3/15 The Rising of Ann Ultovex

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  1.  Alastor passes something to the Paladin.
  2. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5.  Ser Artaghh would receive the note, reading it intently with his remaining eye.
  6. (Artaghh)
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9.  Priscilla Invidia says, "I've never been much of a farmer, to be truthful, but I've grown a few plants and trees. It was a peaceful experience all in all."
  10.  {ITEM} Traded item with Alastor G. Vishkar: Paper
  11.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Apparently.
  12.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Anna has been helping Zendrick.
  13.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: And Zendrick is hiding with the vampires.
  14. Artaghh whispers: I knew the first part.
  15.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: We didn't find him before, because he was always under our nose.
  16.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Yeah, I knew the first part as well, just didn't have any evidence.
  17.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Now we do.
  18.  Artaghh whispers: Tha' little slut.
  19.  Kairi says, "Yeah! I really like it. Amelie is having me farm some wheat for her right now."
  20.  Kairi nods a few times.
  21. (Kairi)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24.  Artaghh whispers: So wha's the next move?
  25.  Artaghh whispers: Ye' did jus win' Neo some money.
  26. Artaghh whispers: He owes ye' one.
  27.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Here's the thing.
  28. Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: He might be.
  29. Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Vel isn't.
  30.  Priscilla Invidia says, "Maybe the skills you learn will be useful sometime later in your.. life."
  31.  Kairi exclaims, "Yeah! Hopefully!"
  32.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Of course, he could have asked for help and that land over at Gehenna would have been theirs long ago-- But they decided to do their own.
  33.  Kairi exclaims, "It was nice talking to you Miss Priscilla!"
  34.  Artaghh whispers: Aye, figure they go' cramped bein' lawn ornaments an' guard dogs.
  35.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Mmhm.
  36. Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Remember what I always said, though?
  37.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: If they wanted to stay in my good side, they'd allow me to help them while they helped me.
  38.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: They decided they don't want to help anymore.
  39.  Priscilla Invidia says, "Same with you."
  40.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: So, I decided to put an end to this situation.
  41.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: We're probably teaming up on them.
  42.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: And here comes.
  43.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Anna."
  44.  Anna asks, "Yes?"
  45. Artaghh whispers: Pffffff. Huh.
  46.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Over here."
  47.  Anna exclaims, "R-Right!"
  48.  Artaghh whispers: Bold move, I like it.
  49.  Leoda remained quiet
  50. (Leoda)
  51. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  53.  Alastor hands a potion to Anna.
  54. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Drink."
  58.  Anna asks, "W-What's it for?"
  59.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Guess."
  60. Anna asks, "Is it Zendrick still?"
  61.  Esme folds her arms, turning about the face what was going over the other side of the fence.
  62. (Esme Rowan)
  63. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Yes."
  66.  Anna asks, "What do you want to know?"
  67.  Anna says, "I've already told you... where he was."
  68.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I want to make sure you weren't lying."
  69.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "It's why I gave the potion."
  70.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Do you want to try stalling again?"
  71.  Ser Artaghh would grip the handle of his longsword as he turned his attention towards Anna, nodding steadily as he puffed away at his corn cob pipe. He would unsheathe the blade, dredging an oily cloth from his left silvery sabaton before beginning the steady process of polishing his sword to a mirror sheen. After all, you never know when you might have to use it.
  72. (Artaghh)
  73. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75.  Anna says, "But..."
  76.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: I have a lot of truth potions available, Anna.
  77.  Chaaca moved over next to Esme, in order to observe his mentor Artaghh.
  78. (Chaaca Khan)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81.  Alastor G. Vishkar whispers: Did you think I wasn't going to double check?
  82. Anna nods and reluctantly drinks the potion.
  83. (Anna)
  84. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So."
  87. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Tell me a thing."
  88.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What was your intention with Zendrick that day?"
  89. Anna says, "I..."
  90. Anna says, "Wanted to kill him at first.."
  91. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Go on."
  92.  Anna says, "He didn't trust me enough to eat my food.."
  93.  Anna says, "So I talked with him."
  94.  Anna says, "And.. we made plans to kill Ethan."
  95.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "And where is Zendrick?"
  96.  Anna says, "I don't know where he is right now."
  97.  The young girl would withdraw her cup, shaking it. There was already a coin or two in it, from the sounds of it, and she called out loudly,
  99. "Money to spare...?" she asked, to no one in particular. She'd roam listlessly.
  100. (Lan)
  101. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  103.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Do you know what he's been up to?"
  104.  Anna says, "..."
  105.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Alas."
  106.  Anna says, "Y-Yes/"
  107.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I didn't ask where he is right now. It's like asking where I am."
  108.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "The generic answer would be... My house."
  109.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So, again."
  110.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Where was he, then? And."
  111.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What has he been up to?"
  112.  Anna says, "He was at the volcano when we met."
  113.  Anna says, "He's... practicing chaos magic."
  114.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "He's been staying around the volcano, then?"
  115.  Anna says, "..."
  116.  Lan asks, "Money to spare?"
  117.  Desmond Grainger says, "Oh."
  118.  Alastor looks to the side, towards Artaghh.
  119. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Well."
  123.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "She isn't answering."
  124. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I'm going to get a collar."
  125.  Leoda says, "Could always .. yep"
  126.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "And a hot iron."
  127.  Anna exclaims, "W-Wait!"
  128.  Lan exclaims, "Thank you, sir!"
  129.  Anna exclaims, "I'll answer!"
  130.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "So?"
  131.  Anna says, "P-Please... don't hurt me."
  132. Chaaca Khan says, "Here."
  133.  Lan exclaims, "Thank you!"
  134. Chaaca Khan says, "Hopefully that helps"
  135.  Anna says, "..."
  136.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "You should have thought that when you started cooperating with him."
  137.  Artaghh asks, "Hmm?"
  138.  Anna says, "The answer.. is n-no."
  139.  Artaghh says, "Sorry, mid sentence nap."
  140. Esme Rowan asks, "What's your name, girl?"
  141.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Where has he been staying, then?"
  142.  Desmond Grainger asks, "Hey while we have this huge group? Anyone can tell me where to get a novice staff and armor?"
  143.  Anna says, "I-"
  144.  She'd place the coins she was gifted into her cup, before she'd shake it again. Eventually, she rolled her eyes over towards Esma, chirping up,
  146. "Lan, ma'am!"
  147. (Lan)
  148. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  150.  Nickolas says, "Crafthold sells most of them."
  151.  Artaghh says, "Honestly."
  152.  Desmond Grainger asks, "OH! Whose that?"
  153.  Artaghh says, "She is the biggest liar in this town."
  154.  Artaghh says, "She'll talk under the brand, nae before."
  155.  Nickolas asks, "Whose what?"
  156.  Anna says, "No.. please.."
  157.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Answer."
  158.  Anna says, "D-Disguised in Gehenna."
  159.  Desmond Grainger asks, "Okay? So where can I buy them then?"
  160.  Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  161.  Anna says, "And..."
  162.  Anna says, "T-T-The mountain.."
  163.  Nickolas says, "Well, south of here leads you to Crafthold."
  164.  Esme Rowan says, "Well, seems it's your lucky day."
  165.  Lan asks, "... Ohhh?"
  166.  Aspen watches Alastor and Anna's interaction.
  167. (Aspen Invidia)
  168. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170.  Esme Rowan says, "It'd be wise to find a roof to sleep under, nights are cold here at the base of the mountain."
  171.  Desmond Grainger asks, "Oh hi. Busy square. Can you help me by showing where they are?"
  172.  Esme Rowan says, "Artaghh's tavern is atop the mountain, with cheap beds."
  173.  Esme Rowan asks, "Chaaca, you could show her, right?"
  174.  Nickolas says, "Sure."
  175.  Chaaca Khan says, "Mhm."
  176.  Lan says, "I'm used to sleeping outside but a warm bed would be swell, yep yep."
  177.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Alright."
  178.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So."
  179.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Who's helping him?"
  180.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Besides you."
