Fallout: Beyond Equestria 186: Black Rose (Part 4.5)

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  1. [2016-06-22 13:25:54] <Kkat> 3Game Starting Soon!
  2. [2016-06-22 13:28:29] <Kkat> 3Previously...
  3. [2016-06-22 13:28:46] <Kkat> 3((2000 XP for last few sessions.))
  4. [2016-06-22 13:29:20] <Kkat> 3CopyCat bites her lip. "I... I really think we should talk to the pegasi. In person. There are things we need to explain."
  5. [2016-06-22 13:29:25] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream  grumbles. "Fine. But I'm bringin' the bomb with me, and I /ain't/ doin' the talkin' there. Far as I'm concerned, I'm not doing it 'cause I want them t' survive, I'm doin' it fer' Equestria."
  6. [2016-06-22 13:29:27] <Kkat> 3...
  7. [2016-06-22 13:29:32] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream  step to the precipice of the ship, and then a bit more once safe. "Pink-E, play nanny fer' th' Dragonlin's. We got some bugs to zap."
  8. [2016-06-22 13:29:38] <Kkat> 3Pink-E salutes with one of the spritebot's.  "I'm on it!  Don't you worry about a thing.  I'll be the best nannybot ever.  I was programmed with all the babysitting skills of the real Pinkie Pie!"
  9. [2016-06-22 13:29:45] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream  stops and looks to Pink-E with a pair of eyebrows raised. She looked /severely/ worried.
  10. [2016-06-22 13:29:51] <Kkat> 3Pink-E whines, "I've got this!"
  11. [2016-06-22 13:30:14] <Kkat> 3...
  12. [2016-06-22 13:30:20] <Kkat> 3CopyCat nods. "Right. So we'll go down, leaving the /Shadowbolt/ hovering with Pink-E, Parlay, and our crew, and visit the pegasi camp below. Star Dust is there, and they sent one of their sky-tanks, too. I have a feeling that somepony of importance was on it, but even if not we can at least talk to somepony there and explain what we know..."
  13. [2016-06-22 13:30:26] <Kkat> 3"...The parts we /want/ them to know, of course."
  14. [2016-06-22 13:30:32] <Kkat> 3The group prepares, gathering what they need before leaving the ship to make a groundside visit to the Enclave lakeside camp.
  15. [2016-06-22 13:30:33] <Kkat> 3...
  16. [2016-06-22 13:31:03] <Kkat> 3CopyCat smiles and talks to her friends. "Star Dust is going to try and contact ponies for us to set up a meeting."
  17. [2016-06-22 13:31:12] <Kkat> 3CopyCat sends Star Dust another message. [I will leave you to your thoughts. When you need to make contact again simply float above the camp. Um, and maybe wave. Then I will join you again.]
  18. [2016-06-22 13:31:35] <Kkat> 3...
  19. [2016-06-22 13:31:53] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Six: Black Rose (Part 4.5)
  20. [2016-06-22 13:32:04] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  21. [2016-06-22 13:32:23] <Kkat> 3Less than an hour later...
  22. [2016-06-22 13:34:10] <Kkat> 3The friends from the /Shadowbolt/ find themselves waiting just outside the blue energy field that surrounds the Enclave Loyalist Remnants' science camp.  Star Dust waits with them, looking a little nervous.  
  23. [2016-06-22 13:36:32] * Golden_Dream  hisses through her teeth. "I'm already hatin' this." She gripes.
  24. [2016-06-22 13:36:46] * Get_Lost is not standing in front of the group. actually, is just standing in front of those who don't want to be in front
  25. [2016-06-22 13:37:55] * Mitzi takes a deep breath as she flexes her claws, then tucks them facing back. She was not here for justice, that might come later. For now, she was here to put an end to a fight.
  26. [2016-06-22 13:38:06] * Noble_Heart gently places a wing over Golden Dream. "Sometimes one must swallow their pride and prejudice that a better world might be built." She pauses briefly. "But We do not particularly like it either."
  27. [2016-06-22 13:39:19] * Golden_Dream  grumbles. "You ain't been battered bloody 'cause you ain't got wings 'cause of these fucks."
  28. [2016-06-22 13:39:58] <Kkat> 3Mitzi recognizes both of the pegasi approaching the energy gate from within the camp. Wind Weaver's head and tail droop as she walks submissively behind the camp's head scientist, almost as if she is on a leash. Dr. Sonica trots proudly, pausing as she spots Mitzi. Then a smile breaks across her muzzle. The smile of a filly whose lost puppy has wandered home.
  29. [2016-06-22 13:40:17] * Get_Lost "true that, forgiveness is a slow thing, i know something about that... still, purity of ideals could bring you down a dark way and one day you cuold find out that you became the monster you hate"
  30. [2016-06-22 13:42:40] * Noble_Heart scowls at that look, that was not a good look. Well, not a good look for their friends anyway.
