  1922. >you stand tall and point the pencil into the air
  1923. "You have the writing utensil that will pierce the problems before you. Why do it tomorrow when you can complete it today?"
  1924. >"You may be right, but..."
  1925. >a quick glance at the sheet of paper and you see some of the problems before her
  1926. >you memorize the next four problems
  1927. "Alright, Rarity, let's get a move on!"
  1928. >"Um..."
  1929. >you point your pencil upwards again
  1930. >luckily, she can see you because of the large mirror in front of you
  1931. "Six times eight!"
  1932. >"Forty eight..."
  1933. >she just sits there
  1934. "Come on, write it down!"
  1935. >"Oh, right! Let me chart it down and..."
  1936. >you point towards the left
  1937. "Seventy six divided by four!"
  1938. >"Nineteen."
  1939. >you point towards the right
  1940. "Five times sixteen!"
  1941. >"Eighty!"
  1942. >now she's getting it!
  1943. >you point forwards towards the mirror
  1944. "Ten divided by zero."
  1945. >she points at the mirror too
  1946. >"Trick question, there is no answer!"
  1947. "Ha ha, now we're getting somewhere!"
  1948. >you can see renewed conviction within her eyes
  1949. >now she's motivated!
  1950. "See, its easy. It just takes time."
  1951. >"We have a whole summer's worth of time."
  1952. "But we don't want to waste all of it doing homework, do we?"
  1953. >she starts writing up a storm as most of her attention goes into her work
  1954. >"Not in the slightest!"
  1955. >every problem she sees on the paper is solved within seconds
  1956. >its almost unreal
  1957. "That a girl, Rarity! Are you feeling the drive within you?"
  1958. >"I'm really feeling it, Anon. Oh, I am really feeling it!"
  1959. >you jump back and start dancing to the music in the background, cheering her on as she continues her work
  1960. "A woman truly passionate about her work will always do what it takes to push forward. The same can be applied to all the side jobs needed to become successful too."
  1961. >"To think a pesky little math packet is standing between me and my future! Well, I never!"
  1962. >she gets up from her seat and still continues to solve math problems at lighting speed
  1963. "Either sitting down or standing up, something as small as this shouldn't be a problem for a girl like you!"
  1964. >"You couldn't be more right, darling!"
  1965. >soon enough, she flips a page and begins anew on the new sheet of paper
  1966. >however...
  1967. >*snap!*
  1968. >her pencil breaks!
  1969. >something like this can cause her to lose the rhythm she currently has
  1970. >"Drat!"
  1971. >you run to her side and present the pencil you had in your hand with gusto
  1972. "Don't quit now, keep going!"
  1973. >she swipes the utensil from your hand and wastes no time with making more progress on her work
  1974. >"Thank you, Anon."
  1975. >you give her a thumbs up
  1976. "Anytime."
  1977. >as she finishes problem after problem, you see a look on her face change
  1978. >"Anon!"
  1979. "What is it?"
  1980. >"What if this pencil breaks too?"
  1981. "Hmm... quite the problem, huh?"
  1982. >"Quick, I have a pencil sharpener in the bottom of my pencil holder. Please use it to-"
  1983. "On it!"
  1984. >you extend your arm and force your way into the cylinder which holds the potential salvation to this whole thing
  1985. "Got it!"
  1986. >you force the purple pencil sharpener out of it's hiding place and firmly grasp it in your hand
  1987. >the broken pencil in your other hand is just begging to be inserted into the sharpener
  1988. >with all your might, you plunge the wooden object into the small hole and jam it in there as hard as you can
  1989. >the fire passion of a thousand suns drives you forward as you turn the pencil, hearing the far too satisfying sound of wood being sliced off the utensil
  1990. >you look towards the ceiling, unable to fathom the pleasure you're experiencing from some as simple as sharpening a pencil
  1991. >several seconds pass, and finally, the pencil tip that was once shattered is now reforged, ready to do battle against the menacing mathematical equations on Rarity's sheet of paper
  1992. >during the intense time you've spent trying to sharpen the pencil, you notice Rarity has already completed almost half of the new page of math problems
  1993. >you do not exactly know how much time passed as you intensely sharpened Excalibur from your mighty forge, but it must have been some time
  1994. "Alright, the deed is done."