  181.  Esme Rowan says, "It's a short walk, just at the edge of town."
  182.  Anna says, "M-Malentine.."
  183. Floats upward and touches down, resting one hand in a relaxed grip atop the hilt of her blade.
  184. (Esme Rowan)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187.  Anna says, "And Aspen.."
  188.  Aspen waves her hand.
  189. (Aspen Invidia)
  190. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  192.  Ser Artaghh would turn his attention to Aspen.
  193. (Artaghh)
  194. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  196.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Well."
  197.  The girl couldn't quite speak up, before she felt that tug from Usan. She'd be pulled towards him, eyes widening.
  199. "WHOA!" she shouted, "What's going on?!"
  200. (Lan)
  201. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  203.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Artaghh."
  204.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What's the penalty for treason?"
  205.  Aspen Invidia says, "That's information Alastor already knew, Artaghh. About me, I mean."
  206.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "But yes. It is."
  207.  Usan Agi asks, "Are you lost, child?"
  208.  Lan says, "Lost? Nah."
  209.  Anna says, "P-Please.."
  210.  Artaghh says, "I think it was death, right? I'm a bit rusty."
  211.  Artaghh says, "emote"
  212.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "emote"
  213. Leoda asks, "Emote?"
  214. Usan Agi says, "I see, your parents are not around, are they."
  215. Yawen-An Zhenlin says, "I would wish to ask for mercy for the child."
  216. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Ahem."
  217.  Lan exclaims, "I don't have any parents!"
  218.  Anna says, "I can explain.."
  219.  Ser Artaghh would turn his attention back to Anna.
  220. (Artaghh)
  221. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  223.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So, Anna."
  224.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "What justifications do you have?"
  225.  Usan Agi asks, "Would you like a home you can stay in?"
  226.  Leoda asks, "May I ask a question lord Alastor?"
  227.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Sure."
  228.  The young girl stared at the Monk before scratching at her nose lightly,
  230. "Is it work?" she questioned.
  231. (Lan)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234.  Anna says, "I-I just wanted to p-practice chaos with him."
  235.  Anna says, "While Sors isn't around.."
  236.  For the first time in what felt like a few year Zhenlin got up and made his way over to Alastor. He was not quick nor was he made that much of an impact but he moved. "I would ask that you do not kill her, but do something else if possible."
  237. (Yawen-An Zhenlin)
  238. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  240.  Leoda nodded her head and folded her arms. "Anna, why isn't it you aren't truly loyal to Dawn?"
  241. (Leoda)
  242. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  244.  Artaghh says, "..."
  245.  Artaghh says, "There's way'sta fix tha'."
  246.  Usan Agi says, "You will see child."
  247.  Anna says, "A-And I wanted to kill Ethan..."
  248.  Anna says, "But I-I couldn't do it alone.."
  249.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Leoda asked a question."
  250.  Anna says, "And he wanted him dead-"
  251.  Usan turned around, and squatted, "Onto my back friend, I will lead you to a world of safety."
  252. (Usan Agi)
  253. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255.  Usan Agi says, "I will.. 'piggy-back' you to Crafthold."
  256. Lan asks, "What's that?"
  257.  Anna says, "..."
  258. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I know the answer to that, ironically."
  259.  Leoda says, "I don't, but I'd like to hear it from someone who claims she's a good friend of mine."
  260.  Anna asks, "Y-You do?"
  261.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I have my fair guess."
  262.  Lan asks, "Dawn is my home, why would I go somewhere else, mister?"
  263. Leoda says, "Now answer the question, or I can go get the brand."
  264. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "No brand."
  265.  Anna says, "L-Leoda.."
  266.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "So."
  267.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Did you leave anything out the last times I questioned you, Anna?"
  268.  Usan turned around, and stood tall, "You have no home here, though as much as you claim. There is not many willing to adopt.
  269. (Usan Agi)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272.  Anna says, "N-Nothing that I didn't just tell you.."
  273.  Lan says, "I mean, that's fine. I want work."
  274. Lan says, "But for now I collect scraps."
  275. Usan Agi says, "You wish to work? Perhaps there is work then."
  276. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Fine. Another one, then."
  277.  Usan Agi asks, "Just over these hills are a place full of work, but you must return home when you can. Understood?"
  278.  Leoda sighed as she looked at the ground and shook her head. "Shows how much of a friend you really were to me ." She was dissapointed in Anna, Leoda had never asked Anna for anything other than friendship, but it seems even that was too much to give, now she had to worry about Anna stabbing her in the back.
  279. (Leoda)
  280. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282.  The red headed girl stared idly at the Monk before she nodded quietly. The prospect of actual work was promising.
  283. (Lan)
  284. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286.  Alastor moves his hand towards Anna's chin, and he squeezes her face between thumb and index finger. "Where do your true loyalties lie, Anna?"
  288. "And why did you think it was a good idea to lie?"
  289. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  290. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  292.  Usan nodded, and led the young lady to the promised land.
  293. (Usan Agi)
  294. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  296.  Esme yawns and rests both arms on the fence.
  297. (Esme Rowan)
  298. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  300.  Chaaca Khan whispers something.
  301.  Esme Rowan whispers something.
  302.  Esme Rowan whispers something.
  303.  Anna says, "No one."
  304.  Esme Rowan whispers something.
  305.  Anna says, "And.. because this would happen."
  306.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "You want to know why this happened, Anna?"
  307.  Chaaca Khan whispers something.
  308.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "It is strictly because you lied."
  309.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "If you had told me the truth, I'd have advised against it and let you off easy."
  310.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "But you decided to keep information secret."
  311. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "The penalty is execution."
  312.  Chaaca Khan whispers something.
  313.  Esme sighs.
  314. (Esme Rowan)
  315. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  317.  Yawen-An Zhenlin says, "I will ask again Alastor to not take her life punish her but let her live she is young."
  318.  Artaghh says, "See, she was already on her last straw."
  319. Anna says, "Please.. don't."
  320.  Artaghh says, "She's had seven years of mercy."
  321.  Chaaca Khan whispers something.
  322. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "She did."
  323. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I gave her chance after chance."
  324.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "You have two choices, Anna."
  325.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Me, or Sors."
  326. Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Who do you want to be dealing the last strike?"
  327. Anna asks, "W-What?"
  328.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Or, in fact-- I'd extend this kindness to you more than that."
  329.  Anna says, "Please..."
  330.  Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "Who do you want doing that?"
  331.  Alastor furrows down his eyebrows at the following 'please'. His lips turn into a scowl, and rieka surges through his body all at once, hand once again rising to grab right under her head, squeezing some.
  333. "Please? Please what?" He barks out at her, eyes overtaken in emerald energy. "You can't just ask-- CONVINCE ME."
  334. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  335. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  337.  Leoda stepped forward, just one step and then said "Anna, why do you want to live?"
  338. (Leoda)
  339. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  341.  Jennifer folds her arms over the fence as she watches.
  342. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  343. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  345.  Nate kicked his hip out and placed a hand on it as he observed.
  346. (Nate Creed)
  347. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  348.  Ser Artaghh would polish away at his mithril longsword, expression grim and certain. It was what had to be done.
  349. (Artaghh)
  350. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  352. Jennifer Ivanovich says, "Hi Aspen."
  353.  Aspen Invidia says, "Hello, Jennifer. I hope you've been well."
  354. Chaaca Khan says, "Sirocco, come here for a second."
  355.  Artaghh says, "Actually Sirocco."
  356.  Artaghh says, "Come right here."
  357.  Artaghh says, "Other side of Anna."
  358.  Sirocco says, "Quite popular today."
  359.  Chaaca Khan says, "Oh, I was gonna catch him up."
  360.  Artaghh says, "Alastor likely can do so more efficiently. Thank you though, Chaaca."
  361. Chaaca Khan says, "You guys seemed busy, so I figured I'd try."
  362. Sirocco says, "Well, seeing as the four of us are flanking Anna, it seems obvious."
  363. Chaaca Khan says, "Aye, I suppose it does."
  364. Sirocco says, "She, somehow yet again, messed up in dire fashion."
  365. Sirocco says, "The rest are just details."
  366.  Artaghh says, "This time's the last."
  367.  Yawen-An Zhenlin says, "I would beg for it not to be."
  368.  Yawen-An Zhenlin says, "I am tired of seeing children die "
  369. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Unfortunately, she is no children."
