The Missing Link (WIP)

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  1. >It was 10 pm in the Loud House
  2. >On a normal weeknight, everyone would be asleep by then
  3. >But not tonight
  4. >Tonight was absolute madness in the house
  5. >This chaos was the result of the absence of the only brother of a family of 10 girls
  6. >They had no idea that Lincoln would actually follow through on his words that morning
  7. >"I hate how you all treat me like dirt! I'm leaving for good!" was the last they heard of Lincoln that day
  8. >They remember him packing and going out the door
  9. >His sisters thought he was bluffing, so they didn't feel like there was anything to worry about
  10. >They should have known that Lincoln 'Man with the Plan' Loud wouldn't break his promise
  11. >Phrases like "Where did he go?" filled the house every few minutes
  12. >The fact that Lincoln wanted to leave them troubled his parents
  13. >"We're going to call the police to tell 'em that he's missing, you guys go find him!" Lynn Sr. commanded
  14. >"Come on, we literally need to get Lincoln back right now!" Lori said, exiting the door to get to Vanzilla
  15. >The ten sisters all loaded into Vanzilla as Lori started the van, unsure of where to go
  16. >"Where do you guys think Lincoln would be?"
  17. >"He could be over at Clyde's house..." Lana said with uncertainty
  18. >Lori exited the driveway and began the drive to Clyde's home
  20. >The drive to Clyde's was silent, with an occasional cough made by one of the siblings
  21. >A few minutes of silence later, they made it to the front of the Mcbride's single story house
  22. >No lights were on, letting the girls know the family was asleep
  23. >Lori got out of Vanzilla, followed by her sisters to the front door
  24. >She knocked hard on the door several times, stopping once she heard the rustling of someone waking up
  25. >The door unlocked and opened to reveal Howard Mcbride, his red hair disheveled
  26. >"We're sorry for waking you up," Lori started, "But Lincoln ran away and we literally can't find him!"
  27. >Howard gasped
  28. >"That's awful! We haven't seen him here today, but i'll go ask Clyde if he's seen him at school."
  29. >"Could you ask him right now?"
  30. >"Alright." He said, turning around to ask Clyde about Lincoln's leaving
  31. >A moment passed until Mr. Mcbride returned to the front door
  32. >"Clyde's telling me that he hasn't seen him at school at all today..."
  33. >"Thank you, and again, sorry for waking you up."
  34. >"It's alright, i'm sorry that Lincoln's missing. If we can help in any other way, you let us know."
  35. >The girls retreated back to the van, Lori started the car and exited the driveway
  36. >"Where else would he be at?"
  37. >There was a pause, no shorter than a few seconds
  38. >"I don't know, bro..." Luna said, saddened
  39. >Everyone in the van soon admitted to not knowing where else Lincoln could be
  40. >Lori let out a sigh
  41. >"Looks like we have to go on a wild goose chase. It's not like he could've gotten that far on foot, right?"
  42. >"Lincoln can't have traveled more than 30 miles, according to my calculationsh." Lisa confirmed
  43. >"Perfect, let's go."
  45. >The drive from that moment became a lot less silent
  46. >The girls felt like it was their duty to help find their only brother
  47. >But, they had to resort to grasping at straws in hopes of finding him
  48. >"He might be at Ronnie Anne and Bobby's house?"
  49. >"Bobby would've texted me about it by now."
  50. >"He could be at the comic store?"
  51. >"We've crossed it a few times already."
  52. >"Do you think he's at the arcade?"
  53. >"We checked there five minutes ago, Leni!"
  54. >They searched every nook and cranny of Royal woods until 2 AM, with no clue where their brother could be
  55. >They gave up for the night, exhausted from their efforts
  56. >They returned home to find their parents waiting at the front door
  57. >It was clear that their mother cried earlier, mascara running down her cheek
  58. >Their father wore a regretful look
  59. >"Did you find him?"
  60. >They all shook their head
  61. >Lynn Sr. took a deep breath and entered the house with the remaining part of their family
  62. >"We'll go out to find him soon, you kids have a good night's rest."
  63. >"Okay, dad!"
  65. >The girls didn't rest well that night
  66. >They felt like they were responsible for his departure
  67. >They all knew what the reason for Lincoln leaving was
  68. >The morning he left, Lincoln cooked breakfast for the family
  69. >He sat down at the kiddie table to eat with his younger siblings
  70. >Not even a minute after sitting down he someone shout "Food fight!"
