Shuffle Campaign afterword

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  1. Shuffle campaign aftermath:
  2. Dario, with the help of the mage Velsara, founds the city of Stelville.
  3. Fiona marries Dario and becomes queen
  4. idk what Con Duran does, probably goes back to being a hippie in the woods or whatever, I don't know.
  5. Navarre goes back to his life in Gerdon, no longer cursed.
  7. Nobody knows what became of Artin. Some say she became a teacher at one of the many universities in Selfasel, but none of the party ever saw her again.
  9. Lise and Loran help with the founding of Stelville. Lise becomes the captain of the city's watch, Loran helps with training new recruits.
  10. Anari also helps with founding Stelville, becoming an advisor to Dario in addition to her duties as a paladin of Iorbom.
  11. Yarhan hangs out in the city for several years. He enters a relationship with Lise, eventually breaking it off and leaving in pursuit of true love.
  12. Jena returns to Yimas, to help Atrum's widow maintain his business.
  13. Khallel was extremely eager to join Dario's new city, though he did not stay long - the life there proved to be far too peaceful for him, but many of his followers took up permanent residence in the city. Khallel became a wandering mercenary, traveling the land.
  14. Velsara, over many years, learned to like the new world, becoming less and less bitter about life and her position. Eventually she came to be friends with Dario, and was greatly saddened by his death. She continued to serve his city, protecting it from threats. She declined to speak about her past or divulge information of the time she came from. She lived for 300 years before passing away.
  16. Prince Teled brings the drow's holy stones back from the orcish city, explaining that they were used as a foundation of some of Settras' magic. This put him in better standing with the council, and they decided to not strip him of his position. He married the Orc chief Relthn, founding an alliance between the two communities.
  17. Jarvis led a happy life with his super hot gold digger wife.
  18. Jelene enjoys her life in the creepy underground drow cult, not having to worry about any off the bullshit that happened on the surface.
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