  370.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "No one is too far from the long arm of the Law."
  371.  Artaghh says, "Aye, it's a pretty long arm."
  372.  Nate Creed asks, "Artaghh, my orders here?"
  373. Artaghh says, "Just stand a' attention initiate."
  374.  Artaghh says, "Beside Chaaca."
  375.  Vedran would walk into the square with Josephine still draped over his shoulder, facing the large crowd of people with a look of mild concern.
  376. (Vedran Ivanovich)
  377. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  379.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  380.  Nate Creed whispers something.
  381.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  382.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "eh it doesnt matter"
  383.  Josephine looks mildly unhappy being carried around.
  384. (Josephine Dusk)
  385. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  387.  Leoda pouted since her once friend was now dead?
  388. (Leoda)
  389. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  391.  Anna dropped to her knees and clasped her hands, looking up to Alastor with pleading eyes.
  393. "Please d-don't kill me. I just wanted... to kill somebody. To prove that I'm not.. a useless fish. That's why I agreed to help him.. I wanted to kill Ethan more than Zendrick. I didn't.. want to betray anyone."
  395. Tears streamed down her face as she spoke. The siren felt completely defeated and hopeless. She knew that another mistake would put her in this position.
  396. (Anna)
  397. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  399. Nate shook his head. Wasn't helping aid in a murder just as wrong as committing it yourself?
  400. (Nate Creed)
  401. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  403.  Nickolas glares at this scene here.
  404. (Nickolas)
  405. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  406. Nickolas says, "It's... The small thing from before."
  407.  Roanna Rosenkreuz whispers something.
  408.  Ser Artaghh would resheathe his long sword, crossing his arms as he stared down upon the siren with one, cold eye. There was no more pleading to be had, even Alastor only had so much patience. And an Oscuri's ire was a fell one indeed. The paladin would puff away steadily at his corn cob pipe, watching intently.
  409. (Artaghh)
  410. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  411.  Alastor stared at the pleading fish. His lips moved to a scowl, and soon enough, he stared at the Paladin and Knight at her sides, eyebrows furrowing down. Overtaken with rieka, he simply muttered out an order.
  413. "You said yourself." He stopped for a moment, each word spaced slowly. "Your allegiance is no one."
  415. "I do not need to protect someone who isn't loyal. You two know what to do."
  416. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  417. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  419.  Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  420.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  421.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  422. Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  423.  Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  424.  Ser Artaghh would unsheathe his freshly oiled blade with a satisfied nod. He had excellent timing on that whole polishing session, now he was going to actually get to use his sword. It was time to subdue the fish.
  425. (Artaghh)
  426. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  428.  Izabell Mouren whispers something.
  429. Roanna narrows her gaze over the affair. She quietly clicks her tongue and begins walking away.
  430. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  431. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  432.  Xog'thadoth says, "Mangetsu, Execute."
  433.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Renegin, come along."
  434.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  435.  Looked towards the ceremony precisely, its looked like its was some sort of execution? Either way she didnt cared or simply was careless bitch at some point, execute her or not, it wasnt her problem, she just stared at the person like at the wanted criminal, simply being an average civillain of the settlement of dawn, and not like she could help her anyway.
  436. (Stella)
  437. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  439.  Ser Artaghh would then proceed to levitate above the ground, igniting forth in a blaze of pulsating, fiery mana. He might as well have some fun after all. Dawn was just a bit too dull sometimes.
  440. (Artaghh)
  441. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  443.  At the subtle order from Alastor the Sarradian's eyes become obscured by a white light as his sense of duty overrides everything else he may have felt in the moment.
  445. The air around him begins to sizzle, crack, and distort as contained bursts of lightning manifest around him filling the air with the clean scent of ozone.
  447. He speaks slowly his deep voice hollow with the lack of emotion stripping the tone to the bare robotic function, "As you command, my lord."
  449. The plain looking staff dubbed Tenebrisol raises in his organic hand, the mana engine hums as it springs to life and a moment later the projection of a shield appears protecting him.
  451. Lightning begins to crackle at the arc of his staff.
  453. "So shall it be."
  454. (Sirocco)
  455. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  457.  Anna would immediately spring to her feet, slowly backing away from the two knights .
  459. "A-Atleast let Sors do it.. Throw me in jail and I'll wait for him.. I just want to t-talk to him before I die.."
  460. (Anna)
  461. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  463.  Artaghh says, "No more waitin', time fer talkin's over. "
  464.  Sirocco says, "Your desires are irrelevant."
  465.  Anna says, "He said.. I could pick."
  466.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "... Yes. I did say that."
  467. Josephine Dusk says, ". . ."
  468.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I'll get a collar."
  469.  Alastor sighs.
  470. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  471. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  473. Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  474.  Artaghh says, "Bah."
  475.  Nate Creed asks, "Final wishes are irrelevent?"
  476. Artaghh says, "No fun."
  477. Anna says, "... Thank you.."
  478.  Josephine Dusk says, "Too bad, too bad...I can't stand liars."
  479.  Josephine Dusk says, "Anna, you really, really are too terrible.."
  480.  Josephine Dusk says, "And that's coming from /me/."
  481. Ser Artaghh would sigh, descending to the ground as the shroud of mana dissipated from his person before leaning against the fence, shaking his head.
  482. (Artaghh)
  483. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  485.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  486.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "... This is fun."
  487.  Alastor presses a button.
  488. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  489. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  491.  Sirocco reverts back to his prior appearance. Mundane, servile, and unassuming. The engine in his arm whirs before going quiet and the shield disappears as well.
  493. He leans forward, whispers something to Anna, and then takes a step back. If he is disappointed it is not written on his features. Instead he wears the same blank expression, his golden eyes locked on the traitor.
  494. (Sirocco)
  495. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  497.  Sirocco whispers something.
  498.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  499.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  500. Josephine Dusk asks, "Alastor, you should let me do it...I could make it so much fun. But you're gonna be lame and honorable, huh?"
  501. Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  502. Anna falls to the floor and screams as the sudden jolt of pain runs through her body.
  503. (Anna)
  504. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  505. Jennifer Ivanovich whispers something.
  506.  Nate Creed asks, "This is the price you pay for betraying your word, is it not?"
  507.  Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  508.  Alastor holds down the button to inflict the small shocks through the collar on Anna's body. Obviously, this was more than harmful to anyone who was in the receiving end to this. And then, he rolls his eyes.
  510. "You're getting off easy." He speaks, before starting to walk the other way. "Throw her in the cells. Make sure she never stays alone there. I want at least one of you in there until Sors gets back."
  511. (Alastor G. Vishkar)
  512. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  514. Anna says, "Yes it is, that's literally what's happening you dumb white-haired meanie."
  515. Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  516.  Artaghh asks, "Siro, ye' want the shift or I?"
  517. Artaghh says, "Ay fuck it."
  518.  Sirocco says, "I shall take the first shift."
  519.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I'll stay there as well, anyway."
  520.  Sirocco asks, "The remote?"
  521.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I don't think he'll take that long."
  522.  Artaghh asks, "Why don' we all go an' have a nice chat?"
  523.  Artaghh says, "We can test ou' the remote."
  524.  Sirocco says, "Sounds good."
  525. Sirocco asks, "So, what did she admit to exactly?"
  526. Artaghh says, "Aidin' in Zendrick's treason."
  527.  Anna says, "Agreeing to help Zendrick kill Ethan."
  528.  Nate reverts his gaze and holds his head higher. Such words he would remember. Closing his eyes he listens in.
  530. (Nate Creed)
  531. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  533.  Anna asks, "Is that kid supposed to be there?"
  534.  Artaghh says, "He's an initiate."
  535.  Artaghh says, "It's good practice fer'm."
  536.  Anna says, "Cool, me too."
  537.  Sirocco says, "Aiding Zendrick."
  538.  Sirocco asks, "After you knew he killed Fethi?"
  539.  Anna says, "I wanted to kill him for it first..."
  540. Artaghh says, "Ya know."
  541.  Artaghh says, "Tha' remote Siro."
  542.  Artaghh says, "We should make sure it works."
  543.  Anna asks, "Artaghh.. can I write a letter.. please?"
  544.  Artaghh says, "Yer lucky I didn' ask Alastor the favor of beheadin' ye' myself, Anna. "
  545.  Sirocco holds up the remote, his finger pressing the button that would give Anna a brief glimpse of the agony he intended to inflict, "This remote?" He asks innocently.