  71. >Although this was a common occurrence on the table, he was the first hit
  72. >Right in the face
  73. >This annoyed him, of course
  74. >Not even 8 in the morning, yet he had to clean his face
  75. >After changing into a new shirt and cleaning his face off with water, he returned downstairs
  76. >Downstairs, Lynn tackled him
  77. >"Sorry, bro, I gotta practice tackling for football!"
  78. >She had no ill-intent, but it definitely hurt
  79. >He stood up, put on a fake smile and gave a small laugh
  80. >"It's fine, Lynn."
  81. >He was unsure why, but for the past few days it felt like his sisters had been mistreating him
  82. >It started with the 'sister fight protocol' when Lisa told him that they resolved their fighting because he was away
  83. >Still, he couldn't fault them, they were his sisters, and they must still love him
  84. >Right?
  86. >The day continued with him trying to be of use to his sisters
  87. >"Hey twerp, do you think you could find my phone?" Lori asked
  88. >"Fine... Do you remember where you last put it?"
  89. >He spent half an hour working to find her phone only to discover that it was in her left pocket
  90. >Somewhat annoyed, he walked toward his room until Luna stopped him
  91. >"Hey bro, you think you could set up my amp?"
  92. >"Yeah, sure..." he agreed with a sigh
  93. >While setting up her amp, he set it to ear-piercing levels
  94. >This was not deliberate, but it was so loud that his ears rung as a result
  95. >"Sorry that you did that, bro!"
  96. >She wasn't even decent enough to ask if he was alright
  97. >Feeling agitated, and with ringing ears, he opened the door out of the room triggering a bucket of ice water, courtesy of Luan, to fall on his head
  98. >"Water you thinking, Link!?" She laughs, "Get it?"
  99. >"Yeah, Luan, I do." the boy mumbled
  100. >"Buoy, you don't seem like you're in a good mood. Get it?" She chuckles
  101. >Annoyed, he gives a groan
  102. >"Luan, please, i'm not in a good mood right now..."
  103. >"I can sea that Link! Get it?" she giggles as she leaves
  104. >Not even a few seconds left alone and Lincoln felt a tug at his hand
  105. >He looked down to see Lisa
  106. >"I would like to tesht out a procedure on you."
  107. >He groans
  108. >"Will it be painful?"
  109. >"It will be alright, there's a ten percent chance that you will feel nothing!"
  110. >"Are you doing this to hurt me?" the boy asked, disgruntled
  111. >"Of courshe not! Think of all the shientific progressh that I could make because of this!"
  112. >"Lisa," Lincoln said with a stern voice
  113. >"I don't care about the experiment, or the scientific progress or any of that other junk."
  114. >Lisa remained silent
  115. >"You're willing to hurt me to get what you want."
  116. >Knowing that his sister admits to wanting to hurt him was the straw that broke the camel's back
  117. >"It's n-not like that Lincoln," she stumbled over her words, "It's ju-"
  118. >Before she could finish, he ran downstairs, leaving her alone
  119. >He went straight to the door, shouting that he was leaving
  120. >Everyone in the area that heard his declaration ignored him
  121. >Even as he left and slammed the door shut, he still felt mistreated
  123. >That night was one of reflection for the sisters
  124. >They spent the night talking to their roommate about their memories of Lincoln
  125. >They remembered the times where he volunteered as a human mannequin for Leni
  126. >They remembered the times when he sacrificed his cleanliness to play with Lana in her mud
  127. >They remembered the times where he spent hours with Luan plotting various sketches
  128. >They remembered the times where he put his all into training Lola for her pageants
  129. >They remembered his constant apologies
  130. >It seemed like he apologized for about everything, whether he was to blame or not
  131. >Although his family found it odd, it was a trained behavior to him
  132. >It only made sense that he would get sick of being a doormat after dealing with them for so long
  133. >They could have avoided the whole situation by even once giving a sincere thanks
  134. >It's not like they can do that now, though
  135. >The sisters hoped that this whole fiasco would be over in a few days
  136. >They worried about his well being
  137. >They wondered if he was alright without them
  138. >What was he doing right now?
  139. >Was he sleeping? Lying awake on some park bench? Regretting what he did?
  140. >Did he even miss them?
  141. >That idea that Lincoln was so angered that he might not even feel bad scared them
  142. >The sisters didn't want to sleep, but one-by-one they passed out leaving the house in silence
  144. >The next morning was a Saturday, meaning that the family had an entire day to work on finding Lincoln
  145. >Despite not being well rested, the Louds awoke, feeling somewhat prepared for what was to come that day
  146. >While eating breakfast, the older girls and parents discussed their plan for the day
  147. >"So we want you girls to put up signs around town and ask people if they've seen him while we go to the police department to give them some information about what's going on." Lynn Sr. said, "Afterwards we want you to look around town for him on the van."
