Some Kind of Relationship - 38

Aug 10th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Dae Hyun (FMC) Employee Boss's Girlfriend
Kim / Lim Mi-Mo (FMC²) Model by Day, Whore by Night BF's Girlfriend
[N/A] (MC) Unemployed DB's Boyfriend
[N/A] (BF) [N/A] MC's BFF & FMC's BF
Lee Su-Jung (Red) Model Single
Kyu Ho (Grey) Model Single
Seung Kyu (Boss) Boss FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (LB) Employee Single & FMC's BFF
In Yeong (DB) Trainee MC's Girlfriend
Park Jung Woo (Dir) Director [N/A]

Some Kind of Relationship - 38

In the streets Fmc² (White Christmas Song by Bing Crosby)

Christmas Eve is approaching, there is a lot couples walking together in the streets of Seoul.. Fmc² is walking alone, her body is shivering because of the cold..

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know

Fmc²'s cellphone rings, it's BF (her Boyfriend/mc2) she doesn't answer the call thinking how she's feeling too dirty to see him right now. She thinks how her life is shitty since a moment and how she didn't make the right choices when she could do..

Despite her shitty life and all her lies she doesn't want BF to leave her..

TITLE DROP : I don't want you to leave me..

Flashback: 3 years ago

Mom's house Fmc² x Mom

Fmc² arrives at home from her work and calls her Mom asking if she's here or still working. She heads toward her room and begins to take off her clothes sighing after her rude day at work. She's saying how it's already been 1 year since her Dad's company went bankrupt and she had no news from her Dad since then. She says how she's working day and night with her mother but they barely earn enough to pay her Dad's debt / loan.

She puts the debt reminder away and tries to call her mother with her mobile, she is directly received by Mom's voice mail and begins to be scared thinking about Mom leaving her like her father..

The time slowly pass but her mother still isn't coming home, Fmc² starts to cry and shouts 'MOM' and run from their house shouting and crying in the streets searching for her mother..

Fm²c narrates how she searched for her mom all night and didn't stop to call her but mom never answered her.. Only when the sun rose Mom showed up..

Mom is surprised to see her daughter sitting on the stairs with her head between her knees and asks her why she's here, Fmc doesn't answer and throws herself in her Mom embrace and cry saying how she missed her and was scared as fuck because she thought Mom'll abandon her like her father.. Mom tries to comfort her daughter saying how she can't leave her because she's the only one in her heart and asks her if she had news from Dad..

They head toward their home chatting happily together, Fmc² says how there is no news from Dad and asks her if the work was okay, Mom tells her how it was good and she worked all night because she wants to lessen the burden on her daughter's shoulders and tells her to go out this weekend. Fmc² says how she didn't see BF this much recently despite the fact they got this house because of him. She says to her mom how she can't see BF right now because they received a letter from Gman / Bank asking for money. Mom tells her to not worry about this because she saved enough money for this month, Fmc² doesn't want to let her mother to work more so she tells her how she'll take another job (It'll be her third job)..

They went to the bed right away and Fmc² asks Mom how was her day at work, she doesn't want to answer and tells her how she's too tired and want to sleep..

Next morning, Fmc² wakes up and sees her mother already dressed fixing her make up, Fmc asks her what she's doing this early and Mom tells her how today she'll go to work earlier because she doesn't want to worry her like yesterday and she plans to come back home at night. She tells to her daughter how she already prepared the breakfast and it's in the fridge. She leaves..

Fmc² goes to the fridge and takes out Mom's meal and want to warm it in the microwave, she notices Mom's phone. She looks at it thinking how her mother was too much in hurry today and forgot it.. Mom's cellphone rings, it's a message, she read it..

(TLN: '사장님' => Sajang-nim => Mr.President)

Mr.President Kara Motel, Room 507
Kara Motel, Room 302
Yaja Motel, Room 610
Quincy Motel, Room 403
Where are you? I'm calling you because I've to send you to your customers pretty soon. So prepare yourself and come asap.

Fmc² is shocked seeing those messages and asks what's the fuck is this.. She narrates how she believed her mother worked at her aunt place but she one day found the truth and it was really shocking..

To be continued..
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