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  1. // List of required privileges for client commands
  2. // If present, the second column may contain a service name between [] to forward the command
  3. // Warning: leaving the second column blank means that everyone can use the command
  5. // R2 Commands
  6. dssTarget :: // ask DSS to perform a GM action on the player's target
  8. // Commands
  9. //
  10. addGuildMember :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add a new member to a guild: <guild name> <member name>
  11. addGuildXp :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add xp to a guild: <guild name> <xp (positive or negative)>
  12. addPetAnimal :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add pet animal to character: <PetTicket>
  13. addPosFlag :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add a new position flag: <flag name>
  14. addSkillPoints :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add skill points of given type (Fight=0, Magic=1, Craft=2, Harvest=3): <SP type [0..3]> <nb SP>
  15. addXPToSkill :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Gain experience in the given skill: <xp> <skill> [<count>]
  16. broadcast :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG: // Broadcast a message: [repeat=<num repeat> or during=<time in seconds>] [every=<delay in secondes>] <message>
  17. changeHairCut :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Change the haircut of a player: <sheet name>
  18. changeMode :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Change mode of a player: <mode>
  19. changeVar :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Change a variable of a player: <var> <val>
  20. checkTargetSP :DEV:SGM:GM: // Check target player skill points
  21. clearEventFaction :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Clear the event faction of player: <player name>
  22. clearFriendsList :DEV:SGM:GM: // Clear the friend list of a player
  23. clearGuildMessage // Clear the guild message of the day
  24. clearIgnoreList :DEV:SGM:GM: // Clear the ignore list of a player
  25. clearIsFriendOfList :DEV:SGM:GM: // Clear the "is friend of" list of a player
  26. createItemInBag :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Create an item and put it in the player bag: <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
  27. createItemInInv :DEV: // Create an item and put it in the given player inventory: <invId> <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
  28. createItemInTmpInv :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Create an item and put it in the player temp inventory: <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
  29. createNamedItemInBag :DEV:SGM: // Create a named item and put it in the player bag: <item name> [<quantity>]
  30. createFullArmorSet :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Create and equip player with chosen full armor set: <race (fyros/matis/zorai/tryker)> <type (light/medium/heavy)> <quality>
  31. delPosFlag :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Delete a position flag: <flag name>
  32. dismiss :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG: // Teleport a player back to its former position (before last call to summonPlayer): <player name>
  33. displayForageRM :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Display forageable raw materials near by or at the exact position of a player: <exactPos=1> <extendedInfo=0>
  34. displayInfosOnTarget :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Display infos on entity target
  35. dodge // Set the defense mode to dodge
  36. execPhrase :DEV:SGM:GM: // Execute a phrase with given bricks: <cyclic 0/1> [<brick ids>...]
  37. executeSabrinaPhrase :DEV:SGM:GM: // Execute a sabrina phrase: <cyclic 0/1> <phraseId>
  38. failMission :DEV:SGM:GM: // Force mission failure: <mission idx>
  39. forceTargetToDie :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Force entity target to die
  40. getEventFaction :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Get the event faction of player: <player name>
  41. giveRespawnPoint :DEV:SGM:GM: // Give a respawn point to a player: <respawn point name>
  42. guildInvite // Send a guild invite to a player character without distance constrainte
  43. setLeague // Create a League
  44. leagueInvite // Send a League invite to a Team Leader character without distance constrainte
  45. leagueKick // Kick a player or team from league
  46. roomInvite // Send a room invite
  47. roomKick // Remove a room invite
  48. guildMOTD // Set the guild message of the day, command effective only for officer and more graded guild members
  49. ignoreTells :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG: // Ignore incoming tell: <0/false/1/true>
  50. infos :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG: // Give info on character (GodMode, Invisible...)
