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  1. ectoBiologist [EB] joined chat.
  2. nude!grimAuxiliatrix [N!GA] joined chat.
  3. EB: heya, kanaya.
  4. N!GA: Hello John
  5. EB: *EB's eyes go wide as he takes you in.*
  6. EB: um.
  7. N!GA: Is Something The Matter
  8. EB: kanaya.
  9. EB: you have no clothes on.
  10. N!GA: I Am Perfectly Aware Of This Face
  11. N!GA: Fact*
  12. EB: *EB stutters, his cheeks instantly glushing.*
  13. EB: why are you naked?
  14. N!GA: You Appear Unable To Remove Your Gaze From My Body
  15. N!GA: Because The Night Has Grown Quite Warm
  16. N!GA: And I Found The Need For Clothing Diminishing
  17. EB: *EB stops his gaze at your chest as he stands stock still.* uhh...
  18. N!GA: Are You
  19. N!GA: Enjoying What You Are Seeing
  20. N!GA: Oh John
  21. EB: yes- *EB blurts out before thinking and brings a hand to his mouth.*
  22. N!GA: Your Gaze Upon My Chest Is Causing Me To Blush
  23. N!GA: I Am Also Feeling Quite Aroused With How You Are Gazing At Me
  24. N!GA: Please
  25. N!GA: Do Not Stop Looking
  26. N!GA: -she flushes a slight jade green as John looks her over-
  27. EB: i'm... *EB swallows audibly, his pants tenting slightly before he shakes his head.*
  28. EB: oh! i'm sorry, kanaya.
  29. N!GA: John
  30. N!GA: There Is A Mound Of Some Sort Forming In Your Pants
  31. N!GA: Do I Arouse You As Well
  32. EB: *EB blushes completely crimson and backs up, covering his groin.* umm, oh no i'm fine. oh wait you didn't ask how i was doing.
  33. EB: *EB stammers, his gaze barely leaving you.*
  34. N!GA: I Believe Such A Question Is Now Obsolete
  35. N!GA: I Am Well Aware Of How You Are Right Now
  36. N!GA: And You Are Quite Aroused By Looking At My Troll Body
  37. N!GA: Keep Looking John
  38. N!GA: Make Yourself Even More Rigid As You Look At Me
  39. EB: *EB takes a step back only to find that he's against a firm wall, his erection steadily growing as thoughts of escape drift away with your voice.*
  40. N!GA: -her legs are crossed, and she smiles politely-
  41. N!GA: John
  42. N!GA: If You Would But Ask
  43. N!GA: I Would Show You My Pussy
  44. N!GA: That Is The Human Term For It, Yes
  45. EB: *EB nods, his lust and arousal taking dominance in him.*
  46. N!GA: Then Ask Me John
  47. N!GA: That Is All You Are Required To Do
  48. EB: please... *EB whispers shakily, his hands slowly leaving their spot.*
  49. N!GA: Please What
  50. EB: uncross your legs. *EB whispers in a voice that comes out on its own.*
  51. N!GA: -Kanaya smiles seductively as her legs are uncrossed, completely exposing her jade colored slit, dripping with arousal-
  52. N!GA: John
  53. N!GA: Please
  54. N!GA: Fuck Me
  55. N!GA: I Am In Dire Need Of It
  56. EB: *EB nods and walks towards you, undoing his shirt and pants. his cock proudly jumps at above his waistband just before he reaches you and brings a hand to your inner thigh.*
  57. N!GA: -her throat lets out a soft moan at his contact with her thigh, causing her to shiver in anticipation-
  58. EB: *EB gently raises his hand, dragging it along your soft skin to your slit and caresses your delicate folds, his over hand wrapping around your waist to bring you closer.
  59. EB: *
  60. N!GA: Nnngh~ Oh John~
  61. N!GA: Your Touch Is Intoxicating..
  62. EB: *EB eases you to your side until your back contacts the wall behind you.*
  63. EB: *EB intensifies his ministrations, diving his finger between your sensitive bud.*
  64. N!GA: -a deep blush crosses Kanaya's face as her legs spread more, this time her puckered jade tinted asshole is visible, and she moans even more sexily as John slips a finger into her-
  65. N!GA: Aahhhh!!
  66. N!GA: Oh John
  67. N!GA: Please Stop Teasing Me
  68. N!GA: Please Just Fuck Me!!
  69. EB: *EB kisses along your neckline, totally lost in his arousal and raises your leg around his waist, his cock spreading your lips apart but not entering you yet.*
  70. EB: say it one more time.~
  71. N!GA: Jooohn!!
  72. N!GA: God Dammit, Please!
  73. N!GA: Fuck Meeee!!!
  74. EB: *EB bucks his hips up and into you, the majority of his cock disappearing into your sensitive nethers.*
  75. N!GA: -a loud and very sexy moan sounds out from Kanaya as John penetrates her almost completely, her scorching nook gripping his cock so tightly-
  76. EB: *EB moans as he enters your wet slit and lifts your leg up high on him as he rears back and does it again, pressing you against the wall.
  77. N!GA: Ohhhh God Yes John!!
  78. N!GA: Youre So Biiiig~
  79. EB: *he moans lightly as he fucks your impossibly tight slit and takes your other leg around his waist, holding you against the wall as he thrusts harder and deeper.*
  80. N!GA: -a look of utmost pleasure is on her face as her pussy keeps squeezing him so tightly, as if removing his resistance to cumming, as she wanted it very soon-
  81. EB: kanaya~! *EB groans into your shoulder obviously close, his back arched over you as he pins you onto the wall and moves your weight around with each of his heavy thrusts.
  82. N!GA: Ohhhh Fuck Yes John!!!
  83. N!GA: Are You Going To Cum?!
  84. EB: i'm cumming~ *EB says abruptly after a trio of strong thrusts, the force making your hair fly up in reaction to his cockhead pressing against your cervix.*
  85. N!GA: -she moans and screams out, holding him close and locking her legs firmly around his waist-
  86. N!GA: Ohhh Yes John!
  87. N!GA: Cum In Me!!
  88. N!GA: Let Me Bear Your Human Children... Please!!
  89. N!GA: Please
  90. N!GA: Please Impregnate Me With Your Strong Human Seed!!
  91. EB: *EB thrusts into you one last time, pinning your midsection against the wall as he deposits jet after jet of hot cum deep inside you. his body tenses in orgasm, each convulsions sending another warm wave through your inner walls.*
  92. N!GA: -she moans out so deeply as the thick cum fills her pussy, shooting straight up and flooding directly into her womb-
  93. N!GA: Ohhhh Yes~
  94. N!GA: Fill Me Up With As Much As You Can~
  95. EB: *EB holds you in place for at least a minute before he starts to lower you, having given you his entire load without missing a drop.*
  96. EB: *his legs almost give out as he lets your legs down and crouches in front of you.*
  97. N!GA: Mmmmmm~
  98. N!GA: Oh John, How Did It Feel
  99. N!GA: Filling Me Up With Your Human Cum And Impregnating Me
  100. EB: *EB pants, his head over your shoulder and whispers into your ear.* a... amazing...
  101. N!GA: You Made Me Pregnant~
  102. N!GA: I Can Feel It~
  103. N!GA: -she rests a hand on her slightly swollen stomach, swollen with the excess of his cum-
  104. EB: *EB smirks, leaning back to rest his hand on yours and kiss you deeply on your green lips.*
  105. EB: did you like it?
  106. N!GA: I Most Certainly Did~
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