(FR) Dangerously Bubbly (C)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >this day sponsored by Binford Tools
  2. >your name is Anon now because I said so
  3. >landing in Equestria was both the best and worst thing to happen to you
  4. >you managed to make a lot of friends in Ponyville, but some time ago you wanted something more
  5. >her
  6. >that blonde maned wall-eyed mailmare
  7. >you weren't a horsefucker before coming to Equestria as is custom for an Anonymous human, but... damn
  8. >that bubble flank had your name written all over it
  9. >after a couple days of work, mostly from her not understanding your advances, you managed to bed the happy-go-lucky mare
  10. >worst. Day. Ever.
  11. >getting into it she decided to thrust her hips back in tune to your rhythm
  12. >needless to say you never got the number of the bus that sent you through the wall behind you
  13. >by that you mean that ass hit with the force of 10 applebucks from AJ
  14. >it was a couple months before the hospital let you out
  15. >being non-pony Fluttershy was tasked with taking care of you
  16. >with a nice kick-back from Celestia you might add
  17. >turns out being an endangered species afforded Fluttershy certain compensation for making sure you healed up nicely
  18. >guess what Fluttershy's healing methods incorporated?
  19. >Fucking Fluttershy
  20. >Fucking Derpy too, she apparently didn't know what went wrong
  21. >least that's what the card says
  22. >well it did before it caught fire after the magic stone with a recording of her message shorted out or something
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