  51. killMob :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG: // Kill a mob (/b killMob)
  52. learnAllBricks :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Specified player learns all possible bricks for his skill values
  53. learnAllForagePhrases :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Learn all forage phrases, begin at specified index: <index>
  54. learnAllPhrases :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Specified player learns all possible phrases for his skill values
  55. learnBrick :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Specified player learns given brick: <brick sheet>
  56. unlearnBrick :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Specified player unlearns given brick: <brick sheet>
  57. learnPhrase :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Specified player learns a phrase and set it at index knownPhraseIndex: <phrase Sheet>
  58. listGuildMembers :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Display guild members list: <guild name>
  59. listPosFlags :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG: // List position flags (long format): [<radius in meters>]
  60. loadFromPDR :DEV:SGM: // Load a character from a binary PDR file: <file name>
  61. loadFromXML :DEV:SGM: // Load a character from an XML file: <file name>
  62. logXpGain :DEV:SGM:GM: // Log or not xp gain infos for specified player: <on/off>
  63. lPosFlags :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG: // List position flags (short format): [<radius in meters>]
  64. monitorMissions :DEV:SGM:GM: // Monitor missions of the given player: <player name>
  65. motd :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG: // Set the current message of the day: <message to be displayed>
  66. mute :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Mute a user: <player name> <duration>
  67. muteUniverse :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Mute the universe channel: <duration>
  68. outpostBanGuild :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Ban a guild for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <guild_name> [<all|atk|def>]
  69. outpostBanPlayer :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Ban a character for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <eid> [<all|atk|def>]
  70. outpostUnbanGuild :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Unban a guild for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <guild_name> [<all|atk|def>]
  71. outpostUnbanPlayer :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Unban a character for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <eid> [<all|atk|def>]
  72. parry // Set the defense mode to parry
  73. progressMission :DEV:SGM:GM: // Force mission progression: <mission idx> [repeat]
  74. renameGuild :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Rename a guild: <guild name> <new guild name>
  75. renamePlayer [SU] :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Rename a player: <player name> <new playerName>
  76. renamePlayerForEvent :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG: // Rename a player temporarily for an event: <player name> <new playerName>
  77. resetPowerFlags :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Reset the ineffective aura and the power flags for given character
  78. root :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Root a player: <player name> <time in seconds>
  79. saveToPDR :DEV:SGM: // Save a character to a binary PDR file: <file name>
  80. saveToXML :DEV:SGM: // Save a character to an XML file: <file name>
  81. setEventFaction :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the event faction of player: <player name> <event faction>
  82. setGMGuild :DEV:SGM:GM: // Set the current GM guild
  83. setGuildChargePoint :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the charge points of a guild: <guild name> <points>
  84. setGuildDescription :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set a guild description: <guild name> <new guild description>
  85. setGuildLeader :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the leader of a guild: <guild name> <member name>
  86. setGuildMemberGrade :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the grade of a guild member: <guild name> <member name> <grade = Member/Officer/HighOfficer/Leader>
  87. setGuildMessage // Set the guild message of the day: <message>
  88. setItemSapLoad :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set an item sap load: <slot index in bag (starts at 0)> <float value>
  89. setPosFlag :DEV:SGM:GM:EM // Set a position flag: <flag name>
  90. setPvPTag // Set player character PvP tag to true or false
  91. setFamePlayer :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the fame value of a player in the given faction: <faction> <fame>
  92. resetPVPTimers :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Reset the pvp timers of a player: <player name>
  93. setSkillsToMaxValue :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set player skills to max value
  94. showCSR :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG: // Show CSR title if the player is a CSR
  95. showFBT :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Show Focus Beta Tester title if the player is a FBT
  96. startEvent :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Start an event with the given name: <event name>
  97. stopEvent :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Stop previous started event
  98. stopMonitorMissions :DEV:SGM:GM: // Stop monitoring missions of the given player
  99. summon :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM: // Summon a player in front of the CSR: <player name>
  100. targetInfos :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Give infos on the target
  101. teamInvite // Send a team invite to a player character
  102. connectUserChannel // Connect to User Channel Chat
  103. webExecCommand // Execute web command (need HMAC signature)
  104. webDelCommandsIds // Delete web transactions for web_app
  105. webAddCommandsIds // Add web command transactions for web_app
  106. updateTarget // Update current target
  107. teleport :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:OBSERVER:EM:EG: // Teleport the CSR in front of a player: <player name>
  108. tpPosFlag :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG: // Teleport a player to a position flag: <flag name>
  109. universe :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Chat in universe mode: <boolean>
  110. unmute :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Unmute a user: <player name>
  111. unmuteUniverse :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Unmute the universe channel
  112. unroot :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG: // Stop rooting a player: <player name>
  113. updateGuildMembersList :DEV:SGM:GM: // update guild members list on members clients: <guild name>
  114. //setPvpClan :DEV: // choose a clan for pvp
  115. summonPet // player can summon it's pet one time only
  116. allowSummonPet :DEV:SGM:GM: // autorize player to summon it's pet one time per pet
  117. displayShopSelector :DEV:SGM: // display shop selector for a NPC
  118. addFactionAttackableToTarget :DEV: // add attackable possibility for player on target for specified faction
  119. forceMissionProgress :DEV: // force mission step progression (for debug purpose only)
  120. savePlayerActiveChar :DEV:SGM: // save immediatly a player active char, a specific filename can enter for backup a character in specific situation/context
  121. reloadPlayer :DEV:SGM: // set next filename used for loading a character (must be offline and log later) or relaod an online character to previous backup or with a specified filename.
