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Sequoia Session 10

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  1. [19:13:27] [@Doxy] Alright! Last we left our heroes, they were march march marching on toward Granny Lou's! It's a relatively easy and even pleasant hike, assuming you find the vast, shadowy pine forest to be pleasant. It's quiet, and you have the perpetual feeling that unseen eyes are looking at you as you walk, but nothing happens in the long hours of your travel. Eventually you set up camp, and
  2. [19:13:27] [@Doxy] get a decent fire going. Lucian tucks in early; the rest of you, what do?
  3. [19:16:29] * Dann- pops out all of his Pokemon to see if they need anything; snacks, exercise, cuddle session, etc. He also whips out his dowsing rod and pokes around the campsight with it.
  4. [19:18:57] * Adrienne has released all of her pokemon to enjoy nature, eat dinner, and to keep an eye out. She didn't want a repeat of the fairy incident, there were enough rocks after all. She relaxes by reading.
  5. [19:19:54] * Percival puts down his pokemon and bags to see how they're doing. "This bag is going to get pretty heavy quickly if each person we meet hands us rocks."
  6. [19:20:26] [@Doxy] Winston snuffles noisly around the camp, begging Adrienne for scraps of food. Kai is pretty sleepy, as usual, content to doze off on your lap. Glyce literally hid under a rock as soon as he was let out.
  7. [19:20:39] [Dann-] 8d6 Dowsing rolls
  8. [19:21:02] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  9. [19:21:07] [Dann-] 8d6 Dowsing rolls
  10. [19:21:07] [CritSenpai] Dowsing rolls: 22 [8d6=2,4,2,1,3,4,5,1]
  11. [19:22:44] * Dann- also realizes that he's never camped out with Sinon before, and in the interest of her being comfortable, he digs a small hole and has her fill it with water so she has somewhere to be.
  12. [19:23:15] [@Doxy] Rami remains wrapped around Adrienne as usual - around her ankle, currently - while Arthur, Amon, and Pyuki seem to be playing some sort of tag-like game and laughing.
  13. [19:23:47] [Dann-] "If Mina wants to join Sinon in this makeshift pool, she's welcome to." Dann calls to Adrienne.
  14. [19:24:45] [Dann-] "Same goes for Akamamuji, Percival."
  15. [19:25:17] * Dann- makes a mental note to have Winston help him fill this hole up in the morning, so as not to disturb the environment too much.
  16. [19:25:26] * Adrienne finishes her paragraph before putting her book down and assembling some spicy food for Winston. He'll probably enjoy it.
  17. [19:26:23] [Percival] "Oh that's quite nice of you to offer. I would imagine she'd like a small bit of swimming."
  18. [19:26:56] * Percival places the small fry into the pool.
  19. [19:27:44] * Adrienne also picks up Mina and places her next to the makeshift pool.
  20. [19:28:35] [@Doxy] Mina flops over headfirst into the puddle. She and Sinon flop around together
  21. [19:31:03] [Dann-] Once he's done dowsing, Dann pulls Stefan aside again and charges him with keeping an eye out for anything suspicious (both the behavior of party members or external agents). He also thanks the clear-headed bug again for his help with this fairy nonsense so far.
  22. [19:32:25] * Adrienne has a short chuckle and begins thinking about a small pool for the fish. She goes back to her book by the fire.
  23. [19:36:13] * Dann- searches for Glyce. "Hey Glyce? Where are you hiding? I know it's not too big, but you can hang out in this little pool with the others if you want to."
  24. [19:36:56] * Percival checks around the forest. "I can only hope whatever we've seen in the forest goes to sleep. It's pretty relaxing right now."
  25. [19:38:47] [@Doxy] Percival, roll perception~!
  26. [19:39:10] [Percival] 3d6 perception
  27. [19:39:10] [CritSenpai] perception: 9 [3d6=2,4,3]
  28. [19:42:19] [@Doxy] Glyce does not seem to have any interest in coming out from under his rock.
  29. [19:43:21] * Dann- chuckles at the sight of the flattened serpent under the rock. "All right, all right, I guess it's a rock night tonight."
  30. [19:44:26] [castfromhp] Percival, you hear a tinny clicking noise off from one of the nearby bushes, but when you turn to look all you see is a small bit of rustling and a bit of twitching coming from a stone there which quickly stops.
  31. [19:46:22] [Percival] "Hm? Did we leave one of our pokemon in the bushes?"
  32. [19:48:02] * Adrienne looks up and bookmarks her place. "I don't think so, all of mine are still here. What's up?"
  33. [19:48:08] [castfromhp] The stone slowly flips up to reveal it's the shell of a Dwebble. It looks around to make sure there are no Fairies around, then up at you with sad, miserable eyes. The bug makes tiny clicks with its claws, then motions at its mouth.
  34. [19:48:38] * CritSenpai has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  35. [19:48:54] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  36. [19:49:37] [castfromhp] Roll Pokemon Education, Percival. (or anyone else taking note of the Dwebble)
  37. [19:49:59] [Percival] 4d6 poke edu
  38. [19:49:59] [CritSenpai] poke edu: 17 [4d6=1,6,5,5]
  39. [19:51:07] [Adrienne] 4d6 PokeEdu
  40. [19:51:07] [CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 7 [4d6=2,2,2,1]
  41. [19:51:34] [Dann-] 4d6 PokeEdu
  42. [19:51:34] [CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 19 [4d6=6,5,6,2]
  43. [19:51:48] [castfromhp] Adrienne: Sure is a Dwebble.
  44. [19:51:50] * StarmanTheta (StarmanThe@Rizon-B22F4600.rizonbnc.us.rizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  45. [19:52:34] [castfromhp] Dann and Percival: Dwebble use their shells to hide from predators, so most specimens that live in a forest would choose mossy rocks. They're also typically adapted so there are green and brown splotches on their actual body to better blend in. This one, however, has a limestone shell, probably from a cave or mountain, and its body is darker and with a hint of grey.
  46. [19:53:15] [castfromhp] It continues to click and point its claws to its mouth feebly, seeming to barely be able to hold up the weight of its shell.
  47. [19:54:25] [Dann-] "Huh, how did a Dwebble with a shell like that end up here? The poor thing looks emaciated."
  48. [19:55:10] [Percival] "I wonder how it got here, this is a far cry for where it should be... hm. Maybe it's been lost and hungry for awhile."
  49. [19:56:22] [Adrienne] "What do you mean, lost?" She puts down the book and roots around in her pack; Dwebble were herbivores, so...
