Two holes to fill (Fluttercord, smut, gfd?) to do maybe

Aug 20th, 2017
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  1. >"Aww, is my big draconequus needy?"
  2. >He can only whimper and groan through the ball gag as her hoof traces circles on his stomach, right above his crotch
  3. >She's so close to it!
  4. >Just a little more and--
  5. >"HHGNNNGHH!"
  6. >She giggles as he squirms when her hoof finally touches one of his poles
  7. >"Just look at these~, so big and throbbing..."
  8. >Her hoof smears his pre on its way down the belly of his shaft
  9. >"Are they for me?"
  10. >He knows it's not a real question
  11. >She knows they are
  12. >But he nods nonetheless, his eyes telling her how much he wants this
  13. >And her lip bite telling him how much she loves this
  14. >"You know, I've been thinking..."
  15. >Her sultry voice is like honey dripping through his ears, and his three hearts each skip beats at every words
  16. >But he whines, his hips and back arching up when her touch leaves him
  17. >Her smirk widens, but she ignores it, deciding she'd rather get to the next part already
  18. >"You have two c-cocks, and... I have two holes back there..."
  19. >His eyes go wide at that, and his twin poles give appreciative throbs at only the thought
  20. >She lifts her left leg and pass it over his body, and sits down, her moist flower pressing against his coat as she straddles him
  21. >Her own heart soars as she feels his thumping and hammering under her
  22. >And her pearl escapes her petals as to try and give them a kiss, only to be stopped by his skin
  23. >"Mmmhfggh?!"
  24. >He leans against her hoof when it reaches for his cheek
  25. >As much as he loves her acting like this in bed, and how much he loves it when she's on top, she's still Fluttershy
  26. >This
  27. >Her gentleness and kindness, this is why he's here in the first place
  28. >"I-I know I said no the other day but... m-maybe we could try? Just this once."
  29. >His eager nods make her giggle once more
  30. >"Heheh, I knew you'd be more than okay with this~,"
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