  122. farTPPush :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM: // used to tp on a specific session
  123. farTPReturn :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM: // used to tp back to your previous session
  124. characterMissionDump :DEV:SGM:GM: //Dump mission list for a character
  125. removeMission :DEV:SGM:GM: //Remove a mission of a character
  126. addMission :DEV:SGM:GM: //add a mission to a character
  127. characterInventoryDump :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Dump character inventory info: <inventory> <from slot> <to slot>
  128. deleteInventoryItem :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Delete an item from a characters inventory: <inventory> <slot> <sheetname> <quality> <quantity>
  129. lockItem // Lock/unlock item for trading, selling, destruction.
  130. setTeamLeader // Set the team leader
  131. setPetAnimalSatiety :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the satiety of pet animal (petIndex in 0..3): <petIndex> full|<value> [<nameForAnswer>]
  132. getPetAnimalSatiety :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Get the satiety of pet animal (petIndex in 0..3): <petIndex> [<nameForAnswer>]
  133. setPetAnimalName :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG: // Set the name of a pet animal (petIndex in 0..3): <petIndex> <name>
  134. setSimplePhrase :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set an IOS phrase: <id> <phrase> [<language code>]
  136. // Variables
  137. //
  138. Aggro :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG: // Mobs can aggro a player?
  139. CreateCharacterStartSkillsValue :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Create character start skills, skill point and money
  140. FBT :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:EM: // Is a Focus Beta Tester?
  141. God :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // God mode, invulnerability
  142. Invulnerable :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Invulnerable mode, invulnerability to all
  143. ShowFactionChannels :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G: // Show faction channel for moderation
  144. HP :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Hit points of a player
  145. MaxHP :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Max hit points of a bot
  146. Invisible :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG: // Invisibility of a player
  147. Money :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Money of a player
  148. Name :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Name of a player
  149. Position :DEV:SGM:GM:VG:PR:OBSERVER:EM:EG: // Position of a player (in meters) <posx>,<posy>[,<posz>]] | <bot name> | <player name> | home
  150. Priv :DEV: // User privilege
  151. PriviledgePVP :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG: // Turns PVP on/off on character (blame coder for typo)
  152. FullPVP :DEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG: // Turns Full PVP on/off on character (blame coder for typo)
  153. RyzomDate :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Current ryzom date
  154. RyzomTime :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Current ryzom time
  156. // Event commands
  157. eventCreateNpcGroup :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Create a npc group
  158. eScript :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Execute a script on an event npc group (new version)
  159. eventNpcGroupScript :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Execute a script on an event npc group
  160. eventSetBotName :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the name of a bot
  161. eventSetBotScale :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the scale of a bot
  162. eventSetNpcGroupAggroRange :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the aggro range of a NPC group
  163. eventSetNpcGroupEmote :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the emote for the NPC group to execute
  164. eventSetFaunaBotAggroRange :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the aggro ranges (not hungry, hungry and hunting) of a fauna creature
  165. eventResetFaunaBotAggroRange :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Reset the aggro range of a fauna creature to sheet values
  166. eventSetBotCanAggro :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Define if a creature can take aggro for another entity
  167. eventSetItemCustomText :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the custom text of an item. For scroll-like items it's the text displayed in the help window.
  168. eventResetItemCustomText :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Reset the custom text of an item to an empty string.
  169. eventSetBotSheet :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Changes the sheet of a bot: <.creature sheet>
  170. eventSetBotFaction :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Changes the faction of a bot: <faction name>
  171. eventSetBotFameByKill :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Changes the amount of fame earned for bot faction when killing it: <fame value>
  172. eventSetBotURL :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the url of a bot
  173. eventSetBotURLName :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the url name of a bot
  174. eventSpawnToxic :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Add toxic cloud
  175. eventNpcSay :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Have an NPC say a text
  176. eventSetBotFacing :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Set the direction in which a bot faces
  177. eventGiveControl :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Give control of entity A to entity B : <master eid> <slave eid>
  178. eventLeaveControl :DEV:SGM:GM:EM: // Leave control of entity : <master eid>
  179. resetName // Reset player's name; undo a temporary rename
  180. showOnline // Set friend visibility: <user id> <mode=0,1,2>
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