  50. [19:57:28] [Dann-] "Hm, did you see how it glanced around before it looked at us. You don't think some fairies dragged it away from its home, do you? That would be awfully cruel."
  51. [19:57:36] [Dann-] *us?
  52. [19:57:42] [Percival] "Well this one looks like it came from somewhere else, it wasn't terribly hard to spot in this forest so I imagine it came from a different area."
  53. [19:57:58] [Percival] "For what purpose? I don't know if any pokemon would be that cruel."
  54. [19:58:42] [castfromhp] The Dwebble sniffs the air as Adrienne opens her pack and starts dragging itself over. As it picks itself up, you see it has a large, deep groove in the back of its shell, the part that was resting against the ground. It doesn't seem to be hurt, just hungry, but its shell probably saved its life at some point.
  55. [19:58:52] [Dann-] "Well, our experience with fairies so far seems to show that they like playing pranks. Maybe they didn't realize how mean it was?"
  56. [20:00:15] * Adrienne hands over the food to the Dwebble. "Maybe."
  57. [20:00:24] [Percival] "Possible, I do suppose there were a couple that thought stealing was only in fun. Huh... I wonder where that came from."
  58. [20:00:33] [Percival] "Those shells are pretty hard aren't they?"
  59. [20:01:55] [castfromhp] The Dwebble reaches over and begins stuffing itself happily, clicking its claws together happily as it chews its food.
  60. [20:04:03] [Adrienne] "Yeah they are, maybe it's an old, uh, wound. You know what I mean."
  61. [20:06:40] [Dann-] "Should we help the little guy get home? I wouldn't want to delay our trip too much...but maybe his home is on the way?"
  62. [20:07:17] [Percival] "Still, that's quite the impact. I see no reason why not, I don't imagine it'd mind to much right?"
  63. [20:09:00] [castfromhp] The Dwebble takes a brief pause in its ravenous eating and points out in a direction, then tries to stand up as big as possible. It stomps around in a circle with the meanest expression it can muster, swiping the air with its claws, then settles back down again to continue om nom noming away.
  64. [20:09:31] [Adrienne] "We could simplify the situation and just put it in a ball," she suggests somewhat off-handedly. "And wait until later to bring it back."
  65. [20:09:31] [Adrienne] "Oh, that's weird."
  66. [20:11:15] [Dann-] "Uh, perhaps that's not as old a wound as we thought..."
  67. [20:11:49] [Percival] "Huh, I suppose the culprit must be over in that direction. They might still be there if it was recent."
  68. [20:13:06] [Dann-] "I'm not really too tired yet. Let's check it out. Stefan, keep an eye on Lucian, would you?"
  69. [20:14:04] [Percival] "Yeah might be a good idea to keep out an eye for him. I doubt he'd care to wake up with an even heavier bag of pebbles."
  70. [20:14:22] [castfromhp] The Dwebble finishes eating up and clicks its claws up appreciately at Adrienne, trying to hop a little.
  71. [20:16:05] [Adrienne] "Eh. I guess I should go with you two." She looks down at the Dwebble and for a lack of a better idea, pats it on the shell?
  72. [20:17:02] * Dann- gathers the rest of his Pokemon and crouches down near the Dwebble. "Hey buddy. Think you could show us where that bad guy was stomping around over there?" He guestures towards where the Dwebble had pointed.
  73. [20:17:59] [castfromhp] You hear a small squeal as you pat it. It points again in the direction as Dann asks, then half-hides under its shell.
  74. [20:18:35] * Percival waves down the remainder of his Pokemon around the camp. "Might he be a bit tender?"
  75. [20:19:03] [Dann-] "Yikes. I wish our resident medic was awake to take a look at that."
  76. [20:19:32] [castfromhp] It doesn't sound like a squeal of pain, just it being skittish. It's rather lost, after all.
  77. [20:20:10] [Dann-] "Well, let's get going." Dann creeps off in the direction indicated.
  78. [20:20:41] [Adrienne] "Let's just head in that direction with the Dwebble and see what's up, yeah," Adrienne says, standing up. "Come on little buddy, let's try and help you about your big scary problem."
  79. [20:21:07] [Percival] "He'll wake up soon enough I think. Let's go, I can't imagine whatever did that is playing nice with anything else in the area."
  80. [20:21:32] [castfromhp] The Dwebble appears very reluctant to go off in that direction again, but after a moment it decides it might as well follow the only source of food it's had in a while.
  81. [20:23:04] [castfromhp] The direction it pointed you slopes up gently, and you can see the path ahead of you get rockier and more mountainous. It's in the direction of Greypine Peaks, of course.
  82. [20:26:43] [Dann-] Does it seem like the source of the Dwebble's distress is close? Don't want to stray too far from camp.
  83. [20:29:56] [castfromhp] You don't really have any way to tell that, but the Dwebble is still reluctantly leading you along the path. It stops abruptly, however. Roll Perception.
  84. [20:30:30] [Percival] 3d6 perception
  85. [20:30:30] [CritSenpai] perception: 10 [3d6=1,4,5]
  86. [20:30:41] [Adrienne] 2d6
  87. [20:30:41] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  88. [20:30:59] [Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  89. [20:30:59] [CritSenpai] Perception: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  90. [20:32:19] [castfromhp] Well, you all pick up on a soft "hwie hwie hwie" noise coming from the thick bushes up ahead.
  91. [20:35:09] [Adrienne] 3d6 Can Adrienne put a call to a species?
  92. [20:35:09] [CritSenpai] Can Adrienne put a call to a species?: 13 [3d6=3,4,6]
  93. [20:36:42] [castfromhp] You can't quite put a species to what you're hearing just based on that soft cry, but you can hear it's clearly a distressed sound.
  94. [20:37:13] * Adrienne checks it out.
  95. [20:37:26] * Dann- calls out Kai and readies his shovel.
  96. [20:38:10] * SuikoGM is now known as Kaingaskhan
  97. [20:39:43] * Percival sends out Pyuki and heads towards the cry.
  98. [20:40:38] * Adrienne releases Arthur on the way.
  99. [20:42:07] [castfromhp] Adrienne and Percival, you start pushing your way into the thick shrubs, the Dwebble following close behind. You all feel a sudden pain in your ankles as something sharp clamps around them then lets go, and both Arthur and Pyuki yelp and jump up. All four of you lose a Tick of Hit Points!
  100. [20:43:18] [castfromhp] You then see a rustling in the bushes as metal maws rise up above the shrubs and hustle off away from you. One of them is carrying your now very distressed Dwebble companion by the shell, and it's squealing loudly while flailing its claws about.