  1995. >"Place it on the table. I'll use it if need be."
  1996. >you do exactly as you were told, placing the pencil right above her pile of papers
  1997. >the song you're listening to is coming to a close by now
  1998. "See, Rarity? This is what you're capable of."
  1999. >she breaks her current pencil and moves onto the other one
  2000. "You just need to think about the end result. The journey is easy, you just need to walk down that path."
  2001. >the amount of unsolved problems on that becomes more and more scarce as the seconds go by
  2002. "Whether its boring or not interesting matters not. You're still pushing forward. You have the will to make things happen, and that's all you really need!"
  2003. >the song reaches the very end of it's length, coming within seconds of stopping
  2004. "Now, was this truly that boring, Rarity?"
  2005. >right as the music ends, you see Rarity stop what she was doing and look at her paper
  2006. >"Incredible... I usually only go that fast when I'm low on time."
  2007. >you walk up to her and pat her on the head
  2008. "I wanted to help, and I think I succeeded."
  2009. >"That is... definitely correct."
  2010. >you can see her becoming tired out
  2011. >after all that speed math, you can't blame her
  2012. >she may be a kid, but god damn, she's a smart one
  2013. >"May I... take a break?"
  2014. "Sure, fine by me. You got a hell of a lot of work done. That page is almost done too."
  2015. >she giggles at the compliment and lays back in her seat
  2016. >"Even though I achieved so much in a short amount of time, I still acted most unbecoming of a lady."
  2017. >you find a seat near her work station and let yourself relax
  2018. "You're fine, Rarity. At your age, its fine to be so active."
  2019. >"But I... fine, I suppose you're correct."
  2020. >after a minute of relaxation, Rarity decides to break the silence
  2021. >"I'm far too tired to make any dresses for today..."
  2022. "No one said you had to work on this stuff everyday."
  2023. >"But... I want to do something else today. There's still so much daylight outside."
  2024. >you think for a few seconds before responding
  2025. "Do you have a TV in this place?"
  2027. >after that event, you and Rarity find yourselves in the living room, using a pretty big flat screen TV to watch whatever movies or TV shows are on right now
  2028. >while you're both sitting on a very comfy couch, Rarity leans up against you as you flip through channels
  2029. >every so often you would come across a cooking show, some bad cartoons, the endings to some movies, etc
  2030. >Rarity seems to look bored, but that may be because she's tired
  2031. >maybe you should do something about this
  2032. "So, Rarity. We've been watching TV for a while now, but you never mentioned what you like to watch."
  2033. >"I don't really watch Television all that much."
  2034. "Huh... that doesn't surprise me that much, to be honest."
  2035. >she looks up at you with confusion
  2036. >"What do you mean by that?"
  2037. "Well, considering you act pretty mature, Its not too farfetched to think that you don't watch TV."
  2038. >As you search through more channels, you look at Rarity to see why she hasn't responded
  2039. >you're greeted with a smile as she looks towards a nearby window
  2040. >you're not entirely sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing
  2041. >most likely the former
  2042. "You alright, Rarity?"
  2043. >"Yes, darling... I feel great right now."
  2044. >you decide to look towards where she's currently staring
  2045. >wow, that's a nice sunset...
  2046. >sunset?
  2047. >hot damn, how long have you watching TV?!
  2048. >time really flies when you're watching shows about nothing
  2049. >"Anon, I think it would be best if I retired to my room early today."
  2050. "If that's what you want, I won't argue with it."
  2051. >considering all the events that happened today, its understandable that she wants to go to be early
  2052. >the two of you get up from the couch after you shut off the TV and begin your return to Rarity's room
  2053. >throughout the short walk, you can still see that small smile she has on
  2054. >she must be really happy about something
  2055. >upon entering her room, she begins to yawn, signifying its time to get some rest
  2056. >just like yesterday, you let her put on her nightgown before she climbs onto her bed like last time
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