  31. [2016-06-22 13:43:01] * Mitzi has to hurriedly suppress the temptation to charge through the shield and tear the doctor's head off. She was quite certain she could get through that blue thing, if it was anything like other magic shields
  32. [2016-06-22 13:45:46] * Mitzi is unable to fully suppress her snarl though
  33. [2016-06-22 13:46:51] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica's ears perk.  "Mitzi!  Is that you?  Where'd you run off to, girl?  Found some new family, I see?"
  34. [2016-06-22 13:47:04] * Bookwright has a sudden sinking feeling.
  35. [2016-06-22 13:48:00] <Kkat> 3Wind Weaver gives Mitzi an apologetic glance, then moves towards the energy gate controls.  Doctor Sonica raises a hoof.  "I think, all considered, that we'll have our conversation through the fence."
  36. [2016-06-22 13:48:17] * Golden_Dream  /immediately/ snaps back. "She was with us first. Actually, she was with her reservation back in Equestria first. You know that, right?"
  37. [2016-06-22 13:48:48] <Kkat> 3CopyCat can sense the facehoof that Star Dust is restraining in the presence of a superior.
  38. [2016-06-22 13:49:46] * Mitzi refuses to dignify being called 'girl'. She glances over at Wind Weaver. "Uh have toh wit yu. Uh'll not forget eet."
  39. [2016-06-22 13:50:57] <Kkat> 3"Are they feeding you well?" Doctor Sonica asks Mitzi with motherly sweetness.
  40. [2016-06-22 13:52:17] * Golden_Dream  snaps back just as quickly, "You're damn straight she is."
  41. [2016-06-22 13:52:21] * Noble_Heart infact, grows even more scowly at the doctor's speech. She clears her throat. "We think you should be glad that this is a diplomatic mission. As under any other circumstances, We are certain that We would be happy to liberate you of the notion that Mitzi belongs to anyone, least of all you." She gives a withering, angry glare of the sort which says 'If I didn't need you
  42. [2016-06-22 13:52:22] * Noble_Heart alive for this, you'd already be in the hellhound's claws'.
  43. [2016-06-22 13:52:36] * Shatara ponders popping off the CRUX just to see the look on this pone's face when there's not laserfences between her and best can opener
  44. [2016-06-22 13:54:11] * Get_Lost sighs and mutters "guys, we're trying to avoid problems, not to create them... can't you behave at all?"
  45. [2016-06-22 13:55:03] * Get_Lost then raises her voice "yeah, sure, now about the zebra empire we should talk about...."
  46. [2016-06-22 13:55:48] * Golden_Dream  folds her legs. "Sorry. I dun' forgot that I wasn't supposed t' talk here." Because /what creative words she has in mind/.
  47. [2016-06-22 13:56:51] * Get_Lost "you are allowed to talk, you just don't have to act like an idiot"
  48. [2016-06-22 14:00:37] * Golden_Dream  replies, "I ain't got smart things to say to these fucks. It's takin' a remarkable amount of willpower on my part to not do stupid things right now, and t' put things in terms ya'll can understand, that's takin' up too much processin' space to say smart, flowery things right now."
  49. [2016-06-22 14:02:08] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica raises a hoof again.  "Just making polite conversation.  Can you blame me for wanted to know Mitzi is all right?  I know she isn't with us anymore, but I still can't help but feel responsible for her."
  50. [2016-06-22 14:02:20] * Bookwright grimaces as he sends a mental admonishment via Copycat-Gram. <Golden, please don't make them into our enemies /quite/ yet.>
  51. [2016-06-22 14:02:32] * Get_Lost nods "mh, okay. point taken. we'll try to be as quick as possible and then take out leave then. or, we will simpl go and sit somewhere 300 yards away and let the princesses do the talking"
  52. [2016-06-22 14:03:51] * Mitzi places a paw gently on Golden_Dream 's mane. "Don't stain yur honur on dat un. She eez not wurth eet right now."
  53. [2016-06-22 14:03:59] <Kkat> 3Wind Weaver is looking vaguely ill.  Star Dust gives the group apologetic looks.
  54. [2016-06-22 14:05:35] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica notes, "We could definitely benefit from having her back.  If the zebras want to go to war again, every hellhound will matter."
  55. [2016-06-22 14:05:37] * Get_Lost has no eyes, so it's hard to tell her real mood as usual, but looks a little nervous. or ashamed
  56. [2016-06-22 14:07:42] * Mitzi leans over to Get_Lost, whispering. "Yu maybe talk tu dat un. Eef yu keen how her sounds work, maybe yu can make a way to protect ur kind later."