  101. [20:43:33] [castfromhp] Roll perception and get on Roll20.
  102. [20:43:53] [Percival] "What was that? Ow... it sure had some claws on it."
  103. [20:43:55] [Percival] 3d6
  104. [20:43:55] [CritSenpai] 3d6: 6 [3d6=3,1,2]
  105. [20:43:58] [Adrienne] "Fuck! Ow!" Adrienne does a little dance of pain.
  106. [20:43:58] [Adrienne] 2d6
  107. [20:43:58] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 7 [2d6=5,2]
  108. [20:46:10] [Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  109. [20:46:10] [CritSenpai] Perception: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  110. [20:46:11] [castfromhp] As those maws scamper off, you see a flash of motion off further in the distance, but it's quickly gone. You're not sure how many of these things there are. What you do notice though is that the retreating maws are all injured, with large bloody gashes across them resembling the shape of the groove in the Dwebble's shell.
  111. [20:48:45] [Dann-] "Are you both all right? What are those things? They kidnapped the Dwebble!"
  112. [20:49:40] [castfromhp] And go ahead and give initiatives once you choose which Pokemon you're using. The way this fight will work is a group of Mawile there acts as a single entity. It's a swarm, so it'll get multiple actions each round, and it takes more damage from AOE attacks and less from single-target attacks. As you weaken it, I'll just remove Mawiles from the pack instead of a visible HP bar since I can't group tokens for a single bar.
  113. [20:51:33] [Percival] "I don't know but there sure are a great deal of them! I think we're sorta alright?"
  114. [20:52:39] [Dann-] Init: Dann 10, Kai 16
  115. [20:54:11] [Percival] Init: Percival 10, Maimaigon 7
  116. [20:55:40] [Adrienne] "My ankle hurts," she complains, recalling Arthur and bringing out Mina.
  117. [20:55:40] [Adrienne] Init: Adrienne 12, Mina 17.
  118. [20:56:30] * Percival recalls Pyuki and sends out Maimaigon. "I'd prefer not to get chomped again though."
  119. [20:59:33] [castfromhp] As an additional note, the grass there is rough/slow Forest terrain, and stepping through the Mawile swarm is like stepping into Spikes. Chompy heads will take a Tick of Hit Points off you as you walk into them. Or as they walk forward into you.
  120. [20:59:44] [castfromhp] Battle BGM! http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=uvUdycDqidw
  121. [21:00:25] [castfromhp] Priority! A panicked Mawile jumps from the swarm to attack Kai with a sneaky Bite! Ambush!
  122. [21:00:25] [castfromhp] 1d20 bite
  123. [21:00:25] [castfromhp] 2d6+8+15 damage and flinch if that hits
  124. [21:00:25] [CritSenpai] bite: 14 [1d20=14]
  125. [21:00:25] [CritSenpai] damage and flinch if that hits: 28 [2d6=1,4]
  126. [21:00:36] [castfromhp] Then Mina.
  127. [21:03:46] * Adrienne directs Mina to move a bit and use Thunder Wave against a Mawile! Also, Priority Focused Training.
  128. [21:05:15] [castfromhp] The Thunder Wave courses through the group of tightly packed Mawiles, freezing them up! Kai is Flinched. Adrienne took her turn. Percival and Dann are up!
  129. [21:08:33] * Percival orders Maimaigon, Kai and Mina to take careful aim and focus on the swarm! (+1 Acc +2 Skill Checks)
  130. [21:08:59] * Dann- brings his shovel down hard on the nearest Mawile.
  131. [21:09:07] [Dann-] 1d20 Shovel struggles
  132. [21:09:07] [CritSenpai] Shovel struggles: 4 [1d20=4]
  133. [21:09:48] [castfromhp] You move in to swing your shovel down on the swarm, but the mass of maws clanks in the air with your shovel, preventing you from getting a good hit in. Miss!
  134. [21:09:51] [castfromhp] Maimaigon!
  135. [21:11:10] * Percival calls for Maimaigon to use Mud Bomb on the closest Mawhile!
  136. [21:11:19] [Percival] 1d20+2 ac 4
  137. [21:11:19] [CritSenpai] ac 4: 19 [1d20=17]
  138. [21:11:31] [castfromhp] Hits! and Acc down!
  139. [21:11:38] [Percival] 2d6+10+11
  140. [21:11:38] [CritSenpai] 2d6+10+11: 30 [2d6=5,4]
  141. [21:12:21] [castfromhp] Mud splashes over the Mawile swarm, blinding some of them! Others start to flee in every direction, thinning out their numbers!
  142. [21:12:48] [castfromhp] 1d20 para
  143. [21:12:48] [CritSenpai] para: 2 [1d20=2]
  144. [21:13:47] [castfromhp] The front of the Mawile swarm is stunned by the paralyzing electricity coursing through them. The others behind push at them but aren't able to get past. Back to Mina!
  145. [21:16:18] [Dann-] Priority Brutal Order
  146. [21:16:33] [Dann-] "Light 'em up Kai!"
  147. [21:16:36] * Adrienne is confident! She orders Mina to Electro Ball the group! (Refreshing Focused Order)
  148. [21:16:36] [Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 2+Evasion
  149. [21:16:36] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2+Evasion: 9 [1d20=7]
  150. [21:16:36] [Adrienne] 2d10+12+17 Special Electric damage
  151. [21:16:36] [CritSenpai] Special Electric damage: 39 [2d10=8,2]
  152. [21:16:51] [castfromhp] (is that with speed added in?)
  153. [21:17:17] [Adrienne] (That's with speed added in.)
  154. [21:17:47] [Adrienne] (Oh actually I messed up, that should be 49 iunstead of 39.)
  155. [21:18:31] [castfromhp] The speedy ball of lightning knocks a few more Mawile to the side with a feeble "hwieeee!" sound! As that happens though, a few more maws pop up in the bushes behind them!
  156. [21:20:07] [Dann-] Kai darts around Mina and fires a flare at the nearest Mawile.
  157. [21:20:23] [Dann-] 1d20+1 Ember
  158. [21:20:23] [CritSenpai] Ember: 3 [1d20=2]
  159. [21:20:31] [castfromhp] hits!
  160. [21:21:14] [Dann-] 2d6+8+14 Fire/Special
  161. [21:21:14] [CritSenpai] Fire/Special: 28 [2d6=5,1]
  162. [21:22:39] [castfromhp] The fire sends more Mawiles scampering! Some of them stop drop and roll over the vegetation, conveniently putting out the fire before it spreads through the thick bushes.
