ARRAGONDER Explanation

May 13th, 2013
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  1. ARRAGONDER: Amphibious Exploration Vehicle
  3. The ARRAGONDER's cockpit. It is opened by a hydraulic mechanism that controls the glasses' position with precision, allowing for high customization of air flow. Good for harsh environments and securing integrity of the air within the cockpit.
  5. The ARRAGONDER's P.E.C.L.S. (Pad-enhanced Caterpillar Locomotion System). It allows for movement in both water and land, performing without an equal even in difficult terrain. It achieves this thanks to its caterpillars being composed of various pads that can fold outwards, in order to gain traction or adjust the way water is transfered from the front of the vehicle to its back, controlling its speed.
  7. The ARRAGONDER's Solar Spoiler. It provides additional control over the traction while on land and helps control the surface area in contact with liquid while on water. It is also responsible for charging its batteries, being composed of highly efficient photovoltaic cells.
  9. The ARRAGONDER's triple liquid steering wings. They allow for easier maneuvering in water, letting it turn much quicker than the P.E.C.L.S. alone.
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