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  1. 1. This file declares a class, `Player`, instantiates it, and assigns it to a global `player` variable.
  2. 2. The `Player` class contains four methods:
  3.     - `constructor()`
  4.     - `playPause()`
  5.     - `skipTo()`
  6.     - `setVolume()`
  7. 3. The `constructor()` method sets initial values for the `currentlyPlaying`, `playState`, `volume`, and `soundObject` properties.
  8.     - `currentlyPlaying` is set to the first item in `album.songs`.
  9.     -  The initial `playState` is `"stopped"`.
  10.     -  The `volume` is set to the number `80`.
  11.     -  The `soundObject` instantiates a new `buzz.sound` object using the `soundFileUrl` property of `this.currentlyPlaying`. The `buzz` variable doesn't appear to be initialized here, so presumably it's a dependency loaded elsewhere.
  12. 4. The `playPause()` method accepts one parameter, `song`. It sets it to `this.currentlyPlaying` by default. It checks to see if `this.currentlyPlaying` is different from `song`, and if so, it:
  13.     - Stops the `soundObject` property.
  14.     - Removes the `"playing"` and `"paused"` classes from the `element` property of `this.currentlyPlaying`.
  15.     - Sets `this.currentlyPlaying` to the function's parameter, `song`.
  16.     - Changes the `playState` property to `"stopped"`.
  17.     - Instantiates a new sound object using `this.currentlyPlaying`, which was just updated to `song`.
  18. 5. The 'skipTo()' method allows the users to skip to a certain part of a song based on the percentage of the song, if the current 'playstate' is "playing."
  19. 6. The 'setVolume()' method appears to allow the user to set the volume to a certain percentage of the 'soundObject'.
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