  163. [21:23:25] * Dann- groans quietly to himself. He and Kai need to work on this whole forest fire problem.
  164. [21:23:36] [castfromhp] Percival!
  165. [21:25:28] * Percival calls for Kai to attempt a Long Shot at the next point they can and binds Trick Shot to Maimaigon!
  166. [21:27:09] [castfromhp] The Mawiles that just popped up push forward, swarming over you all! Kai and Mina each lose a Tick of Hit Points as they get snapped at with crushing maws on the way! In the chaos, one of the Mawiles is launched into the air, straight at Dann's face!
  167. [21:27:12] [castfromhp] 1d20 play rough
  168. [21:27:12] [CritSenpai] play rough: 19 [1d20=19]
  169. [21:27:41] [castfromhp] 3d10+10+15 and lowers your attack by one CS
  170. [21:27:41] [CritSenpai] and lowers your attack by one CS: 44 [3d10=10,1,8]
  171. [21:28:01] [castfromhp] The poor Dwebble is still being carried around.
  172. [21:28:59] [castfromhp] Maimaigon!
  173. [21:31:02] * Percival calls for Maimaigon to continue to throw Mud Bombs in the direction of the Mawile closest to Dann!
  174. [21:31:07] [Percival] d20-1 ac 4
  175. [21:31:09] [Percival] er
  176. [21:31:13] [Percival] 1d20-1 ac 4
  177. [21:31:13] [CritSenpai] ac 4: 8 [1d20=9]
  178. [21:31:25] [castfromhp] Hits!
  179. [21:31:36] [Percival] 2d6+10+11
  180. [21:31:36] [CritSenpai] 2d6+10+11: 28 [2d6=6,1]
  181. [21:33:22] [castfromhp] More Mawiles are laid out by the mud, scuttling away while trying to rub their eyes clean!
  182. [21:34:33] [castfromhp] The swarm begins to encroach on Adrienne and Maimaigon, snapping at their ankles and causing both of them to lose a Tick of Hit Points! One of them then bites at Maimaigon with poisonous ichor dripping from its 'teeth'!
  183. [21:34:44] [castfromhp] 1d20 poison fang
  184. [21:34:44] [CritSenpai] poison fang: 3 [1d20=3]
  185. [21:34:49] [castfromhp] Misses, probably!
  186. [21:35:18] [Percival] (yep)
  187. [21:35:33] [castfromhp] Mina!
  188. [21:36:59] * Adrienne uses a Priority Focused Order on Mina in between cursing at getting bit again. She orders Mina to move and Bubble so she won't hit the Dewbble.
  189. [21:37:23] [Adrienne] 1d20+2
  190. [21:37:23] [CritSenpai] 1d20+2: 19 [1d20=17]
  191. [21:37:23] [Adrienne] 2d6+8+12 Special Water damage in a Burst 1
  192. [21:37:24] [CritSenpai] Special Water damage in a Burst 1: 26 [2d6=2,4]
  193. [21:37:30] [Adrienne] (Speed -1 CS too)
  194. [21:38:59] [castfromhp] Bubbles burst from Mina's mouth, and several Mawiles are carried away on them, floating off into the forest! The swarm has been heavily thinned out now!
  195. [21:39:50] [castfromhp] Kai!
  196. [21:40:22] [castfromhp] (the remaining mawiles are under Adrienne, Maimaigon, and the Dwebble/Kai for targeting purposes)
  197. [21:41:23] [castfromhp] The Dwebble continues to flail as it's swung through the air! At this point, if you're looking at the Mawile, it seems more like it was picked up accidentally in its maws, and the Mawile is just as desperate to dislodge it as the Dwebble is to be dislodged!
  198. [21:42:35] [Dann-] "Kai! Hit that Mawile with an ember so I can grab the Dwebble!"
  199. [21:43:13] [Dann-] Kai delays to prepare for this stunt.
  200. [21:44:24] [castfromhp] Adrienne took her turn, so you can go ahead and resolve that now. If you're trying to dislodge the Dwebble, make an Athletics check!
  201. [21:44:41] [castfromhp] And roll Ember for Kai
  202. [21:45:52] * Dann- shoves his shovel below the unfortunate Dwebble trying to dislodge it from the Mawile's grip.
  203. [21:45:55] [Dann-] 1d20 Ember
  204. [21:45:55] [CritSenpai] Ember: 17 [1d20=17]
  205. [21:46:15] [Dann-] 2d6+8+14 Fire/Special
  206. [21:46:15] [CritSenpai] Fire/Special: 33 [2d6=5,6]
  207. [21:46:26] [Dann-] 3d6+1 Athletics+AP
  208. [21:46:26] [CritSenpai] Athletics+AP: 15 [3d6=6,4,4]
  209. [21:47:11] [castfromhp] The Mawile braces itself gratefully as you start to help dislodge this THING from its maw, then hwiees in terror as Kai blasts it with fire! You yank the Dwebble out, and the Mawile is scorched! It runs around in a panic, setting the nearby bushes alight!
  210. [21:47:37] [Dann-] "Uh oh..."
  211. [21:48:22] [Percival] "That's probably not good, not good at all."
  212. [21:48:30] [castfromhp] Another group of Mawiles pokes their heads up from the bushes ahead, but seeing their scattered comrades and the spreading flame, they just creepp forward and sheepishly start to drag their injured away. These, you notice, bear the same wounds as the ones you've been fighting. (Combat over btw, but the fire is spreading!)
  213. [21:49:18] [Adrienne] "Mina, put out the fire!"
  214. [21:49:44] * Adrienne also throws out Arthur and tells him to try and dump dirt and stuff onto the fires that he can dump dirt on.
  215. [21:50:00] * Dann- calls out Sinon and uses her as a fire extinguisher.
  216. [21:50:11] [Percival] "Maimaigon try to supress the fire with a good splattering of Mud Sport!"
  217. [21:50:14] [castfromhp] Roll focus for the water types and athletics for Arthur!
  218. [21:50:30] [Dann-] 2d6 Sinon Focus
  219. [21:50:31] [CritSenpai] Sinon Focus: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  220. [21:50:49] [Adrienne] 2d6+4 Mina
  221. [21:50:49] [CritSenpai] Mina: 15 [2d6=6,5]
  222. [21:50:49] [Adrienne] 1d6+2 Arthur
  223. [21:50:49] [CritSenpai] Arthur: 6 [1d6=4]
  224. [21:50:56] [Percival] 2d6 Maimaigon
  225. [21:50:56] [CritSenpai] Maimaigon: 5 [2d6=3,2]
  226. [21:51:51] [Dann-] "Kai, we really need to work on this forest fire thing..."
