zoneR BOOSTING-SERVICE.COM - steam comments number 3

May 17th, 2017
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  1. added for trade, please accept my invite m8
  2. +rep one of the best traders I ever have meet, thanks bro +rep
  3. +rep legit trader
  4. +rep
  5. +rep fast and smooth trader
  6. +rep very recomended trader
  7. +rep he paid in swish, ty
  8. +rep cool guy to play with, nice awp flicks tho
  9. +rep lovely trader
  10. +rep thanks for wallet codes, they worked
  11. +rep wallet codes worked!
  12. +rep thanks for smooth trade
  13. check trade offers please
  14. sent offer please check
  15. check offers!
  16. +rep best player in the world!
  17. +rep thanks for bitcoin, thanks for waiting the 1 confirmation bro
  18. +rep I bought 93 keys from him at paypal, I went first no problem
  19. +rep sold him 1000 keys for WebMoney, I went first and received payment right after
  20. +rep he bought my knife for bank transfer, after I sent knife he sent money and I received thanks.
  21. +rep thanks for buying my awp asiimov, I sent awp then he sent me the money to my VISA card, RECOMENDED!
  22. thanks for qiwi payment bro, I sent item and he instantly sent payment! <3
  23. +rep paysafecard codes worked! thanks for overpay :)
  24. +rep smooth trade
  25. +rep fast trade
  26. +rep Good trusted Trader
  27. Can I get a $100 wallet code for free? PLEASEEE!
  28. +rep great guy
  29. +rep best trader on steam
  30. +rep thanks for buying via paypal
  31. +rep thanks for helping me with trader bro, I didnt understood about overpay and downgrade almost lost $50... anyways thanks!
  32. +rep he helped me on this trading world
  33. +rep excelent trade helper, very recomended
  34. +rep skrill buyer
  35. +rep thanks for skrill m8
  36. sent offer check right now!
  37. +rep he downgraded but it was a really good karambit, anyways it was just $1
  39. +rep trustable, nice guy
  40. +rep AWP GOD!
  41. can you add me? I got a selling offer
  42. Im selling my skins, add me if you would like to buy
  43. im selling keys at $2.00 each via paypal or btc, I can go first if you have more rep thread
  44. +rep he bought my keys at $2.00 bitcoin, ty for trade
  45. Have a nice day!
  46. Have a nice weekend!
  47. My dick is big
  48. thx for trade
  49. come online asap i have questions
  50. Sold 28 keys, second transaction everything went well
  51. hi man i need buy 3000key
  52. offer sent, will be waiting for your counter offer of acceptation
  53. I show U my pantys for 10 keys
  54. I can send nudes for 100 keys!
  55. have a nice night!
  56. +rep nice trader - no complication here
  57. adding to buy keys
  58. good guy never had problems with it
  59. +rep sick asf
  60. can i send trade offer for any item?
  61. added to buy keys
  62. added to sell keys
  63. +rep worked perfectly in trade
  64. +rep Flawless transation, fastest service
  65. +rep reliable, but in the future dont only have vanilla keys
  66. +rep nice buyer ever
  67. +rep i sell keys very trusted buyer
  68. +rep best cashout service on steam
  69. so glad you are back buying skins
  70. FrozeN is the best all the time <3
  71. Nice trader
  72. +rep sold 400 keys to this guy, fast and easy!
  73. check trade
  74. awesome profile :steamhappy:
  75. +rep lovely trader as always
  76. check impersonator, put it on the impersonator list
  77. I got a new impersonator, take care
  78. You got another impersonator, we aware guys
  79. +REP friendly trader +++
  80. Have a Great Week End !!!
  81. added because u are EPIC! xd
  82. Pls look my offer, ty.
  83. Thanks for the add! <3
  84. Added for trade, M9 Bayonet Doppler for my StatTrak Butterfly Slaughter
  85. How much for flip gamma ??
  86. Added to trade
  87. you should accept my trade offer...
  88. +rep nice guy, fair trader!
  89. added to sell csgo knife
  90. Added to discuss your black pearl
  91. +rep nice guy :D
  92. +rep, friendly & patient guy.
  93. +rep cool dude
  94. +rep VERY nice and VERY good trader <3
  95. +rep, My first trade ever and it was good, legit trader!
  96. +rep, datie
  97. +rep really nice price
  98. +rep, good trader. nice to talk to and worth with!
  99. +rep thanks for wallet codes and all the proof provided!
  100. +rep good player
  101. +rep Funny guy
  102. +rep ty for win
  103. +rep nice teammeate
  104. +rep great, highly recommended
  105. +rep trustworthy real money trader
  106. +rep one of the best player ever seen
  107. +rep sick profile!
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