BALKAN ROUTE UPDATE 25/11/2015 Wednesday 23:10

Nov 26th, 2015
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  1. BALKAN ROUTE UPDATE 25/11/2015 Wednesday 23:10
  4. - Thousands of people arrived from Turkey to Greek islands in the last 2 days, but the average is definitely getting lower.
  6. - Government of Sweden decided to apply more strict measures of accepting refugees because capacities of the country are over the edge, more than 180 000 refugees arrived to Sweden this year. Sweden is really sorry that other countries aren't helpful.
  8. - Archive of the updates:
  10. GREECE
  11. ============
  12. - Idomeni: Also today some people returned back to Athens as only Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis are allowed to enter Macedonia, but hundreds have slept over at the borders last night, and many had sleep outside as the tent capacity was not sufficient. It is raining quite often and that makes the situation worse. UNHCR and other NGOs on site providing help. If you want to volunteer, please contact
  14. - Lesvos and other islands: 3-4000 people daily arrived to Greek islands in the last 2 days. Volunteering and donation info:
  17. ============
  18. - Gevgelija: Local activists are constantly asking for donation of crutches and wheelchairs for the refugees who are disabled and/or injured. If you can help with donations, write to
  20. SERBIA
  21. ============
  22. - Miratovac: Situation calm today as numbers are dropping. Still problems with local taxi mafia. Volunteers will be needed next week. Shoes and rain gear would be much appreciated. If someone wants to arrange for donations to be brought to Serbia, there are regulations to go through customs. Xhelal has the possibility to help with the way of arranging it - Xhelal Hasani Tel. +381 633 74 034,
  24. - Preševo: Cold weather today. No need for volunteers at this moment. Entrance to the camp from the railway side, waiting time for registration max 1.5 hours, people can wait in tents and then in trains. Volunteers are still lacking warm clothes to hand out and money for purchasing food. If you can donate, please contact United Volunteers of Preševo, Tel. +381 62 1499 561
  26. - Dimitrovgrad: Hundreds of mostly Afghanis coming daily. Hot meals are provided, but local team still asks for socks, gloves, scarves, caps and blankets. Volunteers are also needed since 28th November, please contact Tarek: +381 62 895 45 77
  28. - Beograd: Clothing, hot tea, soup and toiletry distribution for folks stranded in Belgrade continues at Miksaliste. To help there, please use Volunteer sport or contact
  30. - Šid/Adaševci: Czech volunteer team helps in Adaševci in two shifts (16-24h, 0-8h), we give information, hand out water and some basic clothes too. Situation is stable there. Socks, scarfs, large plastic bags and tapes welcomed, no volunteers needed, Czech team handles this internally.
  33. ============
  35. - Slavonski Brod: only 1000 people entered Croatia today, Slavonski Brod is empty right now, though a new train from Šid is expected. What is needed here: shoes & socks (39-44), especially men's, incontinence pads, wheelchairs, baby carriages, baby carriers, caps, shawlf, gloves + some jackets. Volunteers welcome - accreditation required and more in-depth security checks especially for foreign volunteers in place now - contact Maja Znika on FB or number below before you come (waiting time cca 48hrs)! Contact: +385-99-5021-926.
  38. ============
  39. - Dobova: Only 1000 people came till 6 pm today. Hungarian team SOS Bamako is in need of medical staff there: doctors and nurses, medical students. Women's underwear and shoes also needed. Contact Petra Szabo via FB:
  41. - Sentilj: 3300 people left Slovenia today, Sentilj camp was empty at 6 pm. Donations of winter clothes and shoes are also very welcomed. Accreditation is obligatory to help with Slovenska Filantropia so please send your full name, date of birth, nationality and address of residency to For other info please contact +386 41 654 726.
  45. =========
  46. - Spielfeld: Volunteers welcome in Spielfeld, but only have access if registered with the Red Cross (Team Österreich) - See timetable to register for a shift here: For donations, please check this FB site:
  49. =================
  50. - New data from 101 000 people came to Greece 1.11. to 20.11., average 5000 daily, last days dropping to 4000 daily. Syrians 54 000, Afghanis 25 000, Iraqis 8500. From 1.11. to 20.11. 13 000 came from other countries - out of which 3700 Pakistan, less than 500 Somalia.
  52. - Please note, that almost all volunteers spots requires a REGISTRATION OF VOLUNTEERS (usually 48 hours in advance) now and so we strongly suggest to contact local coordinator or contact person in advance to comply with these requirements and to avoid being turned away on the site.
  54. - SUPPLIES IN SZEGED: Warehouse of MigSzol Szeged is still full of food, non-food and hygiene goods. You can pick up anything when travelling to Serbia/Macedonia and elswehere. Contact coordinators Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36 304 27 34 60.
  56. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up also in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  58. - and don't forget to act:
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