  546. (Sirocco)
  547. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  549.  Artaghh exclaims, "I gave you so.....many....chances!"
  550.  Screams of agony escape from Anna once more. The pain was much more intense for the sirens than the average human due to her innate weakness to electricity. Her cries continue until the pain eventually subsides.
  552. "A-Artaghh please.. a last letter is all I want.."
  553. (Anna)
  554. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  556. Artaghh says, "No."
  557.  Artaghh says, "Fethi didn' ge' one."
  558.  Artaghh says, "Ye' won't."
  559. Artaghh says, "Yer words die wit' you, siren."
  560.  Artaghh says, "Enjoy'm."
  561. Artaghh says, "Though..."
  562.  Artaghh says, "Sure they have plans fer ya."
  563.  Artaghh says, "Ye'll get'a say all ye' want.....once Sors is done"
  564.  Sirocco hands the remote to Artaghh then turn to face Anna, "A letter, you ask. What would you intend to write in this letter?"
  565. (Sirocco)
  566. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  568.  Ser Artaghh's expression would soften lightly, and he would remove a plate of pancakes from his cloak before depositing it before the fish. "Maple sausage, figure they're a fair last meal.
  569. (Artaghh)
  570. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  572.  {Item} You drop Pancakes.
  573.  {ITEM} Traded item with Sirocco: Anti-Magic Remote
  574.  Artaghh says, "Eat'm."
  575.  Artaghh says, "It wasn' a request."
  576.  Sirocco says, "The paladin has given you an order."
  577. Sirocco says, "You can eat them your way or my way."
  578.  Anna takes the pancakes and devours them.
  579. (Anna)
  580. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  582.  Artaghh says, "Chew."
  583.  Ser Artaghh would wait until Anna had begun to swallow the pancakes before ruthlessly holding the button of the shock remote down, perhaps for ten to fifteen seconds even. If she choked a bit, she choked. It happened.
  584. (Artaghh)
  585. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  586.  The Sarradian reaches out to grab Anna's hair then stops as she begins to abide by her orders.
  587. (Sirocco)
  588. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  590. Ser Artaghh would hand the remote back to the Sarrandian, puffing away coldly on his corn cob pipe.
  591. (Artaghh)
  592. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  594.  Sirocco says, "Paladin Artaghh."
  595.  Artaghh asks, "Aye Ser Sirocco?"
  596. Sirocco asks, "You have your shaving razor in your pack?"
  597. Artaghh says, "Certainly."
  598.  Sirocco says, "I think perhaps the prisoner should be clean shaven if she is to appear before Lord Ultovex."
  599.  Sirocco asks, "What do you think?"
  600.  Ser Artaghh would toss the razor to Ser Sirocco, a razor sharp shaving implement forged of thin, razor sharp mithril. It was quite....effective at flaying hair off one's bald head...
  601. (Artaghh)
  602. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  604.  Anna takes the pancakes and hesitantly places them in her mouth, wondering why they were so insistent on giving her food. Was it drugged with something? Once she began swallowing she got her answer. The torturous shock came again causing her to choke for the ten to fifteen seconds that it lasted.
  606. Eventually the pain subsided once more and she quickly swallowed the deadly dessert, gasping for air before speaking again.
  608. "I... w-want.. to say sorry.. To Chroma, Morgan.. and Kairi."
  609. (Anna)
  610. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  612.  The Sarradian's mana-engine flares to life and the resulting shadowy arm catches the object and twirls it in ways than an organic arm could not for the restriction of bone and ligament.
  614. "Now, hold the remote good Paladin and be certain not to press any buttons. We would not want the prisoner to convulse and cut themselves during such a delicate process."
  615. (Sirocco)
  616. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  618.  {ITEM} Traded item with Sirocco: Anti-Magic Remote
  619. Nate Creed says, "Tsk, why be sorry when you could have just refused and resisted such..."
  620.  Sirocco says, "When we are done, Anna.. You will not need to express how sorry you are."
  621.  Sirocco says, "Any who look upon you shall see it."
  622.  Anna says, "I just want them... to have something.. anything from me.."
  623.  Sirocco says, "I will give them your hair, then."
  624.  Anna says, "You can do.. whatever you want to me.."
  625.  Ser Artaghh would shake his head solemnly as he received the remote from Ser Sirocco, gripping the shock controller tight with his thumb hovering idly over the control with precarious closeness. "Long past sorries Anna. Should'a though' abou' how yer actions migh' effect the people ye' pulled int'a yer goddamn tripe! Ye' grew up in Dawn, ye' were spared fer yer actions countless times outta mercy fer yer goddamn stupidity. An'' will die. Do it wit' dignity."
  626. (Artaghh)
  627. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  629.  The Sarradian draws nearer to the siren with the blade and begins to set to work removing her hair. His movements are delicate, precise, and well-practiced as though he was no stranger to performing such hygienic acts for another.
  631. "Speaking of, your name is no longer Anna. It is number 63507-32618. Restate it for me."
  632. (Sirocco)
  633. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  635.  Ser Artaghh's hand would slip roughly half way through the shaving process, pressing the shock button right as the razor was up against the Sirenian's skull. Whoops.
  636. (Artaghh)
  637. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  638.  Anna doesn't resist the hair cut, sitting there completely still and silent until she begins to respond to Sirocco.
  640. "6350-"
  642. Once again the torture starts again. The sudden jolt causes her to bolt upwards causing the razor to split open the scalp of her head. Blood starts dripping to the floor as she collapses to the floor, laying there completely soaked by the crimson liquid.
  644. S-Stop.. please.. help.."
  645. (Anna)
  646. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  648.  The Sarradian glances at the blood on the razor and tuts with feigned disappointment, "Tsk.. tsk.. Paladin Artaghh you simply must be more careful."
  650. He flicks the razor at Anna's dress spattering it with the excess blood, "You have gone and soiled her clothes. This is not presentable at all.. One moment and I shall fetch some more."
  651. (Sirocco)
  652. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  654.  Sirocco says, "I shall be back swiftly."
  655.  Artaghh says, "Ya know."
  656.  Artaghh says, "Ye' really do need'ta be more careful Anna."
  657.  Anna says, "Thanks..."
  658.  Sirocco says, "Disrobe, prisoner."
  659.  Anna obeys and promptly strips down to her underwear.
  660. (Anna)
  661. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  662.  Ser Artaghh would turn away with disgust at the Sirenian's lack of shame, pressing the button against for another minute of agonizing pain as she began to undress. Manners.
  663. (Artaghh)
  664. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  666.  The Sarradian watches with cold disinterest as she removes her clothes. He was not in this for a show, but to make sure such as herself would not try anything desperate.
  668. It could hold no sway over him at any rate. Instead he just holds out his organic arm waiting for the other clothes to be handed to him.
  669. (Sirocco)
  670. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  672.  Bends down to pick up the clothes that Sirocco laid out for her. Another surge of pain hits her spine, causing her to fall once more. Screams fill the room as she splatters the pool of blood beneath her.
  673. (Anna)
  674. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  676.  Sirocco says, "Compose yourself and dress, imbecile."
  677. Anna weakly lifts herself off the floor and dresses herself with the shitty clothes.
  678. (Anna)
  679. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  681.  Sirocco says, "Good, good."
  682.  Sirocco says, "Now you are presentable for your meeting with Lord Ultovex."
  683.  Sirocco asks, "Do you remember your name?"
  684.  Ser Artaghh would nod to the arrival of Paladin Sors, the chosen executioner of the evening. With a pat on the medical paladin's back, he would hand Anna's shock remote over promptly.
  685. (Artaghh)
  686. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  688.  Ser Artaghh would nod to the arrival of Paladin Sors, the chosen executioner of the evening. With a pat on the medical paladin's back, he would hand Anna's shock remote over promptly.
