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  1. Banryu: I've already told fao, when you lose ... You're gone.]]
  2. RavenBlackPhoen1x: (( yeah you dont make that rule))
  3. RavenBlackPhoen1x: (( and i dont lsiten to you))
  4. SnowNxySilverstarSnowNxySilverstar WhisperAdd Friend: ( ill save chat log to be legitimized by VTM for any god mod or incorrect posts )
  5. BanryuBanryu : [[ VTM ... Seriously? LMAO ]]
  6. SnowNxySilverstar: (( yes sweeting if you haven't realize im part of the family ))
  7. Banryu: [[ VTM doesn't know how to do anything, if you're going to get it legitimized, get it done by Tythalrion, or one of the credible judges please. ]]
  8. Banryu: [[ Literally ZERO people on this client, take Thug seriously as a fighter. So if you want to get it marked for anything? Get it done by a credited judge. ]]
  9. Banryu: [[ Besides, it kind of goes against T1 rules to have an outside source verify something ... You should know that. ]]
  10. SnowNxySilverstarSnowNxySilverstar WhisperAdd Friend: ( excuse me clean your mouth before you talk shit about my fam....honest i know you for 10 mins and you move up my shit list by 5 point keep it going and ill be rape and enslaving every women you hold dear and rip the spine cords of every off spring you produce in rp )
  11. BanryuBanryu : [[ What you just said, made no sense dearie. ]]
  12. SnowNxySilverstarSnowNxySilverstar WhisperAdd Friend: (( it will make sense when action is taken ))
  13. Banryu: [[ Like I said, if you knew anything about RP? You'd know that an outside source can't make judgment calls on a fight. ]]
  14. SnowNxySilverstar: (( well then isnt a real DM so clearly $)
  15. SnowNxySilverstar: (( -,,- if raven would let me i would DM you but i respect my man wishes )
  16. SnowNxySilverstar: ( pile shit -,,- )
  17. SnowNxySilverstar: ( >,,> )
  18. Banryu: [[ I said I'd fight you both at the same time, remember? I wouldn't mind turning VTM scum into a perfect cock-sleeve for the night. Further the humiliation. ]]
  19. SnowNxySilverstar: (( psh! your dreams ))
  20. Banryu: [[ The days of La'Viticus being under the thumb of petty threats, are over. People like you, VTM, Raven ... Think so highly of yourselves, and those days have come to an end. I welcome ALL OF YOUR FAMILY, to come after me. Now, let your man post -- so he can die. ]]
  21. SnowNxySilverstar: (( even if you tried i would rip your spine cord from your body...... says the man who thinks he can enslave me and careful what you wish for cause it would just be VTM you invite sweetheart VonRose and webs spread deep just like my pocket of credits so by all means dont make me answer your invites ))
  22. Banryu: [[ Then please, invite them all. ]]
  23. Banryu: [[ I will PAY YOU, to bring them all. ]]
  24. SnowNxySilverstar: (( say the man who think so highly of themselves.... love please stick a foot in his mouth before i step into this fight ))
  25. Banryu: [[ PLEASE, step into the fight. Raven isn't enough to beat me and he knows it. You can post after him. ^_^ ]]
  26. SnowNxySilverstar: (( as i said before i respect my mans wishes is called being respectful you should try it sometimes ))
  27. Banryu: [[ That's what I thought. ]]
  28. SnowNxySilverstar: (( please let me catch you outside of the train grounds and it fair game))
  29. Banryu: [[ Or, just catch me here in the training grounds ... Why threaten to do something later, when I'm RIGHT HERE. ]]
  30. SnowNxySilverstar: (( no cut the chat and sit back prop you ass up for a foot to be launched in it ))
  31. Banryu: [[ Again, that's what I thought. After this darling, if you want my comeback, you'll have to scrape it off of those flappy cunt-lips of yours. I'm waiting for your girlfriends post. ]]
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