  57. [2016-06-22 14:07:44] * Noble_Heart scowls at that. "Yes. They will. If they choose to help." She snorts in annoyance. "We are uncertain We wish to speak to this one." She waves a hoof towards Sonica. "She clearly does not respect the will or self-actualization of others, so she clearly would not care if the Changelings took it from her."
  58. [2016-06-22 14:07:46] * Get_Lost opens her mouth to say something, then dr sonica's words sink in and she can't hold the next sentence in her mouth "is she that air-headed all the time or she is paid to provoke violence?"
  59. [2016-06-22 14:08:32] * Get_Lost "i mean, she could be a bug intentionally trying to make us mad?" is talking aloud
  60. [2016-06-22 14:08:58] * Golden_Dream  quickly replies, "Oh, well, that's fine. By the way, you ever ask them if-" She stops herself, and takes a deep breath. That one almost came out. "I mean, we need to hurry up and come up with a plan to deal with th' Changerlin's and the Zebra Legion."
  61. [2016-06-22 14:09:08] * Get_Lost then offers "i could take a blood sample from her and make a test if you wish"
  62. [2016-06-22 14:09:28] * Golden_Dream  's voice was /extremely/ strained.
  63. [2016-06-22 14:09:28] * CopyCat gives Shatara a look which says, 'I'm thinking what you're thinking, and it is ever such a lovely thought.' What she actually says is: "Doctor Sonica, I presume?" she says sweetly, knowing how much self-important ponies like to assume you've heard of them before rather than simply catching their name through telepathy. "We hear that you are investigating the recent disturbances above this lake. We have some
  64. [2016-06-22 14:09:29] * CopyCat information about this we would be willing to trade."
  65. [2016-06-22 14:13:27] * Shatara hmms to Get_Lost. "Wouldn't put it past them, after what they pulled with that distress beacon. I vote we make sure."
  66. [2016-06-22 14:14:39] * Golden_Dream  quickly shakes her head. "No. She's the real deal."
  67. [2016-06-22 14:15:26] * Golden_Dream  Copycats to the others, [Telepathy don't work on non-ponies, remember?]
  68. [2016-06-22 14:15:44] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica turns her attention completely to CopyCat.  "Oh?  And yes, that would be me."
  69. [2016-06-22 14:16:27] * Get_Lost "well, if she is doing honestly, i must admit that i find her cute, somehow..."
  70. [2016-06-22 14:16:40] * Shatara copycats back [I dunno, we should probably do a whole bunch of excruciating tests to be sure.]
  71. [2016-06-22 14:19:06] * Get_Lost lets the social pones do the talking and simply sits down, making some order into her bags
  72. [2016-06-22 14:20:55] * Mitzi taps Get_Lost gently and points her to the signal tower. She didn't really know one transmitter from another,  asking: "Wut can yu kern about dat?"
  73. [2016-06-22 14:21:13] <Mitzi> Lern*
  74. [2016-06-22 14:24:03] * Get_Lost "uh... waves and brainwaves are... well... it's not really my field. i usually resort to intrusive surgery for pony-machine interface, but... well... i could study it. i'm not even sure of what principle it uses, honestly..."
  75. [2016-06-22 14:26:33] <Mitzi> "It's sumteen wit sound uh tink. Sounds ponees can't hear."
  76. [2016-06-22 14:27:01] * CopyCat bows her head slightly, calculated at precisely the right angle to flatter an ego. "Your reputation precedes you. I would love to discuss our differing views on the sentience and free will of Hellhounds some time, a scientific discourse does get the juices flowing like no other, but that is not why we are here. There are pressing concerns over the current regime of Roam, concerns that go beyond even the
  77. [2016-06-22 14:27:02] * CopyCat horrors of another war."
  78. [2016-06-22 14:28:42] * Get_Lost "well... probably some brain surgery that reduces, manipulates and filters the eraing of the vict- ehr, patient, should fix the thing"
  79. [2016-06-22 14:28:52] <Get_Lost> *earing
  80. [2016-06-22 14:30:40] <Pony_63322> Mitzi shakes her head. "Uh was tinkeen sumteen tu cancel eet. Doing dat fir all hounds wud take too long."
  81. [2016-06-22 14:32:05] * Get_Lost nodnods and thinks a little more "well... probably something to put in the ear that fistorts the sound? like, a veeeeery little intrusive surgery? just a bit of poking the brain?"
  82. [2016-06-22 14:32:56] * Noble_Heart held her tongue, for the moment. CopyCat was far more prepared to be diplomatic about this than she would be.
  83. [2016-06-22 14:35:16] * CopyCat shares with her friends the... unique way in which Dr Sonica seemed to view Hellhounds; as pets, and that domesticating them is doing them a favor.
  84. [2016-06-22 14:37:22] * Bookwright is actively repulsed by Sonica's aims, and fights down a wave of nausea.