  689. (Artaghh)
  690. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  692. Anna says, "..."
  693. Sirocco asks, "I'm listening?"
  694. Chaaca Khan says, "Right, I'll head out and wait for the Lord Adjudicator."
  695.  Chaaca Khan says, "I'll let him know that Sors is here."
  696.  Chaaca Khan says, "Err, Paladin Sors."
  697.  Sirocco says, "Lord Ultovex."
  698. Sors Ultovex says, "I do prefer Lord Ultovex, ya."
  699. Chaaca Khan says, "Right."
  700.  Chaaca Khan says, "Sorry about htat."
  701.  Sors Ultovex says, "Jus' no mistakes tha' second time, ya."
  702. Chaaca Khan says, "Will do."
  703. Ignoring Sirocco, the siren would immediately run to the cell door, tightly grasping them as Sors approaches.
  705. "Sors.. come in.. please. I don't want to do this.. anymore."
  706. (Anna)
  707. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  708.  Chaaca Khan says, "Farewell Lord Ultovex, Artie, and Ser Sirocco."
  709.  Artaghh says, "Aye, safe travels."
  710. At 63507-32618's sudden movements Sirocco swings his staff aiming for their head.
  711. (Sirocco)
  712. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  714. The Paladin floats down the stairs, the chains rattling around him as he moved. Grey and gold looked around the dark cells, looking at the stone and rubbing his gloved hands together.
  716. "Ya know, las' time I was here, ended up bein' an execution too. This place always calls fer blood from ma. But always been happy ta answer it." He floated along the floor, entering into the cell as beaconed from Anna. Gold and grey bare down on her, arms crossed over his chest.
  718. "Care ta explain everythang ta ma?"
  719. (Sors Ultovex)
  720. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  722. The Paladin floats down the stairs, the chains rattling around him as he moved. Grey and gold looked around the dark cells, looking at the stone and rubbing his gloved hands together.
  724. "Ya know, las' time I was here, ended up bein' an execution too. This place always calls fer blood from ma. But always been happy ta answer it." He floated along the floor, entering into the cell as beaconed from Anna. Gold and grey bare down on her, arms crossed over his chest.
  726. "Care ta explain everythang ta ma?"
  727. (Sors Ultovex)
  728. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  730.  Artaghh says, "Watch closely, young initiate."
  731.  Artaghh says, "See the price of treason first hand, and learn the importance of your oath to Dawn."
  732.  Artaghh says, "You can take my spot, I'm entering the cell."
  733.  Anna gets struck right in the head. The blow caused her to fall to the ground, blacking out for a few seconds before she comes back to her senses. She crawls to the metal bars again and weakly looks up to Sors.
  735. "Talk... without them.. watching. Please.."
  736. (Anna)
  737. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  739. Nate watches from behind the bars. No chance of him being in danger or in the way of those handling it.
  740. (Nate Creed)
  741. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  743.  Nate watches from behind the bars. No chance of him being in danger or in the way of those handling it.
  744. (Nate Creed)
  745. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  747. The Paladin's grey and gold look down at Anna. There was a look of disinterest on his face as the sounds of chains rattling filled the air.
  749. "I'll let ya whisper it ta ma if ya ain't want 'em ta hear. But ya committed three crimes I know o' at least. So least three gon be here an' watchin'. They ain't have ta hear, but I demand ta hear wha' ya say."
  751. Invisible chains rip Anna from the ground, near throwing her against the wall and out of the earshot of the others. Gold and grey stared into the Sirenian's own eyes.
  753. "I'm waitin'."
  754. (Sors Ultovex)
  755. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  757. The sirenian gets tossed into the wall without any resistance. The impact causing more pain to her already damaged back. She looks back into the Paladin's eyes with horror, speaking in a incredibly low voice.
  758. (Anna)
  759. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  761.  Anna whispers something.
  762.  Anna whispers something.
  763.  Anna whispers something.
  764. Anna whispers something.
  765.  Anna whispers something.
  766.  Sors Ultovex asks, "Ya didn't seek a fix ta it? An' what'd it amount ta?"
  767.  Anna whispers something.
  768.  Anna whispers something.
  769.  Anna whispers something.
  770.  Sors Ultovex asks, "An' tha' result?"
  771.  Anna whispers something.
  772.  Anna whispers something.
  773.  Anna whispers something.
  774. Sors Ultovex says, "An' ya told him all ya told ma."
  775.  Anna whispers something.
  776.  Anna whispers something.
  777.  Anna whispers something.
  778. Anna whispers something.
  779. Sirocco says, "She is no longer under Lord Vishkar's truth serum, Lord Ultovex."
  780. Sirocco says, "Do bear this in mind."
  781.  Sors Ultovex says, "I'm aware."
  782. Sirocco says, "Naturally, I mean no slight."
  783. Anna whispers something.
  784. Sors Ultovex says, "Why'd ya do tha, Anna? Tha' damnin' action, if ya ask ma."
  785.  Anna whispers something.
  786.  Anna whispers something.
  787. Sors Ultovex says, "Lyin' makes one mor' o' an invconvience."
  788.  Anna whispers something.
  789. Anna whispers something.
  790. Sors Ultovex asks, "Remember tha' one thang I told ya? Tha' ya should be blunt instead o' deceptive?"
  791.  Anna whispers something.
  792. Anna whispers something.
  793.  Sors Ultovex says, "Ya. 'Spose I did. But mor' often, fer tricks o' manipulation this is tha' end result."
  794.  Anna whispers something.
  795.  Anna whispers something.
  796.  Sors Ultovex says, "This is all ya can tell ma, huh."
  797. Anna whispers something.
  798.  Ser Artaghh would cross his arms, watching in silence as he maintained the grim expression upon his face. Such was the price of treason to Dawn.
  799. (Artaghh)
  800. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  802.  Chroma Zanders says, "I--......I heard there was a final straw. Here."
  803.  Artaghh says, "Indeed."
  804.  Artaghh says, "Welcome paladins."
  805.  Nate Creed says, "Salutations."
  806.  The Sarradian departs the cell and holds up a clump of Anna's hair towards Paladin Chroma, "Anna said she wanted you to have this."
  807. (Sirocco)
  808. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  810. The Sarradian departs the cell and holds up a clump of Anna's hair towards Paladin Chroma, "Anna said she wanted you to have this."
  811. (Sirocco)
  812. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  814. Jessi Ann says, "Seems like I missed the torture.... sad."
  815.  Sirocco says, "It was too shortlived, Paladin Jess."
  816.  Jessi Ann says, "I wanted to see how my newfound abilities would do when pumped into someone unhindered..."
  817.  Chroma seems saddened ultimately, the Sirenian had been growing on him, but he'd warned her countless times about betrayal of the Legion. He'd look to the hair, and walks over to Sirocco, taking it with a nod.
  818. (Chroma Zanders)
  819. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  821.  "Disappointed, Anna."
  823. Grey and gold watch the Sirenian as Lord Ultovex floated in front of her. The chains wrapped around her, pinning her to the side of the cell. The Whispering Eye is drawn from his back, the blue eye looking her up and down as judgmentally he stared forwards.
  825. "I told ya ta make sur' ya wasn't an inconvenience. An' ya go ahead an' do this. Real shame if ya ask ma. Ya go ahead an' commit three crimes.
  827. Ya help Zendrick, stead o' hurtin' him, a crime tha's treason ta Dawn. But mor' then jus' treason, ya got caught commitin' it instead o' finishin' up ya plan. Had ya killed Zendrick 'stead o' tha' long way, mite have been spared this fate. But mos' o' all? Ya committed a crime against ma. Ya caused an inconvenience.
  829. Ya will be killed, Anna. But 'fore ya do, want ta play a lil game?"
  830. (Sors Ultovex)
  831. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  833. Sirocco says, "For one who worked with Fethi's murderer and kept such knowledge undisclosed it was dreadfully short."
  834.  Chroma Zanders says, "I told many times."
  835. Jessi Ann says, "..."
  836. Sirocco says, "You are not the only one, Paladin."
  837.  Taking the hair in his hand, he'd look down at it with a bitter sweet sorrow. Their conversation had ended just as he'd feared it would--
  839. Her being caught up with her lies over the years against Dawn was enlightening...but also made his heart break. He really did care about her, but his oath came first, and his loyalties lied with Azrael.