  227. [21:52:14] [Adrienne] "Yeah, seriously."
  228. [21:52:26] [castfromhp] Arthur and Maimaigon aren't having much luck keeping the fire from spreading, but a large burst of bubbles and water from Mina dampens most of the flame! A few of the less injured Mawiles scuttle forward to shovel dirt onto the flames as well. One stops to give the Dwebble an apologetic pat on the head as it passes near Dann.
  229. [21:53:07] * Dann- tries to stop the one that pats the Dwebble.
  230. [21:53:20] [Dann-] "Wait, what happened? Who hurt you?"
  231. [21:53:32] [castfromhp] Kai looks up with a guilty look but sort of shrugs, yipping at the thick bushes and tall grass all around. He tries to lie down and make himself as small as possible.
  232. [21:53:53] [Percival] "It must have not been them then. Is there something even more fierce than them in the forest?"
  233. [21:54:12] [castfromhp] The Mawile you stop looks dejected, its wounded maw flopping down. It scuttles off to help carry one of its companions that was injured in your brief skirmish.
  234. [21:56:11] [Percival] "Hm... maybe the less hurt ones might be more interested?"
  235. [21:56:21] * Percival helps shovel dirt on with the mMwiles.
  236. [21:56:27] [Percival] (mawiles)
  237. [21:56:58] * Adrienne sighs and looks around for one of the less beaten up ones to try and question it.
  238. [21:58:05] [castfromhp] The flames are put out, and you all get to enjoy a moment of peace rather than panicky-almost-forest-fire again.
  239. [22:00:19] [Percival] "You alright there fellows, Dann and Adrienne? I can't imagine you've had a great time with whateve else may be in this forest."
  240. [22:00:57] [castfromhp] You can find one of the more well-off Mawiles that is tending to its fellows, Adrienne. How do you plan on questioning it?
  241. [22:01:49] [@Doxy] (tip: fire)
  242. [22:02:52] * Adrienne tends to the wounds around her ankles with some bandages, first. So they don't bleed. She thinks a bit and then decides to point at the large wounds on the Mawiles and gestures to the one on the Dwebble by vaguely pointing in its direction and miming the image.
  243. [22:02:52] [Adrienne] "What did the wounds?"
  244. [22:04:14] * Dann- approaches cautiously with Kai in tow.
  245. [22:04:32] [Dann-] He picks up the fire fox and stands near Adrienne while she tries to question the Mawile.
  246. [22:04:37] [castfromhp] The Dwebble looks pretty spooked after its earlier encounter with the Mawiles, but after a brief exchange of squeals and hwiies, it lets the Mawile approach. The Mawile slowly runs a hand along the groove and shivers.
  247. [22:06:09] [castfromhp] It then scuttles away to pick up some stray tree branches, when it carefully sticks straight down into the ground so they're standing up. It then lowers itself to all fours and stomps forward, moving its arms and legs two at a time, sort of robotically, trampling through the branches it set up.
  248. [22:06:33] [castfromhp] The Mawile then looks up at you, seeming somewhat proud of its performance. The Dwebble clicks its claws together like applause.
  249. [22:07:00] * Dann- thinks for a moment.
  250. [22:07:06] [Dann-] "Was it a machine?"
  251. [22:07:43] [castfromhp] It shakes its head and shrugs.
  252. [22:08:07] [Percival] "Huh, there must have been something giant that came through here. Maybe it was some sort of dog like creature? We picked up some fur of it earlier didn't we?"
  253. [22:08:42] [Adrienne] "Yeah, an Arcanine."
  254. [22:09:11] * Adrienne looks at the Mawile that did the performance. "Was it kinda red? Breathes fire?"
  255. [22:09:12] [Dann-] "I don't know if an Arcanine walks the way that Mawile showed us just now...not that I'm sure it showed us something accurate or not."
  256. [22:09:32] [castfromhp] It shakes its head again, looking puzzled. It points up toward the direction of Greypine Peaks.
  257. [22:09:50] [Percival] "I don't know if it would either... it sounds rather strange of a being in any case."
  258. [22:09:58] * Adrienne scratches her head. "I guess we'll see when we get up there, eventually."
  259. [22:12:13] [castfromhp] The Mawile looks ponderously at the Dwebble for a moment, then chatters at it. The Dwebble nods, then crawls over in front of it. The Mawile flops its maw forward where its belly is and hunches over the dwebble on all fours, miming crunching and eating motions with it.
  260. [22:12:13] [Dann-] "I suppose so." Dann scratches his head in confusion. "I feel kind of bad for beating on these guys. Do we have enough scraps to give them a bite to eat or something?"
  261. [22:13:19] [castfromhp] The Mawile straightens up again with a shrug. It tried its best to mime the situation.
  262. [22:13:48] * Adrienne scratches her head. "I think I get it."
  263. [22:14:08] [Percival] "Yeah, maybe we should have considered a different solution. I guess it had quite the strong jaw?"
  264. [22:15:11] [Dann-] "Something big. That tried to eat everything. ...pleasant."
  265. [22:15:29] [castfromhp] The Mawile then brightens up and grabs one of the branches it used in its demonstration. It draws a circle with 4 stick legs coming out of it in the dirt with an X on the lower end of the circle. I'll scribble it in Roll20 real quick.
  266. [22:15:29] [Dann-] "It was a Pokemon then?"
  267. [22:15:43] [Adrienne] "And no, I don't think I have enough to feed all of these Mawiles."
  268. [22:16:16] [Percival] "We can't very well leave something like that out in this forest. Oh, I see. That's quite a helpful picture actually."
  269. [22:17:01] [Dann-] 4d6 PokeEdu
  270. [22:17:01] [CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 11 [4d6=3,1,1,6]
  271. [22:17:24] [castfromhp] With a picture like that...yeah, it looks a lot like a Metagross.
  272. [22:18:52] [Dann-] "Um...shit." Dann curses quietly. "I'm not sure we're equipped to handle something like that."
  273. [22:19:21] [Percival] "That would make exceptional sense for the damage it caused to these guys. Though if that's the case we might need a bit more help."
  274. [22:19:46] [Percival] "Hm... you think it might be a good idea to take some of these guys back for some attention? What if it comes back down here?"
  275. [22:20:12] * Adrienne scratches her head. "Oh geez, a Metagross."
