Trixie's Tentacles

Mar 31st, 2014
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  3. >Good Morning, sons, its half-past mid day and you've slept all afternoon.
  4. >I've cooked you some dinner to eat, can't allow my beautiful sons of Azathoth to not grow strong
  5. >Whats that? You want to hear the story of how I met your father?
  6. >Well, I'll tell you again, but make sure to eat your green beans this time.
  7. >It all started shortly after I held the alicorn amulet. After making it back to my little home I was transported to the dimension your father resided.
  8. >He tasked me with delivering his essence into the dimension we currently resided.
  9. >Then Azatoth took me as his.
  10. >He must have known I was in estrus since nine months later you were born.
  11. >My beautiful little abominations, when I cradled you in my hooves, It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  12. >And soon, son, you won't be alone anymore.
  13. >Your little sister is coming soon, I can feel it in my thick womb, she's gonna be a big girl!
  14. >Now, come along, I need you to eat so you can be big and strong.
  15. >Don't think I don't feel that tentacle around your sister, my little abomination.
  16. >Mmm, oh little ones, I forgot about all your needs.
  17. >Dinner can wait later, momma Trixie is gonna help with every little fiber of your stress.
  18. >Mmmm your tendril feels amazing, I'll fix you right up.
  19. >Hmm, stop tugging on my belly so hard, your gonna wake up your sister.
  20. >"moan" I bet you can't wait till she's comes out, we can grow our own family, all by ourselves.
  21. >Son, give me your seed. Give me your love like when you will impregnate me after your sister is born.
  22. >Mmmm, your hot cum feels so close to her.
  23. >Feel better? Your seed is leaking out from me.
  24. >I can't wait to raise so many with you, my first.
  25. >Now come along my little abomination, dinner is getting cold.
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