  841. Placing the moment in a pocket of his cape, he'd lowly mumble to himself, morose and defeated."....I'm sorry that I couldn't teach you..Buttercup. I failed you as a friend... I hope Azrael is merciful.
  843. (Chroma Zanders)
  844. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  846.  Jessi Ann says, "I gave you a place to sleep for years Anna, and this is how I am repaid...? By betraying us...? Consider yourself fortunate I wasnt here for the torturing.."
  847.  Anna tearingly looks to the Paladin, simply nodding her head to his question. Her fate was sealed, it was over. There was nothing else she could do, she would vanish from this plane of existence and spend an unimaginable amount of time with Yama, carrying stones to atone for her horrible sins.
  849. But then she hears Chroma. Her immediate reaction is to run to him, say her final good byes. But the chains keep her firmly held against the wall.
  851. "CHROMA I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU! I... just couldn't stop.. I love you.. brother in-law."
  852. (Anna)
  853. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  855.  Chroma Zanders says, "......"
  856. Sirocco says, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
  857.  Artaghh says, "The four paladins all in one place. NEat."
  858.  Sirocco scratches his cheek.
  859. (Sirocco)
  860. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  862.  Sirocco scratches his cheek.
  863. (Sirocco)
  864. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  866.  Sirocco says, "So it would seem."
  867. Nate Creed whispers something.
  868.  Sirocco whispers something.
  869. Nate Creed says, "My name is Nate Creed. Initiate to the Legion."
  870. Sirocco says, "Ah, you are bearing witness to a good lesson Initiate Creed."
  871.  Jessi Ann says, "Aye."
  872.  Sirocco says, "Learn from the mistakes of this one, the retaliation of those above you, and you will do fine in the military."
  873.  Nate Creed says, "Yes sir. Such is my orders to do so."
  874.  "Here is ma game."
  876. The Whispering Eye is pointed towards the floor as he held it tight in hand. Grey and gold looked down on the Sirenian.
  878. "Everythang I say, an' every promise I make, I keep true, much as I can. So wha' I told ya on tha' Volcano is true.
  880. Ya failed ma. I am goin' ta murder Kairi. I am goin' ta sever her arms from her body, take ma staff, an' smash her head inta tha' cobblestone again, an' again, an' again. I told ya she wouldn't be safe if ya failed ma.
  882. But I'm open ta fixin' thangs, ya. So here's tha' catcher.
  884. I'm gon' bring ya back as an Undead, like I promised ya. An' I'm gon' put Kairi in a collar. We put a time limit onnit, five years. Ya gon finish wha' ya started by then, an' ya gon follow my orders. No betrayals. No machinations.
  886. Ya will go after Zendrick, wit' her life in yamind. An' if ya kill 'im? Then I will spare Kairi. Cause then, ya ain't failed after all."
  888. The staff's head is placed next to Anna's forehead.
  890. "I told ya tha ya would belong ta ma after death. A promise is a promise, ya. So ya gon' accept? O' do ya wish fer Kairi ta join ya up there?
  892. Undeath makes loyalty mor' certain."
  893. (Sors Ultovex)
  894. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  896. [23:38] Nate Creed says, "<How embarrasing he hear me say that!>"
  897. [23:38] Sirocco whispers something.
  898. [23:39] Chroma simply dips his head, clutching at the hair by his chest. He had nothing left to say, but the lingering feelings would sting at him just as he'd told her they would. Taking a long sigh, he'd give the traitor a final truth before simply watching the proceedings. "I loved you too. Anna." -platonically of course-
  899. (Chroma Zanders)
  900. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  902.  The Sarradian would clap if he could at witnessing the pure artistry of Sors' game.
  903. (Sirocco)
  904. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  906.  The Sarradian would clap if he could at witnessing the pure artistry of Sors' game.
  907. (Sirocco)
  908. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  909.  Nate Creed says, "My word! How effecient of a cause to make her pursue such a task with emotion and the stake of kin's mortality behind it. "
  910.  Artaghh says, "If we're spillin' our chests here."
  911.  Nate Creed says, "Such ruthlessness and passive agression in mercy."
  912.  Sirocco says, "Indeed, Initiate. "
  913.  Chroma Zanders says, "He's a damned professional, I won't lie."
  914. Artaghh says, "Anna, from the firs' day I saw ye' gilled exterior, I felt nothin' but a desire to murder you."
  915.  Artaghh says, "I have held back only by professional courtesy."
  916.  Ser Artaghh would shrug, puff one last time inside the cell on his corn cob pipe, than walk away from Anna without another glance.
  917. (Artaghh)
  918. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  920. Artaghh says, "Actually."
  921. Artaghh says, "Sirocco."
  922.  Artaghh says, "As a favor'ta me, do ye' mind takin' young Creed on as yer squire. I go' a feelin' he'd have somethin'ta learn from ye'."
  923.  Sirocco asks, "Yes, Paladin?"
  924.  Sirocco says, "Hm."
  925. Sirocco asks, "Normally I might decline without prior knowledge of them, but as a favor to you?
  927.  Sirocco says, "How could I decline, friend."
  928. Artaghh says, "Good man."
  929.  Artaghh says, "Initiate Creed, ye' are now Squire Creed to Ser Sirocco."
  930.  "I... I'll do it.. Anything to protect her.. but please you don't have to collar her. She doesn't have to.. go through that. I'll belong to you.. I might not care about her anymore.. I'll do whatever you say. I don't want her to suffer.. because of the horrible things I've done."
  932. She says out of desperation. There was nothing she could do to save herself now. The only thing left she could do was give Kairi a peaceful life. A life without Dawn's horrible, despicable influence. But she couldn't now. Useless fish, Anna was a useless fish.
  933. (Anna)
  934. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  936.  Sirocco says, "Do you mean he could learn from me in a magical sense or.."
  937.  Sirocco says, "Do you mean he could learn from me in a magical sense or.."
  938.  Artaghh says, "Ser Sirocco is a Sarradian master occultist, an' a good man."
  939.  Sirocco asks, "In my other line of work?"
  940. Sirocco asks, "In my other line of work?"
  941.  Nate Creed says, "Yes sir. Paladin Sirocco, it is a pleasure to be working beneath you."
  942. Artaghh says, "Ye' will learn much from him."
  943. Artaghh says, "He's only a knight."
  944.  Artaghh says, "But basically a paladin."
  945. Artaghh says, "He's practically Alastor's right hand."
  946.  Sirocco says, "You flatter me, Paladin Artaghh."
  947.  Sirocco says, "You flatter me, Paladin Artaghh."
  948.  Chroma Zanders says, "He taught me."
  949.  Jessi Ann says, "I taught him.... funny how that goes..."
  950. Jessi Ann says, "Sors taught me..."
  951. Chroma Zanders says, "Full damn circle."
  952.  Artaghh says, "I taught me'self in the woods the peasant way."
  953. Artaghh says, "Never squired under anyone."
  954. Sirocco says, "It makes for quite the lovely family."
  955. Sirocco says, "It makes for quite the lovely family."
  956.  Nate Creed says, "< I do wonder, my magics arent as potent as my physicial prowess. What could this other line of work be. Artaghh knows my magics...>"
  957.  Nate hold his chin in thought.
  959. (Nate Creed)
  960. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  962. Jessi Ann says, "I was never squired."
  963.  Artaghh says, "If ye' have any inquiries on my decision Squire Creed, ye' have free leave to ask'm."
  964. Jessi Ann says, "Sors was a mentor."
  965. Artaghh says, "Nae any judgement."
  966.  Artaghh says, "Amelie showed me a bunch'a tricks when she was a kid."
  967.  Artaghh says, "Like the agility boosters."
  968.  "Tha's good. Motivation fer ya ta obey. Necromancy is tricky sometimes, ya? Sometimes a soul'll slip away if it fights. But ya won't do tha'.