  85. [2016-06-22 14:37:49] * Noble_Heart bristles in anger, and struggles to avoid saying something which might torpedo these attempts entirely.
  86. [2016-06-22 14:38:11] * Get_Lost is not listening to what sonica and copy are saying, trying to figure a way to do what mitzi asked her
  87. [2016-06-22 14:39:24] * Golden_Dream  briefly glances at Star. [Is she hearin' all this?]
  88. [2016-06-22 14:40:04] * Get_Lost "in any case, it would involve something to wear... probably to put in your ear, and it would be really annoying. or easy to lose. not really effective on the long term. i should at least study the machine. a working one, and maybe with a test subject to make a couple of tests... it is complicated and will probably hurt feelings. or the subect... or everypony"
  89. [2016-06-22 14:41:15] * Mitzi frowns a bit but nods to Get_Lost. "Eef yu get wut yu need, Uh'll practice wit yu, eef eet'll help prevent uther hounds from going tru dat."
  90. [2016-06-22 14:41:30] * Get_Lost "are you sure that you can't reach freedom from mind control through self awareness, meditation and the way of the monk?"
  91. [2016-06-22 14:42:20] * Mitzi blinks. "Uh thought eef eet wuz a science ting, den yu would need a science ting tu stop eet."
  92. [2016-06-22 14:43:43] * Get_Lost "yeah, that's a chance, but usually it uses instinct and inner mind mechanisms to work... like, subliminal things... if you meditate a lot and find some sort of inner self, you should be able to ignore them? i don't really know, it's not my field but it would be really cool"
  93. [2016-06-22 14:44:47] * Shatara 's feathers bristle a bit as CopyCat sucks the Enclave scientist's proverbial dick, using his bayonet to clean his talons idly.
  94. [2016-06-22 14:45:05] <Kkat> 3A group from the military camp swoop over, landing across from the conversing ponies.  One of the pegasi is in enclave power armor with bronze stripes on the black carapace denoting some sort of rant or achievement.  The other pegasus is only dressed in a field vest.  The third figure is the griffin that the group encountered at the Hostel.
  95. [2016-06-22 14:46:07] * Get_Lost waves a hoof at the new group and keeps thinking
  96. [2016-06-22 14:47:04] <Kkat> 3Star Dust looks thankful as the bronze-striped pegasus speaks up.  "My apologies, Equestrian friends.  I should have arrived sooner.  I had not realized that the science team thought they could set diplomatic policy."  The look he shoots Doctor Sonica suggests that there is no friendship lost between them.
  97. [2016-06-22 14:48:34] * Get_Lost looks at the power armor and smiles "hey, i could improve that a lot!"
  98. [2016-06-22 14:48:57] * Shatara looks up from his bayonet and smiles a little to the hopefully-more-reasonable military types. Except for the griffon. He seemed like kind of a dick.
  99. [2016-06-22 14:49:28] * Noble_Heart looks visibly relieved to be speaking to anyone other than Doctor Sonica, turning to face the new arrival. "They seem to already be setting policies regarding the treatment of other intelligent beings. Perhaps you should look into that as well?" Okay, maybe not -that- relieved.
  100. [2016-06-22 14:53:27] <Kkat> 3The griffin looks surprised to see Shatara here.
  101. [2016-06-22 14:53:59] * Golden_Dream  looks genuinely tired of imagining her in increasing degrees of duress. "Howdy, Gunny." She quips in a low, near tired tone.
  102. [2016-06-22 14:59:34] * Get_Lost then to mitzi i'm sorry, i don't think i have enough information to help you now. maye we will have a chance we will be able to exploit one day
  103. [2016-06-22 14:59:48] <Get_Lost> ""
  104. [2016-06-22 15:00:04] * Shatara vir-waves to his fellow cat-bird.
  105. [2016-06-22 15:00:29] * CopyCat bows her head to the new arrivals, particularly to bronze-stripe. "We are pleased to see how seriously this matter is being taken. The lives of many ponies, zebra, and our valued friends can be saved by understanding the dangerous situation we face."
  106. [2016-06-22 15:00:53] * Mitzi nods to Get_Lost. "Tanks anyway."
  107. [2016-06-22 15:01:35] <Kkat> 3The ranking military pegasus sighs, looking at Noble_Heart.  Then asks, "If I may, I would request a briefing on what matters you have already discussed.  Hopefully, no agreements or decisions have been reached prematurely."
  108. [2016-06-22 15:02:13] <Kkat> 3The ELR griffin nods back towards Shatara
  109. [2016-06-22 15:03:51] * Noble_Heart snorts, "She," she indicates Sonica with a hoof, "has been patronizing against Our friend Mitzi about past violations of personal rights. Beyond that, We have had little to discuss, as she is clearly not interested in preserving the freedoms of Equestria's citizens nor the sanctity of their right of self-actualization."