  148. >"Okay, dad!" The girls complied
  149. >With that the sisters started to get to work
  150. >They asked around town if they've seen a certain white-haired boy in an orange polo shirt
  151. >Still, they didn't receive any valuable help
  152. >Their lack of info especially didn't help when they started their search in Vanzilla
  153. >His departure prompted several questions in the girls' minds
  154. >Does he hate us that much? Is he even in Royal Woods anymore?
  155. >Regardless, they tried to help, but it seemed worthless
  156. >Despite the talkative atmosphere inside the van, one sister was yet to speak
  157. >The girls noted that Lisa didn't say a word
  158. >Although she was of few words, she would always try to help out when given the opportunity
  159. >The girls acknowledged this, but chalked it up to her planning some scientific scheme
  160. >The search went on for several hours, with no Lincoln and no clue where he could be
  161. >It was the afternoon now, their parents should already be home by then
  162. >"We're going back home for now." Lori muttered, giving a deep sigh afterward
  163. >Silence was all that remained in the van for the next few minutes
  164. >"He hates us."
  166. >The girls all at once gasped and turned to scold Lisa over her sudden declaration
  167. >"Not cool, dude! Why would you say something like that!"
  168. >"Yeah, Lisa, why would you, like, think that!?"
  169. >The girls took their turns criticizing her last sentence
  170. >She remained silent for a short time after the bashing she received
  171. >"It'sh true though! What other reason would he have to abandon us after we've abushed him for such a long period!"
  172. >"He doesn't hate us! What, do you want us to give up now?!"
  173. >"Of courshe not! He's my only brother and I miss him! But there's no reasonable way to explain this predicament except for the fact that he must hate ush!"
  174. >Everyone in the van went silent, not wanting to address such pessimistic thoughts at a time like this
  175. >Lisa, broke the silence a second time
  176. >"Listen, I will find a way to get him back home safely, I just need to devise some sort of plan..."
  177. >"Some sort of plan..." She repeated
  178. >She didn't have any confidence in those words
  179. >It seemed that she was convincing herself that she would one day see her older brother
  180. >They spent the rest of the ride without speaking another word
  181. >The van parked in the driveway and the sisters left Vanzilla, walking into their home
  182. >Their father greeted them
  183. >"Find anything?" He asked
  184. >The girls shook their head
  185. >Lynn. Sr sighed
  186. >"Where's mom?" Lori asked
  187. >"Your mother isn't taking this well, I tried to comfort her earlier but it seems that she needs her alone time for now."
  188. >He continued, "We did give some pictures to the police so hopefully this'll all be over soon..."
  190. >"We don't need to search now that the cops are on this, at least, so try to take it easy if you can."
  191. >The girls looked down and sighed
  192. >Lynn Sr. was quick in trying to console them
  193. >"Listen, all of you sit down." he said, patting the couch
  194. >His daughters sat around him on the couch with a few of the younger one's sitting on the floor
  195. >"I know that what we're going through is tough. I know that we all miss Lincoln, but don't beat yourself up because you couldn't find him on your own."
  196. >"But we're why he left..." Lynn sniffled
  197. >The room went silent
  198. >Their father, alarmed by what Lynn said, tried to force words out of his mouth
  199. >But his mouth remained shut as he panicked as he tried to reply to his sporty daughter's words
  200. >What could he even say to that?
  201. >Lynn's words stunned the girls as well
  202. >This reminded the sisters of what Lisa said earlier
  203. >Her honesty cut deep, and Lynn's words only made the reality of the situation more clear
  204. >They hurt their only brother
  205. >He left
  206. >And they might never see him again
  207. >How could they have gotten away with treating him the way they did?
  208. >There is not a chance that he could ever forgive them now
  209. >This was all their fault
  210. >Light sobbing attracted everyone in the room's attention
  211. >They turned to find the twins holding each other close, tears staining their cheeks
  212. >Leni soon after began to wail her eyes out, knocking some siblings away with her tears
  213. >Lynn, meanwhile, was ready to cry at any moment
  214. >She refused to show her weakness by crying in front of her family
  215. >Everyone faced her when they heard her first sniff
  216. >She could feel the corner of her eye giving in to her emotion
  217. >But she refused to let this happen in front of her family
  218. >The athlete kept a stern neutral face until she felt a hand on her shoulder
  219. >"I-it's okay, Lynn, it's alright to cry..." Lucy spoke between sobs
  220. >Soon enough, the bawling of ten girls and their father was all that could be heard
  222. >After a long while, the whole room calmed down
  223. >Save for the occasional sob, the room remained quiet
  224. >Now being able to arrange his thoughts, Lynn. Sr spoke
  225. >"Listen, I get that we're not in a greate situation, but hang on."