  970. Kairi gon' wear tha' collar. Makin' sur' she understands tha' situation she's in. Wha' she's placed inta, an' tha' she can't run. Cause I'm a person who likes ta own thangs, livin' an' tha' dead. So long as ya obey, an' ain't cause mor' problems?
  972. I'll let her live in luxury, mite. Always within arms grasp fer as long as our game plays."
  974. Occultism spirals around Sors, and the grey and gold hyperfocus on Anna.
  976. "Las' words?"
  977. (Sors Ultovex)
  978. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  980. Nate Creed says, "I've considered the position. I accept responsibilty."
  981. Artaghh says, "Ser Sirocco isn' a swordsman, bu' his talents as an asset to Dawn aren't purely magical."
  982.  Artaghh says, "Ye' will see in the comin' days, an' be molded into a fine knight."
  983. Sirocco says, "We shall begin your assessment once this business has concluded."
  985. Necromancy, a taboo in sirenian religion. It mattered little now. She was prepared to toss that aside the moment she stepped foot in Dawn, ignoring the warnings of her elders. There was no othet choice, it was either directly cause the murder of Kairi or obey.
  987. Maybe it was a better fate than confronting Yama with the burden she had caused to everyone. She closed her eyes and spoke for the last time in this life.
  989. "Chroma.. make them all hate me. Tell them I'm a liar, traitor, manipulator, monster. Tell them I was evil and useless. Make everyone who might miss me despise me."
  991. And with that she would purse her lips and tighten her eyelids, waiting for the killing blow to come.
  992. (Anna)
  993. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  995. Chroma Zanders says, "Morgan's gona be torn up about all this.."
  996.  Anna says, "Tell her I'm a heretic.."
  997.  you cant run, laugh while you can
  998. (Jessi Ann)
  999. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1001.  Kills Jessi in one hit.
  1002. (Anna)
  1003. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1006. [00:07] Ser Artaghh would shake his head in annoyance at Anna's melodrama. The Sirenian couldn't stop her nonsense even moments before death. Puffing steadily on his corn cob pipe, the paladin would dredge out his mithril longsword from its scabbard, beginning the steady, relaxing process of polishing the blade to a mirror sheen. Just another evening execution in Dawn.
  1007. (Artaghh)
  1008. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1010.  "Rite then, Anna. Game on.
  1012. Everyone, be on tha' lookout fer Kairi, an bring her ta ma. Got a collar 'ready."
  1014. The last works he would let her hear before death came. It was not quick. The eye of the Whispering Eye generated a small string of darkness, as big as a needle. It launched quickly, not into Anna's head, but into the body. This was followed by more needles shooting out, the intent on destroying her veins and make her body able to feel even less then regular undead when revived.
  1016. The assault would go on for half a minute before he landed the killing blow. One of the many needles that launched moved forwards, going straight through the head. A small needle that would damage the brain, in particular aiming for the Amygdala. Occultism would fester there, intent on doing damage to her brain's emotional center.
  1018. He had no need for emotions in a toy, only obedience.
  1020. Then, he grips his staff. The weapon is sent forwards, slamming into Anna's head to knock the Sirenian to the ground. No major damage was sustained, but it would end the rest of the Sirenian's brain functions for now.
  1022. "I'd normally tear tha' body 'part, but tha'd be workin' 'gainst ma game."
  1023. (Sors Ultovex)
  1024. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1025.  Content with watching Anna's death he turns to Creed and nods once, "Come, I have seen what I wanted to."
  1026. (Sirocco)
  1027. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1030.  Chroma watching to the bitter end, Chroma would simply give a final goodbye to Anna as he knew her. Whatever rose was a tool of Sors' design. But, perhaps with less deceit Dawn could bloom further.
  1031. (Chroma Zanders)
  1032. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1034.  Anna kept her eyes closed, hoping that her death would be swift, and the pain would pass quickly.
  1036. She was wrong.
  1038. A sharp pain travelled through her body as the string of darkness entered her. The foolish sirenian thought that was all there was, that her life was now gone, despite her thoughts of regret and grief remained.
  1040. Unbearable pain ensued as the onslaught of needles tore through her flesh, destroying her from the inside. Her cries filled the room once more as the execution continued. She tried to plead to Sors again. To end it and stop her suffering. But her agonizing screams occupied her mouth throughout the entire process.
  1042. Everything went black, her body lifelessly keeled over, finally falling to the ground by the force of the necromancer's staff. She would cherish whatever small amount of peace she could get as her soul started to drift from her useless vessel.
  1043. (Anna)
  1044. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1046.  Ser Artaghh had nothing better to do this evening. He might as well kick around with the fellow paladins and see what good ol' Sors was up to. He'd never been at one of the man's undeath operations, it seemed quite interesting as far as affairs went. He'd casually read an old addition of the newspaper as he puffed away steadily as his corn cob pipe.
  1047. (Artaghh)
  1048. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1050. The invisible chains of the Arcane seemed to almost wrap around the soul as it tried to drift away. Meanwhile, Lord Ultovex floated up to the body. Besides the small holes made when entering the body and the damage sustained to the brain, there were no wounds. The holes were small enough that, except for the blood that might leak at first, they wouldn't matter.
  1052. There is no time wasted in repairing the body. Instead, a pair of skeletal attendants are quick to enter the room and start on operations themselves, patching up the small holes as Lord Ultovex floated to her side. His fingers press to her forehead as occultic mana entered her body. Like before, it enters in needles, flowing directly into her mana circuits.
  1054. First is the brain. To doublecheck the damage, occultism festers in the emotional center, intent to bring her back as something that would only obey, something mentally damaged to show only devotion to her master. He thought of other options, of further inhibitions, but the rest would cause difficulties for her magic to manifest. So the brain would be filled with mana slowly, followed by it collecting in the spine.
  1056. The skeletal structure allowed the undead to move, and occultic strings reinforced the already powerful skeleton. Innately aware of the body's weaknesses, parts of the skeletal structure was filled with extra occultism, and he would make sure to remember to fill parts with metal later. But for now he was satisfied, moving on to the heart.
  1058. The heart was filled with mana, starting to beat once more. This would flow mana through the body, letting it travel, and as quick as it started, he started moving down to the last part. The stomach was where mana welled in an undead, something that should be filled to the brim with it. So as he held her soul outside the lifestream, letting the sense of defilement already sink into it, he took his time filling the corpse with mana.
  1060. He was patient. And eventually the time came. The body, without it's soul, breathed, a vegetable state. The chains of chaos shoved the soul back in, wrapped and forced it down into the body, no longer as Anna the Sirenian, but instead as Anna Ultovex, toy of Sors.
  1062. He stepped back from his work.
  1064. "Rise."
  1065. (Sors Ultovex)
  1066. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1068.  Chroma Zanders says, "Mn....I've never seen this up close. How fascinating."
  1069.  Anna asks, "no perfect undead or stuff like that right?"
  1070.  Nate Creed says, "I had just recieved a lesson in Necromancy yesterday. Seeing now coming to fruition has made me greatly understand it better."
  1071.  Nate Creed says, "Remind me to appreciate Miss Rose."
  1072.  A serene silence and peace as her soul proceeds to Purgatory. Suddenly its escape is halted, unable to move from the Arcane chains that tugged it back. It remained there as Sors repaired the body, filling it up with mana and allowing it to become usuable once more.
  1074. There was little resistance as the soul was returned to its lifeless vessel. Movement began like a toy that had just been turned on. Her eyelids slowly opened, revealing the blue glow that her eyes possessed.
  1076. Following her master's commands the undead sirenian would rise in a machine-like manner without hesitation. She would look to Sors, awaiting for any additional orders silently. Her memory was hazy and her thoughts were completely scrambled.
  1077. (Anna Ultovex)
  1078. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1080.  The undead once more walked among the living. Grey and gold stare at Anna as she looked towards him, his own eyes looking to her.
  1082. "Your name is Anna Ultovex. You belong to me in death. You recall the terms of the game, correct? I intend for you to fulfill them. When you do, Kairi will be released from the collar. Until then, I will have her remain in one.
  1084. Are you ready to obey, Anna? No, maybe I should call you Ann. Separation between this life and the former. You are no longer that same Sirenian. You are an undead, and you will learn what that means."