  110. [2016-06-22 15:04:39] <Shatara> "Mostly your sciencepone sweetly threatened to enslave our hellhound."
  111. [2016-06-22 15:06:56] <Kkat> 3The military pegasus grunts, squeezing his eyes shut.  "Okay."  He turns to Noble_Heart and CopyCat.  "Which one of you are in charge?"
  112. [2016-06-22 15:07:29] * Mitzi smiles at Noble_Heart as she calls her a citizen of Equestria. Lots of ponies forgot or didn't care that they were native there. She shoots a brief glare at Shatara though, for calling her 'our' Hellhound. She was her own Hellhound, and an aspiring alpha.
  113. [2016-06-22 15:09:12] * Golden_Dream  folds her legs. "None of us are in charge. We get paid th' same. However, they're th' ones that are all about talkin' t' you."
  114. [2016-06-22 15:10:08] * Shatara blinkblinks back at Mitzi, shrugs confusededly.
  115. [2016-06-22 15:13:03] * Bookwright "We're a small enough, friendly enough group that consensus serves when we need a group decision."
  116. [2016-06-22 15:14:05] <Kkat> 3The pegasus nods.  Meanwhile, Doctor Sonica is looking huffy at the interruption.
  117. [2016-06-22 15:16:40] <Kkat> 3The military pegasus introduces himself, "Major Fog Bank.  I am in charge of groundside operations at base camp.  I share command down here with Major Tripwire, who is in command of off-site field operations, particularly in regards to scouting and reconnaissance.
  118. [2016-06-22 15:19:39] <Kkat> 3"Unfortunately, Major Tripwire is unavailable."  He looks over to Doctor Sonica.  "Doctor Sonica is in charge of the Citizen Science Initiative.  If the information you have is in regards to the phenomenon that drew us here, then she is the one with whom you should share that intelligence."
  119. [2016-06-22 15:20:57] <Kkat> 3"Otherwise," he says sternly, "She should go back about her work."  Doctor Sonica huffs in protest.
  120. [2016-06-22 15:21:37] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank asks (slightly hopefully), "Is the information you wished to share of a military nature?"
  121. [2016-06-22 15:22:21] * Golden_Dream  snerks. "Oh, sure. We made a time portal to back in the Discordian era using th' Griffon's Goblet, accidentally made th' Elements of Harmony, met Rasdon. It was a great time." Believe me. I dare you.
  122. [2016-06-22 15:23:18] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica interrupts, "If we are going into battle with the natives, then it is my weapons, my shields and my dogs that will carry the day.  Perhaps the Major should reconsider involving the C.S.I. in tactical briefings."
  123. [2016-06-22 15:23:31] * Bookwright "Don't forget the part where the ghost of Rainbow Dash came with us and we left her back in time."
  124. [2016-06-22 15:23:59] * Noble_Heart chuckles. "Or that the goblet itself is a paradox which exists only because it existed already for us to leave in the past to be found in the present to be left in the past again."
  125. [2016-06-22 15:24:00] * Golden_Dream  waves Bookwright off. "Oh, please. She's been following us back from the Crystal Kingdom as Mare-Do-Well."
  126. [2016-06-22 15:24:56] * Bookwright waggles his head in a noncommittal fashion. "Eh, same difference."
  127. [2016-06-22 15:25:23] <Kkat> 3All the pegasi are looking at the group as if wondering what local herbs they have been into.
  128. [2016-06-22 15:25:37] <Kkat> 3Only the griffin seems to take any of what was just said seriously.
  129. [2016-06-22 15:25:43] * Mitzi shrugs. She didn't really understand the time travel or magic stuff either.
  130. [2016-06-22 15:27:06] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank rolls his eyes then tells Doctor Sonica, "I'll take that under advisement."
  131. [2016-06-22 15:27:29] <Kkat> 3"Which is code for 'no'," Doctor Sonica shoots back.  Now Star Dust does facehoof.
  132. [2016-06-22 15:27:40] * Noble_Heart raises a forehoof, gesturing in a 'yes I know it sounds crazy' sortof way. "Perhaps We should talk about how We travelled there on an airship transformed into a submarine by a Spirit of Chaos? It has been a very long, very strange few days."
  133. [2016-06-22 15:28:17] <Kkat> 3"Can't you see they're mocking you?" Sonica asks.
  134. [2016-06-22 15:28:43] <Kkat> 3"Actually," Fog Bank replies, "I'm rather under the impression they are mocking /you/."
  135. [2016-06-22 15:28:43] * Golden_Dream  sighs. "It was a discharge of an artifact that's no longer around that caused the disturbance. We found it out in a tunnel," Going back to the lackadaisical tone of voice, "That we found the hat and jacket of Daring Do in," She said, tipping her pith helm pulling out the Khaki jacket,
  136. [2016-06-22 15:29:38] <Kkat> 3The griffin, however, is paying close attention to what the ponies, Mitzi and Shatara are saying.  