  276. [22:24:49] [castfromhp] Done with its drawing and quite satisfied with itself, the Mawile you've been chatting with settles down on the ground and takes a deep breath. It suddenly perks up though and sniffs the air. It continues sniffing and follows the "trail" in the air towards Adrienne. Specifically, her backpack. It "hwiiies", and a small crowd of Mawile start to gather at Adrienne's feet, looking up longingly.
  277. [22:26:57] * Adrienne looks down at all of the Mawile and stares a little. "Seriously?"
  278. [22:27:13] [Percival] "...that Metagross must have ruined the food around here too."
  279. [22:27:29] [Adrienne] "Metagross are omnivores, last I checked."
  280. [22:27:56] [castfromhp] The Mawiles hwiiiie in unison as a response.
  281. [22:28:26] [Adrienne] "... Fine." Adrienne acquiesces to the Mawile swarm. Partially because they're cute, partially because the giant mouths kind of bothered her.
  282. [22:28:41] [Adrienne] She sets down her backpack and starts handing out food.
  283. [22:28:59] * Dann- chuckles quietly.
  284. [22:29:17] [Percival] "Still, it might be a good idea. It's unfortunate that there were so many we threw mud at."
  285. [22:29:18] [Dann-] "We should probably report this to someone, right? Maybe the local Watchers?"
  286. [22:29:20] [castfromhp] As you saw that, all the Mawiles in the area perk up and start scuttling your direction. There's no way you'll feed them all to satisfaction, even with all your rations for the trip.
  287. [22:29:23] [castfromhp] *say that
  288. [22:29:50] [castfromhp] The less injured ones snap their maws open and shut in giddy anticipation.
  289. [22:31:48] [Adrienne] "Oh jeez."
  290. [22:31:49] [Dann-] Can we whip up something for them to eat from the surrounding plants or anything?
  291. [22:32:00] [Adrienne] They're carnivores, Dann.
  292. [22:32:29] [Dann-] ...what are we feeding them from the rations then?
  293. [22:32:38] [Percival] "Maybe there's something else they might... I see. Wait what are we feeding them?"
  294. [22:34:27] [Adrienne] "Spare food," she replies. "Berries. Some rations."
  295. [22:35:19] [castfromhp] Roll Survival if you want to canvas the surrounding area for berries!
  296. [22:36:01] [Adrienne] "We should probably try foraging in the surrounding area, since dumping all of our food's not the best idea. Which is what I'm trying to avoid."
  297. [22:36:01] [Adrienne] 4d6+2
  298. [22:36:01] [CritSenpai] 4d6+2: 15 [4d6=6,3,1,3]
  299. [22:36:04] [Percival] "Are these guys going to be alright?"
  300. [22:36:16] [Adrienne] "Look," she says defensively. "They have sharp teeth and numbers."
  301. [22:36:22] [Percival] 1d6
  302. [22:36:22] [CritSenpai] 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  303. [22:37:04] [Dann-] 3d6 Survival
  304. [22:37:04] [CritSenpai] Survival: 13 [3d6=6,2,5]
  305. [22:39:13] * Dann- searches around for something to feed to the hungry horde. "See anything, Kai?"
  306. [22:39:19] [castfromhp] Percival, search as you may, you can't seem to find any berries around, though you do mistakenly tug at a Cherubi sleeping on a branch, which yelps out "chweh!!!" as it tries to desprately keep hold.
  307. [22:39:57] [Percival] "Oh, sorry! That's not quite the berries I was thinking of."
  308. [22:40:59] [castfromhp] Dann and Adrienne, with Kai's help in sniffing for berries, you do manage to find an ample amount deep in the bushes nearby. By the way the Mawiles poke around cautiously and confusedly, you can definitely tell they aren't from the area. They're cave and mountain Pokemon, after all. They look absolutely delighted to see the berries you find, mashing them up in their back-jaws into a puree before transferring them to their
  309. [22:40:59] [castfromhp] real mouthes to eat.
  310. [22:41:06] [Percival] "You alright there small guy?"
  311. [22:41:28] [castfromhp] The Cherubi sniffles at you, terrified and miffed at being woken from its sleep.
  312. [22:43:37] * Percival pats the Cherubi.
  313. [22:44:38] [Adrienne] "Oh good, I'm glad we found the berry bush." Adrienne eats some of her jerky, relieved to not have to dump her entire backpack to half-feed the horde.
  314. [22:44:51] [castfromhp] With your background at your parents' daycare, you're able to quickly soothe the agitated Cherubi, which still sniffles softly but looks more comfortable now, if a bit tired. "chweeeehhhh..."
  315. [22:47:45] [Dann-] "Ok, I'm glad we got them some food, but we definitely need to tell someone about this."
  316. [22:49:10] * Dann- pulls out his phone and gives Lenny a call.
  317. [22:49:34] [Percival] "It might be a good idea, I doubt we're in any condition to deal with a Metagross at this juncture. What a sleepy little one."
  318. [22:50:18] [zoofman] Your phone rings for a few moments before you get a "Howdy!  Watcher Lenny here!"
  319. [22:51:34] [castfromhp] The Cherubi slowly slides off the branch into your hand, hooking itself on your fingers and squirming around til it's comfortable. The "main" head sighs contentedly and goes to sleep, while the smaller head looks up at you with a happy grin. :D
  320. [22:51:53] [Dann-] "Hi Lenny, this is Dann, from Prof. Benedict's aides. We're on our way to Grandma Lou's place, just set up camp for the night when we had an odd encounter with some local Pokemon."
  321. [22:51:56] * Dann- continues.
  322. [22:53:41] [Dann-] "A large group of Mawile, a Dwebble, possibly some other species too were driven out of their local habitat. After some attempted communication with the Mawile, we're worried that a Metagross is what drove them off. Possibly up on Greypine."
  323. [22:55:03] [zoofman] "Hello, Dann!  Mawiles, out that far from Greypines?  And a Metagross, ya say?  Huh...that's...well its not okilly dokilly.  I'm a little flabbergasted because Metagross isn't exactly a species we'd expect to find out here."
  324. [22:56:25] [zoofman] "What are the Mawiles doing out there?  And where at, anyway?"
  325. [22:56:54] [Percival] "How adorable, I can't rightfully ignore such an sweet little creature."
  326. [22:57:28] [Dann-] "Uh..."
  327. [22:57:34] [castfromhp] The tiny Cherubi head giggles and...blushes? It's pretty red, and it's dark. But it looks like it got a little redder? Maybe?
  328. [22:57:47] * Dann- tries his best to give a description of where they are, relative to how far the party has traveled so far.
