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  1. Officially Listing SwiftCash (SWIFT) on STEEM-Engine
  3. For those who read some of the discussions on Discord or Telegram, this is for getting SwiftCash officially listed on STEEM-Engine. I've discussed things with the team and it seems to me that 310K SWIFT should be enough to seal the deal. Once listed, steemians will be able to trade the STEEM/SWIFT pair for a 1% fee in deposits and withdrawls of STEEM and SWIFT, but with no trading fees.
  5. If you do not know what STEEM-Engine is about, feel free to google it or ask around. You can also check it out for yourself if you have a STEEM account by going to
  7. For the sake of transparency and decentralization of power, I'm requesting to receive these funds straight into our current multisig community escrow which is 8ePBxBSfWiqTwCrZbXK9vtWvptzTZPfPX8
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