  137. [2016-06-22 15:31:08] * Golden_Dream  quickly goes back to serious tone. "That we decided to test what does under the lake for insulation. It disappeared, caused a bunch of noise, created stormclouds, and vanished." With some stuff in between.
  138. [2016-06-22 15:33:21] <Kkat> 3"Where is the Griffin's Goblet now?" the ELR griffin asks suddenly, interrupting.
  139. [2016-06-22 15:33:58] * Golden_Dream  shrugs. "It don't exist now anymore, far as I can tell."
  140. [2016-06-22 15:34:02] * Noble_Heart looks towards the ELR. "Millennia in the past. In the Radiant Shield of Rasdon. Awaiting Daring Do to find it, such that it might become storied in this era, and be found again after the fall, to be returned to the past, that it might be found once more."
  141. [2016-06-22 15:34:31] * Bookwright "It's stuck inside some kind of time loop. No pony, griffin, or zebra, can have it now."
  142. [2016-06-22 15:34:44] * Shatara takes note of the griffon's interest in their insane story. "Didn't make it back. Crazy time travel shennanigans...don't think about it too hard, you'll go crosseyed."
  143. [2016-06-22 15:36:24] * Golden_Dream  pulls up her pipbuck. "If you want, though, I can send ya'll Daring Do's rough draft fer' her last story that didn't wind up getting published."
  144. [2016-06-22 15:36:32] * Bookwright "Well, actually it /did/ make it back, if the dimension we're talking about is 'time'."
  145. [2016-06-22 15:37:35] * Shatara feels himself going crosseyed, shakes it off, and baps Bookwright. "Stop that!"
  146. [2016-06-22 15:38:10] * Bookwright scrunches. "Heck."
  147. [2016-06-22 15:38:14] <Kkat> 3Both Doctor Sonica and Major Fog Bank are now looking at the ELR griffin questioningly.  
  148. [2016-06-22 15:39:48] <Kkat> 3The griffin answers, "Short, non-crazy version: they discovered a well-known, lost artifact of the griffins.  One which opens portals to other times and other worlds.  They opened a portal here, tossed in the artifact, and lost it."
  149. [2016-06-22 15:39:58] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We suppose if you do not believe us, you could try to find the spirits of Nobility, Loyalty, Honesty and Secrets and ask them. But We doubt that they would wish to be found. Certainly, the Faceless values privacy, as one might imagine for the Spirit of Secrets." She shook her head. This was clearly not sinking in on any of these ponies. Though at least the griffin
  150. [2016-06-22 15:39:59] * Noble_Heart seemed to be listening.
  151. [2016-06-22 15:40:52] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank asks, "And that would account for the atmospheric disturbance felt all the way in Equestria?"
  152. [2016-06-22 15:41:56] <Kkat> 3The ELR griffin shrugs.  "Don't see why it couldn't have."
  153. [2016-06-22 15:42:02] * Noble_Heart snorts slightly. "-We- did not open the portal. Zebra sky pirates, seeking refuge and freedom from the threats of Roam, did. Though they were judged wanting and not allowed to stay."
  154. [2016-06-22 15:42:31] * Golden_Dream  considers. "Wouldn't something like that cause a /lot/ of energy discharge." She wiggles her pipbuck again. Come on. Let me tell you /how much/ you're out of your depth with us.
  155. [2016-06-22 15:42:52] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica frowns.  "If the portal was to the past, any alteration could have had rippling effects... we're probably lucky we aren't all kangaroos."
  156. [2016-06-22 15:43:47] * Bookwright "On the bright side, even if we /had/ altered the past, only we would know about it. So don't worry about it, it's not like you can undo it."
  157. [2016-06-22 15:44:26] * Golden_Dream  raises an eyebrow. "That all depends on what theory ya'll subscribe to. Th' one I'm fond of is th' one that says we didn't ever make any changes, it always happened like that."
  158. [2016-06-22 15:44:26] <Noble_Heart> "For such a thing to happen, it would require that the past be changed. But if the portal always was, and always will have been, then the past would be the past. Our actions were already made, and the results already felt." Noble Heart glanced towards Sonica, "As Our friend said, our actions had impacts well beyond merely the goblet already."
  159. [2016-06-22 15:44:45] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank nods.  "I would like the group of you to make a full report on this.  Star Dust will take you to the recollectors."
  160. [2016-06-22 15:45:01] * Get_Lost offers "i'd love being a kangaroo..."
  161. [2016-06-22 15:45:27] * Mitzi blinks. "Wut's a kangaru?"