  329. [22:58:09] * Adrienne catches on and supplies additional help to Dann.
  330. [22:58:20] * Percival taps the little Cherubi with a ball.
  331. [22:58:31] [Dann-] "And yeah, the Metagross revelation was pretty alarming, but the Mawile up and drew us a picture. It was pretty hard to see it as anything else, honestly."
  332. [22:59:08] [castfromhp] "Chweeeeehhhhh!" it gets sucked in happily.
  333. [23:00:36] * Adrienne decides to go for it and bribes a Mawile with seasoned jerky. She also shows the Mawile a pokeball.
  334. [23:01:43] [castfromhp] The Mawile looks with hungry eyes at the jerky and reaches up for it with a nod.
  335. [23:02:02] [zoofman] "Hrrrm we'll have to send someone out to keep handle that - having a bunch of carnivors change their habitat like that is a bit of a scare.  You didn't feed them did you?"
  336. [23:02:32] * Adrienne gives it the jerky and then taps it with the pokeball.
  337. [23:03:11] [Dann-] "Uh, we did, actually. They looked like they were about to swarm us again, so we gathered up a few berries for them. Maybe they won't have a preference for berries over meat though? Hopefully?"
  338. [23:03:23] * Dann- sighs.
  339. [23:04:04] [castfromhp] It munches on the jerky as much as it can before being sucked in. Seeing this, the rest of the Mawiles huddle up even closer to Adrienne with little "hwiiies". One of them tries to throw itself at where it thinks your balls might be in your bag but misses and falls on its face.
  340. [23:05:13] [zoofman] "Uh oh.  Well you might have some, uh, friends tagging along for a while now.  That said it might work out for the best, if they do follow you to a little town out there, since we'll be able to keep an eye on them easier there."
  341. [23:06:05] * Dann- looks around at swarm - are there even more than before? - before sighing again and replying.
  342. [23:06:29] [Dann-] "I suppose so. We'll keep an eye on them. Let us know what happens with the Metagross. I'd hate to run into something like that without a little warning."
  343. [23:06:35] [castfromhp] It almost looks like they've multiplied, but that's probably just so many of them swarming around Adrienne at once.
  344. [23:06:40] [castfromhp] Probably.
  345. [23:06:41] [castfromhp] You hope.
  346. [23:06:42] [zoofman] "When you get to where Grandma Lou lives, look for a guy named Skeeter and told him I need him to help you handle them."
  347. [23:07:10] [Dann-] "Great! Will do. Anything else you want us to keep an eye out for?"
  348. [23:07:53] [zoofman] "Well, given your experience as Trainers...I'd be careful if you do run into that Metagross, given we know very little about it at the moment."
  349. [23:08:34] * Adrienne is speechless at the sight of being mobbed again by Mawile. "Uh..."
  350. [23:08:50] [castfromhp] Hwiiie hwie hwie!
  351. [23:10:25] [Percival] "You alright there Adrienne?"
  352. [23:11:12] [Dann-] "Yeah, avoiding it is probably our highest priority. Anyway, I should probably let you go. Sorry to call so late!"
  353. [23:11:32] [Adrienne] "I'm fine, I guess? I just don't know what to do with this huge swarm of Mawile."
  354. [23:11:42] [zoofman] "Since ya fed them, well, they'll likely depend on you guys for the time being.  Since most the Pokemon in the forests aren't exactly things they'd include in their normal diets."
  355. [23:11:54] [zoofman] "No problemo, stay safe out there!"
  356. [23:13:54] [Dann-] "Thanks! Take care."
  357. [23:14:07] [Dann-] After hanging up, Dann turns to the other two and their new swarm.
  358. [23:14:32] [Percival] "Yeah that's quite the load you have there. Though I suppose it's better them as allies than enemies."
  359. [23:14:34] [Dann-] "Well, I have some news that could be good or bad. Lenny tells me that these Mawile will likely follow us around as their only source of food for the time being."
  360. [23:15:14] [Dann-] "However, once we get to Grandma Lou's, he said to look for a man named Skeeter that could help us dissuade them from tailing us for the rest of our lives."
  361. [23:15:29] * Dann- gives a wry grin.
  362. [23:15:40] [Dann-] "For now, I guess we have an army of mobile bear traps."
  363. [23:15:48] [Adrienne] "Oh good."
  364. [23:15:53] [Percival] "That's... good to hear? Though maybe for now we should try to rest and try for Grandma Lou's house in the morning."
  365. [23:16:02] [Adrienne] "I'm just lucky none of these know where my balls are."
  366. [23:16:39] [castfromhp] Some of the closer Mawiles are trying to gently snap at your backpack.
  367. [23:16:46] [Dann-] "Yes, though I hope Lucian doesn't wake up before all of us without an explanation of...this." Dann chuckles and continues. "As far as the prospect of a Metagross, Lenny advises that we avoid it, given our level of experience. Go figure."
  368. [23:17:46] * Adrienne holds the backpack up and away. "No," she ways firmly.
  369. [23:17:48] [Adrienne] says*
  370. [23:18:16] * Dann- searches around for the poor Dwebble.
  371. [23:18:40] [Percival] "What sage advice, to avoid the gigantic metal monstrocity."
  372. [23:19:02] [castfromhp] The Dwebble is off playing with one of the Mawiles on the edge of the swarm.
  373. [23:19:18] [Adrienne] "I think Metagross are cool."
  374. [23:19:24] [Adrienne] "You know, from seeing pictures of them."
  375. [23:19:38] [castfromhp] "Hwiiie?" The closer Mawiles say as they look up at your backpack, Adrienne.
  376. [23:19:40] * Dann- plops down on the ground next to the Dwebble.
  377. [23:19:56] [Dann-] "How are you doing buddy? You had a bit of a rough night at first, but you seem better now."
  378. [23:20:02] [Percival] "Oh no doubt they're interesting. Just a rampaging one is not exactly what I'd like to see."
  379. [23:20:13] * Dann- smiles at the Dwebble and its Mawile friend.
  380. [23:21:08] [Adrienne] "I don't have enough food, or balls, for you all."
  381. [23:21:09] [castfromhp] The dwebble clicks its claws happily, then puts a claw to its mouth as if to shush you. The Mawile covers its eyes and turns around, then the Dwebble crawls over to a pile of rocks and starts to rearrange them, then plops itself down in the middle, hidden under its shell. After a bit, the Mawile opens its eyes again and goes to examine the rocks, carefully looking over them all.
