Trucker saurian - Chapter 1

Apr 19th, 2017
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  1. >"Yeah, I can get you to the next city" she says and you let out a sigh of relief, "Gonna take a bit though, gotta avoid the tolls"
  2. >You ask her how long, "Probably some time tomorrow" is your answer, you look around there is literally nothing around and her truck is the first thing you've seen on the road in hours, not to mention how fucking HOT it is
  3. >At this point you just want to get out of the sun
  4. >You can't help but wonder if it's out of the frying pan into the fire though, as you climb into the cab with a strange saurian
  5. >You swear internally as you realize that of course it's a one seater
  6. >She snorts in amusement at your grimace and pats her naked lap, "Don't worry cutie, I got a seat for you right here"
  7. >With no other options you climb into her lap
  8. >It's actually pretty comfy, her belly has just the right amount of pudge to let you sink in and her chest offers some extra shade
  9. >Only one problem actually
  10. >She's sweaty
  11. >REALLY sweaty
  12. >Enough that the back of your shirt, and pretty much every other part of you touching her is quickly soaked
  13. >"Is there no AC?" You ask,
  14. >"Nope, broke" She replies, taking a swig of water, "There's a reason all I got on is this hat" and points to said article of clothing
  15. >Taking another swig she continues, "You want my advice? Strip down"
  16. >You decline, iIt's already awkward enough
  17. >30 minutes later you're just as naked and sweat covered as she is
  19. >The two of you mostly ride in silence, baring the occasional question
  20. >She's a trucker cause she likes the freedom, been on the road for the last six years
  21. >You're just wandering with no real destination in mind, been doing so for the last couple of months
  22. >That sorta thing
  23. >It's too hot to make small talk though, pretty soon the conversation dwindles, and you find yourself falling asleep despite the oppressive heat
  24. >You're awakened by feeling something brushing against you
  25. >It's her hand, and from the way she suddenly snatches it away she seems just as surprised as you are, >"Sorry about that," she apologizes, "honestly forgot you were down there, just... doing a little something I do to keep myself aware on a long ride like this"
  26. >"We still got a bit of a way to go till the rest stop and I need a little pick me up," she says as she reaches back down grabbing you, "So if you're gonna snooze, hope you don't mind snuggling against the girls while momma entertains herself", and then shoving you up into her cleavage
  27. >Squirming around you try to make your way out, ironically it's cooler surrounded by her soft flesh than it is being exposed to the open air
  28. >About three times as sweaty though
  29. >You still feel your body heat up, though only from the sounds she's making
  30. >Gasping for breath, your head breaches the top just in time to hear her let out another moans
  31. >"Mhm~, guess I forgot how sensitive the girls were too" She hums out delighted, "You mind keeping that up? I need to keep one hand on the wheel and can't give them too much attention" she says as you notice one of her hands has found it's way between her legs
  32. >You don't appreciate the rough treatment, but she is giving you a ride...needless to say you don't get much rest until you reach the rest stop
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