  162. [2016-06-22 15:45:29] <Kkat> 3He turns to Doctor Sonica.  "Well, it looks like your work here is done.  Perhaps you should start packing back up."
  163. [2016-06-22 15:47:15] <Kkat> 3Doctor Sonica looks like she is about to scream.  But instead calmly says, "That would be premature.  We may have a fight coming.  And even if they are telling the truth, the after-effects should be studied."  She turns way, shooting a too-sweet smile back over her shoulder.  "But then, you would know all about premature, wouldn't you?"
  164. [2016-06-22 15:47:38] * Get_Lost interrupts "ah... there's a fat chance that we don't have the time for memory orbs and such... roam cut your communications with home, your priorities could be others"
  165. [2016-06-22 15:50:00] * Golden_Dream  gives Sonica a sharp look. "Ma'am, I would say you know a whole lot about bein' a bitch, but that would be an insult to present company." Oops. That one slipped through.
  166. [2016-06-22 15:51:04] * Mitzi tilts her head at Golden_Dream, "Wut's bad about being bitch?"
  167. [2016-06-22 15:51:29] * Get_Lost "usually, the price"
  168. [2016-06-22 15:52:18] * Bookwright is divided between an angry short thing and a potentially angry very large thing. "Uh... Maybe we should just drop the topic."
  169. [2016-06-22 15:53:03] * Golden_Dream  smiles. "Second definitions that mean a very different thing from the primary one, sweetheart."
  170. [2016-06-22 15:53:52] * Mitzi nods, seeming to take Golden_Dream's word for it. She could worry about pony lexicons when there wasn't more important things going on.
  171. [2016-06-22 15:54:29] * Get_Lost "good idea, dropping the topic, but we still shouldn't want to get caught on the ground by a potential roam assault... listen here, mister soldier: is there a way to simply do this while above the clouds and after dismantling the camp? we are at risk"
  172. [2016-06-22 15:57:51] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank asks, "Are you anticipating an attack?  If so, within what timeframe?"
  173. [2016-06-22 15:59:24] * Noble_Heart looks to the major. "Soon. There is a zebra ship active in the area, likely with a stealth enchantment. They are the ones responsible for the destruction of your communication relay, as well as the launch of the roller and detonation of the ship wreckage. Most likely, they were dispatched to investigate, and possibly deal with the presence of the pirates in the area. You
  174. [2016-06-22 15:59:25] * Noble_Heart are likely a convenient side target."
  175. [2016-06-22 15:59:42] * Get_Lost "some suicide drones, probably zebra made, destroyed your communication buoy. this happened just a few minutes after our radio operator caught some sort of crypted communication on a roam military channel. they could be near"
  176. [2016-06-22 16:01:06] * Get_Lost "if they aren't, the attack on your link to home fleet is clearly following some sort of protocol... and usually cutting communications doesn't end with them leaving you be... it's just logical"
  177. [2016-06-22 16:01:52] * Golden_Dream  adds. "They also have stealth tech for their ships, so you can't see them coming unless you got some stuff we ain't familiar with."
  178. [2016-06-22 16:02:38] * Get_Lost "it is more stealth magic with spirits, but yes: they are effectively invisible, and usual tech devices to spot them are useless"
  179. [2016-06-22 16:08:36] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank nods.  "I will report this to the Captain, along with your recommendation to pack up camp.  You can assist us by following Star Dust.  The quicker we can close the book on the disturbance, the more easily we can justify vacating the area so soon after our arrival."
  180. [2016-06-22 16:09:09] * Bookwright finds it disconcerting that the Enclave aren't more concerned by the invisible zebras that have already destroyed a communication drone and killed several of their troops.
  181. [2016-06-22 16:09:55] * Get_Lost "sure, let's do it fast and clean so we can go on with our personal war with roam"
  182. [2016-06-22 16:12:38] * Golden_Dream  gives Get Lost a look. "It's everyone's personal war, Get."
  183. [2016-06-22 16:15:05] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank seems to read Bookwright's expression.  "The proper response to something worrisome is not panic."  
  184. [2016-06-22 16:17:09] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly. "We agree. Faster is better. Miss Doo requires our aid, and she may not have much time left. We hope she has any time at all."
  185. [2016-06-22 16:20:07] * Golden_Dream  oddly seems... Comforted by Major Fog Bank. "You ever hear of a stallion named White Lightning, Major?"
  186. [2016-06-22 16:22:08] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank thinks on that a bit.  "Name sounds familiar.  In what context might I have heard the name?"
  187. [2016-06-22 16:25:14] * Golden_Dream  smiles faintly. "He was a Sergeant back in the day. Real hot shot. Tried out for the Shadowbolts a couple times. Sky fell a little before he could do it again." He pauses for a moment.