  226. >The room remained silent for a moment, so he continued
  227. >"Be there to support each other, ya hear? The police are on the case, so Lincoln should be back home real soon."
  228. >The girls weren't all the way comforted by this, but they seemed a bit more perked up by this
  229. >Their father stood up from the couch
  230. >"Get some sleep tonight, alright?" he suggested as he went to Rita and his' room
  231. >"Okay!" The girls responded, walking upstairs to get to their rooms
  232. >The family spent the next few days getting used to Lincoln's absence
  233. >The girls had to find alternatives to Lincoln to indulge in their hobby
  234. >Lola went to Leni for pageant practice
  235. >But she wasn't as disciplined as Lincoln, causing the princess to be off her game during her pageants
  236. >Lucy would go to Luna for help with her poems
  237. >Yet her rhyme schemes felt forced and her phrases were too cheery for her taste
  238. >Regardless, life went on in the Loud house
  239. >And regardless, they still missed their brother
  240. >They often talked about what they would do once he came back
  241. >How they would apologize to him for what they did
  242. >Something about the family was gone with Lincoln
  243. >Everyone still felt obligated to make some effort to find Lincoln
  244. >Lisa, especially, worked with the DNA samples she had left of Lincoln
  245. >Everyday, she worked with the same hair and saliva samples to find any information on him
  246. >But she couldn't access any databases with his information, leaving her with no real help
  247. >So the days without Lincoln continued
  249. >And those days became weeks
  250. >The sisters still missed him, of course
  251. >They asked themselves if Lincoln was okay
  252. >They didn't want to begin to think if Lincoln was dead or not
  253. >The drive to find him was gone, trying to keep Lincoln out of mind so they could cope easier
  254. >Lisa, though, still worked to find Lincoln
  255. >Her last conversation with him made her think about what she was doing
  256. >She wanted nothing more to help her brother for once, after forcing him to deal with her expiriments
  257. >At dinnertime, she would give updates on things she's finding out about Lincoln
  258. >She would mention deciphering genetic code, discovering new samples in her catalog, and finding new methods to help in the effort to find her brother every few nights
  259. >Yet she never found anything that lead to his location
  260. >It seemed as though she was on track, until one day
  261. >It was a Friday, about a month since Lincoln first went missing
  262. >The middle and high school had a short day, meaning that the younger kids would come home later than the older ones
  263. >Lisa returned home, making her way to the stairs
  264. >She hummed while climbing the stairs, getting ready to get to work
  265. >When she made it to her room, she panicked
  266. >Shattered test tubes were strewn around her workspace
  267. >The banged up computer stood a foot away from it's normal spot
  268. >Frightened she ran to repair her laboratory, until she noticed something
  269. >Lincoln's DNA samples were either spilled or missing because of whatever happened
  270. >'Who could have done such a thing?' she thought
  271. >Then she noticed a lone tennisball in the center of the madness
  273. >The hectic nature of the Loud house was at full swing until they heard yelling coming from Lisa's room
  274. >"LYNN! YOU FOOL!"
  275. >Everyone paused what they were doing when they heard that
  276. >The girls all went to the hall to see what Lisa was so angry about
  277. >It wasn't a common sight to see Lisa angered
  278. >But when she was, the easiest solution for the solution was to get it over with fast
  279. >Lisa left her room, fuming, finding her sisters gathered together
  280. >She was quick to point her finger at Lynn
  281. >"What have you done?" Lisa spoke low
  282. >The athlete replied without nervousness
  283. >"I was playing tennis and knocked a few things over."
  284. >Lisa waited a few seconds to arrange her thoughts, then spoke
  285. >"You didn't even put the tesht tubes back up."
  286. >"They broke already! Whatever was in them was already gone by the time I could have done that!"
  287. >Do you know what you destroyed?"
  288. >"Link's hair and other stuff, I know. Still, it's not like it matters since the cops ar-"
  290. >Lynn became pale at her sudden shout
  291. >She stammered, "I-it's not that, it's not like you found anything importan-"
  292. >Lynn stopped when she saw the glare Lisa gave her
  293. >"You threw away a month of work using samples taken across my lifetime."
  294. >"I'm sorry..." Lynn mumbled
  295. >"You're are despicable, Lynn." Lisa finished, leaving to her room
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