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  1. MoldBunny's Staff Report (15/4-22/4) (GMT+8 TIMEZONE)
  3. Playtime:
  4. 15/04) 3:10pm - 3:30pm | 6:04pm - 7:16pm | 10:52pm - 12am
  5. 16/04) 12am - 12:30 am | 10:34am - 11:28am | 12:15pm - 12:31pm | 1:19pm - 1:31pm | 3:05pm - 5:09pm | 6:03pm - 7:09pm | 10:05pm - 10:19pm
  6. 17/04) 11:03am - 1:21pm | 3:31pm - 4:54pm | 9:14pm - 9:31pm
  7. 18/04) 9:44am - 12:29pm | 2:17pm - 2:34pm | 6:20pm - 7:53pm
  8. 19/04) 12:13pm - 12:40pm | 4:45pm - 5:59pm | 6:29pm - 8:43pm
  9. 20/04) 7:25am - 7:37am
  12. Staff Present:
  13. 15/04) Papi 4, ShabareshRaj, 1997Stijn, Papi 6, Thibje, Middx, Wei_XingV2
  14. 16/04) Papi 3, Papi 6, ShabareshRaj, WeiXing_V2, Thibje, Middx, mcf999, Papi 4, SmolderedAura
  15. 17/04) Papi 4, 1997Stijn, Middx, SmolderedAura, Papi_6, Wei_Xingv2, ShabareshRaj
  16. 18/04) mcf999, Papi 4, Papi 6, 1997Stijn
  17. 19/04) SmolderedAura, Saisho1917
  18. 20/04) no staff
  19. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Best Staff: Papi 6
  21. He would be on around 10am - 1pm gmt+8 when im on. He greets new players whenever they come and is overall a friendly member of the staff team. Whenever someone in chat is in trouble and need help, he will be there to help. Players also message him whenever they need help as he is known to be reliable and helpful in solving their problems. Whenever there are multiple staff on, he will be the one to issue mutes/warnings in comparison to other staff (including me). Papi 6 majority of the time takes initiative in finding solutions to new problems that arise.
  23. Worst Staff: Papi 4
  24. He would be online with me during the hours of around 10am to 4pm my time. He would usually be chatting with other members and would only talk to players in relation to trading. I don't think he would welcome newer players. Although he isn't being too abusive, i feel does however abuse the /tp command a bit. He seems to use his tp command alot and teleport to random players seemingly for no reason (correct me if im wrong). He doesn't seem to greet people when new players come and overall doesn't fulfill his role much as staff. This isn't too big of a deal as a staff member, but it does become noticeable.
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