  1086. The country twang that he normally spoke with was abandoned in these moments before the staff was placed onto his back.
  1088. "Till she's in a collar, ya ain't ta leave Dawn. Collar 'round ya neck is stayin' too."
  1089. (Sors Ultovex)
  1090. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1092.  Artaghh says, "Alright."
  1093. Artaghh says, "That's enough for me, back'ta the square. Fine evening. Good day Sors, Ann, Squire, Jess, Chroma."
  1094. Sors Ultovex asks, "Artaghh, look fer Kairi fer ma while ya out there, ya?"
  1095.  Ser Artaghh would steadily pace away from the jail cell where Lord Ultovex and the newly risen Ann lay, nodding steadily as a he raised a hand in acknowledgment behind his person. It had been an educational evening, he could certainly do Sors that much favro. Puffing away steadily on his corn cob pipe, the paladin would gaze grimly forward as he exited the prison.
  1096. (Artaghh)
  1097. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1098.  Renegin Billard says, "How did it go Artaghh? Didnt stay fer it all."
  1099.  Artaghh says, "Well."
  1100. Artaghh says, "Anna is now Ann Ultovex, an undead Sirenian bound to his will."
  1101. Renegin Billard says, "...."
  1102.  Renegin Billard says, "Huh"
  1103.  Artaghh says, "Got'a watch the whole process."
  1104.  Artaghh says, "Real neat, necromancy."
  1105.  Renegin Billard says, "Cant say ah expected that one...but aye it is aint it? I've watched Roanna do ah few rituals meself."
  1106.  Artaghh says, "If he hadn't done it."
  1107.  Artaghh says, "I would'a killed her me'self."
  1108.  Artaghh says, "Wha's done is done."
  1109.  Artaghh says, "Ayy Lord Alastor."
  1110. Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Hello."
  1111. Alastor G. Vishkar asks, "How did the situation end?"
  1112. Artaghh says, "Anna is now Ann Ultovex, an undead sirenian bound to Sors will."
  1113.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Nice."
  1114.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I knew Sors wouldn't let me down."
  1115. Josephine Dusk says, "Some shit going down there."
  1116.  Artaghh says, "He's a keeper."
  1117.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Do you happen to have alcohol on you, Artaghh? Alas-- Yes, Sors."
  1118.  Artaghh asks, "Will Codcakes do?"
  1119. Vedran Ivanovich says, ". . . HAHAHA."
  1120.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Peasant."
  1121.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "I was looking for actual alcohol. Unless these have alcohol in them."
  1122.  Josephine Dusk says, "Mhh...Certainly would rather he be my Best Friend then my Worst Enemy."
  1123.  Artaghh says, "My taverns merchant is right here."
  1124.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Oh. Nice."
  1125.  Aspen Invidia whispers something.
  1126. Renegin Billard says, "What did she end up doing anyhow? Working with Zendrick is what ah heard."
  1127.  Artaghh says, "Pretty muc tha'."
  1128.  Artaghh says, "Lotta lyin'."
  1129.  Artaghh says, "She'll be loyal now."
  1130.  Vedran Ivanovich asks, "Where is Alastor?"
  1131. Artaghh says, "Sors removed her ability'ta feel emotion, carved out'a brain chunk"
  1132.  Vedran Ivanovich asks, "And who is she?"
  1133. Vedran Ivanovich says, "Oh."
  1134.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "What."
  1135.  Artaghh says, ".Yeah"
  1136. Artaghh exclaims, ".You MISSED ANO'ER EXECUTION JOSIE!"
  1137.  Vedran Ivanovich says, ". . . Not gonna lie, that's a bit fucked."
  1138.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Even for me."
  1139.  Josephine Dusk says, ". . ."
  1140.  Josephine Dusk says, "She should have let me kill her."
  1141. Josephine Dusk says, "It would have been kinder."
  1142. Artaghh says, "Anna is now Ann Ultovex, stripped'ta her former identity by Lord Sors."
  1143.  Josephine Dusk says, "I can't believe I kissed that guy, eugh..."
  1144.  Josephine Dusk asks, "Anyways, now she's loyal, or whatever?"
  1145. Vedran Ivanovich says, "That's pretty fucked up -- I even 'ave my limits."
  1146.  Artaghh says, "Yup."
  1147.  Renegin Billard says, "Brutal...but sadly the cost efficient. Rather have killed her...I'll be back."
  1148. Vedran Ivanovich says, "Gives me the heebiejeebies.."
  1149.  Artaghh says, "It happens."
  1150.  Artaghh says, "I have no pity for her."
  1151.  Josephine Dusk says, "Hah! Just imagine if I'd married HIM. That would be tame.."
  1152.  Artaghh says, "I would'a killed her me'self if she hadn' stolen the chance from me."
  1153.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Oh."
  1154.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Alright."
  1155.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "There you are."
  1156.  Aspen Invidia says, "Aye."
  1157.  Aspen Invidia asks, "So.. are we all going then?"
  1158.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "Yes."
  1159.  Alastor G. Vishkar says, "All four of us."
  1160.  Josephine Dusk exclaims, "Field trip!"
  1161.  Artaghh says, "Alastor jus' left."
  1162. Artaghh says, "I reported yer success."
  1163.  Artaghh says, "HE was quite pleased."
  1164.  Sors Ultovex says, "Buy a wig, an' some thangs black an'blue. "
  1165.  Sors Ultovex says, "Glad ta hear he was pleased. Thank ya Artaghh."
  1166.  Artaghh says, "Sure Sors."
  1167.  Artaghh says, "Hey Shizuko."
  1168.  Shizuko Megumi asks, "Hello Artaghh! How are you?"
  1169.  Artaghh says, "Pretty good! Bought a bunch'a folk food earlier in Crafthold wit' me gamblin' winnings."
  1170.  Artaghh says, "Nice'ta have a commander tha' kicks ass."
  1171.  Chroma Zanders asks, " need a wig butte--Er. Anna?"
  1172.  Shizuko Megumi says, "Nice! I just restocked my shop as well."
  1173.  Artaghh says, "I know there's good eatin' if ye' cooked it."
  1174.  Chroma Zanders says, "Also, hey Shizu."
  1175.  Shizuko Megumi says, "I'm looking into possibly purchasing a stall here in Dawn."
  1176.  Anna looks to Sors, as if she was asking for permission to answer.
  1177. (Anna Ultovex)
  1178. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1180.  Chroma Zanders says, "Always good to see ya."
  1181.  Artaghh says, "I'd buy ye' out in'a day."
  1182.  Shizuko Megumi says, "Hello Chroma, nice to see you as well."
  1183.  Sors Ultovex says, "A wig, ya."
  1184.  Anna Ultovex says, "Yes, a wig."
  1185.  Sors Ultovex says, "Ya can tell him ya name too."
  1186.  Ser Artaghh would cross his legs as he sat down before the light post, levitating upwards as he closed his remaining eye and began to steadily meditate on the evening's events. He'd lived in Dawn for nearly thirteen years now, served side by side with dozens of undead. But he'd never seen someone he'd previously interacted with risen in person.
  1188. It was a very mentally stimulating evening, and one the paladin felt concentrating on the recollection of in meditation might aid in his introspective breakthroughs. The only path to truly reaching the pinnacle of energy magic was through the mastery of the body and the mind. He'd already done the first with his Overdrive, but the second would be far harder indeed.
  1189. (Artaghh)
  1191. Ser Artaghh would silently introspect upon the evenings events as he meditated calmly parallel to his favorite lamppost in town, hovering in space above the grass about three feet as he mulled over what had occurred. The paladin had a strange feeling that he was a different man from the one that walked into the fort this evening, that the things he'd done in that cell had, to some degree, stained his otherwise pure soul with a light sense of foulness. The things he'd done this night were evil, the peasant couldn't deny it.
  1193. Yet, this didn't seem to bother Artaghh, a revelation that had come with serving Dawn for so many years. Sometimes evil things had to be done. He would meditate upon his actions, reconcile them with the man he was and the man he became when the foul anger of Fethi's death had overtaken him. Only then could he be the master of his own mind. For now, practice made perfect.
  1194. (Artaghh)
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