Download Enter The Matrix Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4

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  4. Download Enter The Matrix Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4
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  39. Shortly after the Animatrix's "Final Flight Of The Osiris" short, Niobe (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Ghost (Anthony Wong) must retrieve the package at a post office before the machines do. After succeeding, they call the rest of the Zion fleet to warn the Resistance about the machines digging for Zion. The game then runs a parallel story to Matrix Reloaded which explains what Niobe and Ghost were doing while the movie was focused on Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity.
  40. The game's story picks up just before The Matrix Reloaded and runs parallel to that of the film. Bend the rules of the Matrix with martial arts, pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet, or just fight with lots of guns.
  41. &quot;Enter the Matrix&quot; is an interesting exercise, it&#39;s the latest attempt to merge video games and movies closer together by linking them to one story. Unfortunately, the video game part takes backseat to the story aspect. This title takes place between the CGI animated short &quot;Final Flight of the Osiris&quot; and &quot;The Matrix Reloaded&quot;.<br/><br/>It&#39;s basically a back story for the two minor characters who are featured in &quot;Reloaded&quot; played by Jada Pinkett Smith and Anthony Wong. The game, at its heart, is a typical third-person shooter. You basically run around and shoot at anyone with a number of firearms and weapons. You also have the ability to &quot;focus&quot; and manipulate the Matrix like Neo, Trinity and Morpheus do in the films.<br/><br/>The levels are mindless entertainment, they do not require much from the player other than to press a few buttons to fight and move. You can either play as Niobe (Pinkett-Smith) or Ghost (Wong), but the stages are the mostly the same with a different perspective. I did like the element of &quot;hacking&quot; into the Matrix, which is based on the old DOS system.<br/><br/>With this, you can unlock a number of features, cheats and mini-games. In fact, I enjoyed this more than I did the game itself, which also includes some tepid &quot;rail&quot; sequences which brought back memories of some appalling Sega CD FMV games. The Wachowski brothers, the brains behind &quot;The Matrix&quot;, are avid gamers and big time &quot;Halo&quot; fans.<br/><br/>It&#39;s disappointing their first venture into interactive entertainment is such a mediocre affair. Some &quot;Matrix&quot; fans would say the same thing about the two highly anticipated 2003 sequels. Maybe juggling the production of the movies, comic books, video game and animated shorts were just too much to tell one huge story with. <br/><br/>Perhaps the brothers should&#39;ve just concentrated on the sequels and forgotten the back stories and mythologies. Oh well, there&#39;s always &quot;The Matrix Online&quot;. <br/><br/>** out of ****
  42. EtM is an average-at-best game. Best to say that now. Its flawed on so many levels that you&#39;ll quickly lose count of its problems - frequent glitches occur, the animations don&#39;t work, the sub games are too awful for words, the shooting lacks any kind of skill; I could go on and on. In fact, as a game in its own right, its hard to actually say whats good about it (The hacking is a nice, innovative feature and the focus bar makes for some nice touches, but that really is all thats worth noting). &quot;So its crap?&quot; says the games fan in the corner. Nah, thats pretty harsh. Theres just nothing here thats worth buying the game for, at least not when more accomplished titles like Max Payne exist. &quot;A shame, I was looking forward to it...&quot; says the Matrix fan. Then, my friend, you should buy it. Why? Because while it is a shockingly average game, it is perhaps the best use of a movie liscence you will ever see. Cinematics with the Matrix crew, proper voice acting, all the moves and weapons from the films, the soundtrack, its all there as the films portrayed. You get to play as a charecter in the Matrix, in a well recreated, if a tad bland looking and badly modelled, world.<br/><br/>So summed up - average game, excellent liscense. It uses that liscence to the fullest, and any Matrix fan will mostly enjoy it. But as a game, its little more than an average game that knew it didn&#39;t need to be good to sell. So if you are that Matrix fanboy, add another 3 to the overall score.<br/><br/>5/10
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