  188. [2016-06-22 16:26:10] <Golden_Dream> *She
  189. [2016-06-22 16:28:06] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank notes, "Sounds like a soldier my nephew would talk about.  Think he had a little crush on the guy.  Or, at least, a picture of him in the dorm awards display."
  190. [2016-06-22 16:30:55] <Kkat> 3Meanwhile, Star Dust attempts to lead the ponies (plus griffin and hellhound) back towards the camp.   She pauses, looking up at Mitzi.  "I... don't know how the soldiers at the camp will react to you.  But..."  She glances back at the energy wall.  "I really don't want to leave you out here alone."
  191. [2016-06-22 16:31:05] * Golden_Dream  snickers a little. "Oh, I'm sure momma would agree."
  192. [2016-06-22 16:31:39] * Golden_Dream  goes quiet for a little while. "Y' remind me a little of what he would say. Thanks for that."
  193. [2016-06-22 16:32:36] <Kkat> 3Major Fog Bank raises and eyebrow, looks Golden_Dream over appraisingly, then nods with a smile.
  194. [2016-06-22 16:33:09] * Shatara is definitely not checking out Star Dust's probably-armored plot.
  195. [2016-06-22 16:35:19] * Noble_Heart follows along with Star Dust. "We believe that that's a good idea. Your lead scientist seems... Fixated on something which is not healthy for any involved."
  196. [2016-06-22 16:37:34] <Kkat> 3Star Dust nods.  "She's... I don't... like her."  She quickly covers her mouth as if she had said a bad word.
  197. [2016-06-22 16:39:40] * Noble_Heart snorts. "We should think that any decent, principled pony wouldn't. To infringe upon one's freedoms is heinous. To do so in a way that robs one of free will? That's monstrous."
  198. [2016-06-22 16:41:25] * Bookwright "Personally, I would like to see her and her research preserved. In formaldahyde and giftschrank, respectively."
  199. [2016-06-22 16:41:39] <Kkat> 3"And..."  Her voice drops to a whisper as she flutters closer to Noble_Heart.  "...the whole brain surgery thing just creeps me out."  Star Dust gives a nervous glance back towards Get_Lost and says, "No offense."
  200. [2016-06-22 16:42:18] * Shatara chuckles and pats Star Dust jovially. "Congradulations, you have a soul"
  201. [2016-06-22 16:42:26] * Golden_Dream  walks off to join the party. She felt a little cleaner inside by saying that. Like undoing a knot in her soul.
  202. [2016-06-22 16:42:32] * Noble_Heart raises an eyebrow at that. "Brain surgery?" She frowns heavily. "What has she been doing to brains?"
  203. [2016-06-22 16:43:30] <Kkat> 3The military ponies do indeed react to the group, and not just to the hellhound.  But at a few barks from their commanding officers, they all get back to work.  The guard do keep the group in their sights though.
  204. [2016-06-22 16:45:11] <Kkat> 3Star Dust nods solumnly.  "Ever since the Crystal Empire came back...  she's planting things inside so they don't need those awful helmets anymore."  Star Dust looks horrified.  She whispers, "She had stuff stuck in her /own/ head too."
  205. [2016-06-22 16:46:25] <Kkat> 3Star Dust opens the metal door to the communications tent.  "The recollectors are right over there..."
  206. [2016-06-22 16:47:41] <Kkat> 3"I think... Major Fog Bank just wants you to tell what happened to the best you can each remember it.  We're supposed to have you do it separately so you don't contaminate each other's stories.  But I don't think we have the time for that."
  207. [2016-06-22 16:50:37] * CopyCat nods to Star Dust. "Thank you. And thank you for your assistance is setting up our meeting. Hopefully, by working together, we will be able to prevent the loss of many lives in these troubled times."
  208. [2016-06-22 16:52:21] * Noble_Heart ruffles her wings in irritation at that prospect. "We understand." Lovely. More things to take care of.
  209. [2016-06-22 16:54:37] * Bookwright looks over the recollecters with interest. "A curious method of recording testimony. Why wouldn't a holotape recording be good enough?"
  210. [2016-06-22 16:56:04] <Kkat> 3Star Dust doesn't seem to know.
  211. [2016-06-22 16:56:45] * Noble_Heart frowns, "Likely because they are harder to forge. Recordings can be edited, spliced, re-recorded. Recollectors are one-use only."
  212. [2016-06-22 16:56:57] * Bookwright nods. "That does make sense, put that way."
  213. [2016-06-22 16:57:23] * Shatara looks a little sceptical over the brain-tapping process
  214. [2016-06-22 16:58:06] * Bookwright sees Shatara's skepticism in his eyes. "Don't worry about it. It's not invasive. Just put the crown on and talk."
  215. [2016-06-22 17:00:42] * Golden_Dream  lifts one, then slowly puts it on as if she were dealing with a bomb.
  216. [2016-06-22 17:04:53] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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