  382. [23:21:39] [@Doxy] 1d100
  383. [23:21:39] [CritSenpai] 1d100: 70 [1d100=70]
  384. [23:21:54] [castfromhp] After some deliberation, it taps the one that's the Dwebble's shell, and the bug pops up with a happy click.
  385. [23:22:07] * Dann- watches, bemusedly.
  386. [23:24:10] [Dann-] After watching the game a few more times (if they play it again), Dann asks the Dwebble if it wants to get home.
  387. [23:25:00] [Adrienne] "Look, you can follow and I'll try and feed you all, but I am not made of food or shelter."
  388. [23:25:32] [castfromhp] The game does repeat, though this time the Mawile hides among its companions with its back turned and only its maw visible while the Dwebble covers itself with its shell, and then the Dwebble picks out the Mawile in the crowd. AFter that though, the Mawile goes off to tend to some of its more injured companions among the swarm. Some of them do look rather badly off with their wounds, after all.
  389. [23:26:00] [castfromhp] Then Dwebble shivers and half-hides under its shell when you mention its home.
  390. [23:26:19] [Dann-] "Hm, maybe Lucian can patch some of these guys up. Probably for the best that they're coming with us."
  391. [23:27:17] * CritSenpai has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  392. [23:27:23] * Dann- strokes the Dwebble's shell reassuringly.
  393. [23:27:32] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  394. [23:28:25] [castfromhp] It feebly nods after a few moments.
  395. [23:29:00] [Dann-] "Maybe you don't want to go home at all. Well, I'd at least like to show it to you, if we can get there. Though I don't know if it's safe."
  396. [23:29:51] [Dann-] "Would you like to come along with us? I'll try to get you home and you can decide if you want to stay."
  397. [23:30:37] [castfromhp] It nods again, slowly.
  398. [23:32:14] * Stormsword82 (~Mibbit@Rizon-998D7972.polarisind.com) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  399. [23:33:30] * Dann- takes out a ball and holds it near the Dwebble.
  400. [23:33:50] [Dann-] "Well, this will help me get you there safely." He smiles.
  401. [23:34:12] [castfromhp] Adrienne, the swarm of Mawiles around you seems pretty content to just huddle around and nag you until you eventually relent on the food, no matter how long that takes. If you try to walk around though, they at least give you enough of a berth for that, but they continue tagging very closely.
  402. [23:35:01] [Dann-] If the Dwebble does not give him a negative response, he boops it gently on the shell.
  403. [23:35:03] [castfromhp] The Dwebble waddles up to you and takes the ball from your hands with its claws. It tries to figure out how the heck this thing is supposed to fit on its back, like it's a new shell - and ends up sucking itself in instead.
  404. [23:35:30] [Dann-] "I like this Dwebble."
  405. [23:35:56] [Adrienne] "I don't like the seventy unruly children I got stuck with."
  406. [23:36:09] [@Doxy] But they like you!
  407. [23:36:17] [@Doxy] One of them nibbles on your ankle gentle with its maw. :>
  408. [23:38:09] * Adrienne shakes her leg to free herself from getting bitten in the leg /again/. "Okay, let's get back to camp."
  409. [23:38:22] [Dann-] "Well, unfortunately, it's our fault for feeding them. I'll take at least half the blame for that."
  410. [23:38:27] [Adrienne] "Since we're done here. Before I have to stripmine this forest to feed these Mawile."
  411. [23:39:04] [castfromhp] Hwie hwie hwie! The Mawiles chatter happily as they begin to follow you back.
  412. [23:39:36] * Adrienne actually snuck a few berries fro the bush she found earlier, so she, in order to prevent them from getting any more weird ideas about her legs, passes out food to tide them over.
  413. [23:40:47] [Percival] "I'm slightly glad I didn't find anything to feed them with now. Probably should see if they ever want to sleep."
  414. [23:41:38] [castfromhp] The berries manage to spare you any more stray bites as you make your way to the camp again, where you find Stefan stoically standing guard over Lucian. He gives a bow as you enter the camp again.
  415. [23:41:39] * Dann- laughs to himself again.
  416. [23:42:12] [Dann-] "Yeah, there's no way Lucian isn't going to be at least a little startled when he wakes up. But that actually sounds like something to look forward to."
  417. [23:42:28] [Adrienne] "I'd probably put my backpack in a bear bag, but I have a feeling they can coordinate."
  418. [23:44:28] [castfromhp] Some of the Mawiles split off as you reach the camp, in particular ones helping their more injured companions find soft spots to sleep in the ground and making small awkward beds of leaves and vines. A good number though, are still huddled around Adrienne. Hope you don't mind sleeping with them looming over you.
  419. [23:47:03] * Dann- gives Stefan a slight bow in return and, after setting his things down, casually pulls out a handful of masterwork colored pebbles and plops down near the swarm.
  420. [23:47:21] [castfromhp] Some of them turn their heads to you as you sit down.
  421. [23:47:22] [Dann-] He sort of mulls the pebbles about in his hand, seeing if it gets their attention.
  422. [23:47:48] [Dann-] *moves
  423. [23:47:53] [castfromhp] They don't seem to give them any particular attention, focusing more on you. Some of them chatter at each other.
  424. [23:48:23] [Dann-] Frowning, he holds one up more directly to a nearby Mawile.
  425. [23:48:32] * Adrienne just sighs and takes a seat, trying to relax and forget about the needy pack of Pokemon by reading.
  426. [23:49:38] [castfromhp] There's a quiet chorus of hwies! around you as you read, but most of the Mawiles quickly settle down and get to sleep, no doubt exhausted by their long journey and their injuries.
  427. [23:50:16] [castfromhp] The Mawile you approach Dann just takes the pebble, looks at it quizzically, tries to bite it and finds it lacking, then hands it back to you.
  428. [23:50:57] [Dann-] "Well, I guess these don't mean much for these fairies." Dann says quietly to himself. "In any case, I guess they're going to sleep, so Adrienne's stuff should be ok."
  429. [23:56:31] [castfromhp] Quiet settles over the camp with the exception of a soft buzz of snoring from the Mawiles. But you'll just have to learn to sleep through that. Any last things to do before you all tuck in for the night?
  430. [23:58:23] [Adrienne] Nothing here.
  431. [23:59:32] * Dann- secures his gear and makes sure everyone else seems ok. Afterwards, he settles down with his Pokemon nearby and gets some sleep.
  432. [00:02:13] [castfromhp] Anything, Percival?
  433. [00:02:30] * Percival falls over into a heap and goes to sleep.
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